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Rapidly changing​ Domestic and overseas industrial environments require constant innovation in all industries including manufacturing, services, and IT.​ In order for Korea, which is at the threshold of developed countries, to take a leap forward,​ In theoretical and applied research, beyond the theoretical academic research, it is very urgent to concentrate and advance research capabilities through creative and multi-disciplinary research.​ In order to consolidate the research capabilities related to the industrial system in the fourth industrial revolution era and to establish a field of convergence research,​ It was conducted by the Industrial Promotion Research Institute and published a research paper.
Sug-in Chang

(Kongju National University )

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Current Issue : 2021, Vol.6, No.4

  • Manufacturing of artificial lightweight aggregate from water treatment sludge and application to Non-point treatment filteration

    Sung-Un Jung | Seoung-Ho Lee | Hyun-min Namgung | 2021, 6(4) | pp.1~9 | number of Cited : 0
    The purpose of this study is to manufacture lightweight aggregates for recycling water treatment sludge, to identify the physical properties of the aggregates, and present a method of utilizing the manufactured lightweight aggregates. The chemical composition and thermal properties were examined via a raw materials analysis. The aggregate examined here was fired by the rapid sintering method and the single-particle density and water absorption rate were measured. Water treatment sludge has high ignition loss and high fire resistance. When 30wt% of purified sludge was added, the single-particle density of the aggregates was in the range of 0.8~1.2g/㎤ at a temperature of ,150~1,200℃. At temperatures of 1200℃ or higher, ultra-light aggregates having a single-particle density of 0.8 or less could be produced. When applied to concrete by replacing the general aggregate in the concrete, a specimen having strength values of 200 to 450 kgf/㎠ on 28 days was obtained, and when applied as a filter material, the performance was equal to or higher than that of ordinary sand.
  • Growth factors and promotion strategies of CJ E&M: Focusing on the diamond model analysis and 4P

    Kim JeongYeon | Park SangHyeon | 2021, 6(4) | pp.11~21 | number of Cited : 0
    This study tried to analyze the factors of corporate growth potential of CJ E&M, a representative company in the content industry. First, in order to analyze CJ E&M's growth Engine, Michael Porter's diamond model was used to review key factors, and then, based on the 4P model, directions for future corporate growth were suggested. As a Result, Factors behind corporate growth included "Media content of various genres" and "recruitment of star-class human resources", in terms of Production Conditions, and "Gratification Chinese market demand" in terms of Demand Conditions. In addition, "Korean wave industry aiming at K-Culture" in terms of Related Industry and "Two track strategy: global·glocal strategy" and "Media commerce strategy" in terms of business environment: strategy, structure, and competition was able to analyze. For the direction of development, there are "various products through collaboration of affiliated companies" in terms of Product and "TVING Benchmarked Netflix" in terms of Price. In addition, "global expansion through OTT platform TVING" in terms of place and "challenge marketing utilizing the Tiktok platform" in terms of promotion must be carried out.
  • Status of Satisfaction with Settlement Conditions and Residential Environment of Chungnam-do Residents

    Sang-Ho Lim | 2021, 6(4) | pp.23~30 | number of Cited : 0
    This study is a study on the satisfaction of the living conditions of the residents of Chungcheongnam-do, and the analysis data was based on the results of the Chungcheongnam-do social survey conducted in 2020 by Statistics Korea. The results of the analysis on the satisfaction of the living conditions of the residents of Chungnam Province are summarized as follows. The level of satisfaction with the quality of life of the living environment, which is a personal characteristic, was 5.92 out of 10 for the degree of satisfaction with one's life, and 6.28 out of 10 for the overall value of the work one is doing. The overall life satisfaction of the region (city and gun) was analyzed as 5.81 out of 10, indicating that the satisfaction of Chungnam residents was more than average. In addition, satisfaction with the residential housing environment was analyzed with the highest frequency and ratio of 43.5%, with 226 people being slightly satisfied. Satisfaction with facility use was also slightly higher in 231 people, showing 44.5% response rate, and slightly higher in women than in men. This study is meaningful in that it provides basic data such as policy implications for improving the quality of life by grasping the social interests related to the quality of life and the subjective consciousness of the people of Chungnam.