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Review Process

Bylaws for Publication Review


Article 3 (Submission of paper)

1. Submission of papers is possible until the last day that was announced. The chairperson shall immediately upon arrival of the submitted paper, confirm the receipt of the paper and send confirmation to the submitter.

2. Papers that do not adhere to rules regarding submission or composition shall not be accepted.


Article 4 (Procedures)

1. The reviewers are selected primarily from Board members who are professional experts with outstanding academic record in the relevant field of study. Contributors to the journal for which papers are currently being evaluated shall be excluded from the pool of reviewers.

2. Each paper submitted shall be given to at least two undisclosed reviewers to be evaluated. Only when two or more reviewers decide to accept the paper, either unconditionally or upon condition of revision, shall the paper be published based upon the final decision by the Board.

3. Each reviewer shall evaluate the papers following the guidelines for filling out an evaluation form included in the request form for review. He or she shall describe in detail the grounds for his or her evaluation.

4. The results of the evaluation shall be notified to the authors immediately by the Institute under its name.


Article 5 (Criteria for evaluation)

1. Submitted papers shall be evaluated in a fair and strict manner with the following criteria.

Originality: The contents and subject of the paper must be new and original, not having been published elsewhere either domestically or abroad.

Logic: The composition and flow of the paper must be logical and clear.

Appropriacy: The paper must contain creative and new critique, analysis and proposal regarding the field of research on translation and interpreting, be appropriate for the research methods and in accordance with the submission rules.

Academic contribution: The paper must be able to contribute to guiding and developing the research on translation and interpreting.


Article 6 (Book Review and PhD Thesis Abstract)

1. For the purpose of disseminating T&I research results and encouraging research efforts by young researchers, book reviews and PhD thesis abstracts may be published in the journal without being subjected to any official review process.