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Rapidly changing​ Domestic and overseas industrial environments require constant innovation in all industries including manufacturing, services, and IT.​ In order for Korea, which is at the threshold of developed countries, to take a leap forward,​ In theoretical and applied research, beyond the theoretical academic research, it is very urgent to concentrate and advance research capabilities through creative and multi-disciplinary research.​ In order to consolidate the research capabilities related to the industrial system in the fourth industrial revolution era and to establish a field of convergence research,​ It was conducted by the Industrial Promotion Research Institute and published a research paper.
Sug-in Chang

(Kongju National University )

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Current Issue : 2022, Vol.7, No.3

  • The Perception of Corporate Management Experts on Corporate Counseling A Study on Marketing Mix for Revitalization

    Sang-Hun Na | Dong-Yeol Shin | 2022, 7(3) | pp.1~8 | number of Cited : 0
    Many companies are operating and introducing the research results that corporate counseling contributes to corporate profits and improves the effective welfare of workers. This study was conducted targeting business management experts. As a research question, first, is there a difference in perception among business management experts about business counseling? Second, what is an important marketing 7P mix for revitalizing corporate counseling? Third, there will be differences in the importance of the 7P mix for marketing among business management experts. The results of the quantitative study are as follows. First, business management experts had a positive perception about the intention and necessity of corporate counseling, and marketing was higher than production management by field. The consultation model prefers an external model, and medium-sized enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises are selected as target companies, and service and manufacturing industries are selected as target industries. The topics are recognized as interpersonal relationships and job stress. Second, price mix, product mix, people mix, and process mix are recognized as important marketing mixes, but companies consider the price mix the most important. Third, there was a difference between corporate management experts in the promotion mix and process, and marketing recognized the promotion mix as important and the process mix was important for financial management. However, there is no difference in the mixes by field except for this, so it can be said that the perception of the marketing mix is similar. Through this study, it is meaningful to present the implications of the marketing mix for awareness and activation of corporate counseling from the corporate point of view.
  • The Effect of Corporate Green Marketing on Consumer Word of Mouth Intention

    Ji-Ho Park | Hyeon-Suk Park | 2022, 7(3) | pp.9~16 | number of Cited : 0
    In the midst of increasing interest in the environmental responsibility of companies, this study investigates how eco-friendly activities affect the creation of management performance. To this end, the effect of companies' green marketing on consumers' word-of-mouth intention, the mediating effect of brand reliability, and the moderating effect of consumers' pro-environmental behavior were verified. The results of the collected data analysis are as follows. First, companies' green marketing has a positive (+) effect on consumers' word-of-mouth intention. Second, brand reliability takes a positive (+) mediating role in the relationship between companies' green marketing and consumers' word-of-mouth intention. Third, consumers' pro-environment behavior has a moderating role between Brand Reliability and their word-of-mouth intention. Therefore, companies' eco-friendly strategies and their implementation will help enhance both brand reliability and consumers' word-of-mouth intention. By revealing the effect of companies' eco-friendly strategies and their implementation on brand reliability and consumers' word-of-mouth intention it is meaningful to analyze the relationship between green marketing and the possibility of consumers' spontaneous word-of-mouth intention. The results suggest to companies that it is necessary to establish an eco-friendly marketing strategy for sustainable growth.
  • A Study on the Development Issues of Digital Health Care Medical Information

    Moon Yong | 2022, 7(3) | pp.17~26 | number of Cited : 0
    As the well-being mindset to keep our minds and bodies free and healthy more than anything else in the society we live in is spreading, the meaning of health care has become a key part of the 4th industrial revolution such as big data, IoT, AI, and block chain. The advancement of the advanced medical information service industry is being promoted by utilizing convergence technology. In digital healthcare, the development of intelligent information technology such as artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud is being promoted as a digital transformation of the traditional medical and healthcare industry. In addition, due to rapid development in the convergence of science and technology environment, various issues such as health, medical care, welfare, etc., have been gradually expanded due to social change. Therefore, in this study, first, the general meaning and current status of digital health care medical information is examined, and then, developmental tasks to activate digital health care medical information are analyzed and reviewed. The purpose of this article is to improve usability to fully pursue our human freedom.