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2019, Vol.62, No.3

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    Mediation Effect of Musical Self-efficacy on the Relation between Satisfaction with Academic Major and Career Maturity

    PARK SEJIN | Ra, Jongmin | 2019, 62(3) | pp.5~29 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purpose of current study was to examine through the framework of path analysis the mediation effect of musical self-efficacy on the relation between major satisfaction and career maturity for 38 college students studying applied music in Kyeounggi province, Korea. Results obtained from the analyses were as follows. First, a statistically positive relationship existed among major satisfaction, career maturity, and musical self-efficacy. Second, a partial mediation effect of musical self-efficacy existed between major satisfaction and career maturity that fitted the model better than the full mediation effect. Results from the current study could enhance further study regarding the role of musical self-efficacy.
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    Envisioning St. Bernadette: Faith, Healing, Virgins, and a Village in France

    Bellomy,Donald C. | 2019, 62(3) | pp.31~44 | number of Cited : 0
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    Over the more than sixteen decades since fourteen-year-old Bernadette Soubirous first saw, in February 1858, an apparition later identified as the Virgin Mary in a grotto outside her small village of Lourdes in the Pyrenees mountains of France, she and Lourdes have become global phenomena. However, while the girl and the village have become inextricably intertwined in the popular imagination, the roots of their appeal are subtly different. Each year some six million visitors flock to Lourdes, many of them hoping for one of the miraculous cures associated with a grotto spring pointed out by St. Bernadette (as she has been known since 1933). The pilgrimages attract communicants of all religions as well as the simply curious, but for whatever reasons people choose to come, the Roman Catholic Church has carefully framed the Lourdes phenomenon as a function of religious faith as traditionally understood. The appeal of Bernadette, though, has been broader, touching even anti-religious apostles of science like Émile Zola as well as Jewish artistic types including the novelist Franz Werfel and the poet Leonard Cohen. The attraction has been highly personal, deriving from her embodiment of adolescent commitment and common sense – a passionate virgin compared by many to Joan of Arc. Beyond that Bernadette has evolved as a symbol of healing reaching beyond the bodily ills sometimes healed at Lourdes to connect with grieving and despondent spirits. She has become a source of comfort rather than of cure.
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    Nonlinear Systemic Thinking: Synergic Epistemology

    Yeonsoo Shim | 2019, 62(3) | pp.45~57 | number of Cited : 1
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    We find in quantum physics, which has been studying the essence of existence, the phenomenon of connection between a subatomic particle’s constituent quarks and gluons. However, the interconnected synergistic recognition of rationality, sensibility, understanding, intuition, and imagination, which are components of the human mind, does not as yet have a comparable scientific status. One step towards that goal is to recognize that the environment in which humans are located is a nonlinear system of a type that humans can dimly grasp. In this nonlinear system, the human pure spirit makes the consciousness of the human mind comprehensively aware of objects to be known