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2018, Vol.8, No.2

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    The Effect of Individual’s Personal Characteristics, Social Support, and Self-Efficacy on the Adaptive Flexibility of Chinese Students in South Korea

    Peng Wang | Jun, Jusung | 2018, 8(2) | pp.1~26 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purpose of the study was to investigate which variables affect the adaptive flexibility of Chinese students in South Korea. This study focuses on two research questions: (1) How do social support, self-efficacy, and individual’s personal characteristics affect the adaptive flexibility of Chinese students in South Korea? (2) Are there differences in social support, self-efficacy, and adaptive flexibility amongst China students in South Korea in accordance with differences in individual’s personal characteristics? Two hundred and five students from S University, including undergraduates, graduate students, exchange students and language students, participated in this questionnaire to measure social support, self-efficacy and adaptive flexibility scales. In order to analyze the data, multiple regression analysis, two independent samples t-test, and own-way ANOVA were conducted. The findings were as follows: First, social support and self-efficacy both affected the adaptive flexibility of Chinese students. Second, there are mean differences in social support, selfefficacy, and adaptive flexibility by gender, age, ethnicity, educational level, and TOPIK level.
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    Exploration on Autobiographical Discoveries from Creative Work based on Hooded Crane Dancing

    Youngcook Jun | 2018, 8(2) | pp.27~38 | number of Cited : 2
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    This paper explores the practice of using hooded crane dancing as an aesthetic and spiritual journey towards creative experiences through a gradual understanding of hooded cranes. I first became involved in individual and group performances that observed and mimicked hooded cranes via video clips. A documentary film on the hooded crane (Doori) played a strong role in increasing my awareness and understanding of the ecology of the Suncheon bay wetland conservation area, including hooded cranes. As I became more immersed in my performances, I became more adept at particular movements and reached the level of doing choreography work on my own. In this paper, I have tried to investigate how I was able to reveal my inner self while searching for ideas, modifying story-lines, selecting music, doing choreography and performing a final piece on stage. Data collection was done between September 2014 and May 2016, including field notes, reflective memo taking, photos, video clips and self-recollections. After data analysis and interpretation, I was able to grasp almost 13 aspects related to creative work following Root-Bernstein (Root-Bernstein & Root-Bernstein, 1999). As a professor/researcher/artist, I enjoyed playing with my ideas and body movements, heavily shaped by knowledge accumulated through my understandings on hooded cranes. I also needed to transform existing resources and carefully select an appropriate piece of music for my choreography work by coming up with images or abstract concepts. The course of this journey inwards, enabled by my intimate contact with the world of the Hooded Crane was uplifting, aesthetically and spiritually. Additionally, the course of the journey toward my own creative space in the Suncheon wetlands, where I existed in harmony with the Hooded Crane, lifted my spirit up and allowed me to reach a better place, aesthetically and spiritually.
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    The Effect of Early Childhood Teachers’ Empowerment on Teacher Efficacy and Organizational Commitment

    Sook-hyang Lee | Kyung Hwa Lee | 2018, 8(2) | pp.39~50 | number of Cited : 3
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    The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of early childhood teachers' empowerment on teacher efficacy and organizational commitment, and to ascertain whether there is a difference in teacher efficacy and organizational commitment according to the level of empowerment of early childhood teachers. The subjects of this study were 204 teachers working in day care centers in Seoul. The collected data was subjected to simple regression analysis to examine the effects of the early childhood teachers’ empowerment on teacher efficacy and organizational commitment. In order to identify the differences of teacher efficacy and organizational commitment according to the level of empowerment of early childhood teachers, the level of empowerment was divided between upper and lower groups with a standard deviation (SD) according to the mean (M), and an independent sample t-test was performed afterwards. The results and conclusions of this study are as follows: early childhood teachers' empowerment was found to affect teacher efficacy and organizational commitment; and in the difference of teacher efficacy and organizational commitment according to the level of empowerment of early childhood teachers, teacher efficacy and organizational commitment were found to be statistically higher when the level of empowerment of early childhood teachers was 'high'. Therefore, it is important to recognize the importance of early childhood teachers' empowerment, and it is expected that childcare, quality education services and the internal motivation of early childhood teachers will be enhanced through the empowerment of early childhood teachers.
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    The Autobiographical Climbing Experience Research from Merleau-Ponty’s Body Phenomenology Perspective

    Kyungmi Im | 2018, 8(2) | pp.51~64 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purpose of this study was to investigate climbing experiences through Maurice Merleau- Ponty's phenomenology of the body and to explore the body. I wanted to understand more deeply whether or not there was something going on. Research data collection and analysis was conducted among mountaineers in their late 30s and early 50s. Various experiences such as diaries, prose, poetry, and novels about climbing experiences were recorded for about 15 years. Merleau-Ponty performed philosophical inquiries in describing the body as a subject of philosophy and expressed the 'world we live in', the 'vividly experienced world', as our body perceives. Also, the body is perceived as the only incarnated entity in which the human body lives, desires, thinks, and acts. The findings of the study are as follows: First, the body, things such as bodily schemes, habits, and body structures were made by life environments and climbing. Second, the body, in which one’s whole life history is incarnated through climbing experience, is a constantly changing being with an orientation to the world in the relationship between society and the world. Third, the body, through climbing experiences, enables one to lead a nomadic life.
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    The Effects of Unplugged Early Childhood Software Activity on Problem Solving and Science Investigation Skills

    Jung yujin | Yu-Yeong Park | 2018, 8(2) | pp.65~77 | number of Cited : 2
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    This research aims to examine the effects of unplugged early childhood software activity on the problem solving and scientific investigation skills of young children. The research subjects were 38 five-year-old children from two classes at the E child-care center in G city. Class A with 18 children was randomly selected as the experimental group and Class B with 20 children was selected as the comparison group. The unplugged software activity was carried out for 4 weeks from April 2nd 2018 to 4th May 2018. It was demonstrated that the children who used the unplugged early childhood software activity had significantly higher problem solving and science investigation skills. The result suggests that unplugged software activity can be a meaningful teaching method in classrooms.