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2021, Vol.6, No.2

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    A Study on the Trend of Digital Content Industry

    Sung Pil BAE | 2021, 6(2) | pp.1~10 | number of Cited : 1
    The content of the information age does not simply convey content but includes all the transactions that arise from its interaction. The types and forms of information being traded through this interaction are recognized differently from the contents that have been passed on to mankind so far by creating new meaningful content. Because the distribution of interactive content transcending the concept of time-to-time in the network environment is an important component of access to added value in the new world, unlike the content of simple concepts seen in the products of communication so far. In this study, the purpose of this study is to recognize the current status and problems of the Korean digital content industry and to seek ways to revitalize the Korean digital content industry to lead the global market in the future. Specifically, first, we want to learn about the concept of digital content. Second, we would like to look at the industrial trends of digital content at home and abroad. Third, we present a plan to streamline digital content. Fourth, derive research results and implications. In this work, the following results are derived: First, in order for Korea to enter a digital content powerhouse, each government department must first break away from the selfishness of the ministry and actively cooperate to efficiently establish and implement various policies. Second, e-books should be introduced just as current paper and CD-ROM titles are exempt from VAT, and security solutions, related technology development, and copyright issues should be urgently addressed to revitalize the market. Third, the demand for high-quality content should increase as information infrastructure such as high-speed information and communication networks and satellite broadcasting is established.
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    A Study on the Creation of Campus Innovation Park in Local University

    Sang-Ho Lim | 2021, 6(2) | pp.11~20 | number of Cited : 0
    In line with the era of local universities, a total of 402 people, including companies, private businesses, individuals (founders), and companies listed in the 2021 campus innovation park, were surveyed for six days from 02/15/2021 to 02/21. According to the regression analysis, future-oriented (47%) factors influencing the establishment of campus innovation park consumer-centered methods (p<.05), the standardization factor β is future-oriented (β=.479), Environmental Analysis and Policy (β=.047), and it was confirmed that there was a greater future-oriented influence on innovative park consumers than environmental analysis and policy. This study is meaningful in identifying the needs of consumers and businesses related to the campus innovation park construction project of S University in the province and suggesting ways to establish an efficient innovation park.
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    A Study on the Trends of RPA Subjects in Korea -Focusing on cases of application of distribution business-

    Ho Lee | Hyeonsuk Park | 2021, 6(2) | pp.21~35 | number of Cited : 0
    Research on the introduction aspect of research has focused on the direction, performance expectations, costs, regulations, and risks of RPA introduction. Future research in terms of introduction has shown that in addition to organizational research, technical and environmental research needs to be activated. The application case studies have been conducted on actual entities, application tasks and application occupations. Future research on application case aspects seems to require research on RPA technical post-use performance for actual companies, application tasks, and applied jobs. The study of market analysis aspects has shown that the formation stage of the market and the prediction of future markets. Future research will be possible in connection with AI and the Fourth Industrial Revolution to study how future markets will develop. The acceptance aspect of research can be said to be a relatively poor field of research compared to other subjects. If research on acceptance aspects is further activated in the future, it will contribute to the development of new technology acceptance theory and suggest implications for RPA introduction, RPA application, and RPA market revitalization.
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    A Phenomenological Study on Psychological Experiences and Resilience of Incest Sexual Victims in Adolescence

    Hae-Lee Chun | shin,dong-yul | 2021, 6(2) | pp.37~46 | number of Cited : 0
    The purpose of this study is to examine the necessity of providing new perspectives by conveying the various psychological changes and realities experienced by victims of incest sexual violence after the incident, And it is meaningful to understand and record it through. The results of the analysis through the phenomenological methodology are as follows: First, participants were disturbed by the emotional neglect of their parents and forced violence, threats, and silence by their family members, resulting in disbelief in interpersonal relationships and low self-esteem and suffered constant difficulties in daily life. Second, the suffering and aftereffects of sexual violence experienced the conflict of roles by repeating the real maladjustment and social activity avoidance as the fear of being informed about the event, the negative thought about oneself, and the difficulty of interpersonal relationship. Third, the aftereffects of incest sexual violence in childhood·adolescence were found to be extreme with regard to PTSD. The PTSD experience has become a factor that forces participants to rely on substances, such as psychiatric medications and alcohol, and further avoids external activities with hallucinations and delusions. Fourth, the change through the adaptation process is a new perspective on life, facing and separating the events. During the adaptation program, they tried to express their words and feelings that they could not express because of the past hurts, to set goals for living their life, and to move forward. The experience of overcoming reality has enhanced participants' confidence in self-esteem, self-efficacy, and healthy self-control ability. In this study, it is meaningful to suggest a model in which the incest sexual violence trauma is reexperienced through the new daily crisis and the new adaptation process is repeated for each process.
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    A Study on Life Change and Leisure Satisfaction by Reduction of Working Hours of Office Workers

    Choi Tae Wol | Sang-Ho Lim | 2021, 6(2) | pp.47~53 | number of Cited : 0
    This study is a study on the change of life and leisure satisfaction caused by the reduction of working hours of office workers, summarizing the results of the analysis as follows: First, the change in the working hours of office workers was found to be men (42.4 percent), but women (54.7 percent) had a high increase in personal satisfaction, monthly income of 2 to 3 million won 96.1 percent, and personal satisfaction increased in small and medium-sized cities and towns. Second, leisure satisfaction due to shorter working hours was somewhat high in monthly income of 3 million won to 4 million won (43.6%) and more than 6 million won (39.1%), but there was no change in leisure satisfaction by gender, age, academic background, number of family members, marital status, worker status and region. The revitalization of leisure is a very important task in personal life, but it is meaningful in that it provided implications for socializing leisure as leisure satisfaction is positively spreading in life changes.
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    The Phenomenological Study on Self-actualization of Middle-aged Single Mothers - Application of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) -

    Jae-Young Lim | shin,dong-yul | Ju-Young Lee | 2021, 6(2) | pp.55~62 | number of Cited : 0
    The number of single-parent families in South Korea increased since 2000, related to a sharp rise in the divorce rate of 50s and an increase in male mortality rates among those aged 40s-50s. Middle-aged single mothers experience a critical period realizing self-actualization needs, while being in the middle adulthood from the lifespan developmental perspective. In this respect, it is significant to study self-actualization of middle-aged single mothers through guided imagery and music (GIM) in order to provide them with psychological support. This study was conducted from September 2018 to June 2020, and the GIM sessions were conducted at least 10 times. Four participants were selected among the middle-aged single mothers. The imagery experiences of participants in the GIM sessions were classified into four sub-elements: physicalness, emotion, memory, and sense. Within those sub-elements, eight semantic units were categorized into 46 elements. Finally, 152 semantic units were derived. Moreover, the self-actualization which participants experienced through GIM presented three archetypal images: shadow, persona, and the self. In the GIM sessions, experiences of putting their negative emotions associated with family into words and changing passive self-imagery into active one enabled participants to bring the shadow into their consciousness, there by recognizing their positive and bright internal self. Furthermore, participants could map that their current status as people marginalized by siblings and parents, enraged and holding double standards for others, was suppressed by their ‘good daughter’ and ‘religious’ personas. This realization lead them to realize and restore their persona. The use of GIM in the study allowed participants to elicit re-experiences of the negative events, while experiencing various imagery and music. This process helped participants achieve self-actualization.