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Editorial Policy

Peer Review Policy

1. The examiners of each paper shall consist of three to four experts in the relevant field.


2. The examiners objectively examine the originality of the topic, the composition of the paper, appropriateness of the data management, accuracy of sentences and terms, usefulness, and contribution, and determine with 4 grades : Approval (A), Approval after modified (B), Re-examine after modified (C), and Disapproval (D).


3. In principle, a paper that does not have "D" in the evaluation of the examiners and has a rating of "B" or higher shall be published, and all final evaluations shall be resolved by the Editorial Board.


4. Even if there is a "D" in the evaluation of the examiners, the Editorial Board shall decide whether to reexamine when it evaluated more than ABD (if three examiners), or more than ABCD (if four examiners, AACD, ABBD etc.).


5. The abstract and the key words of the paper published in each volume shall be modified by separately selected expert.