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2021, Vol.6, No.1

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    Neural network analysis using neuralnet in R

    baikjaewook | 2021, 6(1) | pp.1~7 | number of Cited : 0
    We investigated multi-layer perceptrons and supervised learning algorithms, and also examined how to model functional relationships between covariates and response variables using a package called neuralnet. The algorithm applied in this paper is characterized by continuous adjustment of the weights, which are parameters to minimize the error function based on the comparison between the actual and predicted values of the response variable. In the neuralnet package, the activation and error functions can be appropriately selected according to the given situation, and the remaining parameters can be set as default values. As a result of using the neuralnet package for the infertility data, we found that age has little influence on infertility among the four independent variables. In addition, the weight of the neural network takes various values from -751.6 to 7.25, and the intercepts of the first hidden layer are -92.6 and 7.25, and the weights for the covariates age, parity, induced, and spontaneous to the first hidden neuron are identified as 3.17, -5.20, -36.82, and –751.6.
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    Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction of Franchise Hairshop Customers

    Lee Seung Yon | 2021, 6(1) | pp.9~13 | number of Cited : 0
    In order to suggest the factors to be managed for customer satisfaction management in the franchise hair salon industry, a survey was conducted on the customers' experiences toward consumers who have experience using domestic franchise hair shop service in Korea. An online survey was conducted for 1,000 consumers who had used the top five franchise hair salon services within 6 months of the survey. According to the result of research on service quality(SERVQUAL)’s 5 factors- tangibleness, responsiveness, assurance, reliability, and empathy, assurance has the greatest impact on satisfaction, followed by responsiveness, empathy, reliability, and tangibleness. The service quality satisfaction of the five companies surveyed was 3.77 out of 5, indicating that there is much room for future satisfaction. This study aims to provide information on which factors should be invested more with limited resources to improve customer satisfaction.
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    A Study on the Color Characteristics in Klimt’s Paintings

    Jin-Yu Kang , Ki-Seung Kim | 2021, 6(1) | pp.15~21 | number of Cited : 0
    The study aims to examine the connection between psychology in human unconsciousness and color, after looking at the meaning and symbolism of the characteristics and colors in Klimt’s paintings from an analytical psychological point of view, Gustaf Jung’s archetype theory. After analyzing Jung’s archetype theory, First, in Klimt's paintings, the gold and yellow colorful decorations and patterns expressed desire with unconsciousness, sex, and especially a woman’s desire for sex. The physical relationship between men and women is described as eros, life, and death. Second, the main colors in the paintings were blue, black green, gold, yellow, and orange, indicating anger and oppression, passion, desire, hope, and eroticism, and orange and yellow colors represented the inner healing colors of hope. Third, the artist's inner healing process contains color for himself and incorporates the inner unconsciousness and consciousness. The colors expressed in paintings are not only therapeutic meaning but also being conscious of inner unconsciousness, which is valuable as healing. Therefore, the color will be useful as a means of conveying psychological expression in the psychological counseling sessions.
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    An Analysis on the rule of the Calendar(曆律) in 『Hyupgiltongui』 Bonwon chapter one

    Kwon Yung-soo , Ki-Seung Kim | 2021, 6(1) | pp.23~31 | number of Cited : 0
    The Calendar(曆法) has been a very important concern in every dynasty of history. 『Hyupgiltongui』 written in the Joseon Dynasty included many contents related to the Calendar. In particular, the ancient rule of the Calendar(曆律) shown in the text of 『Hyupgiltongui』 Bonwon chapter one is meaningful in the process of creating the necessary Calendar for selection and reading fortune. Accordingly, we tried to analyze the rule of the Calendar(曆律) that is the fundamental principle of the Calandar(曆法) and the almanac which can be used in real life, based on comparative analysis of 『Hyupgibyeonbangseo』, 『Sanggiltongseo』 and 『Cheongidaeyo』, which are the basis of 『Hyupgiltongui』. Saju Myung-ri is the scheme of time change by the combination of Ganji(Celestial Stems). Therefore, the core of the calendar system is to make four pillars by the year, month, day, and time. For doing this, 『Hyupgiltongui』 provides basic principles and materials for making four pillars using constellations like 28 Fixed Stars, as well as does simple composition principle for telling fortune such as Ten Celestial Stems, Twelve Zodiac Signs, the order of four seasons(四序), Yukjin(六辰) and Sexagenary Cycle (甲曆). However, despite the limitations of the results produced by the rule of the Calendar(曆律), we came to the conclusion that if reading fortune in Saju(四柱簡明) is to find good one(吉) in terms of understanding it as the rule of predicting future(術法) not science, its usefulness cannot be ignored.
  • 5.

    Personality Psychology of Classic Astrology

    Cho Man-Seob , Ki-Seung Kim | 2021, 6(1) | pp.33~42 | number of Cited : 0
    Human beings have to do economic activities according to their aptitude and innate ability for a living. Human beings invest a lot of effort and spend a lot of time to gain social status and honor via economic activities. In order to make their lives more valuable as members of society, first they should know their own nature. Because it is important for choosing a job. From a study on the use of personality psychology of classical astrology, it was found that the native shows disposition and personality psychology differently depending on the change of yin and yang. Since human behavior is determined by natural personality and the influence of the surrounding environment, knowing personality makes people expect job choices and changes. Therefore, it is expected that it will be helpful to classify native's occupational aptitude of personality type from research on the use of personality psychology of classical astrology.
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    The Effect of Retirement Attitude of Middle-aged Employees on Retirement Preparation and Job Satisfaction

    Kyung Hwa Jung | 2021, 6(1) | pp.43~53 | number of Cited : 0
    This thesis is a study to verify whether the attitude toward retirement perceived by middle-aged workers has a significant effect on retirement preparation and job satisfaction for middle-aged workers in their 40s to 50s working in Seoul and the metropolitan area. As a result, it was found that the forced frustration during the retirement attitude of middle-aged workers had a significant negative (-) effect only on the finances and family of retirement preparation. A new start was found to have a significant positive (+) effect on all sub-variables of retirement preparation. In the second hypothesis, the influence of job satisfaction, it was found that old-age breaks and new start of retirement attitude had a significant positive (+) effect on job satisfaction. As a result, it can be seen that the attitude toward retirement of middle-aged workers who are about to retire has a significant influence on retirement preparation and job satisfaction.
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    A Study on the Active Economic Activities by the Job Program to Overcome the Poverty of the Elderly in the Aged Society

    Young-Chul Kim , kim seo ho | 2021, 6(1) | pp.55~62 | number of Cited : 2
    This study regards the need for jobs to overcome the poverty of the elderly in an aged society, and as well as researches ways to participate in active economic activities in old age. The results of the study are as follows. First, the legal system needs to be improved. In addition to institutional support for the expansion of jobs for the elderly, improvement of awareness of the elderly and reinforcement of infrastructure such as a delivery system are required, and a legal basis for this is needed. To this end, occupations targeting the elderly must be selected first, and legal procedures must be prepared by the government. Second, there must be social consideration and upport for the elderly. Extension of the retirement age plays an important role in enhancing employment for the elderly. Along with the improvement of the legal system, social consideration is required. Therefore, since the elderly policy without social consensus is bound to fail, various support methods that can lead to social support must be devised. Third, the elderly must have a sense of poverty and willingness to rehabilitate themselves. Elderly people should not only ask for their children and social support. The elderly must be able to find a way to become the economic agent themselves. To do this, a basic awareness of the elderly poverty consciousness is needed, and a change of awareness to escape the poverty of the elderly is necessary. Therefore, the elderly need to be self-reliant, and they must choose jobs according to their own abilities. In conclusion, the elderly job program is a part of income increase that solves the poverty of the elderly in the aged society, and the elderly are required to actively participate in economic activities.
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    An Empirical Analysis of the Characteristics of Entertainers -The 2020 Mr. Trotting Finalists-

    Joung-Hye Youn , Ki-Seung Kim | 2021, 6(1) | pp.63~77 | number of Cited : 0
    This study analyzed the impressional characteristics and commonality of the seven people who reached the final final in the 2020 TV Chosun Mister Trot contest, which is the result of the success of the entertainer through the impression. The analysis criteria were set by referring to the classic Ma-uisangbeob and the academic papers on Impressionism, and the faces of seven subjects were collected from the Internet and media. The results of the analysis showed that the following common points were found: First, hair was developed on both sides of the forehead rather than the development of the forehead, which is suitable for arts and physical education rather than studying. Second, most of them had eyebrow bones [the brains of the brain] and cartilage inside their ears was protruding, which is a type of success through effort, deciding on their own life. Third, the mouth was large, the lips were straight, and the neck was thick. This also showed the temperament and talent of artistic ability. Fourth, it developed greatly in the corresponding part by age. In conclusion, while the inherently innate features of facial features cannot prove all that is fatalistic, the characteristic elements of certain talents were clearly manifested. And what they were able to gain and be loved in the entertainment industry was the result of their own efforts beyond it. These results have implications that can be used to determine their talents or career paths in simple aspects.
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    A Study on the Improvement Approaches of Immigration Workers’ Legal System to Introduce Foreign Workers according to change the Population Structure (Low Fertility and Aging)

    Chuck-He Lee , JaeChulNoh | 2021, 6(1) | pp.79~86 | number of Cited : 0
    Due to the change in the demographic structure, the problem of low birth rate and aging population leads to a serious decrease in human resources, and the necessity of introducing foreign workers is increasing. This study believes that the introduction of foreign workforce is the most effective to expand the working-age population in the era of low birthrate and aging, when demographic changes begin in earnest, and to this end, it sought to devise measures to improve the legal system for migrant workers. As a result of this study, first, the legal system for migrant workers should be unified and improved. It is necessary to establish or unify management agencies so that the 「Immigration Control Act」 and the 「Labor Act」 can establish a cooperative relationship. Second, the 「Immigration Control Act」 should be revised to make it easier for migrant workers to find employment. It is necessary to positively review the employment permit system and acquisition of nationality. Third, there should be no equity or discrimination against migrant workers. Under the principle of mutual benefit, employers and migrant workers should not be equally discriminated against. Fourth, the social insurance system must be added to the legal system of migrant workers. Therefore, the legal system should be reorganized so that migrant workers are not discriminated against in various insurance systems including the four major social insurance systems. In conclusion, the problem of low birthrate and aging population has become a serious social problem due to changes in the demographic structure, and the decrease in the possible generation population has reached a level of concern. The importance of migrant workers' employment and work environment is increasing. Nevertheless, related legal and institutional problems still exist, and measures to improve the legal system for migrant workers are needed.
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    A Study on the Characteristics of Qi Baishi's Landscape Painting

    Changwon Choi | 2021, 6(1) | pp.87~93 | number of Cited : 0
    Qi Baishi is a prolific master of modern Chinese painting in the 20th century and a profound influence on modern Chinese painting. With a lifetime of diligence and pursuit,he brought the development of traditional Chinese literati painting to the palace of world art. Qi Baishi's paintings have very different styles and rich connotations. There is a childlike "Plantain Crowd",which is childish but full of interest. There is also a simple and old-fashioned "Peony" in the late years,vigorous and powerful,moving heartstrings. There is also the irony of the present world,refuting the ugly "Tumbler",which is thought-provoking. Of course,the most worthy of study is Qi Baishi's landscape paintings. His landscape paintings surpassed their era and have unique historical value in the transformation of modern Chinese landscape painting. He was one of the pioneers of the transformation of Chinese landscape painting in the 20th century. In this article,through the research and collation of Qi Baishi's landscape paintings,the characteristics of Qi Baishi's landscape paintings and their surpassing of the times are discovered.