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2022, Vol.7, No.3

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    The Perception of Corporate Management Experts on Corporate Counseling A Study on Marketing Mix for Revitalization

    Sang-Hun Na , Dong-Yeol Shin | 2022, 7(3) | pp.1~8 | number of Cited : 0
    Many companies are operating and introducing the research results that corporate counseling contributes to corporate profits and improves the effective welfare of workers. This study was conducted targeting business management experts. As a research question, first, is there a difference in perception among business management experts about business counseling? Second, what is an important marketing 7P mix for revitalizing corporate counseling? Third, there will be differences in the importance of the 7P mix for marketing among business management experts. The results of the quantitative study are as follows. First, business management experts had a positive perception about the intention and necessity of corporate counseling, and marketing was higher than production management by field. The consultation model prefers an external model, and medium-sized enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises are selected as target companies, and service and manufacturing industries are selected as target industries. The topics are recognized as interpersonal relationships and job stress. Second, price mix, product mix, people mix, and process mix are recognized as important marketing mixes, but companies consider the price mix the most important. Third, there was a difference between corporate management experts in the promotion mix and process, and marketing recognized the promotion mix as important and the process mix was important for financial management. However, there is no difference in the mixes by field except for this, so it can be said that the perception of the marketing mix is similar. Through this study, it is meaningful to present the implications of the marketing mix for awareness and activation of corporate counseling from the corporate point of view.
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    The Effect of Corporate Green Marketing on Consumer Word of Mouth Intention

    Ji-Ho Park , Hyeon-Suk Park | 2022, 7(3) | pp.9~16 | number of Cited : 0
    In the midst of increasing interest in the environmental responsibility of companies, this study investigates how eco-friendly activities affect the creation of management performance. To this end, the effect of companies' green marketing on consumers' word-of-mouth intention, the mediating effect of brand reliability, and the moderating effect of consumers' pro-environmental behavior were verified. The results of the collected data analysis are as follows. First, companies' green marketing has a positive (+) effect on consumers' word-of-mouth intention. Second, brand reliability takes a positive (+) mediating role in the relationship between companies' green marketing and consumers' word-of-mouth intention. Third, consumers' pro-environment behavior has a moderating role between Brand Reliability and their word-of-mouth intention. Therefore, companies' eco-friendly strategies and their implementation will help enhance both brand reliability and consumers' word-of-mouth intention. By revealing the effect of companies' eco-friendly strategies and their implementation on brand reliability and consumers' word-of-mouth intention it is meaningful to analyze the relationship between green marketing and the possibility of consumers' spontaneous word-of-mouth intention. The results suggest to companies that it is necessary to establish an eco-friendly marketing strategy for sustainable growth.
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    A Study on the Development Issues of Digital Health Care Medical Information

    Moon Yong | 2022, 7(3) | pp.17~26 | number of Cited : 0
    As the well-being mindset to keep our minds and bodies free and healthy more than anything else in the society we live in is spreading, the meaning of health care has become a key part of the 4th industrial revolution such as big data, IoT, AI, and block chain. The advancement of the advanced medical information service industry is being promoted by utilizing convergence technology. In digital healthcare, the development of intelligent information technology such as artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud is being promoted as a digital transformation of the traditional medical and healthcare industry. In addition, due to rapid development in the convergence of science and technology environment, various issues such as health, medical care, welfare, etc., have been gradually expanded due to social change. Therefore, in this study, first, the general meaning and current status of digital health care medical information is examined, and then, developmental tasks to activate digital health care medical information are analyzed and reviewed. The purpose of this article is to improve usability to fully pursue our human freedom.
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    Development of Long-term Education Program for Jeollabukdo Level 6 Educational Administrative Officials

    Dong-Heon Cho , Huyn-Ju Kim , Min-Young Kim and 1 other persons | 2022, 7(3) | pp.27~42 | number of Cited : 0
    Local education autonomy aims to improve the quality of life of local residents and to realize education considering local characteristics. For this purpose, it is necessary to strengthen the competency of local education administrative officials. This study intends to derive the competency of level 6 public officials who should play a central role in local education administrative officials, and to devise the subjects cluster and subjects of the long-term education program. The purpose of this study is to prepare a basic plan so that the education program for level 6 educational administrative officials can be developed in the future. For this study, an expert panel was composed of 20 people including education administrative officials and education program development experts. In addition, the Delphi survey was conducted three times to obtain opinions on the competency of level 6 educational administrative officials and the subjects cluster and subjects of the long-term education program. For the competency of level 6 educational administrative officials, the validity of the survey data was evaluated in the Delphi 1st survey and the validity of the revised data in the 2nd Delphi survey was conducted. And for the subjects cluster and subjects of the long-term education program for level 6 educational administrative officials, the validity of basic data was evaluated in the Delphi 2nd survey and the validity of the revised data in the 3rd Delphi survey was conducted. As a result, the competencies of level 6 educational administrative officials were extracted into nine competencies including coordination and integration competencies. And the long-term education program for level 6 educational administrative officials was developed with 13 subjects cluster and 43 subjects. And the relationship model between the competency of level 6 educational administrative officials and the subjects cluster and subjects of the long-term education program was derived. Based on the results of this study, it was proposed to operate a flexible curriculum for a long-term education program. In addition, the necessity of establishing a system that can reflect the educational training results in the actual educational field was suggested.
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    Effectiveness Analysis of the Life-Respect Program for Youth Suicide Prevention

    Ji-Won Choi , Sang-Uk Hong | 2022, 7(3) | pp.43~51 | number of Cited : 0
    This study Research is physical in times of great social and cultural influence in adolescence. In terms of spirit, growth is accelerated, developmental and situational stress is experienced in the process of finding identity, and crisis management ability is also insufficient for emotional confusion and frustration. Therefore, it has the characteristic of falling into anxiety and depression for no reason or showing strong hostility or aggression against minor stimuli. By understanding the impulsiveness, which is an important determinant of suicide in adolescents, the seriousness of suicide is recognized through the current status and reality of suicide in adolescents, and stress, which is a risk factor for suicide.It is meaningful to analyze the effectiveness of youth suicide prevention by practicing the value of life respect through life respect education programs to reduce depression and improve self-esteem as a protective factor.
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    An Analysis on the Actual Conditions and Countermeasures of School Violence

    Ji-Won Choi , Sang-Uk Hong | 2022, 7(3) | pp.53~63 | number of Cited : 0
    In this study, As youth school violence is emerging as a serious social problem, this study needs to actively respond to school violence to prevent and reduce the proportion of secondary cyber violence by examining previous studies related to school violence. By recognizing problems through comparative analysis of the recent status and characteristics of school violence according to changes in the educational environment after COVID-19, we intend to find the right direction for schools, families, and communities to cope with school violence. The analysis data is a psychology that takes into account the change in the educational environment caused by COVID-19 through the first survey of school violence in 2021 by the Ministry of Education. It is meaningful to suggest directions and alternatives to prevent school violence and solve school violence problems by strengthening teachers' responsibility and improving their ability to cope efficiently.
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    A Case Study on Child-Centered Play Therapy for Young Child‘s Anger

    Tae-Sun Kim | 2022, 7(3) | pp.65~70 | number of Cited : 0
    The purpose of this study was to investigate the child counselling process of a 5-year old girl with anger problem. Her mother had difficult on caring a child. The researcher conducted 47 session of child counseling through child-centered play therapy once per week during 14months for 40 minutes. Parent consultation session follwed for 10 minutes. The child expressed her aggression, control, desire of affection and power during the sessions. As a result, the child’s anger decreased, and child-mother relationship improved. Finally, the child successfully adapted new school life. The mother reported that raising children was much easier than before. This study is meaningful that it is a case study of a child's intervention in counseling prior to her entering elementary school. This study showed her adaptive school lifestyle during the beginning of the first year.
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    A Case Study on Child-Centered Play Therapy for Inattention and Impulsivity Young Child

    Tae-Sun Kim | 2022, 7(3) | pp.71~75 | number of Cited : 0
    The purpose of this study was to investigate the child counselling process of a 6-year old girl. The child has showed inattention and impulsity. Her mother had difficulty on caring a child. The researcher conducted 63 session child counseling through play therapy once per week after tested clinical psychological full battery. During the counseling process, a child showed desire of affection and aggressive and impulsive behavior through the child's leading play. As a result the child’s inattention and impulsivity decreased, and child-mother relationship improved. The child could express her feelings to their parents in concrete terms. Finally, the child successfully adapted new school life. The mother reported that raising children was much easier than before, and she decided to have a follow-up counseling once a month. This study is meaningful in that it is a case study conducted during 1 year and 8months since she was 6-year old. The young child becomes primary school girl. In this study, it was confirmed that children had an adaptive school life during the first and second grades.
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    Exploring Narratives on Post-traumatic Growth of Middle-aged Women Who Are Attached to Instabilith

    Bang-Eun Jeong , Dong-Yeol Shin | 2022, 7(3) | pp.77~83 | number of Cited : 0
    This study was conducted with the purpose of helping middle-aged women who experienced insecure attachment during personal growth experience positive changes by re-illuminating their own growth process. During this study period, 14 in-depth interviews were conducted from August 2020 to September 2021, and the interview contents were based on the narrative research methodology to examine the meaning of participants' experiences regarding unstable attachment and post-traumatic growth in existential contexts. The text was described in terms of , relational context, life context, etc. As a result of the study, three participants who experienced unstable attachment and post-traumatic growth were selected and the following conclusions were drawn. First, the meaning in the existential context is the desire for recognition, perfectionism, unstable family environment, how to cope with stress, the courage to face the wounds, self-acceptance and affirmation, gratitude to the people around you, and the hope of life is the meaning in the participant experience. was interpreted as Second, the meaning in the relational context was interpreted as experiences with parents, husbands, children, interpersonal relationships, and religion. Third, the meaning in the life context is the lack of care, the reproduction of control, the responsibility as the eldest daughter, the precious family, and the meaning and value of life is the present experience in which the various experiences with the parents in the past affect the lives of the current participants. interpreted in Through the above research results, this study aims to describe the experiences of insecure attachment during childhood and the post-traumatic growth process of participants using a narrative technique, and to suggest positive alternatives to their lives.
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    A Phenomenological Study on the Burnout of Specialized Counselors in the 117 Report Center - Application of the Integrated Working System of Government Departments-

    Yang-suk Youn , Eun-hye Kim | 2022, 7(3) | pp.85~91 | number of Cited : 0
    In modern society, the field of life is expanding to complex and diverse fields according to changes in lifestyle. As people's consciousness also changes, various social problems are involved, and countermeasures are being taken in various ways. In particular, as the issue of school violence has become a subject of interest, government-related ministries have jointly set up a reporting center and professional counselors are receiving and consulting on damage reports. Counselors experience mental and physical exhaustion in the course of their work. Therefore, the need to contribute to effective counseling work is raised by studying the factors that cause burnout. This study collected the experiences of 10 counselors working at 117 reporting centers from February 2019 to May 2020 through interviews and analyzed them with Colaizzi's phenomenological research method. The exhaustion factors derived from the results of the study were first experiences such as conflict between counselors during the period of institutional integration in the "117 reporting center experience", and secondly, professional counselors experienced emotional exhaustion, inhumanization, and lack of achievement. In order to prevent and overcome the exhaustion factors of counseling agents, it was necessary to prepare measures to promote fraud. This is expected to be useful data for improving the working environment of special job counselors in the era of industrialization and informatization in which various anonymous counseling methods are used.
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    Offline University and Cyber University Analysis of the Current State of the Curriculum Related to the Department of Counseling

    YUN, SUK-JU | 2022, 7(3) | pp.93~102 | number of Cited : 0
    The purpose of this study is to analyze the curricula of counseling-related departments in 35 offline colleges and 20 cyber colleges to analyze improvement points and development directions. Curriculum was analyzed with educational goals, open subjects, practice, and operation process. As a result of the study, the terms 'professional counselor, psychologist, and professional counselor' were used the most frequently in the educational goals of the department using the term 'counseling'. In the subjects, the most frequently opened courses were in the first year in counseling basics, in the second year in counseling theory and technique, in the third in psychological evaluation, in the second in statistics and research, and in the fourth in counseling practice. Counseling theory and practice, counseling process and interview technique are operated in the lower grades, and counseling practice, supervision, counseling practice and case study, and domestic and foreign internships were mostly operated in the fourth grade. Based on the above, we will discuss the improvement points and development direction of the curriculum of departments that use the term ‘consultation’ in offline and online universities.
  • 12.

    personality Disease Prediction of Classic Astrology

    Cho Man-Seob | 2022, 7(3) | pp.103~113 | number of Cited : 0
    In this study, in the Nativity birth chart of Classic Astrology, the study was conducted under the premise that 'If the natives are born with different structures to govern their diseases, diseases may appear differently in the lives of natives.' did. In the birth chart, an individual's innate health was analyzed through the strengths and weaknesses of sign, planets, and aspects. In the case of managing congenital diseases, we studied the aspect relationship between the native's ASC constellation and the fixed star and planet in the Nativity Birth Chart. In the case of controlling acquired diseases, it was judged by examining the constellations, rulers, and planets of the 6th house that control diseases in the Nativity birth chart. In the case of acquired diseases, natives may be exposed to various accidents and diseases throughout their lives. So, we looked at the relationship between diseases through the energy and weakness of the planet coming through Pirdaria, the aspect relationship with the planet, and fixed star. As a result of the study, a native's health status is given differently depending on the strength and weakness of the innate sign and planet in the Nativity Birth Chart. And it has been proven that the health of the native is determined by the state of the 6th House, who rules over disease, and the disease and accidents that come from Direction are determined by the relationship between the planet and the aspect coming from Pirdaria.
  • 13.

    The Study on Gyeokguk and Sangshin

    Kwan Hwangbo | 2022, 7(3) | pp.115~124 | number of Cited : 0
    The most difficult things, when we study the future-telling science of human destiny, are in case of what one’s individual’s fate is bad which is shown by Saju-Palza(四柱八字), In that case, we have faced the problems on how we live ; to follow or to deny our fate under the brief of improving our lives by trying to make hard efforts, regardless of the bad Saju-Palza(四 柱八字). However, we can hardly find the clear answer to those questions. 『Liao Fan 4 lessons(了凡四訓)』 shows that one’s destiny can be improved by accumulating good deeds despite of the bad Saju-Palza(四柱八字). Someone says that future can be created, not be foreseen. As well, Dr. Steven Coby says that the best definite way to forecast future is in creating the future. Anyhow, the strong desire and curiosity to know one’s individual’s future is having been lasted until now since the Genesis. we guess these desires may be one of our basic instinct. If then, the function and role of the future-telling science will be to increase the accuracy of future prediction, whether our fate has been fixed or been able to be changeable. Therefore, this study summarizes the definition of confusing terms, focusing on Gyeokguk(格局) and Sangshin(相神), the core of Myeongrihak(命理學), which is considered to be one of the most popular future-telling science. Concering Gyeok(格), in this paper, Nae-Gyeok(內格) has been mainly considered and Oi-Gyeok(外格) or Special-Gyeok(別格) have not been addressed. Specifically, it summarized the views of the classical Myeongri(命理) books and modern scholars on Gyeokguk(格局) and Yongshin(用神). In particular, it also summarized the comparison of various concepts of Gyeokguk(格局), the advantages and disadvantages of each Nae-Gyeok(內格)’s characteristic, the determination order of Nae-Gyeok(內格) and the good case and bad case of it’s Gyeok(格). In addition, it was necessary to summarize the concept of Sangshin(相神), which was talked about in 『Japyeongjinjeon』 and to briefly summarize Heeshin(喜神) with a broader concept than Sangshin(相神). The different usage of Sangshin(相神) was also analyzed, between the priority interpretation of Cheongan(天干) in Day-Column(日柱) and the interpretation based on Jijee(地支) in Month-Column(月柱) . Finally, this paper was completed, leaving it later as a research task, the confusion that comes from the scholars’ acceptance of the comprehensive diversity on the same term.
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    Development of Music Psychotherapy Program Applying the Inner Family System(IFS) to Reduce Adult Depression and Improve Self-Esteem

    Soon-ae Jeon | 2022, 7(3) | pp.125~130 | number of Cited : 0
    The purpose of this study is to develop music psychotherapy program applying the Inner Family System(IFS) to reduce adult depression and improve self-esteem and to verify its effectiveness. For this, literature search and theoretical basis were prepared, and validity was secured through a demand survey and evaluation by experts. After going through the preliminary program, the final program consisting of 10 sessions was developed after revision and supplementation. To verify the effectiveness of the program, 25 people who met the selection criteria with a score of 20 or higher on the Depression Scale(CES-D) were selected. Of the 25 subjects, 10 subjects in the experimental group, 10 subjects in the control group, and 5 subjects in the preliminary group were randomly assigned and analyzed as final study subjects. The experimental group performed 10 sessions of music psychotherapy applying IFS twice a week for 90 minutes, and the control group did not receive any treatment. As a result of data analysis, first, it was confirmed that there was a difference between the experimental group and the control group in the change patterns according to the measurement period of overall depression and the sub-factors, depressive emotion, interpersonal emotion, and physical depression score. Second, the effects were statistically significant on overall self-esteem and sub-factors such as self-deprecation, relationship with others, leadership and popularity, assertion and anxiety. Third, it was confirmed that the pattern of change according to the measurement period of the IFS score differed between the experimental and control groups.
  • 15.

    Development and Effectiveness Verification of Inner Family System(IFS) Program to Reduce Job Stress of Telephone Counselor

    Jung-mi Lee | 2022, 7(3) | pp.131~137 | number of Cited : 0
    This study is to develop a program based on IFS theory to reduce job stress and psychological exhaustion experienced by telephone counselors in the counseling field, and to verify the effectiveness. After selecting 9 people in advance and conducting a demand survey, detailed program activities, content organization, and validity were reviewed. And preliminary research was conducted with experts, and the final program was composed of evaluation, correction, and supplementation. To verify the effectiveness of the program, 10 people from the experimental group and 10 people from the control group were selected for voluntarily participating telephone counselors. As a result of the study, first, the overall job stress and its sub-factors, 'overwork', 'difficult clients', and 'social expectations of counselors' scores decreased statistically significantly. Second, 'physical fatigue', 'non-cooperative work environment', 'decreased client value', and 'deterioration of privacy', which are sub-factors of psychological exhaustion, significantly decreased. Third, the IFS score decreased significantly according to the IFS application program.