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Review Process

Article 1. The appropriateness and creativity of research topic: The submitted manuscript shall conform to the manuscript submission guidelines set by the Journal of Human Studies. Manuscripts shall not be submitted if they have already been published elsewhere. They should contain original ideas or perspectives.

Article 2. The rigorousness of research method and analysis: Manuscripts shall conform to the logics, organization, and development of academic researches. In the case of empirical studies, an appropriate and rigorous research method and analysis should be employed.

Article 3. The completeness of manuscripts: Manuscripts shall demonstrate a high degree of completion on the format, content, reference, and etc.

Article 4. The contribution of manuscripts: Manuscripts shall be conducive to the academic development.

Article 5. The appropriateness of literature review and reference: Citations and references shall be in accordance with the regulations of the journal.

Article 6. The use of plagiarism detection software: Manuscripts shall be checked by plagiarism detection software before submission.





1) The regulations shall be effective as of November 1, 2008.

2) The regulations shall be effective as of March 15, 2018.