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2011, Vol.27, No.

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    Understanding of M. Weber's theory of state based on Ideal type

    RU SUNG HEE | 2011, 27() | pp.5~51 | number of Cited : 2
    Today, there are a variety of Max Weber`s political studies. In the Weber's political discourses, researchers who interested in Weber`s state`s view provided not only various discussions on Weber`s theory of the state but lots of confusions. Under these circumstances, the study aims properly to interpret Weber`s theory of the state. In article, I divide three parts on previous studies of Weber`s theory of the state. Three parts is following that 1) interpreting Weber`s theory of the state as a volk-culture`s substitute, 2) focusing Weber`s theory of the state as a modern state`s formation and practices and 3) concentrating on individual`s volition than state`s collective power. After I review three parts`s importance and limits, I try to interpret Weber`s theory of the state with “ideal type”. As Weber regards a nation-state as a means to realize ‘real-politic’, his view on state was not understood as one dimension. Lastly, I suggest paradigm shift about Weber's state's view that understanding German society with weber's various political views is more useful than arguing on how to interpret Weber's political views.
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    The Exploratory Study for Establishing the Moral Behavior Developmental Tasks of Korean People

    Kyunghee Yoon | 2011, 27() | pp.53~89 | number of Cited : 3
    The present study aims to establish the moral behavior developmental tasks of Korean people of different age levels and thereby to provide teachers, parents, and researchers with tentative guideline as regards moral behavior developmental tasks of Korean people. 136 subjects paricipated in preliminary study and 211 subjects participated in the main study. Through the preliminary study, the important moral behavior developmental tasks were itemized for each developmental stage. The questionnaire used in the main study consisted of the items clarified in the preliminary study. The items were arranged in the 5point Likert-type questions. The main findings of this study were as follows: 1)The contents of the morality tasks were different according to the age groups; 2)Almost tasks continued on several subsequent age stages; 3) The contents of the morality tasks were sensitive to the socio-cultural backdrop and times in result of a comparison with Havighurst‘s(1952) and Kim, et al‘s(1987) studies.
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    A Study of Comparative Construction in Mandarin Chinese

    이경진 | 2011, 27() | pp.91~114 | number of Cited : 1
    Generally, a comparative sentence structure, usually considered a syntactic sentence, is based on comparison between a given test subject and a test criteria in which the comparison takes place in order to distinguish the differences among the given variables. In modern Chinese, a representative comparison structure expressing equality, “NP1 跟 NP2 一樣 X” and a structure expressing superiority “A比B X” is a discussion focused not only on the purpose of comparing the use of syntax but to further clarify its use in a sentence. Focus can generally be distinguished into “foreground and background” where the foreground is, in most often cases, noted as the focus. In a comparative structure where equality is being stressed, the focus is always the given “X.” It can be said that X's stance is made concrete through the comparative act of “跟 NP2 一樣.” In a comparative structure expressing equality such as “I am tall just like you,” the term “tall” becomes the critical focus where the presenter, in order to deliver the proposition “I am tall,” presents a standard of measure which acts as a supporting element that emphasizes the foreground. Likewise, in a comparative structure expressing superiority such as “A比B X,” the focus is again “X” where “比B” is understood as the basis for comparison. In the expression “I am taller than you,” the presenter presents “~than you” as the reference point in which to compare and clarify the ambiguity of the term “I am tall,” in order to implicate the tallness of the presenter by emphasizing the term “tall” through the comparative act and hence solidifies the argument. In this regards, the presenter is able to present an objective view of the point he/she is trying to convey and this in turn can be said that the comparative structure is a method used to emphasize the stance of the test subject. Depending upon the kind of comparison given to the proposition “I am tall,” the phrase is then differentiated into a comparative act expressing equality or superiority. Therefore, we come to the conclusion that although subjects have been compared and differentiated in a comparative sentence structure, this method in itself was never meant to emphasize the act of comparison; rather, the act is meant to further solidify the stance of the test subject.
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    A Study of Yi Sang's essay - Focusing on desire and self-intentionality of subject

    Lee Do Yeon | 2011, 27() | pp.115~140 | number of Cited : 1
    For more essays and his poems, novels as good as the outstanding artistic achievement has been made. It is the peculiarity of essays on a wide spectrum of properties is attributed to pray, or his inner surface honestly, without exaggeration or eunpyedoem and also because it is expressed. More than the essays that make up the rice and spasmolytic seongcheon travelogue essays are related. It seongcheon experience of the rural than in Seoul Inn Sat night came upon us is due to a fresh stimulus, based on the experience he had left a beautiful and vivid impression angry. And implementation of the aesthetic to the primitive and the urban rich natural color image that was done. “Mountain route” we can find a rich metaphor unconsciously into the base of the psychological inclination to modernity that could be a glimpse of his sense of orientation. Creative journey of discovery and self-discovery that can be compressed, the “mountain route” to represent the former “boredom” is typical of the latter. Especially the “boredom” over the division of their awards ceremony clearly shows that, the death of his inner being driven by instinct, I could see that. Opposite of the scenery from the perspective of hard to describe the “jochun pointillism” or “chudeungjappil” of the 1930s, a colonial reality that was more negative and clearly identified as being exposed. On the other hand, paradoxically, itself not free from the traditional code of ethics that were perceived as more desperate. He has not be implemented in a colonial world of abstract modernity by clinging to a colonial in the 1930s to capture the totality of the concrete has failed. But it is also the historical limitations.
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    A Study on an Integrated Grammar of Spoken and Written Language in Contemporary Korean and the Problem with Building Corpus

    배진영 , SONHYEOK , Kim, Min-Gook | 2011, 27() | pp.141~200 | number of Cited : 8
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    This study intends to theorize and systemize an integrated grammar covering both spoken and written language while not characterizing the grammars of both spoken and written language as extremities that are discrepant or remote. The direction of the study of grammar that this study pursues is to approach the difference in grammar realization aspects in spoken language and written language not from a simple dichotomous perspective ‘spoken language vs. written language.’ Instead, the approach takes the viewpoint arguing that the difference in the aspects of grammar realization is the difference in a register that is diversely expressed in degrees in speaking or writing. Accordingly, the ultimate purpose of the description of the integrated grammar of spoken and written language is to describe the grammatical phenomena according to register based on actual language material, to compare the differences of such phenomena, and to explain the reason for the difference in proper detail. When describing and analyzing various grammatical aspects that were expressed in spoken and written language, we also felt it necessary to include the situations in which the language was placed, that is, the intention of the language user which included the text register element as assumed by us. This study suggests that a functional perspective should be taken to describe a grammar system that covers the grammar of both spoken language and written language. In addition, this study notes that we need material that was classified with various registers for the description of an integrated grammar as pursued here. We also mentioned the problem of building the actual corpus for such a purpose.
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    Regional Culture and Arts Education Revitalization Research -Focusing on Support Project for Artist in School Program in Gyeongnam

    김종원 | 2011, 27() | pp.201~244 | number of Cited : 10
    The Culture and Arts Education Support Act of 2005 was created to enhance the quality of life and to develop and advance culture for the people of South Korea. Through programs such as the 'Support Project for Artist in School Program' there has been rapid growth and exposer of culture and arts education throughout the country. However, to fully assess the effects of these programs there was a need to analyze and evaluate the current state of the selected culture and arts educators and the methods of their placement. Research found that there were higher amounts of government support for culture and arts from the surrounding areas, near and around Seoul, than of other regions across South Korea. In turn the Seoul area(s) have become the centrum for artists and potential culture and arts educators, leaving other regions across the nation with an already dwindled local talent pool. Three major contributing issues were found. First, there was not an established identity for the local culture and arts education, and the lack of knowledge about contents specific to that local region. Second, support designated for the local talent pool of culture and arts educators were not being actualized. In many cases, the 'Support Projects,' created for local regions were not being benefited by the designated local talent pool, rather by other culture and arts educators from other region talent pools. This was further complicated when selecting educators from the talent pools because of conflicting interests from the national and local support funds. Third, the existing budget for the projects were further burdened by subsidizing travel expenses for culture and arts educators from different regions to work in other regions, as well as issues related to long distance and travel times, and fatigue from traveling. To resolve the existing problems, specific to issues found in this research within the area of culture and arts education, a new system needs to be created. The proposed system targets and nurtures local culture and arts education professionals and creates a human resource system from the local talent pools. The system is comprised of four policy based platforms. First, the establishment of culture and arts education ordinances specific to the needs of its local region. Second, to realize the creation of a 'local' education association, in accordance with the 'Culture and Arts Education Support Act of 2005', which insured that such an association would be created for each region in the country. Third, to secure funds at the local level to ensure the viability of the proposed system. Fourth, the establishment of a collaborative network between organizations such as, regional government, regional ministry of education, local culture and art education support center, and regional cultural organizations and facilities.
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    The Styles of Poetry of Jwasa(左思)

    Lee Myeongae | 2011, 27() | pp.245~278 | number of Cited : 0
    China Jin (the 晉) famous poet of the era jwasa (左思) was originally a gift to the outstanding literary qualities, as well as the usual high enthusiasm for creative work without having to always make a good piece of hard work poured for Was. In addition, in the minds of great ambition and ardor in mind the weather, but then the grim social realities and the inherent tacky appearance and acts as an obstacle eventually deserted by society and their capabilities can not possibly spread painfully the limits Was felt. In this paper, the poet and his appearance and character jwasaga cheohayeotdeon endowment and social environment, to analyze the various factors and conditions that such elements have relevance in some of his poems was to evaluate whether the focus. As a result, energy and full of grandeur jwasaui cigar, “the captain (氣 壯)” A typical example of a sipung regarded and works of Chinese poets of the depth of content and ideas that resistance was recognized as the most extensive work of his qualities and personality and appearance With such factors or circumstances that very closely related could be confirmed.
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    The Current Situation and Strategy for the Development of Urbanization in China

    Ren Liwei | 2011, 27() | pp.279~310 | number of Cited : 1
    In modern China society, with the rapid economics development, the enlarging urban area, and expanding suburbs have made the rural area and small towns turn to parts of the cities. The map of the cities will have to be updated frequently. The cities in the economy developed areas as Southeast China, Central China, and Northeastern China, are expanding crazily like leavened bread. Some foreign friends who have been to China often said "Too fast! It changed too fast!" while they came back to China. This kind of change happened in the period of five or ten years, but only one year of half a year. The rapid economics development in China will change the urban and rural pattern the same as many developed countries. That is a kind of normal phenomenon during the change of a country’s economic development, which is called "urbanization". The current situation and strategy for the development of urbanization in China becomes a popular topic around the world, and made the thoughts of the people who can make decisions in China and scholars. This paper has describe the current situation of urbanization in China, and discusses the problems caused by the development, then tries to find out the causes and solution, so that the people who can make decisions in China may acknowledge the hidden danger in over-increasing development clearly, then find the solution to make better urbanization in China.
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    Organization of civil social movement in Changwon Region : since '87 democratization movement'

    In-Soon kang | 2011, 27() | pp.311~358 | number of Cited : 4
    The main purpose of this paper is to examine the organization of civil movement since '87 democratization movement' in Changwon Region. the results of this research work as follows:First, a consequence of '87 democratization movement and great struggle of labor workers, the recovery of civil right and subjectivity in Changwon region had effect on the organization of civil social movement. Second, this small study group activities, various hobby group for labor workers and citizen that the religious organizations offer in Changwon region had effect on the formation of 'democratization frame' and the organization of civil social movement in Changwon. Third, the leading group of the organization of civil social movement in Changwon were students, labor workers and an intellectual. And then these are 4 type divided. Fourth, the main leading group of the organization of civil social movement in Changwon were students, labor workers had effect on early in the organization of civil social movement in Changwon and the weakening of civil social movement for 'minjung' had effect on the organization of civil social movement for citizen in Changwon. Fifth, earlier organization of sectional civil social movement had effect to delay the organization of a composite civil social movement.
  • 10.

    Perceptions and Policies of China in Southeast Asia

    lee ju hyoung | 2011, 27() | pp.359~403 | number of Cited : 1
    In light of the recent rapid progress in discussions for reinforcing East-Asian regional cooperation so as to respond actively and effectively to changing international political-economic environment in the Post Cold-War era, the strengthening of relationship between ASEAN and China, whose position in international arena is rising, presents far-fetching implications. In particular, some of the important trends that deserves attention include the fact that ASEAN, which is consisted of minor powers, is the one most actively suggesting initiatives to promote East Asian regional cooperation, and the that China, which has previously been passive in participating multilateral cooperative organizations, is actively responding to the ASEANs initiative to seize commanding height in the process of promoting regional cooperation. This paper tries to examine the background behind rapid strengthening of relations between China and ASEAN, in particular, focusing on recently made major declarations and treaties, and explores to address the potential impact of accelerating development of Sino-ASEAN relations on East-Asian regional cooperation. This paper anticipates that in light of recent trends and Chinas and ASEANs perception of international political-economic environment in post Cold-War era, Sino-ASEAH relations not only entered full-scale cooperative relationship but also such trend will be sustained for considerable periods to come by. In addition, development of Sino-ASEAN relationship centered on creation of the Free Trade Area will play positive role in promoting East-Asian regional cooperation and integration which so far has shown little progress.