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2021, Vol.55, No.

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    Philosophy of Object: Hyperobject, Network and Symbiosis

    Iljoon Park | 2021, 55() | pp.5~30 | number of Cited : 2
    The Covid-19 pandemic and the climate change have been warning that the deconstruction of anthropocentrism has to be not only an epistemological turn but also our political act. These crises let us know that humans are not alone on the planet but entangled with other beings in their sympoietic lives. This pandemic is pointing to a necessity to see life and living through the perspective of things. This article calls such a turn to things philosophy of object, exploring hyperobject in Timothy Morton, actor-network in Bruno Latour, and symbiosis in Graham Harman. It is to know what object means for this age.
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    A Study on the Methodology on Ethical Attitudes of Medical Practitioner

    LEE, Hyang-Yeon | 2021, 55() | pp.31~48 | number of Cited : 0
    The importance of the ethical attitude required of medical Practitioner is one of the most important issues in the increasingly complex medical field. The primary goal required of medical Practitioner is to improve the health of patients through disease treatment and disease prevention. This goal implies that healthcare workers are essentially ethical. Here we are compelled to think about how the relationship between the patient and the healthcare provider should be established. In other words, medical practice itself is directly related to the dignity of human life, so it can be said that ethical reflection is essential. I can select “love” and “Detached Concern” as the ethical attitudes that medical professionals need. The medical practice of a medical practitioner is bound to include not only the technical and objective parts, but also the emotional parts. Based on the emotional domain, the human nature needed in this medical field is, after all, “love”. In this paper, we will look at some scholars who have philosophical analysis of “love” and consider whether it is justifiable to make it the ethical attitude of medical professionals in the medical field. Finally, the ethical attitude of “love” has a problematic element that can hinder the correct judgment of medical Practitioner. To solve this, I philosophically analyze the ethical attitude of “Detached Concern” and try to secure its legitimacy.
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    A Study on the Style and Artistic Creative Spirit of Nietzsche

    Yi, Jeonga | 2021, 55() | pp.49~72 | number of Cited : 0
    Language is an important element of human life and an important area of study of philosophy. Many philosophers were interested in the nature of language. Nietzsche was a philosopher who conveyed his critical reasons through the use of 'particular' language. He mainly used aphorisme writing, not logical writing. I saw that Nietzsche's aphorisme writing was not an inevitable result of chance or morbidity, but a project to express his criticism and creative spirit. Nietzsche pointed out that language was used as a tool to establish the truth, oblivious to the arbitrary and arbitrary limitations of language before. To correct this perception process, Nietzsche planned flexible and creative writing that could express the will of human fluid and sensory forces. The metaphor underlying the project goes beyond mere rhetoric and claims to have the power of artistic creation. After all, Nietzsche's new style is an expression of criticism and creative spirit, as well as a philosophical core consistent with the art-oriented theory that penetrates his entire philosophy.
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    The Relation between Employment and Quality of Life of People with Disabilities

    Seungah Ryu | 2021, 55() | pp.73~95 | number of Cited : 0
    This study examined whether subjective quality of life of people with disabilities affects employment, and whether employment affects the quality of life using longitudinal data from Panel Survey of Employment for the Disabled(PSED). for the study, groups with disabilities who were unemployed at the same time were divided according to whether they were employed one year later. As a result, under the same unemployment situation, most of the variables of subjective quality of life between the two groups were different, and the change according to employment status showed family's employment support, self-efficacy, self-esteem, happiness, and satisfaction with daily life. These results indicate the need for a variety of policies that could bring people with disabilities out to job site, while building up polices to increase subjective quality of life for hiring people with disabilities.
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    A Biographical Study on the Lives of Women who had Experiences with the Shelters for the abused Elderly: Focussing on the elderly Women in the independent Housing

    Soojeong Seo | Yeung Ja Yang | 2021, 55() | pp.97~129 | number of Cited : 0
    The purpose of this study is to analyze the lives of women in the independent housing who had experiences with the shelters for the abused elderly. For this purpose, the data on the lives of the two abused elderly women were collected and analyzed with the Rosenthal’s biographical interviews analysis method. The result shows that the two elderly women have lived in the struggle for recognition, although they have been 'discriminated' and 'abused' throughout their lives. However, one woman have lived in the struggle for recognition with 'work', but the other woman in the struggle for recognition with ‘study’. Based on these results, some implications for the social welfare practice with the abused elderly were discussed.
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    Elder Education in Japan and Some Suggestions from it for Korean Elder Education

    Shin, Mee-Shik | 2021, 55() | pp.131~155 | number of Cited : 0
    In Japan, elder education has been carried out not only in the sphere of welfare but also in the sphere of education. Elder education in the sphere of welfare focuses on education that promotes welfare, health, and hobby for elders while elder education in the sphere of education focuses on education needed for elders to play vital roles as important social members. Unlike Japan, elder education in Korea has been mainly carried out in the sphere of welfare. However, since Korea has been rapidly aged like Japan, and in particular, baby boomers begin to enter into the older generation group, there is a need to change elder education fundamentally so that baby boomers could have educational opportunities needed to play various roles as important social members. In this paper, in the premise that elder education in Korea should be carried out in the sphere of education, the author examines elder education that has been implemented in the sphere of education in Japan. In concrete, the auther explores how elder education has evolved from social education and lifelong education, why it is currently faced with difficulties, and what kind of efforts are made to overcome them. And based on this examination, the author attempts to draw some suggestions that Korean elder education might adopt to promote elder education in the sphere of education.
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    A Study of Humorous Internet Buzzwords

    KIM JEONGHOON | 2021, 55() | pp.157~171 | number of Cited : 0
    As the most active language component, network catchwords play an important role in Chinese. One of the biggest characteristics of the Internet context is banter, which is manifested in the extensive use of humorous language. The Internet itself is also an important hotbed for the generation of humorous language. Therefore, humorous network catchwords are of great value both in the study of network catchwords and in the study of humorous language. This paper takes humor network catchwords as the research object, collects the main network catchwords from 2008 to 2018, selects the catchwords that can form humor according to their specific use, and divides them into three categories according to the standard of sound, form and meaning from the perspective of catchwords, and analyzes the humor generation methods and influencing factors of various catchwords, In this way, we find some general factors that play an important role in the generation of humor effect of most catchwords, including the main tone of Internet banter, the user's pragmatic intention, the signal of abnormal speech use, the shared information between the two sides of the dialogue, the contrast between the discourse and reality, the interaction between the two sides of the dialogue, the interaction between the two sides of the dialogue and the reality The funny features of speech materials and the use of typical cases.
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    The Effect of Teacher’s Calling on Interpersonal Stress and Job Satisfaction: The Moderated Mediation effect of Living a Calling

    Suran Lee | Sangah Park | 2021, 55() | pp.173~201 | number of Cited : 2
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    The purpose of this study was to examine low interpersonal stress as a mechanism by which calling affects job satisfaction. Specifically, this study examined the mediating effect of interpersonal stress on the relationship between calling and job satisfaction. Also, this study investigated the moderating effect of living a calling on the relationship between interpersonal stress and job satisfaction. Data were collected from 359 secondary school teachers via an online survey. The results showed that calling positively predicts job satisfaction, which was partially mediated by low interpersonal stress. Also, when the level of living a calling was high, the negative effect of interpersonal stress on job satisfaction was weakened, confirming the moderating effect of living a calling. Besides, the mediating effect of interpersonal stress between calling and job satisfaction was moderated by living a calling, suggesting that the moderated mediation effect was significant. Based on these results, implications, limitations, and directions for future research were discussed.
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    The achievements and significance of Chinese poetry as ‘the Subaltern Writing’

    BAEK JEONGSUK | 2021, 55() | pp.203~232 | number of Cited : 0
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    The emergence and development of ‘the Subaltern Writing’ is the most important change of Chinese poetry in the 21st century. Since the 1990s, there have been ‘Poems of migrant workers’. The mainstream poetry circle and the whole Chinese society are paying attention to this new creative trend. Since the 2000s, ‘the Subaltern Writing’, ‘the lower class literature’ has become the main discussion of Chinese literature. Therefore, ‘the Subaltern Writing’ has once again attracted the attention of critics and researchers. So far, ‘the Subaltern Writing’ has been regarded as ‘a literary phenomenon in the industrial age’. But ‘the Subaltern Writing’ has experienced more than ten years of change and development. So far, many writers have shown active creative activities, won a solid status and reputation as poets, and broken the limited theme scope of ‘migrant workers' poetry’. As for ‘the Subaltern Writing’, there have been many controversies about its ‘poetic art level’ and ‘future sustainability’. However, in the whole Chinese society, the attention to ‘the Subaltern Writing’ is still expanding. What kind of social consensus is this based on? Has Chinese poetry made significant achievements in ‘the Subaltern Writing’? In order to explore these views, this paper will explore the achievements and possibilities of ‘the Subaltern Writing’ through Zheng Xiaoqiong's poetry.