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2020, Vol.5, No.3

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    Analysis of Korean workers's working hours

    baikjaewook | 2020, 5(3) | pp.1~10 | number of Cited : 1
    The purpose of this study is to analyze the working hours of Korean workers in terms of occupation, employment contract period, employment type, final education level based on the first(2006), second(2010), third(2011), fourth(2014) Korean Working Conditions Survey(KWCS) results. Also KWCS was compared to European Working Conditions Survey(EWCS). It is found that weekly working hours were decreasing over the years since mid 2000 but weekly working hours of Korean were still longer than those of Europeans. It is also found that service workers and sales workers worked longer hours than specialists, that private sector worked longer hours than public and non-profit organization, and that the less educated worked longer hours than the more educated.
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    A Study on the Legal System of Village Enterprises in the United States and Japan

    ChengLin Du , Ju-Hyoung Kwon , Ho-Gyu Choi | 2020, 5(3) | pp.11~22 | number of Cited : 1
    Recently, developed countries have been suffering from a weakening sense of community due to low birthrate, aging population, rapid population movement, rapid urbanization, and industrialization. As a result, participation in local autonomy of residents in advanced countries such as the U.S. and Japan is forming community organizations at the regional level. The purpose of this study is to study the legal system of American and Japanese village enterprises. We would also like to analyze the legal system of village enterprises in the United States and Japan and examine the examples of the legal system of village enterprises in the United States and Japan. Specifically, the first is to consider the concept, background, and type of village enterprise based on prior research. Second, review the institutional characteristics of American and Japanese village enterprises. Third, I would like to analyze the cases of legal systems for village businesses such as Seattle City in the U.S. and Setaga Baseball in Tokyo, Japan. Fourth, suggest implications according to the results of the study. The results of the study suggested the following. First, the village development project should be set up and subdivided into dedicated administrative organizations. This should establish a segmented administrative organization system to support village development by establishing branch offices to support administrative services tailored to each region. Second, the village-building project should secure independent financial resources. In other words, there is an excuse to seek ways to continuously secure independent funds without relying on the administration financially for the village development project. Third, village-building should be carried out in phases. The government should support the activities of residents and promote continuous projects through phased project implementation. Fourth, a foundation must be laid for the universities and specialized high schools in the community to operate programs for regional innovation, such as social innovation.
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    A Study on Income Expansion Plan for the Elderly according to Income Security Policy

    Kim Nam-Jung , Choi young soo | 2020, 5(3) | pp.23~29 | number of Cited : 0
    In order to enrich the lives of senior citizens, this study suggested measures to increase income for the elderly by strengthening the current income security policies. Income security is a policy that guarantees income to maintain a certain standard of living. It is a policy that guarantees income to maintain a certain standard of living when income is suspended due to unemployment, disease, or disaster, or when income is lost due to retirement or death of a dependent due to old age, or when expenditure accompanying birth, death, etc. occurs. According to the study, measures to expand old-age income security are as follows. First, a phased increase in basic pension for the guarantee of old-age income is needed. Second, the income security function of the National Pension Service should be further strengthened. Third, a multi-layered old-age income security system should be established. Fourth, the government should continue to push for the expansion of works for the elderly. In conclusion, in order to strengthen the income security policy for the elderly, a reexamination of the current income guarantee system for the elderly is needed first. Then, it will be necessary to propose measures to gradually guarantee income for the elderly.
  • 4.

    Determinants of Capital Structure of the Hospitality Industry

    Seyoung Guahk | 2020, 5(3) | pp.31~36 | number of Cited : 2
    This study explores the determinants of capital structure of the hospitality industry such as hotels, lodging industry and tourism industry using financial data from 2000 to 2019. Several explanatory variables suggested by related theories and past studies were regressed with the dependent variable, debt ratio for the entire sample period, pre-crisis period and post-crisis period and the regression coefficients of the sales expenses, profitability and firm size were found to be statistically significantly negative. Especially the sign of the coefficient of the firm size was opposite to that of the manufacturing industry, which implies the uniqueness of the hospitality industry.
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    A Study on the Improvement of Delay Compensation System in Defense Industry R&D

    Sun-Young Kim | 2020, 5(3) | pp.37~44 | number of Cited : 0
    Currently, the delayed compensation system, which does not reflect the R&D characteristics of the defense industry, is being applied, causing problems such as worsening management of defense companies and delayed power generation. The purpose of this study is to contribute to the development of the defense industry and the efficient promotion of combat capability by studying the improvement plan of the delayed compensation system reflecting the R&D characteristics of the defense industry. The research analyzed the defense industry R&D characteristics, national R&D, delayed compensation rate, reduction and exemption procedures and existing studies. Further, the Delphi technique was applied based on the status of the delayed compensation and the analysis of the cause of delay. It has been studied that it is not appropriate to apply the 'manufacturing and purchasing' standard of commercial products to defense industry R&D where the latest technology is applied and the success is unclear. Four measures were drawn to prevent delays, including the selection of excellent technology companies, and three measures to reduce delay compensation and apply differentials for rational treatment in case of delays. Just as the defense industry R&D is carried out under the Defense Acquisition Program Act due to the nature of the R&D industry, the defense industry will develop if the delayed compensation system is improved to reflect the R&D characteristics of the defense industry, and it will contribute to the acquisition of an efficient and economic weapons system.
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    Big Data Empirical Analysis on the Impact of Investment and Nurturing Support on Gross Regional Product

    Dongkyu An , SHIN, CHOONG HO | 2020, 5(3) | pp.45~51 | number of Cited : 0
    This study analyzed the influence of investment and fostering support on gross regional product by utilizing big data using multiple regression analysis. Gross regional product (GRDP) is an index that intensively contains the production scale, expenditure level, income level, and industrial structure of each region, and is an important data used for regional economic analysis and national policy establishment. In order to properly carry out the country's major national tasks, it is necessary to accurately grasp the regional economy, and as a result, interest in regional gross domestic product is rapidly increasing. In particular, foreign investment has a significant impact on the economy of the host country, and many empirical analyzes are being conducted. In this study, correlation analysis and multiple regression analysis were conducted to examine the influence of foreign investment and domestic development support on gross regional product, and as a result, it was concluded that investment and support as a whole had a positive effect on gross regional product.
  • 7.

    A Study on the Rale of counselors as clients’ Transitional object

    yoon seok min | 2020, 5(3) | pp.53~60 | number of Cited : 0
    This paper describes the role of counselors' transitional object for the therapeutic activation of clients who have lost the function of selfobject based on Heinz Kohut's Self theory. In this study, it was an opportunity to confirm that human beings need self-target throughout their lives. Next, referring to the process of metamorphic internalization, infants return to reality from a fantasy world, experiencing parental limitations due to optimal frustration through self-targeting. The role of a counselor as a transfer target shall ensure that the counsellor establishes an cohesive self-identity and uses the appropriate self-target. And they should empathize with the over-the-topism and flauntism of the physician, and the counselor should be the object of idealization, giving the interviewer the opportunity to be recognized and identified. The counselor may provide the best frustration for the counsellor during the consultation process. When the counselor acknowledges his mistake, the counselor looks at the counselor realistically and builds a healthy self to achieve transformative internalization. If you form an cohesive self to a physician through counseling, you can empathize with others and form a healthy human relationship. Then you can control your emotions and have a vision. And the patient realizes that he or she has no choice but to live by having a relationship with the right person throughout his or her life.
  • 8.

    A Comparative Study on the Logic Structure of Myeongri Old Law and New Law

    Na Hyeok-Jin , Kyung Hwa Jung | 2020, 5(3) | pp.61~71 | number of Cited : 0
    The purpose of this paper is to reaffirm the logical framework of the saju analysis method by recreating the saju model of old-law to study and organize the theories of frame in old-law Myeongri, and then by organizing and comparing the logic structure of the saju analysis method of new-law and old-law. Some believe that Myeongri Theory first appeared in the world in the Warring States Period when they were active with Gwigokja and Naknokja as origin, while others believe that it was origin that "Okjokyeong" was written by Kwak-Bak of Eastern Jin after a while. Since then, Myeongri Theory, which had been organized by Won-Cheongang and Yi-Heojung, has undergone a major transformation since reaching the Song Dynasty Seo-Japyeong. Based on this point, the Myeongri Theory of the previous generation is called the Old-law, and the subsequent theory is called the New-law. The changes in the logic structure of the old-law and the new-law leave a big difference and disconnect between those. But comparative studies have confirmed that the philosophy and logic structure due to natural laws that have not changed much such as the symbolic system of nature called Yinyang & five elements and Cheongan-jiji, the idea of a heavenly response projected in the Three Wonders of heaven, earth and human, and the concept of generation and time in the position of year-month-day-time.
  • 9.

    A Study on Counseling Process and Counseling Techniques Applying Analytical Psychology

    Chuck-He Lee , Jae-Chul Noh | 2020, 5(3) | pp.73~79 | number of Cited : 1
    This study aims to study the problems and solutions of institutional support for the elderly living alone, focusing on the General Support for Living Alone Elderly announced by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in 2018. Results, First, a customized support system for the elderly living alone should be introduced. In order to improve the life satisfaction of the elderly living alone, it is necessary to develop a program that meets the most basic daily life needs, and a specific plan and a support system to link services should be prepared. Second, it is necessary to increase social interest in the elderly living alone. Solving problems for the elderly living alone should be preceded by social interest in the elderly living alone. For this, it is necessary to strengthen the social network. Third, it proposes legislation and amendment for the elderly living alone. Some revisions of existing laws have limitations, and are resolved through individual laws, such as standards and definitions for various types of elderly jobs, reorganization of the delivery system including agencies dedicated to elderly jobs, workers-related regulations, and preferential purchase systems for senior products. It is desirable to do. In conclusion, welfare support for the elderly living alone should be comprehensive and comprehensive. For the welfare of the elderly living alone, personalized care services should be provided first, and social support for the elderly living alone should be promoted on the basis of increasing social interest, and laws and revisions must be actively and proactively made for the elderly living alone.
  • 10.

    A study on ways to revitalize organizational culture: Focusing on A company

    Choi, Ho Gyu , Moon-Jun Kim , Jin-kyung Kim | 2020, 5(3) | pp.81~88 | number of Cited : 2
    This study aims to emphasize the importance of organizational culture through case studies on the activation of Atomy corporate culture, which is a key factor in corporate sustain-ability. A company is a purely Korean network marketing company that is advantageous to consumers, and further enhances the sustainable growth system by realizing the value of A company that realizes customer's success beyond customers' with better quality and more reasonable prices. In particular, A company has the following three characteristics of organizational culture to realize its founding philosophy, motto, management goals and management policy. First, it is a culture of Observing Principles. Second, it is a culture of glowing together. Third, it is a sharing culture. In addition, A company established and practiced, a unique thinking and organizational culture characteristic of work, to realize growth and development of a top-notch company beyond a global Korean network marketing company. On the other hand, A company is realizing the re-establishment and implementation of the human resource management system that strategically reflects the value of industry according to the changes and characteristics of the times. In other words, the most important factor for revitalizing the organizational culture is the aspect of changes in the personnel system. We are further improving our sustain-ability management system through system innovation to provide continuous value to our partners, members, and consumers along with a strategic HR system differentiated from existing network marketing companies.
  • 11.

    A Study on Counseling Process and Counseling Techniques Applying Adler’s Individual Psychology

    Kim Bo-ki , Park Yu-mi | 2020, 5(3) | pp.89~96 | number of Cited : 1
    This study is to study Adler's individual psychology and to study the counseling process and counseling techniques based on the counseling theory derived there. The progress of Adler's consultation process is first, and the relationship formation phase is the phase of seeking equal and mutually cooperative relations working as active partners toward agreed objectives between the counselor and the counsellor. Second, the lifestyle search phase is an important goal to understand lifestyle and how lifestyle affects life's task. Third, the insight phase is the one that has insight. Fourth, it is carried out in the financial direction (transformation of behavior). Adler's counseling techniques include general techniques and special techniques, and general techniques include promptness, advice, encouragement, paradoxical intentions, demonstration of poetry, and role play. Special techniques include pressing a doorbell, spitting on a physician's soup, Midas technique, entertaining others, avoiding low-quality children and self-restraint. In conclusion, individual psychological counseling is based on growth model, not medical model, and has more interest in re-education and re-lighting healthy individuals and societies than on the aspect of treatment. Therefore, it applies to various areas such as child guidance centers, parent-child counseling, marital counseling, family counseling, group counseling and treatment, personal counseling for children and adolescents, cultural conflicts and mental health campaigns.
  • 12.

    The Phenomenological Study on the early recollection and lifestyle of middle-aged men

    Shin Kyoung-Ae , shin,dong-yul | 2020, 5(3) | pp.97~104 | number of Cited : 0
    The study participants selected three participants in their late 40s and conducted a total of six sessions and in-depth interviews for 90 minutes to collect and analyze data using the phenomenological Giorgi research method. The conclusion according to the research results was drawn as follows. First, the shame, fear, reprimand, violence, passive attitude, and childhood that had to be adjusted seemed to maintain a stable life in the late forties, but still appeared in the present life. It was found that they showed a low self-satisfaction rather than positive satisfaction with self-concept and pursued an ideal self-image. Second, lifestyle was a time of severe depression, lethargy, and emptiness as a child, experiencing an unstable childhood due to a violent family, loss of attachment, overprotection, difficult economic conditions, and parental strife. It has been found that in the late forties, families have been established and religious life is being stabilized, and the responsibility for the family is valued. This shows how a lifestyle that gives meaning and recognizes what experience gives meaning to the childhood that one experienced. Insight into change and growth in middle-aged life, searching for and interpreting the initial recollections that they have experienced, accompanied by social and psychological changes in middle-aged men, discovering inappropriate meanings and goals and preparing for a second life in the age of 100 It is meaningful to provide.
  • 13.

    The Literature Study about Zodiac 28 fixed Star, and Nakshatra

    Cho Man-Seob , Ki Seung Kim | 2020, 5(3) | pp.105~122 | number of Cited : 0
    The purpose of this thesis is to contemplate Astrology, 28 Fixed star, and Naksatra. The goal of this study was to look through the birth process of Astrology in the classical literature, and to examine how it can be applied to each individual's life by looking into the meaning of 28 Fixed star and Nakshatra. From the literary review, Astrology existed among the Babylonians 1000 BC and it originated from the start of calling by naming the animal. Assyrians called it "the zodiac is the Way of the Moon" which was written on Molapin in the Enuma Anu Enil, the clay plate recorded by Assyrians. Therefore, it was found that the zodiac, called Astrology, was made through the movement of the moon. There are also 28 stars in 배도, which is the way the moon passes, and it is called 28 Fixed star. 28 Fixed Star is called Nakshatra in India and can read the natural destiny of an individual through Nakshatra., Knowing the lunar month and date, you can find the individual Nakshatra and choose the best life in the framework of your natural destiny. Therefore, this researcher reviewed the literature on Astrology, 28 Fixed Star and Nakshatra and suggested the utilization plan. I hope this study will help the related field in the future.
  • 14.

    A Study on the Counter-Strategy against the North Korea's Nuclear of the South Korean Successive Governments

    Jong Wha Lim | 2020, 5(3) | pp.123~134 | number of Cited : 0
    This study analyses the Korean successive governments' nuclear strategies after the post-cold war and suggests the future countermeasures as analysing to reciprocally interconnect B. Clinton and G.W.Bush governments' policies and North Korea's nuclear strategy. As the conclusion, this study suggests that the most urgent domestic alternative measure to North Korea's nuclear dismantlement is to prepare the grand strategy with the united whole national consensus and to order the renewed stronger future role by the mutual cooperation of multilateral agreement system and international regimes and lastly to adopt the extended deterrence through the reinforcement of the 5 great joint statements between the South-North Koreas.
  • 15.

    A Study of five elements in 『Hyupgiltongui』 Bonwon chapter one

    Kwon Yung-soo , Ki Seung Kim | 2020, 5(3) | pp.135~144 | number of Cited : 0
    Five elements that form all things have been symbolized in that they are indispensable elements in human life. Moreover, each unique energy has been used to explain the existence of all creation and the origin of action. The theory of five elements can be changed and utilized into various forms, including co-existence and conflict of five elements, five elements itself, the combination of Ganji five elements, Wangsanhyususa(旺相休囚死), five elements and Yin-yang. Especially, 『Hyupgiltongui Bonwon chapter one covers five elements, five elements of Ganji, seasonal use of five elements, prosperity and decline of five elements depending on seasons, Union of 3 elements among Twelve Zodiac Signs(三合), Union of two elements among Twelve Zodiac Signs(六合), changes of Cheongan 5hab. Therefore, if you analyze and utilize them, you can tell someone’s fortune by theory of five elements only and read fortune in detail by combining it with other theories.
  • 16.

    A Study on the Legal Systems and Case Studies of Cooperatives in Italian

    Seong Yeon Ok , Sung Pil BAE | 2020, 5(3) | pp.145~155 | number of Cited : 0
    Co-operatives are a deep-rooted organization that was first organized in Britain in the 19th century and spread to Europe and North America in the early 20th century and to the rest of the world from the mid-20th century. Cooperative in Italy are fraternal (friendly societies) separated from religion, and in the early days of socialism and the late 19th century Catholic Italy, but independent of activity. And the Church's social participation, as well as multiple personalities. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to study the laws and institutions of Italian cooperatives. And let's look at how the laws and systems of Italian co-operatives support society and the national economy. Specifically, firstly, based on prior research, the concept of co-operatives and the cooperative movement and social values are considered. Second, review the development process and characteristics of Italian co-operatives and the legal system. Third, I would like to analyze the case of Italian co-operatives. Fourth, suggest implications according to the results of the study. The results of the study suggested the following. First, the attitude such as attachment and sincerity of representatives and staff of village enterprises is very important. Second, all members of the organization should participate in decision making with empathy and attachment to the vision of the village enterprise. Third, it should be highly likely that village enterprises, which can draw capital from outside according to the needs of the organization, will generate higher economic results. Fourth, it is important to establish a model of mind enterprise by presenting factors and success factors in establishing a village enterprise based on cases and theories. In conclusion, Co-operatives should contribute to social contribution rather than economic profit-seeking.