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2014, Vol.34, No.

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    The True Meaning of Ascending Dragon Folk Tales in Terms of the Rites of Passage

    CHO SEONGSOOK | 2014, 34() | pp.5~32 | number of Cited : 4
    While our society is familiar with the story of the dragon ascending to heaven, there have not been many studies focusing specifically on this folklore. Given this context, this article aims to examine the dragon folk tale in terms of the rites of passage. Many creatures that aspire to be a sky dragon are required to undergo special events, which function as a test or an ordeal to them. When it ascends, a dragon is expected to recover its sacred attribute, to possess a cintamani, and finally to take an ordeal revealing its moral and ethical value. Depending on the result of the ordeal, the creatures are destined to be a sky dragon or a vicious one, undergoing an ontological change. This article argues that this change is represented as the status of god, the realization of communal desire and the integration of ground and heaven in oral folk tales.
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    A Study on the ‘Legal Consciousness’ Appeared in Choi, In hoon’s Novels in the 1960s

    Lee Pyeong Jeon | 2014, 34() | pp.33~52 | number of Cited : 2
    Law and literature have a significant similarity, in regard that they are carried by language, butthey are also complementary due to the logical consistency that law cannot perform its purposeproperly without literary element. In this viewpoint, it can be said that it is very important to investigatethe subject's response to the period's culture and cognition in the violent situation in 1960s, whichwas exerted in the name of law, through the relation between Choi, Inhoon's novel and the law. Choi,Inhoon reveals his own traumatic experience as defendant who walked into court without knowingthe reason . This symbolically shows how the law can suppress a person ideologically in the contradictionof modern times, and dominate the subject's consciousness world. As it can be seen in Self criticismsession , the order of law, which is hard to understand and uncertain, reminds that the law is a systematically guaranteed violence and at the same time, is operated ideologically. His legal consciousnessreveals the period's ideology and contradictions in historic and epistemic prospect, in the process ofrevealing and reconstituting connotation of its universality and rationality, without disrupting thenature of law itself, which pursues universality and rationality. Choi, Inhoon also provides a newroute to read the period's social reality by directly mentioning the problem of law which compelledfixed, standardized order. The more important point is, Choi, Inhoon finds the point of political andideological crack and lack inside public law, which is supposed to realize freedom, equality, humanrights, etc. He combines law and novel by revealing recognition of informal world of life which constantly changes , by putting things hidden in the bottom, with the novel being a historical result aswell as having conventionary law meet our life flexibly together, as a thing which is not fixed ortranscendent.
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    A Consideration on the ‘Messy Life’ of Simaqian and the 'Honorable Death' of Quyuan

    Lee Hwang Jin | 2014, 34() | pp.53~78 | number of Cited : 4
    This paper reviewed messy life (苟活), a life selected by Simaqian(司馬遷) at a moment of crisis and adversity in life, and "honorable death" (死節), which is the death selected by Quyuan(屈原), whileconsidering the right duties of life and death possessed by Simaqian and Quyuan. While extendingfrom an analysis of Simaqian and Quyuan, the paper conducted a comparative review of Gouqian(句踐) and Sunbin(孫臏) together, who like Simaqian selected to walk on the path of "messy life" andcompared and reviewed Quyuan with Boyi Shuqi(伯夷叔齊) and Jiezitui(介子推), who like himselected to walk on the path of "honorable death" . Great men who selected “messy life" are peoplewho lived a pitiful life and justified this in order to accomplish what they thought of as their greatcause or goal, whereas great men who selected “honorable death” are people who selected to die inorder to keep their integrity and retain their righteousness to what they thought. That is, they are incommon in that they all realized the “good cause of living and dying” and “right duties in living anddying”, and thereby they selected what they thought more important and more valuable; however,there is a difference in that for some the selection was the path of “messy life” , while for others theselection was the path of “honorable death” .
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    A Survey of Linguistic Pragmatics and Speech Act in the Modern Russian Spoken Language

    Jung Eun Sang | 2014, 34() | pp.79~98 | number of Cited : 0
    This article aims to study linguistic pragmatics and speech act in the modern Russian spokenlanguage. In addition, this paper introduces the basic concept of pragmatics to the Russian languagelearners and researchers. It is getting more important to understand pragmatics in the field oflanguage study. By analyzing the definition of Speech act related to the classification of them, thisstudy also tries to find the object and goal of pragmatics. Moreover, this study tries to study thecharacteristics, structures and questions of speech act in the modern Russian spoken language. Thispaper has shown how to classify the characteristics of speech act in accordance with an element ofthem in the modern Russian spoken language. It is hoped that this article will be helpful tounderstand the theory of Pragmatics and Speech acts in the modern Russian spoken language.
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    The Score System of Floating Population in Zhongshan City

    Yu Jeong Weon | 2014, 34() | pp.99~120 | number of Cited : 2
    For a long time, Chinese household registration system (Hukou system) has been regarded as maincause of making Chinese migrant worker’s social inequality. Many of migrant workers are excludedfrom urban educational resources, city wide social welfare programs and many jobs. Nowadays,because the current household registration system becomes the major institutional barrier to socialand economic development, the Chinese government is making new social policy to try narrow thegap between urban and rural households’s socioeconomic status. Reformation of Hukou system is oneof important direction of the new social policy. Some cities have decided partly open to opportunity of household transmission. Zhongshan city’s score system is a case in point. Zhongshan city is the firstcity in China to adopt a score system and to allow the floating population to enjoy the urban publicservice. This paper explores whether this score system really help to migrant worker and improvetheir quality of life. Consequently, the present paper shows that only high class of migrant workerscan meet the requirement of condition, and the effect of score system has been limited.
  • 6.

    Invariant Properties of Upper and Lower Body Coordination

    Tae Hoon Kim | 2014, 34() | pp.121~136 | number of Cited : 0
    Two different short iron shots were analyzed together to evaluate how the force and/or timing are controlled in the golf swing. Force magnitude and timing for clubhead movement and weight shiftwere compared to find out timing invariance during a golf shot, which is generated by upper andlower body coordination. Younger golfers with relatively advanced skill level(handicap 5 10 strokes)hit a short iron shot for different distances. During a golf shot, an accelerometer attached to the backof the clubhead provided a measure of force versus time with three peaks corresponding to backswing,downswing, and follow through. Similarly, two peaks corresponding to backward and forwardweight shift were provided by two forceplates under the practice mat. The force difference betweenbackswing and downswing peaks changed by over 600% between a short chip shot and an 80 yardapproach shot. In contrast, the time interval between these peaks changed by only 29%. Similarresults were found for the weight shift. In other words, timing of clubhead force and weight shiftstayed almost invariant when increasing the required shot distance. These results suggested thattiming is relatively invariant for shots with different force magnitudes, that force is controlledindependently from timing in order to hit the ball different distances with the same club, and thatconstant rhythm in golf shots may be evidenced by relatively invariant timing.
  • 7.

    Korean Women's Social Rights Based on National Pension Entitlements

    Park Jin Hwa , Lee Jin-Sook | 2014, 34() | pp.137~166 | number of Cited : 7
    This study aims to examine Korean women's social rights status by analyzing Korean women'snational pension entitlements based on their status of worker, spouse, and childcarer. The results ofthe analysis are as follows. First, regarding the pension entitlements based on the status of worker,due to women's access to paid work being very poor, a large gender gap in pension entitlementsexists. This implies that it is difficult for women to fully enjoy their social rights in terms of pensionentitlements based on the status of worker without the improvement of women's access to paidwork . Second, regarding the pension entitlements based on the status of spouse, survivor's pensionhas been weakened and by reinforcing split pension of independent character, the character ofentitlements has changed from social protection to compensation for unpaid workers. Third,regarding the pension entitlements based on the status of childcarer, the social value of the unpaidwork of child-caring is not properly reflected in the pension scheme. Thus, continuous attentionshould be paid to the advancement for childcarer's status.
  • 8.

    The Study on the Development of Chinese Sino-centrism and ‘Chinese Dream’

    LEE, Chanwoo | 2014, 34() | pp.167~186 | number of Cited : 3
    Since the reform and open-door policy in 1978, China has risen as the world’s leading country inshort period of 30 years. Recently, The Chinese authorities projected Chinese dream , the greatreconstruction of the Chinese national people, in order to ensure coherent identity of the country andto induce social integration of 56 multi peoples including Han people. This paper examines Chinesedream in relation to Chinese sino centrism and not through political, economical analysis. Chinesesino-centrism formed a the ethnocentrism by combining with the concept of nationality and nation,which is different from the West nationalism. Chinese dream was projected vision called the greatreconstruction of the Chinese national people , by extension of sino centrism. Also, the Chinesegovernment wishes to realize Chinese dream’ through the Chinese way, based on Chinese civilizationtradition and Chinese though. It can be suggested that China must rediscover the Chinese traditionvalue of ethnic minorities and have universal value system in order for Chinese dream to coexist withother nations.
  • 9.

    A Study on Modernity and Subject Construction Shown in Female Autobiographical Writing: Focusing on Sin Gyeong Suk’s <An Isolated Room>

    장경실 | 2014, 34() | pp.187~214 | number of Cited : 5
    This paper is to investigate the concept of modernity through the analysis on autobiographicalwriting of Sin Gyeong Suk’s "An Isolated Room". "An Isolated Room" is a work asking the meaningof writing a novel through the author’s own story, and furthermore, it gets to build self identity byreproducing others through writing. First of all, in this work, there is 'I' who is a writer at thismoment being 32 years old. And in the past, there is also 'I' who is from 16 to 20 years old leavingthe Isolated Room for the memory of her sister Hee Jae. The death of the sister Hee Jae becomes herfear in having a relationship with others after that. Finally, 'I' tries to do present conversation withthe past in order not "to be imprisoned in the Isolated Room again", and it works as the writing of subject construction. The writing is now not the narcissistic subject alienated from the world butcontains reflective meaning to define the recognition and attitude on self in forming a relationshipwith others. Here, the desire of subject construction induces family intimacy that can be summed up as 'blood relative emotion' as a medium to overcome the ultimate sense of alienation lying betweenself and the world. Although such romantic attitude may seem to try a new prospect in the crackfrom the world in a sense, paradoxically, even the desire of subject establishment is seen to bemetaphorized as the form of deficiency or loss.
  • 10.

    Kim Yunsik’s Life during His Exile in Jido and the Change in Island Society during the Early 20th Century Seen with <Sokeumcheongsa>

    Choi, Sung-Hwan | 2014, 34() | pp.215~240 | number of Cited : 5
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    This article analyzes late Joseon’s political thinker Kim Yunsik’s diary <Sokeumcheongsa>centeringaround the records about his exile in Jido, considering the lives of exiles in islands and the change ofsociety during the early 20th century. Kim Yunsik was exiled at Dungok Village in Jido from 1901till 1907. This period is highly noticeable because Jido-gun was established in 1896 and it was rightafter Mokpo Port was opened in 1897. Kim Yunsik had no inconvenience for the supervision orcontrol, but there were two things that made his exile different from that of others. First, though helived closely with the people of the island, he neither cultivated disciples nor formed friendship. It wasbecause his ideas were rather contrastive with the academic lines of Jido people. This is a verymeaningful example that shows exchange between island people and exiles was not unilateral then. Second, to earn money to live in the place of exile, he developed commercial activities aggressively. He used salt or croakers, specialty products of the region. This is fairly different from other islandexiles who had been there before. With <Sokeumcheongsa>, the study also examined how the islandsociety changed in the early 20th century. After Jido gun was established, the residents’ livingconditions became even poorer. There were the ‘Jidogyoan’ in 1901 and the Imjado Uprising in1902. Meanwhile, opening the port of Mokpo did influence the island people’s lives significantly. There were a lot of comings and goings between Jido and Mokpo, and also modern goods weresupplied. And the most symbolic change was the building of Jimyeonghakgyo, a modernizededucational institution. This is very contrastive with just 10 years before when Oh Hoengmuk, thefirst gunsu, made all efforts for Hyanggyo.
  • 11.

    Parents Perception on Five-Day Schooling System

    Myung-Suk Woo , Kwon Dongtaik , Kim Youngsik and 1 other persons | 2014, 34() | pp.241~268 | number of Cited : 2
    The purpose of this study is to analyze parents perception on Five Day Schooling System and theeffect of Five-Day Schooling System on leisure activities, using logit model, ordinal logit model,multinominal logit model, and tobit model. This study surveyed 13,936 parents at elementary, middle, and high schools in 16 Local Educational Offices. The study finds the relationship betweenSaturday program participation and characteristics of students and families, and demands of studentsand parents. As the income level lowers, the participation rate of students in Saturday programs falls. And as the demands of students and parents are not reflected on the programs, the participation ratesand the satisfaction level of students decrease. When students participate in Saturday programs,parents work on Saturdays, and income levels are lower, leisure activities and family trips are lesslikely to happen. The measures which reflect the demands of students and parents on Saturdayprograms and provide students from low SES families with financial supports should be discussed andintroduced.
  • 12.

    A Study on the Local Cultural Characteristics of Ogwangdae Mask Dance Play

    Seong Mi Rho | 2014, 34() | pp.269~290 | number of Cited : 2
    This paper discusses how Ogwangdae mask dance play reflects the cultural environment of eachregion. Ogwangdae mask dance play is known to be formed as a result of the spread of ChogyeBammari bamboo entertainer’s performance over Yeongnam region. But this spreading theory hascertain limits in explaining for the historicity and local cultural characteristics of Ogwangdae maskdance play in spite of the feasibility of oral data. In this study, a critical point of view for the bambooentertainer origin theory was proposed. For this, the meanings of Ogwangdae birth tale, theparameter to enable performance and transmission of mask dance play, the playing yard compositionand the characteristics of characters were examined. The cultural environments of the Ogwangdaeregion focused in this paper were Beolsingut of the southern coast, professional entertainers’ hall inGeoje city, Jochang and military camp, etc. Additionally, it was clarified how the local culturalcharacteristics have been reflected in playing yard composition and story contents. This study showedthat Ogwangdae mask dance play was formed in the relationship between local indigenous maskdance play and mask dance play performed by the bamboo entertainers who were the wanderingclowns. And it was also clarified that story contents were changed into more emphasizing directionfor entertainment than for sacredness.
  • 13.

    A Study of Russian Idioms in the Literary Works of Pushkin: Centering on Lexical grammar Peculiarities

    Choi Yun-Hee | 2014, 34() | pp.291~318 | number of Cited : 1
    This study focused on a variety of features of Russian idioms expressed in the literary works ofPushkin, who was a representative writer of Russia. As well known, the works of Pushkin have a veryimportant place in Russian linguistics as well as in the history of literature. Through numerous works,he further developed the Russian popular language and enhanced its level by giving it a popular root. Pushkin's excellent ability to use languages technically is well shown in the idiom expressions. Pushkin used a number of idioms in his works, but his idioms have not been researched well enough. In this article, I examined the idioms of Pushkin, which were used in his works of all genres. Due to the vast amount of idioms in his works, however, I first analyzed the Russian idioms of Pushkin’sworks, centering on lexical-grammatical peculiarities. This study has a linguistic value and might bevery helpful for the deep understanding of authors and their works as well.