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2004, Vol.9, No.2

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    A study on Electronic Commerce Navigation Agent Model Using Fuzzy-Conditional probability

    Kim,Myeong-Soon | 2004, 9(2) | pp.1~6 | number of Cited : 0
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    In this paper, we proposed the intelligent navigation agent model for successive electronic commerce management. For allowing intelligence, we used fuzzy conditional probability and trapezoidal. we proposed the model that can process the vague keywords effectively. Through the this, we verified that we can get the more appropriate navigation result than any other crisp retrieval keywords condition. Our goal of study is make an intelligent automatic navigation agent model.
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    A study on the Design and the Performance Improvement of TCP User Authentication ECC Algorithm Protocol for Mobile terminal

    Seungin Lim | Dae-Woo Park | 2004, 9(2) | pp.7~17 | number of Cited : 0
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    It requires that user have to verify and conform with user authentication protocol on non-meet face to face internet services offered by mobile terminal which user make known user's own intention, and user be using the normal. It is more operation time authentication protocol than Access control protocol. That is what need to be user authentication protocol have verified security, non-reputation, and improved high-performance in operation time for mobile terminal. In order to solve the above demand, in this paper, we would design for mobile terminal of TCP User Authentication ECC Algorithm Protocol with a performance test. Algorithm has 160 bit key and designed IPv4 & IPv6 frame architecture. We should conclude that the proposed protocol have more verified security, non-reputation, confidentiality, and improved high-performance in operation time of mobile terminal from 1 to 17 times than before.
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    The Design of Adaptive Component AnalysisSystem for Image Retrieval

    최 철 | Park,Jang-Choon | 2004, 9(2) | pp.19~26 | number of Cited : 0
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    This paper proposes ACA (Adaptive Component Analysis) as a method for feature extraction and analysis of the content-based image retrieval system. For satisfactory retrieval, the features extracted from images should be appropriately applied according to the image domains and for this, retrieval measurement is proposed in this study. Retrieval measurement is a standard indicating how important the value of a relevant feature is to image retrieval. ACA is a middle stage for content-based image retrieval and it purposes to improve the retrieval speed and performance.
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    A study of Relationship of independence or Dependence for Region using Isophotes Analysis

    이승수 | Park,Jang-Choon | 2004, 9(2) | pp.27~32 | number of Cited : 0
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    If the areas existing in an object are composed of different color sets, the applicable object is segmented into independent areas so it gets to lose the meaning as an object. Therefore, it is required to selectively apply other information on the areas in addition to color information. Based on this methodology, this study, in addition to color information, has also analyzed the shape of isophotes that connect equivalence of brightness as a way of expressing cubic effect. And, through the analyzed information, it has judges independence or dependence of the areas, and then, proposed a way of object seperation through significant regional matching of an object.
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    Asynchronous Cache Consistency Technique

    Lee chan sub | 2004, 9(2) | pp.33~40 | number of Cited : 0
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    According as client/server is generalized by development of computer performance and information communication technology, Servers uses local cache for extensibility and early response time, and reduction of limited bandwidth. Consistency of cached data need between server and client this time and much technique are proposed according to this. This paper improved update frequency cache consistency in old. Existent consistency techniques is disadvantage that response time is late because synchronous declaration or abort step increases because delaying write intention declaration. Techniques that is proposed in this paper did to perform referring update time about object that page request or when complete update operation happens to solve these problem. Therefore, have advantage that response is fast because could run write intention declaration or update by sel_mode electively asynchronously when update operation consists and abort step decreases and clearer selection.
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    A study on the Design and the Performance Improvement of IP Access Control Protocol for External Mobile terminal

    Dae-Woo Park | 2004, 9(2) | pp.41~48 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    Access control protocol have verified security of external mobile terminal that access to inner information sever at Ubiquitous ages. In this paper, I would design for IP Access Control Protocol of considering operation time when make cipher digital signature. Public key are used Individual identification number that issued from certify communication company, and cipher algorithm are used ECDSA definition factor for generation and verification of digital signature and it used Elliptic Curve with over 160 bit Key. Also, Access control operate on IP level that designed IPv6 frame architecture. I would conclude that IP Access Control Protocol have verified security and improved performance in operation time more 4 times than before protocols when through the communication of use cipher digital signature for authentication and verification.
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    Design of edge Class for Digital Image Processing

    KangHo-Lee | Kim hak chun | 안용학 | 2004, 9(2) | pp.49~55 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we design edge class that can processed digital image effectively. edge is a important information including the point of shape information for a object detection or recognition in the digital image. Therefore, it is of very importance, which managed effectively the edge and can use a variety availability in digital image processing, after edge detection. The environment using the existing digital image processing system has limits of use and speed. In this paper, we design edge class that can managed detected edges and it analyzes existing methods by edge detection algorithm.
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    Visual User Defined Schema Integration at Multimedia Database Environment

    Hyun Chang Lee | 2004, 9(2) | pp.57~62 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In these days, application systems for processing information using database is increasing. Enterprises holding a lot of data do not possess needed data but instead include unrelated, independent and individual data. As a result, it only contains disparate data. Disparate data is ambiguous and it does not support current integrated information. In response to the above problems, data warehouse may provide a solution. Building a data warehouse needs a systematic design because of its complexity. This paper describes an efficient design methodology using visual environment for data warehouse to cope with the requirements of end users. Also, the system is able to process existential SQL query.
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    Study ondesign of computer maintenance & repair system using SLA technique

    Kim,Sung-Sun | Seung Ho Shin | 최용식 | 2004, 9(2) | pp.63~68 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this study We designed development and operation of computer maintenance & repair system which is efficient and systematic on the disorder of PC in the places with many computers such as company, public organization, school, etc. We designed so as to clearly measure and manage the service level by using SLA(Service Level Agreement) technique which is being used actively in network maintenance & repair contract. And We designed system which can provide One Stop Service so that the whole process of service including service demand point, maintenance & repair activity, user's satisfaction.
  • 10.

    SLA (Service Level Agreement) Metrics in IT Operation Outsourcing

    Yong-Soo Kim | 2004, 9(2) | pp.69~79 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    For the successful IT operation outsourcing, there need appropriate metrics on which both of the service clients and provider agree. The metrics are used to set up the service level objectives, which are manifested in the service level agreement with price. A study of metrics is necessary for the following reasons: First, most of the metrics used today were introduced in the early years of computers and are not satisfactory to both of the service providers and clients. Second, metrics represent the performance of system components but not end-user satisfaction. Third, because the service provider leads the outsourcing agreement, the objectives are specified more favorable to the provider. The objectives should be based on metrics that both sides fully understand and agree on.
  • 11.

    Security Policy Model for the Intrusion Detection and Response on Enterprise Security Management System

    손우용 | Jung Gil Song | 2004, 9(2) | pp.81~87 | number of Cited : 5
    Abstract PDF
    Very various intrusion by development of systems that is based on network is spread. To detect and respond this intrusion, security solutions such as firewall or IDS are bringing and management of security system that load these becomes more harder. Moreover, because environment of systems that require security is various, hard to manage establishing suitable security policy. Therefore, need model about enterprise management of various security system and intrusion detection of each systems and response. In this paper, improve PBNM structure that manage wide network resources and presented suitable model in intrusion detection and response of security system. Also, designed policy-based enterprise security management system for effective intrusion detection and response by applying presented model to enterprise security management system.
  • 12.

    A study on the Multi-Path Gain Adaptive MMSE Detector

    유동관 | 2004, 9(2) | pp.89~96 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, an improved method is proposed by supplementing multi-path gain for detection. This method is proposed to complement the shortcomings of the conventional detection method which is used for multiuser detection in STBC(Space-Time Block Code) CDMA system.We analyzed the improved method in bit error probability viewpoint and compared the result with that of the conventional method. From this result, we showed that bit error probability of the improved method is superior to that of the conventional method when the parameters such as delay, number of user and SNR are increased.
  • 13.

    Performance Analysis of DS-CDMA System using Space-Time Beamf orming Technique

    김성곤 | Youngmin Kim | 2004, 9(2) | pp.97~104 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    As a channel of a DS-CDMA system is shared among several users, the receivers face the problem of MAI. Also the bandlimited channel leads to ISI. Both components are undesired, but unlike the additive noise process, which is usually completely unpredictable, their space-time structure helps to estimate and remove them. This paper investigates a DS-CDMA system with a fading multipath channel. The investigations have been separated into a channel estimation part and a reception part. In the estimation part of seperated two parts, the multipath parameters such as DOA and TOA are evaluated in this paper. In the part of receiver, we used these parameters and tested the performance of this receiver about space-time beamformers. To assess many different estimation techniques and beamformers, the simulation compared with theoretical values is performed.
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    Design of an Efficient User Authentication Protocol Using subgroup of Galois Field

    정경숙 | 2004, 9(2) | pp.105~113 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    If the protocol has fast operations and short key length, it can be efficient user authentication protocol Lenstra and Verheul proposed XTR. XTR have short key length and fast computing speed. Therefore, this can be used usefully in complex arithmetic. In this paper, to design efficient user authentication protocol we used a subgroup of Galois Field to problem domain. Proposed protocol does not use that is existent finite field, and uses that is subgroup and solves problem. XTR-ElGamal based user authentication protocol reduced bit number that is required when exchange key by doing with upside. Also, proposed protocol provided easy calculation and execution by reducing required overhead when calculate. In this paper, we designed authentication protocol that is required to do user authentication.
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    Design and Implementation of a Server System for integrating Wired nd Wireless Web Services

    배성환 | Kim,Kyu-Ho | 이종언 and 1other persons | 2004, 9(2) | pp.115~123 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    Since internet and XML has come out, Web Services are regarded as a new paradigm of next generation's IT are becoming a leading technology to integrate the distributed applications on internet using XML based Platforms and distributed computing based on component technologies independent on implementing languages. Nowadays internet is generally used and the use of wireless internet is rapidly rising. The quantities of contents on the web-sites to manage and maintain are getting larger according to these trends and the update cycles are getting shorter. It is necessary to solve these problems that developing the systems which can effectively generate, maintain and manage the contents on the web-sites. In the paper, a system which can integrates wired and wireless services is designed and implemented using the technologies like XML based components, JWSDP, Wireless Server Side Script, WML editor and etc.,
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    A study on the Block Cryptosystem Design with Byte Variable Operation

    Lee, Seon-Keun | 정우열 | 2004, 9(2) | pp.125~130 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    With development of information communications and network environments security importance to the informations deepen as time goes. In this viewpoint, cryptosystem is developing but proportionally cracking and hacking technology is developing.Therefore, in this paper we proposed and designed block cryptosystem with byte variable operation. Designed cryptosystem based on byte operation is safe than existed cryptosystem because it is not generate the fixed DC and LC characteristics. Additionally, proposed cryptosystem have high processing rate and authenticated operation. Therefore proposed cryptosystem is considered to many aid in the network fields.
  • 17.

    A Recommended Guideline of Mobile internet User Interface for VisuallyHandicapped

    Jae Ha Choi | 윤양택 | 2004, 9(2) | pp.131~138 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    Considering international trends and foreign cases, it can be easily expected that web accessibility issue is becoming more and more important. While information technology has changed Korean society rapidly and widely, there are many people who have difficulties in using information services such as the elderly and persons with disabilities. One of the big barriers they face is the lack of accessibility of web services. These social problems have been rarely studied in Korea but surface as very import subjects to be addressed concerning IT and welfare policy. The objective of this study is to ensure web accessibility right for visually handicapped and reduce digital divide through development of a recommendation guideline of mobile internet user interface. In this study, the trends of politics and laws related to web accessibility in developed countries are surveyed and some advisable recommendation guidelines of mobile internet user interface for visually handicapped to improve web accessibility are proposed.
  • 18.

    Design and Implementation of A Policy based QoS Management System to Support Dynamically Differentitated QoS

    차시호 | Kim,Kyu-Ho | 2004, 9(2) | pp.139~147 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    To provide Internet QoS, the IETF proposed two models of Integrated Services (IntServ) and Differentiated Services (DiffServ). Unlike IntServ where resource reservation and admission control is per-flow based using RSVP, DiffServ supports aggregated traffic classes to provide various QoS to different classes of traffics. However, a dynamic QoS management system is required to dynamically provide differentiated QoS for customers who require dynamic QoS change. This paper designed and implemented therefore a policy-based QoS management system to manage effectively and configure dynamically QoS of DiffServ networks. The validity of the system has been verified by the experimentation on the Linux-based DiffServ network.
  • 19.

    A study of Service Quality on Customer's Satisfaction and Loyalty in Japanese Restaurant

    안효주 | 안광열 | 신충섭 | 2004, 9(2) | pp.149~160 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this research is to study the effect of service quality improvement strategy and its practices on firms' competitive advantage, and identify their influence on customer satisfaction and loyalty.According to this purpose, this paper hypothesized that high service quality will satisfy customers' needs and result in improved customers' loyalty. Thus, empirical study was conducted to identify the relationships among factors which were identified through literature review. Data were collected from the customers of 3 luxurious japanese restaurants in Seoul.The result of data analyses shows: (1) Serve quality factors such as customer service, quality of meal, location and facility, and types of restaurants make significant difference among three restaurants in terms of customers' perception about service quality; (2) There is statistically significant difference among three restaurants in terms of customers' satisfaction, but there is no significant difference among them in terms of customers' loyalty; and (3) Not only the result from analysis on japanese restaurants inside hotels but also that on the independent japanese restaurant in Kangnam area, shows that service quality factors have significant effect on both customers' satisfaction and loyalty.