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2020, Vol.5, No.4

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    Quality management direction in the 4th industrial revolution era

    baikjaewook | 2020, 5(4) | pp.1~13 | number of Cited : 1
    Since the 4th industrial revolution was thrown into the world at the Davos World Economic Forum in January 2016, the world has been undergoing major social and economic changes. In this study, the direction of quality management in the 4th industrial revolution era was examined. First, in all the major countries the industrial structural changes and smart business models were confirmed due to the convergence of new ICT such as IoT, robotics, 3D printing, big data, and AI with the existing technologies and industries. Second, we found that although the core technology level of the 4th industrial revolution in Korea is not as good as that of advanced countries, we have been working on expanding smart production methods and creating new industries by utilizing new ICT. Finally, it was confirmed that quality management is a real-time implementation of new ICT that reflects the needs of the market in real time based on big data from the planning and design stage of products or services.
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    A Study on the Problems and Improvement Plan of Korean defense market

    Lee, Se Hoon , LEE SEUNGHOON , Jung Yongseok | 2020, 5(4) | pp.15~28 | number of Cited : 2
    In this study, the methodology for measuring the structure of the Korean defense market and the competition status, and the characteristics of the Korean defense industry and the market are examined. To analyze the structure of the Korean defense market and the competition status, the market share, concentration ratio, and the Herfindal-Hirschman index are employed based on the annual sales of major Korean defense companies. On a basis of the result of the analysis, the suggestions for the Korean defense market to escape from the monopolistic market to be a competitive geographical market are presented. To present the suggestions, markets that have a similarity with the dense market are analyzed. The government’s support policy, the selection of the companies led by the government, and the cost of the military are suggested for the defense market on a basis of analyzing similar markets. With the suggestions, when the government pursues the policies, the defense market sticking to principles and fairness is created and the efficiency of the companies operation is achieved, by enhancing the structure of the market fundamentally and the development of the policies in the industry’s perspective.
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    A Study on the Influence of the Organizational Culture of Korean Network Marketing Companies on Customer Orientation and Service Orientation

    Moon-Jun Kim | 2020, 5(4) | pp.29~37 | number of Cited : 1
    The purpose of this study was to confirm the influence of the types of organizational culture perceived by members of Korean network companies on customer orientation and service orientation. Therefore, the results of the valid survey for the final 165 among the results of 204 applicants for about two weeks from September 7th to 25th, 2020 using the SSP 24.0 and AMOS 24.0 statistical package programs showed the following results. First, as a result of the analysis of the impact of organizational culture on customer orientation, the sub-factors of the organizational culture, such as relationship-oriented culture, innovation-oriented culture, hierarchical-oriented culture, and task-oriented culture types, all had a positive (+) effect on customer-oriented. It was analyzed as crazy. In other words, it can be seen that the organizational culture has a statistically significant impact on customer orientation in that it gives positive meaning through a comprehensive operation rather than a single substructure. Second, as a result of analyzing the effect of organizational culture on service orientation, organizational culture showed positive (+) influence on service orientation. In other words, it was analyzed that relational orientation, innovation orientation, hierarchical orientation, and task orientation, which are sub-constituent factors of organizational culture, act as positive factors for service orientation.
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    The Effect of NCS-based Accounting, Audit and Tax Job Competency on the Sustainability of Social Innovative Enterprises

    Ju-Hyoung Kwon , Lim Won-Ho , Kim Un-Sung | 2020, 5(4) | pp.39~53 | number of Cited : 0
    With the recent increase in the demand for corporate trust based on transparency in accounting, such as management disclosures and autonomous management disclosures for Social Innovative Enterprises, the duties of Social Innovative Enterprises on accounting and tax affairs have become important. This study looked at the effects of NCS accounting, audit and tax functions on the sustainability of Social Innovative Enterprises, which have not been studied. In particular, issues such as management disclosures and adequacy of financial statements depend on how ethically the accounting officer performs the work. Accordingly, we looked at the intermediation of accounting ethics held by the person in charge of accounting in relation to the sustainability of the NCS accounting, audit and taxation functions. The research subjects surveyed 500 people in charge of accounting at 50 social innovation companies, including social enterprises established in special cities and metropolitan cities such as Seoul and Busan, as well as social cooperatives. A path analysis was conducted with 372 valid questionnaires. As a result of the analysis, NCS accounting, audit and tax functions have a significant impact on both economic value and social value and environmental value, which are the sustainability elements of Social Innovative Enterprises. It was also found that NCS accounting, audit and tax affairs had a significant impact on accounting ethics, and accounting ethics had a significant impact on social and environmental values, excluding economic values. In addition, accounting ethics were found to have a mediated effect between NCS accounting, audit and taxation functions and the sustainability elements of Social Innovative Enterprises. In particular, the relationship between NCS accounting, audit and tax affairs and social value was found to be completely mediated.
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    A Study on the Use of School Violence Counseling through the Formation of Peer Relationships in Adolescence

    Jun Seung-Hye | 2020, 5(4) | pp.55~61 | number of Cited : 0
    In conducting school violence counseling to solve school violence, this study studied the use of school violence counseling to solve school violence by forming a correct peer relationship. Through this study, we can see that peer relations are an important factor in preventing school violence in school violence counseling. The findings are as follows. First, school violence counseling should first protect and heal victims. The primary goal of school violence counseling should begin with consideration for the victims and be placed on the continuation of the victim's right peer relationship. That's how important peer relationships are. Second, not only victims of school violence counseling, but also perpetrators should be included in the list of counsels. In other words, there may be many cases where counseling is usually focused only on the victim. Therefore, the peer relationship can continue even after school violence, so customized counseling is needed not only for victims but also for perpetrators. Third, for school violence counseling, the recovery of peer relations and insight into life are important. Therefore, the focus should be on self-reflection and the restoration of relations between the parties, not on a disciplined or disciplined, controlled perspective. Fourth, we should recognize the importance of peer relations in school violence and activate the 'old counseling program'. Therefore, school violence counselors should optimize their programs by reflecting on-site needs so that they can act as emotional facilitators, problem solvers, and empathic cultural promoters in their roles. In conclusion, school violence counseling should basically be involved in peer relationships. School violence counseling should develop and implement programs focusing on the formation of proper peer relations in order to eradicate school violence.
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    A Study on the Relationship between Married Women’s Life Stress and Life Satisfaction : Focusing on the Mediating Effect of Self-elasticity and Coping stances

    Lee Chuck-He , KIM EUN HYE | 2020, 5(4) | pp.63~72 | number of Cited : 0
    This study aims to suggest the direction for improving the mental health of married women by analyzing the relationship between married women's life stress, life satisfaction, self-elasticity, and coping stances. For this study, 200 married women in their 30s~60s living in Seoul, Incheon, and Gyeonggi-do were surveyed on January 2∼15, 2020, and the results were analyzed using multiple regression and regression analysis. As a result of the study, it was found that the main causes of life stress felt by married women were economic problems, relationships with their children, and conflict between mother in law and daughter in law. By analyzing the relationship with life satisfaction, it turned out that life stress had a relationship with life satisfaction, which affected the decline in their life satisfaction. In addition, it was verified that the self-elasticity and coping stances had a partial mediating effect in the relationship between the life stress and life satisfaction of married women. Accordingly, improving self-elasticity and coping stances will likely reduce the life stress of married women and boost their life satisfaction.
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    A study on the Improvement Approaches of the Elderly Welfare Law according to change the Population Structure

    Chuck-He Lee , Noh Jae-Chul | 2020, 5(4) | pp.73~79 | number of Cited : 1
    This study is based on the need to Lawively respond to changes in the population structure according to the low birth and elderly society, and to contribute to the establishment of policies on the welfare of the elderly, based on the need to review the "Elderly Welfare Law", and proposed ways to improve them by looking for problems with the Elderly Welfare Law. First, it is the enLawment of the Basic Law on The Welfare of the Elderly. As a proposal to improve the Elderly Welfare Law, it is a way to completely revamp the Elderly Welfare Law to grant a status as the basic law and the supreme law on the welfare of the elderly. Second, it is necessary to overhaul the law on elderly health and welfare measures and elderly welfare facilities. The plan is to revise the Elderly Welfare Law to clearly revise the legal charLawer of the elderly to the health and welfare measures of the elderly and the Law on elderly welfare facilities. Third, the legal system of the Elderly Welfare Law should be reorganized. The plan is to maintain the contents of the major welfare policies contained in the current "Elderly Welfare Law", but to revise it with a focus on the systemic issues mentioned above. In conclusion, the current "Elderly Welfare Law" was made in the context of the period at the time of its establishment and the basic courtesy of the elderly, and there are many points that are insufficient to cope with the low birth rate and the elderly society. Accordingly, this study proposes amendments and supplements to the Elderly Welfare Law, which can accept the request stipulated by the times due to changes in population structure.
  • 8.

    A Study on Funeral Rites and Ancestral Memorial Rites– Focusing on the current Family Ritual Act

    Lim Jong Wha , lee chul young , Park Chae-Won | 2020, 5(4) | pp.81~90 | number of Cited : 0
    This study examines the pattern of changes in the funeral rites·ancestral memorial rites as stipulated in the current family rites Act and seeks to study the presentation of problems and securing effectiveness. Acts and subordinate statutes such as "Act on family rite establishment and related assistance" were enacted with the aim of rationalizing the ritual procedures of funeral rites related to the ancestral memorial rites and supporting and coordinating projects and activities for the dissemination and settlement of sound family rites to eliminate the ostentation and create a sound social atmosphere. In order to realize the true meaning of family rites the "General standards for sound family rites" were set to be solemn and simple in the process of family rites, and the government officials, employees of public institutions, organizations, and social leaders were required to take the initiative and follow the example. However, looking at the changes since the family rites Act 1969, there are regulations on gender discrimination that undermine the realization of gender equality, and the progress of education for the spread and settlement of the family rites Act has been limited in effectiveness due th lack of punishment provisions for educational institutions of all levels, In particular, even in the "Process to train funeral director" which is operated under the national qualification system, there is a lack of education on family rituals. Therefore, through this study, we intend to provide a basis for practice and developmental discussions consistent with the objectives of the establishment of laws and systems.
  • 9.

    A Study on the Emergence of the U.S. Modern Big Business in the Early 20th Century

    Jong Wha Lim | 2020, 5(4) | pp.91~100 | number of Cited : 0
    In the U.S.A. from the late 19th to the early 20th century, the big business system emerged surpassing the British Empire economy. Such growth resulted from the realization of the "American-productive mode' being derived from the continuous immigrants inflow, renovative development of transportation, national markets formation and R&D of the science·technology. During 10 years after 1895, American economy was prevalent with the combination trends by the vertical or horizontal integration and these both mixed systems. As such big business was recognized, the American domestic citizens expressed the strong doubt to the revolutionary change and its public benefits and inaugurated the anti-big business campaign with deep concern that the American traditional symbol 'land of the wealth and opportunity' would be threatened. Although the governmental organizations controlling big business were established and the control laws were enforced, the American society accepted the new economic order. This situation resulted from the American economic prosperity, material affluence and managerialism of the big business.
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    An analysis of Chinese national character from the perspective of Jung's archetypal theory

    JIA FULAN , shin,dong-yul | 2020, 5(4) | pp.101~108 | number of Cited : 0
    In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy and the increasing degree of opening to the outside world, many Chinese people go abroad and many foreign friends come to China. In addition, the exchanges between China and foreign countries are also increasing. Therefore, Chinese culture often conflicts with the culture of other countries and nations. Many foreigners are confused about the psychology and way of thinking of Chinese people. Based on the archetypal theory of Carl Gustav Jung, a famous Swiss psychoanalyst, this paper analyzes the national character of Chinese people, including the common characteristics of Chinese people and the causes of these characteristics. This is a new research angle in the academic field of China. This paper includes the following parts: the first chapter describes the research background and significance of this paper; the second chapter describes Carl Jung's collective unconsciousness theory, including the concept of archetype, shadow, persona, anima and animus, and self; the third chapter explains that the research method adopted in this paper is the literature method; the fourth chapter analyzes the common character of contemporary Chinese from the perspectives of China's political and economic system and modern Chinese history, deeply analyzes how the shadow in collective unconsciousness has a negative impact on Chinese character, analyzes the unique persona of Chinese people on the basis of Chinese culture, and the performance of anima and animus in Chinese character. Finally, it explains how Chinese people seek the balance between inside and outside world from the perspective of self.