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Review Process

1. Editors and judges

1) The editorial committee is composed of 5 or more members including the editor-in-chief, the editorial director, and three appointed by the editor-in-chief.

2) The judges are selected by the editor-in-chief in consideration of the research achievements of each major from among those who have qualifications of at least as an assistant professor at the national dental college and medical school.

3) Depending on the nature of the submitted manuscript, the editorial committee appoints a reviewer and requests review.

4) The original article, case report, and review article are finally decided by the editorial board after three or more judges.

5) The list of judges will not be announced at all.
6) The Korean Academy of Pediatric Dentistry may pay a prescribed manuscript review fee to the judges.

2. Manuscript review and publication decision
1) The results of the review by the judges are classified into three types: “can be published”, “reviewed”, and “cannot be published”.
2) If the reviewer admits that the content of the manuscript falls under any of the following paragraphs, it is decided as “re-examination”, and the relevant matters are specifically pointed out and revised or supplemented, so that the reviewers can make a decision for publication again. .
(1) When there is no distinct difference between the results of the author's research and those already conducted by others
(2) If the content is not clear
(3) In case the indication or explanation of figures and tables is insufficient or unclear
(4) If it is recognized that other modifications are necessary
3) If the judges admit that the content of the manuscript falls under any of the following paragraphs, it shall be judged as “not available for publication” and the reason for this must be specifically disclosed.
(1) If originality is not clear
(2) In the case where the facts or ideas found by the author are not clear in the content of the manuscript, or it is not clear that a comprehensive analysis or consideration of them from an angle different from the method or viewpoint indicated in the cited literature is not clear, even if it is a known fact.
(3) If it is deemed inappropriate for publication in the Korean Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
4) If the editorial board admits that the manuscript does not meet the submission regulations, it may not be accepted.
5) Based on the results of the jury's review, the editorial committee finally decides whether to publish or not as follows.
(1) Thesis cannot be published if more than two judges have decided that it cannot be published.
(2) If one reviewer judges as “not allowed to be published” and one or more other judges as “re-examination”, thesis cannot be published.
(3) In the case that only one of the judges is judged as “not allowed to be published”, the publication is decided through a meeting of the editorial committee after re-evaluation by the judges.
(4) If two or more judges decide “re-examination”, the publication will be decided through a meeting of the editorial committee after re-examination by the judges.
The final decision on publication after the review of the judges is decided through the meeting of the editorial committee, and the meeting to decide whether to publish or not is decided by a majority attendance of the editors and a majority vote of the attendance.
3. Review procedure
1) Manuscripts that have been submitted to the Editorial Committee of the Journal of the Korean Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and issued a receipt are sent to the commissioned judges to go through the review process. Judges must review the manuscripts commissioned within 10 days of commissioning, and mail the review opinions together with the manuscript to the editorial board of the Journal of the Korean Academy of Pediatrics.
2) The reviewer must review the content of the manuscript by referring to the thesis evaluation guideline (form of the Korean Pediatric Dental Association) and write an opinion. Re-examination must be requested.
3) The editorial committee sends a copy to the author within 7 days after receiving the review opinion from the reviewers.
4) If the reviewer does not submit the review opinion within 14 days after the review request, the review request may be canceled. In this case, the manuscript must be returned to the editorial committee of the Journal of the Korean Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.
5) The review content of the thesis should not be exposed to others.
6) The manuscript for which the reviewer decides to re-examine the manuscript can be re-examined after the author has revised and supplemented it, and the author can request a reconsideration when the editorial committee decides not to publish.
7) After the editorial committee decides to publish, the author can apply for a certificate of publication.
8) After the editorial committee's decision to publish, the title, author, and content of the manuscript cannot be changed without the permission of the editorial committee.
4. Journal publication and paper submission
1) The journal of Pediatric Dentistry is published four times a year
2) Manuscripts are accepted from time to time and close 3 months before the issue of the issue
3) Submitted manuscripts are issued with a prescribed receipt
5. Other
1)Other matters not specified above shall be handled according to the customs of the editorial board.