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2005, Vol., No.13

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    Soonjung comic's accomplishment observed in feminism theory and women generation

    김은미 | 2005, (13) | pp.37~61 | number of Cited : 6
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    Soonjung comic can be said to be the one women's genre produced for korean female readers. So, Most Study about Soonjung comic is supported by feminism theory. Yet Soonjung comic is not essentially connected to feminism. Soonjung comic is popular culture, so it satisfy women's enjoyment. In paticular, the customary romances of Soonjung prefer the naive, passive heroine to the active, independent heroine. Therefore the connection of Soonjung comic and feminism varies with the context of korean society. When the masses of women are endowed with a progressive spirit, they relates to feminism. Likewise, when Korean women started to enter into public sphere, they related to feminism. Soonjung comic was similar to them. Soonjung comic formed independent girls and toke a serious attitude to korea women's problem.
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    A Study on the dramatic special quality of represented in Modernistic writing

    Yang Sei Ra | 2005, (13) | pp.167~198 | number of Cited : 0
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    This paper make a study of the journal's 『GeaByuk(開闢)』which carries dramatical writing. It is making research that play wright in a dramatic performance had immanent to experience or usual. In the end the purpose of this study is to examine the Korean dramaturgy of the come into being in the 1920. In 1920's, it was time when tests and explorations in styles of drama were in process actively, in result, Korean play wright formation was produced. There was a dramatical write of the 對話(conversation)·諷刺(satire)·滑稽(humor)·打令(a ballad of tar-young) and so on, that enrich the contents for the Korean dramaturgy In this study, We can find that the style of Korean dramaturgy is reflected in the popular reader had experienced in playing. The other hand, method of modernistic drama is more effective on enjoying play than 才談(witticism story) with traditional performance, colloquial style lines, reality of a play wright. It's because 才談(witticism story) had functioned in social communications that the writer was selected as a play wright styles of in the published press in the journal's 『開闢』. So Korean Modern play wright was to popular reader have experienced in playing.
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    The identity and influence of film genre

    Jung Hee Mo | 2005, (13) | pp.199~222 | number of Cited : 3
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    This writing observes the identity and influence of film genre. The motion of film is not an existence but it only keeps repeating 24 images per second. However, why does the moment of film image have an enormous impact? It is possible to capture that movie leads our eyes through camera which is exactly like human eyes with continued images. This is why we see a phenomenon of optical illusion while watching movies. The spectators look at the world through camera like as we see a reality with eyes. Eyes and lenses of camera function in same way. Next, the reason why movie has an actual power in reality is that it predicates the structures of human being. The predications of movie occur by directors with editing. The director shares, distributes, and inverses films that remakes the structure like real captures of human being. By the progress of editing, the spectators confuse between reality and imagination. The similarity of picture media became a motive that brings absolute power in genre of modern art. The main point of this writing is that the picture media became eventually a production of modern age, and this is the way to express modernistic. According to G. Deleuze's mention, the entering of film means the appearance of new consideration and the way of expression about the objects. Therefore, we definitely need to prepare our attitudes and research the expression of picture media that comes in our realities later on.