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The Journal of Human Studies is a research journal, which has been indexed with the National Research Foundation of Korea(NRF) since the year 2012. The Journal of Human Studies is published 3 times a year in February, June, and October by Kyungnam University Press for the Humanities Research Institute,  Kyungnam University, Korea.
Kim Ji Mi

(Kyungnam University)

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Current Issue : 2021, Vol.55, No.

  • Philosophy of Object: Hyperobject, Network and Symbiosis

    Iljoon Park | 2021, 55() | pp.5~30 | number of Cited : 0
    The Covid-19 pandemic and the climate change have been warning that the deconstruction of anthropocentrism has to be not only an epistemological turn but also our political act. These crises let us know that humans are not alone on the planet but entangled with other beings in their sympoietic lives. This pandemic is pointing to a necessity to see life and living through the perspective of things. This article calls such a turn to things philosophy of object, exploring hyperobject in Timothy Morton, actor-network in Bruno Latour, and symbiosis in Graham Harman. It is to know what object means for this age.
  • A Study on the Methodology on Ethical Attitudes of Medical Practitioner

    LEE, Hyang-Yeon | 2021, 55() | pp.31~48 | number of Cited : 0
    The importance of the ethical attitude required of medical Practitioner is one of the most important issues in the increasingly complex medical field. The primary goal required of medical Practitioner is to improve the health of patients through disease treatment and disease prevention. This goal implies that healthcare workers are essentially ethical. Here we are compelled to think about how the relationship between the patient and the healthcare provider should be established. In other words, medical practice itself is directly related to the dignity of human life, so it can be said that ethical reflection is essential. I can select “love” and “Detached Concern” as the ethical attitudes that medical professionals need. The medical practice of a medical practitioner is bound to include not only the technical and objective parts, but also the emotional parts. Based on the emotional domain, the human nature needed in this medical field is, after all, “love”. In this paper, we will look at some scholars who have philosophical analysis of “love” and consider whether it is justifiable to make it the ethical attitude of medical professionals in the medical field. Finally, the ethical attitude of “love” has a problematic element that can hinder the correct judgment of medical Practitioner. To solve this, I philosophically analyze the ethical attitude of “Detached Concern” and try to secure its legitimacy.
  • A Study on the Style and Artistic Creative Spirit of Nietzsche

    Yi, Jeonga | 2021, 55() | pp.49~72 | number of Cited : 0
    Language is an important element of human life and an important area of study of philosophy. Many philosophers were interested in the nature of language. Nietzsche was a philosopher who conveyed his critical reasons through the use of 'particular' language. He mainly used aphorisme writing, not logical writing. I saw that Nietzsche's aphorisme writing was not an inevitable result of chance or morbidity, but a project to express his criticism and creative spirit. Nietzsche pointed out that language was used as a tool to establish the truth, oblivious to the arbitrary and arbitrary limitations of language before. To correct this perception process, Nietzsche planned flexible and creative writing that could express the will of human fluid and sensory forces. The metaphor underlying the project goes beyond mere rhetoric and claims to have the power of artistic creation. After all, Nietzsche's new style is an expression of criticism and creative spirit, as well as a philosophical core consistent with the art-oriented theory that penetrates his entire philosophy.