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2018, Vol.3, No.2

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    Study of reaction mechanism in pre-reforming for MCFC

    Lee, Woo Hyung , Park Yong-Ki | 2018, 3(2) | pp.1~8 | number of Cited : 0
    In this study, the reaction mechanism of ethane and the reaction rate equation suitable for hydrocarbon reforming were studied. Through the reaction mechanism analysis, it was confirmed that three reactions (CO2 + H2, C2H6 + H2, C2H6 + H2O) proceed during the reforming reaction of ethane, each reaction rate (CO2+H2(r = 3.42 × 10-5molgcat.-1 s-1), C2H6+H2(r = 3.18 × 10-5 mol gcat.-1s-1), C2H6+H2O(r = 1.84 × 10-5 mol gcat.-1s-1)) was determined. It was confirmed that the C2H6 + H2O reaction was a rate determining step (RDS). And the reaction equation of this reaction can be expressed as r = kS * (KAKBPC2H6PH2O) / (1 + KAPC2H6 + KBPH2O) (KA = 2.052, KB = 6.384, kS = 0.189 × 10-2) through the Langmuir-Hinshelwood model. The obtained equation was compared with the derived power rate law without regard to the reaction mechanism and the power rate law was relatively similar fitting in the narrow concentration change region (about 2.5-4% of ethane, about 60-75% of water) It was confirmed that the LH model reaction equation based on the reaction mechanism shows a similar value to the experimental value in the wide concentration change region.
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    Impact of organizational influences of management on organizational performance in social enterprise

    Moon-jun, Kim , Sug-In Chang | 2018, 3(2) | pp.9~20 | number of Cited : 2
    The purpose of this study is to examine the influence of orgaizational capability(Organizational management capability, marketing capability, relationship formation capability, governance capability) of management perceived by the members of the social enterprise on performance of organization(both economic and social). For such goal, empirical analysis of research hypothesis 1 (organizational competence and economic performance) and research hypothesis 2 (organizational competence and social performance) was conducted using the statistical program of IBM SPSS 24.0 for the final 195 candidates who work in social enterprise. Both hypothesis 1 and 2 were adopted, as the result of the hypothesis 1 and 2, H1-1 · H2-1 (organizational management competence and economic performance and social performance), H1-2 · H2-2 (marketing competence and economic performance · social performance), H1-3 · H2-3 (relationship formation competence, economic performance, and social performance), and H1-4 · H2-4 (governance capability and economic performance and social performance) all have a significant effect on economic and social performance. Therefore, the importance of organizational capability of management, executive body of social enterprises, was emphasized for the success and strive of social enterprise and sustainable management. Therefore, it is necessary to establish an education and training system to strategically develop and strengthen the organizational capability of the management, and provide a systematic and long-termed education system and training.
  • 3.

    A Study on the Effects of Comprehensive Nursing Care Service Quality to Health Care Service Performance -Focusing on the Mediating Effects of Relational Commitment-

    Kim, No Sa , Choi, Ho Gyu | 2018, 3(2) | pp.21~31 | number of Cited : 3
    This study conducted a hypothesis test to examine the effect of integrated service quality of nursing and care on medical service performance. The results of this study are as follows. First, the perceived performance, loyalty, perceived performance, perceived loyalty, and perceived loyalty of medical service achievement, perceived performance of medical service performance, responsiveness, confident, empathy, The results show that adoption has a positive impact on loyalty. In other words, the integrated service quality proved to be very important for the medical service capacity. In order to do this, institutional efforts should be given priority to increase the number of nursing staff. In order to nurture excellent nursing team members, in addition to professional nursing ability, emphasis should also be placed on personality education for positive relationships through patient empathy. In this study, we can find the implication of the study that we measured the effect of integrated service quality on medical service performance.
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    A Study on the Influence of Flexible Work Scheme for Job-Family Connection on Job Satisfaction

    Kim, Min Sung , Lim, Sang Ho | 2018, 3(2) | pp.33~40 | number of Cited : 0
    The purpose of this study is to analyze the effect of flexible working system for work - family connection on job satisfaction. A total of 73 questionnaires were analyzed for workers. The results of this study are as follows: First, flexible work system for work and home affairs has a statistically insignificant relationship with job satisfaction, flexible work system, work satisfaction, work status, flexible work system, organizational satisfaction, , But the correlation between job satisfaction and organizational satisfaction showed a low correlation of .313, p <.01. Second, according to the regression analysis on the job satisfaction of the flexible work system, it was analyzed that the flexible work system for work and home affair did not have a statistically significant effect on the job satisfaction. Third, there was a significant relationship between the number of employees and average years of service. The average number of years of service was below 5 years. No child (38.4%), 1 person (15.1%), 2 children (11% ). & Lt; / RTI & gt; The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of the flexible work system on the job satisfaction of the worker and the family, and to verify the effectiveness of the flexible work system by increasing the flexible work system and the job satisfaction by activating the flexible work system.
  • 5.

    A Study on the Solution of Child Abuse Problems Appearing in Social Problems

    Kim, Duck Sun | 2018, 3(2) | pp.41~51 | number of Cited : 2
    This study is to see the problem of child abuse as a social problem and sees that the society as a whole needs to find a solution and suggest solutions. The results of this study are as follows. First, legal supplement should be given priority. This can be solved through legal amendments to relevant laws and legislative amendments. Second, institutional complement should be done. Physical and psychological treatment is more urgent for school children than school education for victim child. In the future, children's welfare facilities should be expanded to include child counseling centers for children who are living in homes rather than nursing homes but who have problematic behaviors and treatment facilities for children who need professional treatment. Third, measures should be taken against abused children. Results of action for affected children include home care, separation protection, home return, and death.
  • 6.

    A Study on the Correlation between the resilience in school lives and Family Protection Factors focusing on youths in single-parent families

    Han, Shin Ae , Han, Chun Nam | 2018, 3(2) | pp.53~61 | number of Cited : 1
    The conclusions of this study are as follows. First, family support has the greatest influence on school adjustment flexibility, and the following is family function. Second, the effect of family protection factors on the interest in the school was found to have a statistically significant effect on the relationship between parents and family support. Third, the factors affecting the attitude toward the achievement of the family, the relationship with the parents, the family support, and the family function were not found to be influential. Fourth, as a result of examining the factors influencing the compliance with school norms, it was found that the better the family function, the better the adherence to school norms. In conclusion, the relationship between parents and their parents was significant. This was to know how important parental relationship, family function, and family support are in the adjustment of single parent families.
  • 7.

    Relationships Affecting Youth Suicide

    Kim, Un Sam | 2018, 3(2) | pp.63~78 | number of Cited : 4
    This study used survey research method to identify factors affecting suicidal ideation in adolescents. The results of this study are as follows. First, it is necessary to narrow the psychological distance between the parents and the adolescents, to make efforts in each family to be more harmonious within the family, and to reduce consciously the physical and verbal violence which is sometimes unintentionally applied between the parents. Second, when adolescents attempt suicide, counseling agencies in schools, educational institutions, and local communities should be able to respond effectively to adolescent crisis situations, and follow-up measures such as suicide prevention education and suicide attitude education must be conducted Efforts should be made to reduce juvenile delinquent suicide and impulsive suicidal thoughts. Third, when developing adolescent suicide prevention and related programs, differentiated programs and suicide prevention education should be tried. Fourth, I think that it is necessary to prevent the suicidal thoughts of adolescents by early detection and intervention of high - depression adolescents by establishing a system that can be applied to adolescents out of school.
  • 8.

    A Study on the Influence of Workers' Participation in Organizations on Organizational Commitment

    In, Young Jun , kim, Gang Min , lee Yong Sun and 1 other persons | 2018, 3(2) | pp.79~85 | number of Cited : 0
    This study analyzed the effect of participation of in - company events on organizational commitment. A total of 52 questionnaires were analyzed for workers. The results of this study were as follows: First, there was no statistically significant correlation between employees' satisfaction with organizational life satisfaction and the correlation coefficient between MT / WS and Sports events was -.478, p <.01 Level negative correlation. Second, the group differences of the organizational life satisfaction according to the individual characteristics of the workers were analyzed according to the age and position, and the organizational life satisfaction was analyzed as being higher than that of 30 ~ 35 years of age More than the deputy director. Third, there was no statistically significant difference between groups of self-efficacy according to personal characteristics. The purpose of this study is to examine whether organizational commitment influences organizational commitment through organizational life satisfaction and self - efficacy.
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    Comparative study on the national development between Korea and India : in the aspect of lifelong social education

    Mehta Jaydip Chandrakant | 2018, 3(2) | pp.87~94 | number of Cited : 0
    This study suggests that lifelong education is regarded as a support system for lifelong learning, which includes all activities of educational characteristics, which ultimately has the goal of universalization of self - education. The goal is to successfully adapt to life. Statements supporting the need for lifelong learning have been found to be based primarily on the impossibility of this system to provide sufficient education to accelerate social change and to last a lifetime. The obstacles to implementation included inertia, resistance to change, motivation and cost. Opponents are likely to regard lifelong education as an attempt to expand compulsory education for exploitation and control purposes. This study found that there is an important consensus among supporters, but many questions remain. The full feasibility of lifelong education is considered to be far removed, and lifelong education should be interpreted as a source of direction and purpose, and ideals that society should aim for.