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2018, Vol.47, No.

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    In Search of Westerling: The Decolonization of Indonesia and the Dutch Question in the 1950s

    여운경 | 2018, 47() | pp.5~26 | number of Cited : 1
    This article explores political and social conflicts surrounding the Dutch in Indonesia and their impacts in the decolonization of Indonesia in the 1950s. More specifically, it focuses on the case of Westerling who launched a rebellion called Angtakan Perang Ratu Adil (APRA) in Bandung in early 1950. This rebellion was regarded as a symbolic threat to the security of the newly independent state. After the rebellion failed, Westerling smuggled himself to Singapore. There were intense political and legal disputes over the extradition of Westerling to Indonesia. The Indonesian government chased him even after he was deported to Europe, and continued to attempt to extradite to Indonesia. Meanwhile, some Dutch ex-military officers of the KNIL, such as Jungschlaeger and Schmidt, were arrested for anti-government activities in the mid-1950s. During the trial, they were allegedly accused of being involved in Westerling s campaigns in the 1950s. Through this trial they were labeled as another Westerling , and the image of the Dutch was formulated as an obstacle to Indonesian nationalism and decolonization. By exploring the APRA rebellion, debates on Westerling’s whereabouts, and the Jungschlaeger trial, this article analyzes what Westerling and the Dutch question meant in the decolonization of Indonesia in the 1950s, and how the image of Westerling was manipulated in the process.
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    Classifying latent profiles in human resources of disabled workers and testing the effects of determinants

    Kam,Jeong-Ki | Dong_Moon Yeum | 2018, 47() | pp.27~50 | number of Cited : 1
    This study aimed to research the type of human resources of disabled workers by extracting the factors of human resources of disabled workers that have been discussed by relevant preceding researches, and also to reveal the correlations between type, attributes of the disabled, and socioeconomic condition, and factors that could predict differences in the type. With the use of the 7th Panel Survey of Employment for the Disabled, this study verified the type of human resources of disabled workers through latent profile analysis, examined differences between type and variables through ANOVA and X2, and also conducted the multinominal logistic regression analysis to verify the predicting factors(sociodemographic variable, disability-related variable, economic variable, psychosocial variable) of the type of human resources. The type of human resources of disabled workers was divided into low-capital strong emotion group, middle-capital strong sociality group, and high-capital strong balance group. And in the results of examining differences between three groups and variables, there were significant differences in diverse variables. And the multinominal logistic regression analysis verified the significant factors for each group. Based on such results of this study, the implications, limitations, and the direction of follow-up researches were suggested.
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    The Influences of College Adaptation Patterns on Career maturity of Foreign University Students in Korea: Focusing on the Differences between Chinese and Vietnam

    Kim, Hyosun | KIM, EUNSOO | 2018, 47() | pp.51~68 | number of Cited : 11
    The purpose of the study is to explore the influences of college adaptation patterns on career maturity of foreign university students in Korea. To pursue the research purpose, the study conducted a survey and collected 162 data. After selecting a clear data set, the study finally used 133 response data to analyze campus adaptation, college life adaptation, family supports, interaction with faculty, career maturity and others, focusing on the differences between Chinese and Vietnam foreign students. T test multiple regression results showed that Chinese students have higher adaptation power and career maturity than Vietnam students in Korea. Hierarchical multiple regression results provided that the influence factor differ from their country background. Based on the results, the study has suggested significant implications for the future studies and practical recommendations for foreign university students in Korea.
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    The Characteristics of Buddhist Logic Shown in the Negation Method of Wonhyo Implicative Negation and Apoha in Focus

    Kim taesoo | 2018, 47() | pp.69~96 | number of Cited : 0
    Wonhyo(618~686) reveals transcending the two extremes like existence and non existence through implicative negation(paryudāsa-pratiṣedha) and apoha while intersecting negation and affirmation. The paradoxical expression of 'the road without road' in Commentary on the Sūtra of the Primary Activities of Bodhisattvas, or greatly being as such by not being as such in the Exposition of the Sūtra on the Adamantine Absorption have many things in common with the theory of positve apoha in the latter part of Indian Buddhism. Yet, Wonhyo's approach shows peculiarity in deducing absolute affirmation through enlarging the denotation with negative determiner. It also shows the characteristics of anyayogavyavaccheda and the theory of negative and affirmative apoha. Further, the method of transforming negation into affirmation seems to reveal the connotation which enlarges the meaning into an endless affirmation. It is based on the thought that the particular like a certain road can not be expressed at the particular level so that the expression like 'the road without not being a road' manifests itself through excluding the meaning which does not contain the features of 'the road without being a road.' Likewise, while enlarging the meaning into 'greatly being as such' through the negative expression of 'not being as such', it denotes not just sticking to this expression. In this aspect, Wonhyo's apoha shares some features in common with implicative negation which implies positive connotation, based on its method of enlarging the implication of affirmation into its infinity through exclusion of meaning.
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    A Study of Policy Conditions for the Popularization of Digital Grassroots Donations and Micro Fundraising

    Joo-Hyoung Ji | Cho Hee-Jung | KimSoonYoung | 2018, 47() | pp.97~124 | number of Cited : 1
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    This article studies the institutional conditions for the popularization of digital micro fundraising. It calls for the introduction of new payment methods technologically; the consolidation of open and democratic principles ethically; and the revision of the related laws institutionally. Despite the limits of the current legal framework, there are a variety of fundraising methods available while election funds have become nearly an essential element in political campaigns. However, enacted in 2004, the current Political Funding Act does not fully accommodate the recent changes in political fundraising while recognizing the desirability of micro fundraising. In order to popularize political donations, it is needed to establish the political values and principles of digital grassroots donation, improve the related systems, and introduce new technologies for fundraising. With such a background, this article reviews recent studies, recent legislations, and recently introduced methods regarding political fundraising to develop a reform agenda in technological, ethical and institutional terms.
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    The Right to Deconstruction As a Condition of 'New Humanities':Jacques Derrida's The University Without Condition

    Yun, Dong goo | 2018, 47() | pp.125~154 | number of Cited : 0
    In The University Without Condition, Jacques Derrida intends to reconstruct 'academic freedom,' the idea that represents the tradition of the modern university in terms of some conditions called 'the right to say everything publicly' and 'the unconditionality.' Derrida emphasizes 'the right to deconstruction', a full scrutiny and unconditional question about various thoughts and ideas that have laid the foundations of the university and humanities, and proposes it as a central principle of 'New Humanities' to come. 'New Humanities' try to explore possibilities that the unconditional promise and affirmation of 'the impossible' and the event could produce the power to bring meaningful changes to established universities and humanities. For Derrida, the university without condition, 'that can say everything' is not a greedy system that captures all the existing spheres and objects, but a open institution that affirms and welcomes uncalculable and unpredictable things, or 'the impossible.' The continuation of the university and its 'sur-vival' will only be possible so far as we affirm the unconditionality and the right to deconstruction as its own condition.
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    Current Status and Significance of Sakhalin Korean Literature

    PARK SANHYANG | 2018, 47() | pp.155~174 | number of Cited : 1
    This paper is a basic data on Russian Sakhalin Korean writers and their works. Sakhalin Korean Literature refers to Sakhalin-based Korean literature, including Koreans who migrated to Sakhalin (including forced migration), Koreans born in Sakhalin, and the first generation of Sakhalin as well as their descendants. They have worked with the Central Asian Korean writers based on the newspaper "Lenin Gichi", but there is a need to separate Sakhalin literature. Due to the forced recapture and refusal of return, Sakhalin Korean history has developed differently from Central Asia and is geographically separated from the Russian mainland. Most Korean writers in Sakhalin learned Korean at the Joseon School in Sakhalin, and were fluent in Korean and Russian after finishing college in Moscow or Khabarovsk, or finishing vocational school in Sakhalin. They often work as journalists and reporters, and with the addition of Sakhalin writers, Korean literature in Russia has become richer and more sophisticated. In this paper, I have reviewed the biographies and works of Nam Kyung-ja, Lee Jeong-hee, Park Sung-hoon, Jang Yoon-ki, Jung Jang-gil, Joo Young-yoon, Choi Young-geun, and Anatoly Kim. Who had experienced colonial rule and who had to live in the outskirts of a barren foreign country, testified through writing that they had experienced vivid experiences as social and political weak and hitter.
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    What Aspects of Writing Students Find Themselves Engrossed in: A Case of Korean EFL College Student Writers

    Youngsang Kim | 2018, 47() | pp.175~194 | number of Cited : 0
    A wide variety of factors have been assumed to influence language learners’ performance that range from cognitive to affective factors. Given this assumption, this article was designed to explore the process approach to writing by Korean EFL students, being centered around investigation of their perception during the respective phases of the process writing from a cognition-based perspective. Built on qualitative data, the most striking discrepancies were revealed between skilled student writers and unskilled ones, depending on their overall proficiency in English. EFL student writers’ performance seemed to be perceived as directly coupled with individuals’ overall linguistic ability. This was particularly so in that EFL writing involves cognitively demanding processes, which could most likely affect a student’s on-going performance in writing.