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2021, Vol.6, No.3

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    A Study on the Management Performance and Employment of Manufacturing Business in the Period of COVID-19

    Tae-Wol Choi | Jong Wha Lim | 2021, 6(3) | pp.1~8 | number of Cited : 1
    This study is about the current status of management performance and employment prospects during the COVID-19 period, and the analysis data are based on the Q3 and Q4 2020 economic survey of manufacturing industry provided by the National Statistical Office's Microdata Integrated Service Portal. It used 83 large companies and 435 small and medium-sized businesses as analysis data. The analysis results are summarized as follows. It was analyzed that there was little change in business performance by company size on creation of jobs. In the analysis of the economic outlook for 2021, sales of large companies were analyzed to increase, but there was little change in creation of jobs at 66.3%. In terms of sales, small and medium-sized businesses are expected to see little change at 31.3% and increase at 30.3%. Therefore, it can be seen that there is no change in the company's management performance during the COVID-19 period. In other words, it can be seen that the COVID-19 pandemic does not have a significant impact on manufacturing employment and management performance of large and small businesses.
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    A Case Study on Psychological Burnout and Self-care of Childcare Teachers for Emotional Labor -Song psychotherapy-

    Ji-Hoon Lee | Soo-Won Shin | 2021, 6(3) | pp.9~17 | number of Cited : 0
    Childcare teacher experience emotional labor that suppresses, exaggerates, controls and regulates their emotions in order to produce the positive image required in the nursery field. The working environment for infants and toddlers has a problem of lowering the quality of life as a cause of psychological exhaustion of the emotional labor childcare teacher. Because singing helps to improve the quality of human life, research is needed to enable emotional labor childcare teacher to recover from psychological exhaustion and plan a positive life in the process of self-care. First, how is the psychological exhaustion of the emotional labor childcare teacher through song psychotherapy? Second, how is the process of self-care of the emotional labor childcare teacher through song psychotherapy? The study was conducted from March 2017 to May 2020, and through qualitative case studies, data such as in-depth interviews, direct observations, and participation observations were collected at the ○○○ daycare center for 50 minutes every 12 sessions. Based on the above findings, the following conclusions were drawn: First, through singing psychotherapy, emotional labor and childcare staff were able to discover, understand, recognize, face, communicate, and insight into their will to live, psychologically exhausted themselves. Emotional support from others can reduce the experience of emotional depletion and demonstrate a recovery of experience and an improvement in achievement due to frustration at work. Second, the self-care of the emotional labor child care teacher through song psychotherapy proved the temporal, spatial, relational, and emotional caring process, while maintaining the balance between caring for others and caring for oneself, body, mind, and spirituality are organic change. In this study, the psychological exhaustion and self-care process provides an opportunity to discover the essence of life, explore and express one's inner self, take care of others and oneself in a balanced manner, and provide insights for a whole person and healthy self. It is significant in providing opportunities to improve the quality of life through growth.
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    Approaches to measurement system analysis in quality management

    baikjaewook | 2021, 6(3) | pp.19~24 | number of Cited : 0
    There should be no problem in the measurement system for scientific quality management. In this paper, we want to correctly identify the factors that can affect the measurement results during the measurement process and identify what causes them when the measurement results cause problems in terms of location and variation. Variations in the measurement system are largely described in terms of location and dispersion. Location-related attributes are accuracy, stability, and linearity while dispersion-related attributes are reproducibility and repeatability. Analyzing the factors associated with dispersion is an R&R analysis, in which the size of repeatability and reproducibility is represented by a range of differences between multiple measurements and a range of differences between measurements, and 99% of dispersion is determined. Experimental design can also be used for measurement system analysis. Proper analysis is performed only when the factors causing the fluctuation, the worker and the product, are correctly identified as random or fixed factors.
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    A Phenomenological Study of Tension Relaxation in Middle-Aged Women with Sleep Disorders in Singing Bowl

    Kim-Young Ju | Dong-Yeol Shin | 2021, 6(3) | pp.25~35 | number of Cited : 0
    Middle-aged women experience diverse psychological and physical stresses and tensions through the menopause, aging, and taking up too many social roles, which often leads to sleep disorder. But there are not many scientific researches on the issue. Therefore, the research of efficacy of singing bowl that helps relax middle-aged women who have sleep disorder is needed to improve their health. This study was conducted with Giorgi's phenomenological method with 4 middle-aged women with sleep disorder, whose Pittsburgh sleeping quality scale marked over 5 points, who took part in singing bowl experience for 40 minutes and did the interview. The study resulted in following conclusions that through participants' singing bowl experience, 518 constructive meanings, 15 meaning units, 7 sub components, and 2 group subjects were drawn up. Firstly, when participants took part in the singing bowl experience, they underwent physical, mental, imagery experiences which are physical pain and muscle relaxation, mental relaxation, and positive mindset and imaginary images and colors. Secondly, physical changes that the participants felt after singing bowl experience was increased physical relaxation, improved physical symptoms and more physical activities, and psychologically participants also felt reduced anxiety, increased happiness and positive mentality. And behavioral changes are relaxed movements, increased activities, and improved sleep is huge benefit through changes of sleep pattern. In this study, singing bowl is confirmed to be effective both physically and psychologically on relaxing the middle-aged women's tensions that are caused by sleep disorders and singing bowl experience is meaningful in that the middle-aged women as well as modern people with the sleep disorders can be helped to have better lives.
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    A Consideration Research on ‘Sangkwan’ in 『Jeokcheonsucheonmi』

    Bo-young Yi | Ki-Seung Kim | 2021, 6(3) | pp.37~47 | number of Cited : 0
    This study is based on ‘Sangkwan’ in ‘Jeokcheonsucheonmi’ among Myeongri classical theory as a guideline, and is a consideration research on past ‘Sangkwan’ in the rest of Myeongri classical theory. The first words about ‘Sangkwan’ in the original text is that the interpretation is very difficult when Sangkwan looks at ‘Jeongkwan’. When we say ‘Jeongkwan’, it contains the interpretation on the person who should take on the heavy responsibility of the state in the monarchy, and there is a concern about how it can be easily interpreted by neglecting it because ‘Sangkwan’ have a bad effect on ‘Jeongkwan’. Unlike modern times, in the past, there was no other way but to become government officials to be successful socially and accumulate wealth. There should be big difference in standard of fortune and success in an era where success conditions and opportunities were difficult to be given. That is, it was though in the past that ‘Sangkwan’ which has a bad influence on ‘Jeongkwan’ have a detrimental effect awfully. However, in today's scientific society, the use of ‘Sangkwan’ which has a bad influence on ‘Jeongkwan’ has come to light in a wide variety of places. Therefore, this study is to lay a foundation for the expansion of reinterpretation and utilization methods suitable for the times through the consideration of classical ‘Sangkwan’.
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    A Study on the Editions of Myeongri Original Text ‘Jeokcheonsu’

    Hyeok-Jin Na | Ki-Seung Kim | 2021, 6(3) | pp.49~57 | number of Cited : 0
    The purpose of this paper is to examine the editions of ‘Jeokcheonsu’, the best Myoungri Classic in name and reality, that was featuring dozens of annotations and interpretations from the Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China, and modern times. The original author of ‘Jeokcheonsu’ was Gyeongdo of the Song Dynasty, firstly annotated by Yugi of the late Yuan Dynasty to Early Ming Dynasty, and Im Cheolcho of the Qing Dynasty annotated again. However, several observations in the original text suggest that the author's period of writing is postulated since the middle of the Ming Dynasty, and if the book is not likely to belong to the Song Dynasty, the author is also unlikely to be Gyeongdo of the Song Dynasty. Besides, if you look at the statements of Jin Soam and Jeong Jiwoon, who published the early editions of ‘Jeokcheonsu’, there are many negative opinions about the usual author recognition. In this study, we conducted a comparative analysis of the four existing editions of ‘Jeokcheonsu’, ‘Jeokcheonsu-Jibyo’ edited and published by Jin Soam, ‘Myeongri Suji Jeokcheonsu’ revised by Jeong Jiwoon, ‘Jeokcheonsu-Cheonmi’ annotated by Im Cheolcho, and ’Jeokcheonsu-Jingui’ edited and published by Seo Rako. It is hoped that this study will help us understand ‘Jeokcheonsu’ more deeply and help us with related research, such as comparative studies of annotations in the future.
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    The Effects of Childcare Teachers Professionalism on Job Performance

    Jeong Mun Gyung | YANG, KYUNG-HEE | 2021, 6(3) | pp.59~70 | number of Cited : 0
    The purpose of this study is to analyze the impact of childcare teachers' professionalism on job performance, enhance the effectiveness of childcare teachers, and provide basic data to help them satisfy their duties. Statistical processing of the collected data has been studied through the SSPPWIN 21.0 program, level of expertise, understanding, skills, and attitude recognized by child care teachers, the higher the level of professionalism, the higher the age, educational background, and experience, the higher the level of expertise. In addition, various policy and institutional support at the level of childcare-related administrative agencies or local governments is needed to develop operational measures suitable for each type of daycare center and improve the quality of childcare services. Programs for the promotion of professionalism and job performance of childcare teachers should be developed and regular education, training and workshops should be provided to support application to childcare sites. This study is meant to improve the level of professionalism of daycare centers to achieve desirable professionalism and efficient organizational goals of daycare centers, and to improve the job performance of daycare centers and provide basic data to help them satisfy their jobs.
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    A Study on the Characteristics of the Wealth and nobility Interpretation System of 『Japyeongjinjeon』,『Jeokcheonsu』

    Seung-Jong Kim | Ki-Seung Kim | 2021, 6(3) | pp.71~78 | number of Cited : 0
    The purpose of this paper is to examine the characteristics of the rich and noble interpretation system of 『Japyeongjinjeon』 and 『Jeokcheonsu』. Myungrihak is a study that began with the study of human wealth and nobility. There are 『Japyeongjinjeon』 and 『Jeokcheonsu』 as two major classics of Myeongrihak. However, while these representative books are similar to each other in the interpretation system for the interpretation of wealth and nobility, they also have different aspects. Looking at this. In 『Jepyeong Jinjeon』, the success or failure of the Su-Ju is judged first. If it is Seong-Gyeog (成格), it becomes a good Su-ju (吉), and if it is a Pae-Gyeog (敗格), it becomes a bad Sa-Ju (凶). Even when it comes to Seong-Gyeog, among them there are Gui-Gyeong (貴格) and great Gui-Gyeong (大貴格). Representative great Gui-Gyeong include Jaein-Byeongtu (財印並透), Sigsin -Saengjae (食神生財), Sigsin-Hapsal (食神合煞), Sal-yongsigje (煞用食制) and Sanggwan-Yonggwan (傷官用官). In 『Jeokcheonsu』, there is Jaegi-tongmun (財氣通門) as a Su-Ju with wealth and Gwanseong-Ihoe as a Su-Ju with nobility (貴). Hyundai Group Chairman Chung Ju-young, the representative chaebol of Korea, becomes a Seong-Gyeog in the argument of Japyeong Jinjeon』 and is a Sigsin –Saengjae, and Jaegi-tongmun according to the argument of 『Jeokcheonsu』are met The first, third, and seventh conditions. Samsung Group Chairman Lee Byung-cheol meets the seventh condition clearly in the argument of 『Jeepyeong Jinjeon』, which is Seong-Gyeog and Sal-yongsigje. In this study, we find out what kind of interpretation method there are and how they differ from the two classics through the original text. In addition, the suitability of the theoretical composition is examined by comparing and examining the characteristics of the rich and noble interpretation system through empirical examples of modern representatives. It is hoped that it will be of some help to related research in the future.
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    Research on the forming factors and overcoming of Jonah complex

    Fu-Lan Jia | Hyung-Ki Baek | 2021, 6(3) | pp.79~88 | number of Cited : 0
    Jonah complex is a psychological term put forward by Maslow, a famous American psychologist. In short, "Jonah complex" is the fear of growth. It comes from a hypothesis in psychodynamic theory: "people are not only afraid of failure, but also afraid of success." It represents a kind of psychology of self-evasion and retreat in the face of opportunities. It is an emotional state, which leads us not to do what we can do well, or even to avoid exploring our potential. From the perspective of self-actualization, it is a psychological obstacle to self-actualization. This paper consists of the following parts: the first chapter describes the research background and significance of this paper; the second chapter describes the theoretical basis of this paper; the third chapter explains that the research method of this paper is literature method; the fourth chapter analyzes the reasons for the formation of Jonah complex in detail; the fifth chapter describes how to overcome Jonah complex.