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Information for Authors

 I. Formattig Requirements

The manuscript should include title, the body, a list of cited works, an abstract, and key words.

The recommended manuscript length is 7,000-8,000 words in English and within 120 pages based on 200letters plain paper.

For a collaborative research manuscript, the name of the lead author should mentioned ahead of co-researchers.

The manuscript should follow current MLA style.

A list of Works Cited should only contain quoted or cited documentation in the text.

An English abstract with the title and the author’s name in English should be 250 words in a paragraph. Proofreading by a native English speaker is required.

5-6 key words should properly represent the thesis of the manuscript in English.

A short vita is recommended to include the author’s affiliation, research fields, representative publications, and the e-mail address in 7-8 lines.

II. A brief Guide to MLA Style for the TRANS-HUMANITIES

Reference Citation in Text

① It is advised to use in-text citation. Footnotes are acceptable when additional, in-depth explanation is required.

Here is an example for the in-text citation:

"Ancient writers attributed the invention of the monochord…(Marcuse 197)"

② If the author’s name is mentioned in the paragraph, only the page number appears in the citation: "(197)."

③ If more than one work by the author is in the list of works cited, a shortened version of the title is given: "(Anderson, Our Musik 7)."

④ If you quote two or more works, you use the semi colon(;) for the enumeration of the works cited: "(Marcuse 197; Anderson 7)."


1) References should be followed by the last page of paper.

2) Order should be consonant order in Korean and alphabetical order in English.