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2012, Vol.30, No.

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    Simon Schama and the Cultural History of Images: In case of BBC Documentary

    Soonjoon Park | 2012, 30() | pp.5~36 | number of Cited : 0
    This article aims at studying how to use the arts as historical evidence, by analyzing the documentary series <Simon Schama's Power of Art> and summarizing the contents of his same title book. <Power of Art> deals with the works and lives of eight great artists in the history of western art; Michaelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio(1571 1610), Gian Lorenzo Bernini (1598 1680), Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn(1606 1669), Jacques Louis David(1748 1825), Joseph Mallord William Turner(1775 1851), Vincent Van Gogh(1853 1890), Pablo Picasso(1881 1973), Mark Rothko (1903 1970). By analyzing the documentary series and summarizing Schama's book, I try to find the insights and impact of these artists on the societies in which they lived and worked. Their themes, according to Schama's narrative, were not matters of aesthetics but rather of salvation, freedom, mortality, transgression, the state of the world, the state of our souls . And the findings through these tries can be involved in the category of cultural history of images.
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    Research on the image of Chrysanthemum flower - Regarding Beside Chrysanthemum of poet Seo as a main subject -

    Hung Nyun Kim | 2012, 30() | pp.37~70 | number of Cited : 2
    After Jung Joo Seo's death, there was an article on the internet bulletin board of the publisher Creation and Criticism , saying absurdly that Beside a chrysanthemum is a japanophilie poem, missing Japanese king(日皇), on the pretext of a gender of chrysanthemum flower. This treatise has evolved as one of archetypal symbolic interpretations from an objection that I raised to the above article. I proved that a chrysanthemum is only a symbol of devotion and fidelity in our tradition, without distinguishing between male and female. I found that the previous investigations saying the chrysanthemum flower was poet Seo himself, were wrong, because a gender of all the flowers are female. The key point of this treatise is to claim that the chrysanthemum flower is one aspect of poet Seo's anima, after investigation of his poems singing the chrysanthemum flower and other flowers. For that purpose, I compared a blooming process of chrysanthemum flower with the structure of Rebirth myth called Initiation and explained it. The fact became known that many existing studies had not consider seriously the difference between chrysanthemum and chrysanthemum flower, the difference between (chrysanthemum) and (chrysanthemum flower) in the old writings. On this issue, even famous critics had problems in writing and reading. Also I explored that the role of mirror was exaggerated or mistaken. Here, the mirror emphasizes a feminity of older sister , and could not play any other role. When the poem is completed, the mirror seems to be interpreted as a symbol of versification. Finally, this treatise says that a punishment of betrayers is not only an urgent issue, but also a false accusation and distortion of already identified merits and demerits must not be carried, especially in the name of literary criticism. A blade of criticism has to be a blade of justice. While writing, a critic always should retrospect that himself is correct. Because it's true the crooked eyes can not reflect a target properly.
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    The Study on Narrative Structure of Suntzu's The Art of War of Managemental Implications

    손상범 | 2012, 30() | pp.71~90 | number of Cited : 1
    This research discusses some management related concepts of Suntzu's The Art of War , such as corporate strategy and tactics, planning and implementation. therefore, this study proposes the concept of narrative structure that include the basic point of view the logic of the context and argumentation, the assumptions of argumentation, as the core of application research of paleography. The Art of War contains basic point of view on the war of Suntzu, the logic of context and argumentation of Suntzu's The Art of War, and 5 restrictions when applying Suntzu's The Art of War to non military field.
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    The Role of Positive Attitude in the Relationship between Adolescents' Experience of Negative Life Events and Happiness

    조경화 | Jaehong Ko | 2012, 30() | pp.91~116 | number of Cited : 27
    The present study aims to investigate the relationship between adolescents’ experience with negative life events and their happiness as well as to explore the role of positive attitude between them. A total of 636 middle school students responded on the scales in order to measure the degree to which they experienced negative life events, happiness, and positive attitude. The Key findings are as follows: First, adolescents' experience of negative life events was negatively related to their happiness. Specifically, their experience of negative life events germane to learning and parents turned out to bring down happiness. Second, adolescents' positive attitude played a buffer role between their experience of negative life events and happiness. Among the three sub factors such as taking a positive point of view, self positivity, and social positivity, particularly, the social positivity proved to protect adolescents from the daily life stresses. These results insinuates that taking the positive attitude towards the society alleviates stresses related to learning, parents, and school which led to a decrease in happiness.
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    Educational Stake holders' Perception of Student Human Rights

    SeongYul Kim | Oh, Se-hee | 남형우 | 2012, 30() | pp.117~142 | number of Cited : 3
    The purpose of this study is to analyze current state of student human rights and to explore its implications for improvement of the student human rights. This study analyzed educational stake holders' perceptions about current state of student human rights by students, teachers and parents in the middle and high school of Kyunsangnamdo. The major findings of the present study are as follows. Firstly, educational stake holders support student human rights positively and strongly. Secondly, violations of student human rights has decreased by awareness improvement of student human rights although it disappeared completely. Thirdly, educational stake holders think that restrictions and regulations of student human rights should be minimized within limits not prejudicial to others’ rights. Fourthly, strengthening and building up student capacity of human rights requires improvement of social perception about student human rights and school climate. Fifthly, the participation of students should be extended in the process of school rules and regulations enactment. Lastly, a disciplinary action and measures to students who have offended school rules and regulations should be student human rights friendly.
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    A study on the morphological and semantics of Vietnamese compound nouns

    LEE JEE SUN | 2012, 30() | pp.143~162 | number of Cited : 2
    This study would like to investigate the structures and meanings of Vietnamese words with focusing on compound words, which is the most productive way to form words. Thus, it aims to provide an under standing on formation of Vietnamese compound words. The Vietnamese language is identified as the monosyllabic language. That is, the smallest unit of the word is a morpheme, or a morphemsyllable to be exact. When morpheme become the basic components of the word and have the structural, semantic relationships with each other, it turns out to be compound words . Compound words are distinguished from repetitive words, Tu Lay, and also different from idioms. Phrases may look similar to compound words in the syntactic sense, but are different semantically. The syntactic construction of Vietnamese compound words can be categorized by three types: 1) composing two free morphemes, 2) consisting of one free morpheme and one bound morpheme, 3) forming two bound morphemes. There seem no phonic changes, no continuing use, or no hyphens when the compound words are formed. This demonstrates the linguistic characteristics of the Vietnamese language, which is a syllabic language. In addition to these syllabic features, there is no limitation on combination of Vietnamese original words with Tu Han Viet, Vietnamese Chinese words. This study also explores the semantics of compound nouns, based on the semantic relationship of components: synonymy, antonymy, and meronomy. Compound nouns in synonymy become surplus in structures but represent more decent meanings. The second type, those in antonymy, has the same, integrated or categorized meanings of each antonym. Compound nouns in meronomy become to have the meaning of sub categories of each meronomy, based on its internal semantic features.
  • 7.

    Introduction and Evaluation of the Mook Masan Culture

    Ick-Jin SEO | 2012, 30() | pp.163~194 | number of Cited : 2
    This paper attempts to examine the background of the Mook Masan Culture (four editions), one of regional Mooks published in the first half of the 1980s, and to find its characteristics through an analysis of its composition. For its background, we found that the Mook became an alternative media under a close control of the press and publication executed by the new military political power and that the historical, social and economic specificities of Masan region came into it. The principal agents were intelligent young men including some literary persons, who have a strong social consciousness. Concerning its characteristics, the result of an analysis on its constitution of articles is that it is, as a basic characteristic, a comprehensive Mook, strongly oriented to social mouvement. This basic characteristic can be confirmed through five features as follows: comprehensiveness, regionalism, globalism, orientation to the interest of the people, aim for radical social change. This study is limited to an general analysis appreciation on the Mook Masan Culture itself because of a constraint of materials concerned. Mais it has a significance in the points that it's first academic attempt about the Mook and that it deals with a regional social mouvement developed in the first half of the 1980s, nearly left out from the history of regional social mouvement. Finally, it seems necessary to analyze the content of the articles issued in the Mook, to make a comparative appreciation with the other Mooks, and to give it a proper status from the point of view of an overall history of regional social mouvement.
  • 8.

    Exploring Intrinsic and Extrinsic participation Motivation of Foreigner Native English Speaking Teacher(NEST)'s Korean Martial Art(Hapkido) Training

    이호철 | Minjeong Lyu | 2012, 30() | pp.195~216 | number of Cited : 0
    Recently, the importance of English education has increased, and due to this phenomenon most of the English classes in schools are run by foreign teachers in Korea. In this research, the foreign teachers are referred to as NESTs (Native English Speaking Teacher). Many NESTs lived in Korea go through a hard time not only in their everyday life, but also at their workplace because of cultural and social differences. Those who are employed as an educator are not fully prepared to provide good results and their lack of understanding of the Korean educational system causes various problems. To overcome these problems, NESTs oftentimes participate in various sports activities. The sports activities help to decrease their isolation and fear towards Korean culture thus increasing their understanding of other cultures. The aim of this research was to examine the motivations of NESTs' participation in Hapkido, which is one of Koean main martial arts. To examine this, the researchers investigated NESTs’ participation motivation in joining a Hapkido Club and training martial arts. The participants were 7 Nests and their data were collected through individual and group interviews, observation, and journal. The collected data were then analyzed through the inductive Category Analysis Method, and were reviewed by peers and experts for credibility. In result, the motivation of participating in a Hapkido Club were categorized into two motivations such as intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivations are for accomplishing favorable martial arts and for new experiences. Extrinsic motivations are for getting out of stressful working environment and for building positive relationships with Koreans.
  • 9.

    Comparison between Korean, Russian and German idioms with the word hand, expressing the attitude and emotion

    Dae Hwa Hong | 2012, 30() | pp.217~246 | number of Cited : 2
    Idioms bear not only the universal cognition of mankind, but also the tradition, customs, and cultures of each country. Comparison between Korean, Russian and German idioms including the word hand (from here on we will call these idioms as hand idioms), reveals that German and Russian idioms have a morphological and syntactic similarity, but Korean and Russian idioms are close to each other in a manner of emotional and physical expressions. The groups of semantically similar hand idioms in Korean and Russian are 10, and the same groups in Korean and German are 4. The hand idiom groups, which reveals semantic similarity in Russian and German, are 6. Russia, which geographically covers Europe and Asia, has a historical experience of Tatar domination over a period of 2 hundred years. As a result, they have had more chances to contact with Asian culture and therefore there is a great possibility that Russian idioms are more similar to Korean idioms as opposed to German idioms.
  • 10.

    A Plan to Make Jeju Cosmetics Enter into Chinese Market According to the Changes in Consumption Patter in Chinese Cosmetics Market

    JUNG JI HYUNG | 2012, 30() | pp.247~268 | number of Cited : 3
    Chinese cosmetics market is the world's No. 3 emerging and attractive market following the US and Japanese markets, being on the rise. Jeju cosmetics industry has actively been promoted since it was selected as the nation's first local strategic industry, but has no top brand and low recognition, and consequently has difficulties entering into the Chinese market. The purpose of this work is to investigate the current state and features of the Chinese cosmetics market, and analyze the trend of the changing Chinese market, thereby proposing a plan as to how effectively Jeju cosmetics are able to enter into the Chinese market. To achieve the purpose, this researcher studied Chinese literatures. This work focused on the size and sales and distribution route of the Chinese cosmetics market, and its type based features, analyzed the changes in consumption of Chinese cosmetics and SWOT of Jeju cosmetics, and draw suggestions. The study results are presented as follows: first, the Jeju cosmetics industry needs to improve its brand image by the use of clean resources and develop products; secondly, it is necessary to find a variety of sales and distribution structures to enter into segmented niche markets; and thirdly, it is necessary to educate human resources specializing in China and provide a systematic and administrative support.
  • 11.

    A Study on the Issues of Ethnic Minorities in China : Focused on the Cases of Resistance and Assimilation

    TaeShik Kim | 2012, 30() | pp.269~292 | number of Cited : 6
    China has over 1.3 billion people and it has emerged as a powerful nation with its rapid economic growth since the Reform and Opening Policy. China has become the only counterweight to the world’s superpower America, however, it has revealed various unexpected problems. The internal ethnic issue is one of those problems and it was magnified in the process of the Beijing Olympics in recent years. China is composed of the absolute majority Han and 55 ethnic minorities. Those ethnic minorities are with a wide range of population size and mainly live in the border areas. Chinese government can not tolerate every single movement of independence by any of those ethnic minorities for the purpose of retaining national security, ethnic integration and geopolitical importance of border areas. Therefore, China tries to bring harmony between ethnic groups by implementing various related policies. Under these circumstances, a split of China caused by ethnic strife is constantly being questioned from the outside world, and thus this study aims at getting a clear answer to that question. As a result of research, this study asserts that Chinese ethnic issue is not a big factor for the long term national stability in light of international situation and the policies implemented by the Chinese government.
  • 12.

    Telephone English Conversation in English Conversation Course of Cyber University

    Eunyoung Park | 2012, 30() | pp.293~316 | number of Cited : 4
    The purposes of this study are: 1) to investigate how the telephone English conversation can be implemented in English conversation course in a cyber university; 2) to investigate the characteristics and problems in the process; 3) to examine students' overall attitudes towards the Telephone English Conversation. For this, the telephone English conversation activity was implemented in a cyber class in 2012 for 4 months. The results of this study show that the telephone English conversation can be done through one to one reservation system, and feedback is given both in an oral and written way. Overall, learners' attitudes towards the telephone English conversation are positive, but there were some problems in the process. Therefore, when designing telephone English, the professors and the designers have to take a careful consideration. Other findings, along with their implications will be reported in more detail.
  • 13.

    A study about smartphone chinese apps for Chinese Language Teaching

    Kim Seon-Ah | 2012, 30() | pp.317~334 | number of Cited : 7
    The number of smartphone users has been sharply increasing every year and mobile learning content providers have released numerous educational smartphone applications(apps) including those for Chinese language teaching (CLT) in a very short time. This paper From the investigated apps, five popular apps were analyzed and evaluated to determine the key features of popular CLT word apps. Among the multiple implications of the results, some are very important for improving existing CLT word apps and producing better products: first, areas other than vocabulary should be produced in order to provide variety; second, accessibility should be increased for the users of different smartphones; last, current CLT apps should include at least one or two different activities to help learners recycle content. And then, further research should be encouraged in order to improve the quality of CLT word apps.
  • 14.

    Contrastive study of the hand idioms related to work - Concentrating on Korean, Russian, German -

    조성숙 | 2012, 30() | pp.335~362 | number of Cited : 2
    This article classifies idioms related to work among idioms using hand in Korean, Russian, German. This writing compares and considers cultural relation through each expression. Therefore, similarity and difference of meaning and expression is written through basis of thinking from language. The object of study is materials which is in dictionaries published in three countries. At first, in case of idioms in three countries having similar meaning, idioms in Korean realizing close relation between hand and work are seen. Idioms in Russian don't realize detailed leading of hand about work. Idioms in German show relation between hand and work through cultural awareness. Secondly, contrasting between idioms which have similar meaning and expression only between Korean and Russian, idioms in both countries use sensible and visual images. But idioms in Russian use more literary, symbolic expression than idioms in Korean. Thirdly, contrasting only between idioms in Korean and idioms in German, there is no similar case of expression at consensus of meaning. Two types of different cases exist. Idioms in Korean use finger and nail which is smaller than hand to criticize lazy attitude about work. In contrast, idioms in German broaden meaning of motionless hand to not working. Meanwhile, accordance of meaning is not seen in contrasting idioms only between Russian and German. The idioms which have not accorded meaning are searched after classifying independently. As a result, the order of meaning similarity shows Korean and Russian > Korean and German > German and Russian.
  • 15.

    The Burial Ritual of Dolmen in Gyeonggi do Region

    윤호필 | 2012, 30() | pp.363~398 | number of Cited : 0
    This study restores the burial ritual of dolmen through the construction method of dolmen in the Bronze Age in Korea and the features of rituals followed in each stage. Based on it, it looks into the burial ritual of dolmen in Gyeonggi do region. The burial ritual belongs to general social norm. On the other hand, social class of the living beings and deader plays an important role in there. Therefore, the graves reflect such social relationship, and it gains strong tradition as it reveals as a view on life and death and a view on ancestor’s spirit of social group for long term. Rituals are performed in each stage of construction of dolmen, and through this, it plays a role reinforcing social union of members. Construction process of dolmen is divided into three big stages from the view point of a living person. The first stage is preparation stage for burial of dead body(Choosing tomb area and moving stones). The second stage is burial of dead body and building frame of tomb(Building main part of burial area and boundaries of grave). The third stage is maintaining the finished dolmen. Burial ritual appears in various ways in each stage. The cover stone dolmen and table type dolmen with different construction methods show certain difference in recognition of deader. From the view of spatial relationship, it can be divided into vertical and horizontal spatial relationships. The horizontal spatial relationship bring into relief the existence of grave by extending grave area while vertical spatial relationship makes the grave recognized as an independent existence by projecting appearance of grave onto ground. Therefore, the horizontal spatial relationship has strong relationship of family and relatives while the vertical spatial relationship has strong characteristics of independence and altar. Likewise, two different graves with different features of burial rituals and formats are built in the same boundary of grave in Gyeonggi do region. Therefore, the burial rituals revealed in dolmen which represents the Bronze Age reflect the social structure, culture, technology, world view and the view of afterlife, therefore, is very useful in understanding the Bronze Age.