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Rapidly changing​ Domestic and overseas industrial environments require constant innovation in all industries including manufacturing, services, and IT.​ In order for Korea, which is at the threshold of developed countries, to take a leap forward,​ In theoretical and applied research, beyond the theoretical academic research, it is very urgent to concentrate and advance research capabilities through creative and multi-disciplinary research.​ In order to consolidate the research capabilities related to the industrial system in the fourth industrial revolution era and to establish a field of convergence research,​ It was conducted by the Industrial Promotion Research Institute and published a research paper.
Sug-in Chang

(Kongju National University )

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Current Issue : 2022, Vol.7, No.2

  • A study on the Efficiency of Community Service Investment Projects Data Envelopment Analysis, DEA-Centered on 8 districts in Daegu

    Won-Seon Lee | Sang-Uk Hong | 2022, 7(2) | pp.1~13 | number of Cited : 0
    This study of purpose is to examine the efficiency through the current status and performance of each institution providing the Daegu community service investment project, and to find a direction for the efficient operation of each institution. In order to promote efficient and effective project promotion by checking the management status that meets the purpose of the local community service investment project, to provide systematic services necessary to consumers, improve quality, and improve the environment, the accurate situation and situation through the efficiency analysis of the service provider organization It is necessary to identify problems, develop programs suitable for regional characteristics, and actively manage services. Specifically, it seeks to provide a more stable and sustainable local community service by measuring efficiency based on information from each institution and comparing and analyzing it among local governments. For this purpose, it is meaningful in analyzing the efficiency of each institution by using the DEA (data envelope analysis) method and presenting the goals and policy implications for efficient operation by comparing them by local government.
  • A Study on the Effect of Corporate ESG Activities on Business Performance : Focusing on the Moderating Effect of Corporate Values Perception

    Jin-Ho Jung | Hyeonsuk Park | 2022, 7(2) | pp.15~29 | number of Cited : 0
    This study attempted to investigate how corporate ESG practice affects management performance. To this end, the effect of environmental responsibility activities, social responsibility activities, and governance activities in terms of environment (E), social (S), and governance (G), which are the three elements of ESG, on management performance, mediating organizational effectiveness, and controlling corporate value perception, were empirically analyzed. The analysis results are as follows. First, environmental responsibility activities, social responsibility activities, and governance activities all had a positive (+) effect on management performance. Second, environmental responsibility activities, social responsibility activities, and governance activities all had a positive (+) effect on organizational effectiveness. Third, it was found that organizational effectiveness plays a partial mediating role between environmental responsibility activities, social responsibility activities, governance activities, and management performance. Fourth, it was found that corporate value perception has a moderating effect on environmental responsibility activities and governance activities, excluding social responsibility activities. Therefore, strengthening ESG practice will not only be essential for investment, but also help improve management performance. In addition, the results of this study suggest that ESG education for members should be strengthened to promote ESG practice, and it is necessary to re-establish management strategies so that corporate values reflect ESG.
  • A study on the Rasing-Anxiety of Parenting of children in school age with Low levels of Self-differentiation

    Won-Seon Lee | Sang-Uk Hong | 2022, 7(2) | pp.31~42 | number of Cited : 0
    This study was conducted in-depth interviews and examinations by selecting mothers with low levels of self-differentiation and experiencing anxiety about parenting among mothers with low levels of self-differentiation, and analyzed them around categories and analyzed them into general structural techniques. As a current period task, it is the cause of the rasing-anxiety of parenthood in school age and the number of children due to nuclear familyization, and by generalizing the family's problems and experiences of parenting insolvency into categories, it is the reason for recognizing problems such as the child's social response and emotional support and the cause of the mother's low level of self-differentiation and anxiety, and setting the correct direction for parenting.