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2023, Vol.8, No.1

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    Efficacy evaluation of cosmetic ingredients for acne-prone skin improvement using wheat germ extract

    JING XU , Yuri Kang , Woonjung Kim | 2023, 8(1) | pp.1~10 | number of Cited : 0
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    n this study, a formula (EJ-F101) was prepared to develop a raw material for acne-prone skin improvement using wheat germ extract, and a clinical trial cream was prepared and clinical trials were conducted. As a result of the analysis, when comparing before and after using the product, both the test group and the control group showed significant improvement effects in terms of open comedones, occluded comedones, papules, sebum and oil content in the facial region at 4 weeks after product use, compared to the control group in the test group which showed a more significant improvement effect. As a result of the survey on the efficacy of the product, most items showed higher positive answers in the test product compared to the control product four weeks after the use of the product, and about 43-81% of the study subjects answered positively in the test product, except for the "open surface" item. In addition, for all items related to the usability of the product, about 14-86% of the test group and 38-90% of the control group answered positively at the time point 4 weeks after using the product. As a result of skin safety evaluation, no adverse skin reactions were observed in all subjects of this study. Based on the above results, it is considered that the cream using wheat germ extract is suitable for use on acne-prone skin(non comedogenicity).
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    The effect of self-objectification through the user's postural habit analysis on the practice of correct posture: App service proposal through EMG sensors and wearable devices

    Ye-eun Ko , Ye-jun Kim , Seon Kim and 1 other persons | 2023, 8(1) | pp.11~22 | number of Cited : 0
    This study proposes service content that helps people stay in the right posture in their daily lives to manage the pain of musculoskeletal diseases. Resistance factors and induction factors were analyzed through a survey of 143 people and Ethnography. Based on this, we propose an app service that helps practice the right posture by using EMG sensors and wearable devices. This study is meaningful in alleviating musculoskeletal pain and further improving the quality of life by helping to practice and maintain the right posture with service content based on self-objectification through user posture habit analysis.
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    A Study on the Public Interest Role of the Detective Industry for Music Copyright Protection

    Kim Mi Ok , Yun Sou Bin , Yeom Keon Ryeong | 2023, 8(1) | pp.23~33 | number of Cited : 0
    In modern times, damage caused by the spread of the Internet has become very diverse. In particular, due to the craze of K-pop since 2008, the damage caused by copyright infringement in the domestic and international music markets has become the biggest problem in the Internet market. However, the manpower of the police and copyright protection agencies to solve these increasingly intelligent crimes is insufficient. Therefore, we are trying to find out the role of the public interest detective as a supplementary force for the public authority and as a substitute for the copyright protection agency that can provide legitimate help for victims in the prevention of music copyright infringement and disputes. For this study, first, the concept and types of music copyright, the concept ofpublic interest detectives, the current status and system of music copyright were identified, and the role of detectives for music copyright protection was explored through system operation and status analysis of protection agencies and literature review. Through the results of this study, it is hoped that the role of a professional detective in the public interest dimension of music copyright protection can be a good soil for the development of the detective industry in the future.
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    A study on improvement of policy of artificial intelligence for national defense considering the US third offset strategy

    Se Hoon Lee , Seunghoon Lee | 2023, 8(1) | pp.35~45 | number of Cited : 0
    This paper addressed the analysis of the trend and direction of the US defense strategy based on their third offset strategy and presented the practical policy implication of ensuring the security of South Korea appropriately in the future national defense environment. The countermeasures for the development ability of advanced weapon systems and secure core technologies for Korea were presented in consideration of the US third offset strategy for the future national defense environment. First, to carry out the innovation of national defense in Korea based on artificial intelligence(AI), the long-term basis strategy for the operation of the unmanned robot and autonomous weapon system should be suggested. Second, the platform for AI has to be developed to obtain the development of algorithms and computing abilities for securing the collection/storage/management of national defense data. Lastly, advanced components and core technologies are identified, which the Korean government can join to develop with the US on a basis of the Korea-US alliance, and the technical cooperation with the US should be stronger.
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    Effect of Environmentally Friendly Management Activities of SMEs on Job Improvement

    Sang-Mok Bae | 2023, 8(1) | pp.47~53 | number of Cited : 0
    This study is an empirical study on the effect of eco-friendly management activities of small and medium-sized manufacturers on job improvement. The summary of the analysis results is as follows. first. Among the eco-friendly management activities of SMEs, it was analyzed that social activities did not have a statistically significant effect on job improvement, and second. Environmental activities were found to have a significant effect on work productivity with β= .394 (p<.001), and job satisfaction showed a low causal relationship with β=.216, p<.05, and third. Economic management activities were found to have a significant effect on job satisfaction, with β= .388 (p<.001). In addition, a low causal relationship was confirmed with β= .267 (p<.01) in work productivity. Therefore, among the effects on job improvement, it was found that environmental activities affect job productivity and economic management activities affect job satisfaction. This study is meaningful in creating an environment for SMEs' eco-friendly management activities, presenting competitive strategic directions, and providing basic data for research.
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    A Study on the Continues Use Intention of Artificial Intelligence RPA in the Financial Industry

    Kyeong-Rok Seo , Hyeon-Suk Park | 2023, 8(1) | pp.55~68 | number of Cited : 0
    The purpose of this study is to investigate the factors that influence the intention to continuously use the RPA program used in the financial industry for those working in the financial industry. In particular, the purpose of this study is to understand the will to accept and the perception of acceptance conflict by considering the characteristics of individuals in the relationship between work and information technology. As a result of the study, it can be confirmed that the RPA system based on intelligent process automation including artificial intelligence should be further strengthened in the transformation of a digitalized enterprise rather than the RPA based on simple task automation that is currently most used. In general, the phenomenon of cognitive dissonance was prominent for the adoption of new technology, but the phenomenon of cognitive dissonance did not appear for the continued use of RPA in the financial industry. Able to know. In the future in the financial industry, it is thought that the change in the labor organization will be accelerated as the suitability of repetitive tasks and technologies is increased.
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    A Study on the Effects of SEMs R&D Capabilities and Resource Allocation Capabilities on Product Performance

    Jung, Jong-Seo , Young-Wook Seo | 2023, 8(1) | pp.69~82 | number of Cited : 0
    This study verified the effect of R&D capabilities and resource allocation capabilities on technology commercialization capabilities and the effect of technology commercialization capabilities on product performance. The effect of technology commercialization capability was verified by using commercialization speed, market scope, and technology breadth as variables. A survey was conducted for employees of SMEs companies, and the model and hypotheses of the study were verified using SPSS 25 and Smart PLS 3.0. It was confirmed that R&D capabilities and resource allocation capabilities had a significant effect on technology commercialization capabilities, and technology commercialization capabilities had a significant effect on the company's product performance. Through the results of this study, strengthening a company's R&D capabilities and resource distribution capabilities from a resource-based perspective expands technology commercialization capabilities such as commercialization speed, market scope, and technology breadth, and strengthening technology commercialization capabilities affects product performance of a company. It is meaningful in providing implications for the commercialization performance of companies by revealing the impact.
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    The effect of corporate field teacher and corporate education satisfaction on apprenticeship education satisfaction and student job competency - Focusing on NCS job standards and apprenticeship school project group types -

    Yoojeong Kim , Hong Sub-Keun , In-Yeop Kim | 2023, 8(1) | pp.83~94 | number of Cited : 0
    This study explored the effect of corporate field teacher and corporate education satisfaction on apprenticeship education satisfaction and student job competency development focusing on NCS job standards and industry-academia-integrated apprenticeship school project group. As a result of the study, satisfaction with corporate field teachers in the electrical, electronic, and food service sectors was found to have a positive influence on improving students' job competency, while satisfaction with corporate education was important in the management, accounting, office, and information and communication sectors. In the analysis by type of project group, the satisfaction of corporate field teachers in the joint practice type and industry-led type had a strong influence on improving job competency, but in the base school type and single school type, corporate education satisfaction had a greater influence on capacity improvement. Therefore, it is necessary to redefine the competencies of corporate field teachers and to establish and implement an industry-academic integrated apprenticeship school operation plan with the relationship between the type of project group and NCS job standard classification.
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    A study on the Correlation between Stress and Burnout Affecting Child Care Center Directors -Focusing on the Mediating Effect of turnover Intention-

    Min-Gi Jeong , On-You Jeong | 2023, 8(1) | pp.95~102 | number of Cited : 0
    This study identified the relationship between stress and burnout that affects turnover intention of daycare center operators in the process of childcare and operation, and analyzed the role of burnout in the correlation between stress and turnover factors in Child Care Center Directors. The research results are as follows. First, the higher the stress of the Child care center director, the higher the burnout. In particular, among the stresses, the director confirmed that the higher the stress on faculty management and administrative and financial management, the higher the burnout. Second, the higher the burnout of the director of the Child care center, the higher the turnover intention. Third, it was confirmed that the higher the stress of the Child care center director, the higher the turnover intention. Fourth, as a result of verifying the mediating effect presented in this study, it can be said that burnout has a mediating effect in the correlation between stress and turnover intention, and since the direct effect of stress on turnover intention is not significant, this mediating effect is completely mediating. can be said. In conclusion, it was confirmed that preventing job burnout is the most important issue for managing stress, which is the most important factor for turnover of Child care center Directors. Therefore, it can be said that stress and burnout have a significant correlation among job factors of childcare center directors.
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    The Effect of Mobile App Contents Characteristics on the Continuous Use Intention: Focused on Using KakaoTalk

    Sou-Bin Yun , Byung-June Kim , ALICe Consulting Firm | 2023, 8(1) | pp.103~110 | number of Cited : 0
    This study targeted KakaoTalk app users, mainly in Seoul and the metropolitan area, and verified the factors that had a significant impact on the intention to continuously use the app through KakaoTalk contents. Among various content characteristics, five variables were used to verify the variables that had the greatest influence on the intention to continue using, and the ones that did not. As a result of testing the five hypotheses, it was found that convenience, enjoyment, informativeness, and perceived usefulness had a significant positive(+) effect on the intention to continue using, but intimacy did not. From this, it can be determined that the majority of users use the app content because it is useful and informative, rather than because they have a sense of familiarity. In this way, the purpose of this study is to provide empirical help to factors closely related to the intention of continuous use in deriving priorities to be considered in the service planning stage as well as in terms of technical design of contents when developing mobile apps in the mobile app industry as a whole and in the field in the future. I want to provide it, but there is a meaning.
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    Study on the sampling inspection method for reliability assurance of lot

    baikjaewook | 2023, 8(1) | pp.111~117 | number of Cited : 0
    Sampling inspection methods for quality control have been proposed a lot in the industry. However, the sampling inspection method for reliability, which is a quality over time, has been relatively less presented, and there are not many literatures that are clearly summarized. Therefore, this paper focuses on the reliability conformity test to verify that the reliability evaluation scale value of the target is satisfied during the reliability test. To this end, first, we look at the conditions that both consumers and producers can satisfy in terms of the OC curve and find out what sampling methods satisfy the desired level of producer risk and consumer risk. Next, two methods of the reliability sampling methods such as attribute and variable reliability sampling methods are examined. Specifically, the attribute reliability sampling method is a form of sampling plan where n samples are tested for a certain period of T hours and the lot is accepted if the number of failures is less than or equal to a certain number c. On the other hand, the variable reliability sampling method is a form of sampling plan where the lot is accepted if the reliability evaluation scale such as MTBF satisfies a certain standard. Both sampling plans may also use inspection tables.
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    An Analysis of the Choice of Wedding Time Based on the Gimundungap Theory

    Jung Yoon Ju , Ki-Chan Kim | 2023, 8(1) | pp.119~134 | number of Cited : 0
    An Analysis of the Choice of Wedding Time Based on the Gimundungap Theory. The purpose of this study is to research the utility and validity of wedding time selection based on the principles of Ungokgimun, a recent development of Gimundungap theory. Unlike the conventional way of choosing from common auspicious hours and days deemed available for important ceremonial occasions, Ungokgimun determines the propitious heavenly wedding time catered for a particular couple based on the birth table consisting of the four pillars of the bride- and groom-to-be. Using the Hong Guk-soo numbers which are drawn from the basic principles of oriental philosophy, it utilizes a deductive approach to wedding time choice, which is considered decisive and logical. Wedding time selection for a bride and a bridegroom is determined by auspicious combinations of matching and supporting HongGuk-soo numbers. Some relevant determining factors for the time choice are three number combination of samhap, two number combination of half-hap, latitudinal combination of yuk-hap, support and control relationships between related elements, two number punishment of hyung-sal, and three number punishment of samhyung-sal, etc. The specific auspicious palace of the spouse-to-be’s luck is selected on the basis of supporting or brotherly combination of numbers which are manifested on the baseline earthly plate of the bride- and groom-to-be. This is followed by the selection of the ten-year luck, and year and month luck, and finally by the selection of auspicious day and hours. The validity of this study was verified through theoretical consideration of the Ungokgimun and practical analysis of a variety of marriage cases. It was found that the way of wedding time selection using Ungok Gimundungap was relatively more effective than other conventional methods.
  • 13.

    A Study on the Symbols of the Snake's Shedding

    Ju-Hee Na , Kim, dong-tae | 2023, 8(1) | pp.135~141 | number of Cited : 0
    Snakes are objects that appear in religions, folktales, and folktales of various countries, and have had a great influence on human spirit and culture since ancient times. In this study, we focused on the shedding of skin in the ecology of snakes and dealt with related symbols. In the process of shedding its skin, the snake overcomes difficulties and pains, grows, and escapes death to gain a new life. This has the meaning of individuation through the process of psychological transformation by overcoming hardships. This shedding of skin was recognized as a symbol of wisdom, transformation, rebirth, and healing in myths, religions, and folktales, and settled in people's unconscious.
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    A comparative study of the past and present locations of Cui Pu's "Piaohailu"

    Changwon Choi | 2023, 8(1) | pp.143~150 | number of Cited : 0
    Cui Pu Korea period official, 1487 AD to Jeju Island to perform official duties, after the death of his father, in 1488 leap on the third day of the first month home, unfortunately encountered a storm on the way, and drifting in the sea nearly half a month later, finally landed in the "Datang state Zhejiang Taizhou Prefecture near the Hai county border" (now Sanmen county). Cui Pu traveled overland from Taizhou to Hangzhou, then via Hangzhou, by boat along the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal to Beijing, and then by land from Beijing through Shanhaiguan Pass, through the Yalu River back to his motherland. We have pieced together the distance he traveled, the current situation of the places he passed through. He also hopes to make a new record of the changes of these sites by revisiting the important sites he has walked. This study explores Cui Pu's footprints and reviews the history by comparing the ancient and modern places he passed through.