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Information for Authors

The details and scope of the manuscript shall be as follows:

   1. Historical contents of domestic and foreign military policies, systems, and military history

   2. Information on the political, diplomatic, and military sectors related to Korea's national defense and security suitable for the nature of the military history

   3. Research papers, book reviews, research trends, data introduction, research paper translation, etc. related to subparagraphs 1 and 2

   4. Composition of contents for each detail

     a. Korean War/Battle/Combat

     b. Modern and contemporary Military history

     c. Traditional Military History

     d. World War History

     e. Civil and military affairs sectors

     f. National Defense history, and policy

     g. Comprehensive composition of manuscripts in related fields when organizing special features


The following guidelines for preparation of manuscripts as follows:

   1. The volume of manuscripts shall be about 150 manuscripts(6,500 words) per episode (including footnotes).

   2. References should be followed the Chicago style, which is commonly used in humanities.

   3. The contribution thesis shall include references and English transcripts of not more than 250 words (6 manuscripts).

   4. In order to secure research ethics, the thesis author's affiliation and position are indicated in the thesis.

   5. It is recommended that the paper be submitted through a Korean researcher.