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Article 6 (copyright) 

A submitted manuscript, when published, will become the property of the journal. Copyrights of all published materials are owned by SHSS. 

The copyright of paper published in the journal belongs to the author of the paper, but only if the copyright holder agrees, it belongs to Honam University.

The author goes through the procedure for allowing and agreeing to allow Honam University to use his/her work under the following conditions.

The author acknowledges that publication of the manuscript is possible only after agreeing to the following conditions, and after agreeing to the copyright agreement, the manuscript can be published.




1. D/B construction of the work and the copying of the work for disclosure to the information and communication network including the Internet, storage and
   transmission in a storage device are permitted.

2. For the above purposes, editing and formal changes are allowed within the necessary range. However, changing the contents of the work is prohibited.

3. Reproduction, author, transmission, etc. for commercial purposes of distributed and transmitted works are prohibited.

4. The period of use for the work is 5 years, and if there is no indication of intention within 3 months of the end of the period, the period of use of the work is

5. If the copyright of the work is transferred to another person, or if permission is granted for publication, it shall be notified to the university within one month.

6. Honam University shall not be held liable for any infringement of rights caused by the copyrighted work by others after the permission of use of the work.

7. Permits the provision of works to the affiliated institutions of the affiliated university and the transmission and printing of works using information and
   communication networks such as the Internet.