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2020, Vol.5, No.2

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    A study on lighting equipment using jade stone with negative ions and sound generation function

    Jin-Myung Kim | Sang-Ho Lim | 2020, 5(2) | pp.1~7 | number of Cited : 0
    This study is a technology related to a lighting lamp that illuminates indoor or outdoor lighting with light. In more detail, a see-through window is created in all directions on a case constituting the exterior, and a jade stone processed in a thin panel form is attached to the see-through window. By constructing a lighting lamp, since the soft light is irradiated indoors or outdoors through the jade stone, it provides comfort and warmth to the user, enhances the indoor or outdoor interior effect, emits far-infrared rays and negative ions, and emits a subtle floral scent It is a technology for lighting lamps using jade stones that emit. The characteristics of the product of this research and development is that the viewing window is formed in all directions on the case constituting the exterior, and the lighting lamp is composed by attaching the processed jade stone in the form of a thin panel to the viewing window. It is meaningful that they studied lightings using jade stones that generate sounds such as Buddhist scriptures, the Bible, and Sijo.
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    A study on Establishing Strategic Tasks for Social Economic Organizations through SWOT Analysis: Focusing on Chungnam Region

    Moon-jun, Kim | 2020, 5(2) | pp.9~17 | number of Cited : 3
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    This study analyzed SWOT based on existing literature data to establish strategic tasks and strategic directions for revitalization of social economic organizations (Chungnam region). First, as a result of SWOT analysis of social economic organizations, a total of 16 factors were derived from the factors for strength (S), weakness (W), opportunity (O), and threat (T), with 4 factors each. Second, for strategic factors for social economic organizations, 16 strategic tasks were derived from SO strategy, ST strategy, WO strategy, and WT strategy through SWOT Matrix Mapping for factors established through SWOT analysis. Strategic direction 1 was established as a strategic direction to improve self-sufficiency by establishing a sustainable management body as a “advancing the support policy base of social economic organizations”. Strategic Direction 2 is “Creating a Growth Foundation for Social Economic Organizations”, which means a strategic direction for social economic organizations to grow and develop on their own. Strategic direction 3 is “discovering and fostering social economic organizations,” which means a strategic direction for sustainable growth by discovering and fostering organizations that meet local characteristics so that social economic organizations can solve various problems in the region. Strategic direction 4 was ‘promotion and promotion of social economic organizations’, which means strategic directions for promotion of social economic organizations and promotion of education for employees.
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    A study on the Activation Plan of Social Economic Organization in Chungnam Area

    Jin-Kyoung Kim | 2020, 5(2) | pp.19~25 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study is a study on how to revitalize social and economic organizations in the Chungnam region. For this, the following major results were presented in literature studies based on prior studies. First, it is necessary to upgrade the social economic organization promotion system and system in Chungnam. Second, there is a need to advance the measures to revitalize various social and economic organizations in cities and counties by building an integrated support system for social and economic organizations. Third, it is necessary to expand the public purchase of products of social economic organizations. Fourth, it is necessary to strengthen the business competency of the social economy organization and promote education. Fifth, it is necessary to upgrade the network for social economic organizations and create differentiated businesses. On the other hand, the social economic organization in Chungnam region shown through this study is as follows. First, social and economic organizations should share their willingness to implement policies in the provincial and provincial areas of Chungnam Province and cities and counties in terms of solving and improving various problems in the region. Based on this, it is required to upgrade the social and economic organization area. Second, the Chungnam region needs a shift in awareness that it is a social and economic organization that is a key factor in overcoming changes in the demographic structure due to industrial weakness and aging. Third, a positive shift in awareness is required by shifting awareness and strengthening education on social and economic organizations. To this end, it is necessary to raise the awareness level of local residents through public education and joint public-private education.
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    A Study on the Size of the Stone Pillars(A Statue of confucian Official and A Statue of Military Officer) in the Royal Tomb of the Joseon Dynasty

    Jin-Myung Kim | Choi Tae Wol | lee Yong Sun | 2020, 5(2) | pp.27~32 | number of Cited : 1
    This study is a study on the size of the stone statues of the royal tombs in the Joseon Dynasty. In summary, the size of the stone statues of Moon, Inseok and Unmanned Stone increased in the 1600s and then decreased slightly in the 1700s, but increased in size in the 1800s. It was confirmed that the average analysis result. The statue of Seok-in of the Royal Tombs of the Joseon Dynasty reflects the characters of the time, and through this, the typical figures of the times can be examined. The royal tomb has consistency and uniqueness, and the norms regarding the size of stone statues have changed over time. As a building of the authoritative symbol of the ruling class, it was a national construction where royal tombs were built according to rituals and laws. It is said that the size of the stone statues in the Joseon Dynasty was about 90cm smaller than the stone statues of the tombs. In this study, the significance of this study is to confirm the stone size of each stone age in the royal tomb of Joseon.
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    A Phenomenological Study On the Characterization Experience of Middle-aged Woman using Mandala Arts Treatment

    Ki-Uk Kim | shin,dong-yul | 2020, 5(2) | pp.33~40 | number of Cited : 2
    When most middle-aged women live in a time when they have to take responsibility for their lives, they feel lonely when they realize that their experience of not expressing their feelings properly has ended up being left alone due to their own existence and loss. As the first step in conscious awareness of unconsciousness of middle-aged women through analytical psychology, we performed "Mandara" and "Nanhwa Mandara," which meet me inside. The intermediate stage can be divided into transition and work phase. The working phase, develops one's own advantages and unique strengths that meet the inner world of promoting and acting values, correctly looks at reality, corrects emotion perception and balance, and is self-contained, seed mandala, associative mandala. They performed the strong points of mandala, the free mandala, and the Western mandala. The results of the study showed that mandala art therapy was found in middle-aged women. First, Mandarin art therapy experience affects the physical, psychological and human relations aspects of middle-aged women. Second, middle-aged women's experience of individualization through mandala art therapy shows psychological reversals and affects positive thinking and self-effectiveness. This study was suitable for qualitative research that approached the essence through practical understanding and direct exploration of research participants, and it is meaningful to suggest that it is necessary to develop an art therapy program through various mediums considering the lack of art therapy research in middle-aged women and problems experienced by the physician.
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    The Phenomenoloical Study on the Stress of Family Caregivers with Demented Elderly

    Lee Young Man | shin,dong-yul | 2020, 5(2) | pp.41~50 | number of Cited : 0
    WIn Korea, the rapid rise of elderly population and dementia prevalence resulting from the unprecedently rapid aging in the world is being emerged as a serious social issue. Caring the elderly with dementia is a different way from a general life and is a world which new cultural existential relationships are interlaced from the relationship viewpoint. From this aspect, the psychological matter of family caring a demented elderly needs to be studied for existential understanding in depth and fundamentally. This study focused on in-depth understanding and description of the stress phenomena experienced by family caregivers with a demented elderly based on Giorgi's method among phenomenological research methods and using existential group counseling techniques. Total 8 sessions of existential group counseling were conducted. This study drew out the outcomes(emotional stress, psychosocial stress, time-dependent stress) of participants’ self-awareness experiences by applying 4 steps of Giorgi’s phenomenological research methodology based on the Existential Philosophy to participant’s intensive statements about stress of family caring a demented elderly drawn out of the existential group counselling sessions. It is hoped that understanding the pain of the supporters who cannot express their own pains through the research results and their self-help group counseling activities will become active, contributing to the health of our society which is about to enter post-aged society.
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    The Phenomenological Study on the Individuation Process of the Middle Aged Women Experienced Severe Depression

    Sook-Kyung Park | shin,dong-yul | 2020, 5(2) | pp.51~58 | number of Cited : 0
    Middle-aged women who have experienced the depression have been in pain for a long time. Depression in middle-aged women, which is rapidly increasing from their forties, has a problem that do not decrease in spite of various treatment methods. If the essential cause of depression in middle-aged women is due to the inability to detect the meaning of life because of the lack of the perception about the identity resulting from self-loss, a more qualitative research for a fundamental treatment method is required. The purpose of this study is to find out the essence and meaning of the experience of depression in middle-aged women and to help them to find their own selves through the process of individualization and to recover the whole health as well as to live as a self-transcendent being. Three Christian middle-aged women falling on critical and serious condition by BDI diagnosis were selected for the study. In-depth counseling and interviews were held from January to August 2018. In-depth counseling has provided detailed statements about the process of individualization of middle-aged women who have experienced depression, which applied 5 stages of Giorgi's Phenomenological Research Methodology. As a result, 261 semantic units and 11 sub-components were derived and structured by dividing them into two themes: depression experience and the process of individualization process, which are the subject group. This study has its significance in realizing essential meaning of pain by middle-aged women who experience depression and fundamentally preparing an opportunity to be cured through the process of individualization, as well as contributing for such middle-aged women to have abundant living by suggesting preventive measures to general middle-aged women who prepare for their old age.
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    A Study on the Problems and Improvements of Free Infant Care Policy

    un sam kim | Il-Tae Kim | 2020, 5(2) | pp.59~69 | number of Cited : 2
    Recognizing the importance of early childhood education, the government is preparing measures at the national level, including expanding the scope of free education for infants, linking early childhood education to elementary schools, unifying the system in charge of early childhood education, printing the cost of operating a full-time system for double-income couples, and policies for low-income infants. In Korea's childcare policy, the need for childcare has increased due to the increase of free double-income couples, the increase of nuclear families, and the increase of divorce rates. Despite the overall increase in the child care budget, Korea's child care policy shows many problems in its efficiency due to the burden of childcare facilities and childcare fees for caregivers. After looking into the theoretical contents of the free childcare policy and the corresponding child care support policy, we would like to consider ways to improve the free childcare policy.
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    A Phenomenological Study on Sexual Experience of Sexual offenders and Insight on Unfinished through Psychodrama

    Hyun-jun Kong | shin,dong-yul | 2020, 5(2) | pp.71~81 | number of Cited : 0
    This study has verified the process of helping actors recognize their sexual problems linked to sexual violence cases through early sexual experience history, and exploring and insighting the stuck feelings of sexual violence actors through psychodrama, which focuses on expressing behavior and emotions. The research questions were divided into sexual violence cases and perceptions of actors, actual insights through psychodrama, and dealt with past biblical history related to actors' events and events, exploration of childhood trauma, and insights and changes in emotions through psychodrama. The results from the study are as follows. First, they showed low self-understanding levels and frequent use of defense mechanisms against sexual violence cases in an environment related to cases involving sexual offenders, and were aware of the problematic factors affecting the cases in the course of their daily lives, but did not take them seriously. Second, there were many distorted masculinity and adult sites related to participants' biblical experience history. In the early experience of sexual activity, it was often viewed as a sexual object rather than an emotional exchange with a lover, and the contents of the initial Bible experience were linked to actual sexual violence cases committed by participants. Third, childhood trauma of participants through psychodrama led to rapidly changing family circumstances and abuse by fathers. Fourth, the actual content of emotions represented by anger in the early stages of psychodrama is meaningful in that it revealed the process of sadness, pain, regret and longing for a departing mother leading to objective insight into emotions through the catharsis process.
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    Contemporary Application of General Foch’s Military Thought

    Lim Jong Wha | 2020, 5(2) | pp.83~91 | number of Cited : 1
    The purpose of this article is to analyse the military thought of Ferdinand Foch and to present its contemporary meanings. 1.Foch's life: Since 1871 to end of World War Ⅰ, he acted as a military philosopher, battle field commander, and Supreme Commender of the Unified Forces so as to be judged as Clausewitz of the 20th century. 2. Historical Background of Foch's Activity Period : The series of the domestic revolutions after Napoleon's downfall were extended to Europe for independence, unification and overseas colonial wars. Thus Foch's growing and acting period was in totally imminent danger at all fields. 3. Foch's Military Thought : Through his three books, he argued cleary the absolute importance of the immaterial power including the technical esteem and the offensive fighting will for the victory. 4. The Contemporary Application of Foch's Thought : Though the operation plan based on Foch's strategic thought was defeated at the early stage of the World War Ⅰ, its offensive-oriented immaterial spirit power should be remembered. 5. Conclusion : Foch's thought which develops the penetration through the war history and emphasizes the importance of the immaterial power should be highly appraised. Thus it should be also reinterpreted and redeveloped into a modern contemporary meaning.
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    A Study of Legal system of Chinese Farmer Professional Cooperative(CFPC)

    ChengLin Du | JuHyoung Kwon | Sug-In Chang and 1other persons | 2020, 5(2) | pp.93~103 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purpose of this study is to provide a basis for the sustainability of cooperatives, To provide theoretical support for healthy development and academic research. The purpose of this study is to improve people's understanding of cooperatives (farmer professional cooperatives) in China. First of all, we analyze the background and concept of the introduction of cooperatives and the use of the latest advance research in China and South Korea; Secondly, we propose the status of Chinese cooperatives and the growth process of the legal system; Thirdly, we focus on the law and system of Chinese farmer professional cooperatives. Therefore, this study proposes the following four enlightenments : First, China should continue to improve and improve its legal systems, such as the tax assistance legal system , financial preferential legal system , and technical assistance legal system . Secondly, it is necessary to strengthen government supervision of cooperatives, improve the internal system of farmer cooperatives, improve the financing policies of farmer cooperatives, grasp the relationship between development and regulation, and form a development model centered on farmers. Third, the development of farmer cooperatives must be integrated with the local culture. Fourth, we must strengthen the training of cooperative members and strive to improve the level of management and self-innovation.