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2004, Vol.9, No.4

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    Manage the software Defects using Opportunity Tree Framework

    임 근 | 2004, 9(4) | pp.1~4 | number of Cited : 0
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    This paper identifies defects to produce a reliable software and analyzes the relationship between defects. Also, this paper is intended to develop the relationship between defects and their causes to introduce. For the doing, first, to meet to customer satisfaction and make flexibility and productivity. and second, to maximize market extension and financial outcome by controlling of quality and delivery.
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    data Transformation through Mapping between XML and Relation Database

    Kim,Kil-Jun | 2004, 9(4) | pp.5~12 | number of Cited : 0
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    The data transformation between XML and Relation Database is made through the principle of mapping bewtween them. There are two ways to access SQL Server, one is to assign SQL query to URL and the other is to use template file. MS-SQL server takes advantage of OpenXML function to transform the results of executing SQL query into XML documents. That is, OpenXML first makes node tree and then transforms row set data of XML documents into XML data of relation type. In order to insert XML data into database data, data is extracted from parsing XML documents using sp_xml_preparedocument procedure, and then the document structure is mapped into tree structure and stored in a table of database. Consequently, Data transformation between XML and Relation Database is made through mapping bewtween them. This article proposes the principle of mapping between XML and Relation Database and then shows the implementation of transformation between them so that it introduces the possibilty of bringing the extension and efficiency of data and various effects.
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    A New watermarking Alogorithm Using the Edge and PN Code

    Song, Sang-Ju | DooSung Lee | 2004, 9(4) | pp.13~18 | number of Cited : 0
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    In this paper, we proposed a new digital watermarking technique. It uses frequency domain of discrete wavelet transform(DWT). watermarking technique is one of the most important tools for DRM(Digital Right Management). We proposed a new algorithm watermark insertion and detection. This technique creats the watermark sequence using the edge image, spread spectrum technique and DWT. We tested the technique with various attacks, and found that it satisfies the watermarking evaluation criteria. Cox similarity measurement value is more than 6 on the Lena image and PSNR is more than 40dB on JPEG, Collusion, Clopping and Scalling. By the result, we proved that the new technique satisfies the requirement of Digital contents distribution, which are undeletablility tenacity, statistical undetectablility.
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    Design a XML DBMS using RDBMS Based on XML Schema

    Lee, Sang-Tae | Joo Kyung-Soo | 임종선 | 2004, 9(4) | pp.19~26 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    XML DTD is defining expression of simple form for XML document, there is much difficulties to define structure of XML document. Solving XML DTD's problem, W3C was select XML schema by standard in 2001. This paper proposes a design to XML DBMS using Relational Database based on XML schema to be selected by standard from W3C to overcome XML DBMS's shortcoming using XML DTD.
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    XML Structured Model of Tree-type for Essicient Retrieval

    Youngran Kim | 2004, 9(4) | pp.27~32 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    A XML Document has a structure which may be irregular. The irregular document structure is difficult for users to know exactly. In this paper, we propose the XML document model and the structure retrieval method for efficient management and structure retrieval of XML documents. So we use fixed-sized LETID having the information of element, describe the structured information retrieval algorithm for parent and child element to represent the structured information of XML documents. Using this method, we represent the structured information of XML document efficiently. We can directly access to specific element by simple operation, and process various queries. We expect the method to support various structured retrieval of specific element such as parent, child, and sibling elements.
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    3 steps LVQ Learning algorithm using Forward C.P Net.

    Lee Yong Gu | CHOI , WOO SEUNG | 2004, 9(4) | pp.33~39 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we design the learning algorithm of LVQ which is used Forward Counter Propagation Networks to improve classification performance of LVQ networks. The weights of Forward Counter Propagation Networks which is between input layer and cluster layer can be learned to determine initial reference vectors by using SOM algorithm and to learn reference vectors by using LVQ algorithm. Finally, pattern vectors is classified into subclasses by neurons which is being in the cluster layer, and the weights of Forward Counter Propagation Networks which is between cluster layer and output layer is learned to classify the classified subclass, which is enclosed a class. Also, if the number of classes is determined, the number of neurons which is being in the input layer, cluster layer and output layer can be determined. To prove the performance of the proposed learning algorithm, the simulation is performed by using training vectors and test vectors that are Fisher's Iris data, and classification performance of the proposed learning method is compared with ones of the conventional LVQ, and it was a confirmation that the proposed learning method is more successful classification than the conventional classification.
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    A Study on the Education of 5GL Program Tool at College

    박대우 | 2004, 9(4) | pp.41~48 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    At Ubiquitous ages I am teaching of the Fifth Generation Languages Program Tool which was producted by Korea at college, and it develop software program for Internet Electronic Commerce Information. In this paper, I have researched the problems from education in Operating System and the Use of Tool that Korean 5GL Program Tool was better than Foreign Program Tool on functions and peculiarity, merits and demerits. I have a research and analysis of students response about the Using of Tool, Coding(Script), Application Programming in college education whose have had existing Foreign Tool. Also, I propose that the alternative plans which analyze out opinions from teaching professors and program developers.
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    Design of a Simulation Model for Integrated Access Control

    Ho Lee | 2004, 9(4) | pp.49~54 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    Rule-based access control can not completely be replaced by identity-based access control. Neither can role-based access control be a merger of identity-based access control and rule-based access control, but can be used complementarily for each other.In this paper, is proposed a simulation model designed for a new integrated access control method that has been created by means of integrating the existing access control methods. The integrated access control method is equipped with security, integrity and flow control and can easily accomodate the requirements for access control from role-based corporate bodies. The simulation model proposed in this paper can be applied for real working system designs.
  • 9.

    Service agent system for Mobile Devices

    윤정섭 | 2004, 9(4) | pp.55~59 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    Recently the wireless-internet has been spreading extensively. People are spending a large part of their time gaining access to information using a mobile device. However, limited process speed, low bandwidth, the low battery capacity of mobile devices and a high rate of wireless network errors brings out many overheads during service time with server for service. In this paper, we suggest an autonomous service delivery system, which provides mobile agent capability to users that can not maintain a connection. We have developed the system based on java mobile agent technology. Using this system, we can provide more effective services to users when the user is sending requirements of service through a mobile device that has limited resources and can manage the contact server dynamically when new services are added.
  • 10.

    Visual Cohesion Improvement Technology by clustering of Abstract Object

    Jeongyeol Lee | 김정옥 | 2004, 9(4) | pp.61~69 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The user interface design needs to support the complex interactions between human and computers. It also requires comprehensive knowledges many areas to collect customer's requirements and negotiate with them. The user interface designer needs to be a graphic expert, requirement analyst, system designer, programmer, technical expert, social activity scientist, and so on. Therefore, it is necessary to research on an designing methodology of user interface for satisfying various expertise areas. In the paper, We propose the 4 business event's abstract object visualizing phases such as field abstract object modeling, task abstract object modeling, transaction abstract object modeling, and form abstract object modeling. As a result, this modeling method allows us to enhance visual cohesion of UI, and help unskilled designer to can develope the higy-qualified user interface.
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    The design and implementation of web component for Korea to roman transcription

    HongSop Kim | 2004, 9(4) | pp.71~76 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, a web-based automatic transcription component is designed and implemented for mechanical conversion of revised Korean-to-Romanization notation rule. Specially, we proposes system architecture and algorithms that transcript Korean to Roman automatically after transliterate Korean to phonetic symbol applying phonological principles. The components operate under the web server's script mechanism, and the dictionary for exceptional usage is designed as an accessorial function supported either operating at web server internally or externally. The overall system architecture is presented by UML specification and pseudo code. The proposed architecture can be implemented in encapsulated service by object oriented component and that can be easily adapted and modified on the internet environment and this system may have many advantages to improve efficiency, library reuse, extensibility at software development.
  • 12.

    Fast speech Recognition system using Classification of Energe Labeling

    Suyoung Han | Kim,Hong-Ryul | LEE KEE HEE | 2004, 9(4) | pp.77~83 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, the Classification of Energy Labeling has been proposed. Energy parameters of input signal which are extracted from each phoneme are labelled. And groups of labelling according to detected energies of input signals are detected. Next, DTW processes in a selected group of labeling. This leads to DTW processing faster than a previous algorithm. In this Method, because an accurate detection of parameters is necessary on the assumption in steps of a detection of speeching duration and a detection of energy parameters, variable windows which are decided by pitch period are used. A pitch period is detected firstly; next window scale is decided between 200 frames and 300 frames. The proposed method makes it possible to cancel an influence of windows and reduces the computational complexity by 25%.
  • 13.

    Hand Gesture Sequence Recognition using Morphological Chain code Edge Vector

    KangHo-Lee | Choi Chong-Ho | 2004, 9(4) | pp.85~91 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    The use of gestures provides an attractive alternate to cumbersome interface devices for human-computer interaction. This has motivated a very active research area concerned with computer vision-based analysis and interpretation of hand gestures. The most important issues in gesture recognition are the simplification of algorithm and the reduction of processing time. The mathematical morphology based on geometrical set theory is best used to perform the processing. The key idea of proposed algorithm is to track a trajectory of center points in primitive elements extracted by morphological shape decomposition. The trajectory of morphological center points includes the information on shape orientation. Based on this characteristic, we proposed the morphological gesture sequence recognition algorithm using feature vectors calculated to the trajectory of morphological center points. Through the experiment, we demonstrated the efficiency of proposed algorithm.
  • 14.

    Impedance Characteristics of Small Type conductor Surface Open-Ioop Antenna

    정주수 | 2004, 9(4) | pp.93~97 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    This paper proposed that a small type conductor surface open-loop antenna model for the moisture sensor and its operating characteristics were analysed numerically by using the moment methods. The numerical analysis results from this antenna model showed that this antenna could match the input impedance to 50[Ω] by changing parameters of the antenna in the frequency range from 300[㎒] to 500[㎒]. This model also showed that the open-loop radius, height and wire width give a tremendous influence on the antenna resonance variation, while the loaded inductance values affects the variation of the input impedance at the resonance frequencies.
  • 15.

    Implementation of Worksheet System for Fashion Design

    이혜정 | Jung, Sung-Tae | Yong-Ju Lee and 4other persons | 2004, 9(4) | pp.99~107 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In a field of clothing fashion design within the country, CADs and diagraming programs are existed variously. However, Connection of producton line through the worksheet is insufficient. This research implement design and worksheet system grafted on database system. This system can be completed desige through the fashion design system and made out worksheet at the same time. Also, It is possible that designer utilize more quickly and easily find intend to use the data because this system provide retrieval function for existed data with user. A special feature of the system is easy interface(GUI) for user, support of tool for detail, utilize for stored data, printing support for off-line output, comfortable framework for record of clothes size and etc.
  • 16.

    Design and Implementation of a Cloth simulation system based on Hierarshical Space Subdivision Method

    김주리 | Cho,Jin-Ai | Joung Suck-Tae and 2other persons | 2004, 9(4) | pp.109~116 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    This paper describes a cloth simulation system for dressing 3D virtual human model with different pieces of clothing. The garments are constructed of cutting patterns seamed together. The system reads a body file and a cutting pattern file and produces a new model dressed with the specified garment by using a physical simulation based on a mass-spring model. For the realistic cloth simulation, it performs collision detection and response between triangles of the 3D human model and the garment. Because the number of triangles of a human model is very large, the collision detection and response requires a lot of time. To overcome this problem, we propose a pruning method which decreases the number of collision detection and response by a space-subdivision method. Experimental results show that the system produces realistic images and makes it possible to sew a garment around a virtual human body in several seconds.
  • 17.

    An Iterative Improvement search for the Optimal Berth and crane Scheduling

    Hwang Junha | 2004, 9(4) | pp.117~125 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The berth and crane scheduling problem in a container terminal encompasses the whole process of assigning berth to each ship, determining the duration of berthing, assigning container cranes to each ship, and determining the specific start and end time of each crane service, for all the ships scheduled to be arriving at the terminal during a certain scheduling horizon. This problem is basically a constraint satisfaction problem in which all the constraints should be satisfied. However, it is also an optimization problem because the requested arrival and departure time should be met for as many of the scheduled ships as possible, while the operation cost of the terminal should be minimized. In this paper, I present an effective approach to solving this problem, which combines both constraint satisfaction search and iterative improvement search. I test this method on a real world container terminal problem and the results show that the method can produce better results than any other existing method.
  • 18.

    A design and Implementation of web-based Traffic Monitoring System for Management of Small-scale PC-room

    KangHo-Lee | 2004, 9(4) | pp.127~131 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, I propose the web-based network traffic monitoring system to monitor computers running MS Windows in the small-scale PC-room. The system can support network and system operation, management, expansion, and design using network analysis and diagnosis to a network administrator. The whole system consists of two parts: analysis server for collection and analysis of the network information, and supports real-time monitoring of network traffic, and the web-based interface system, a client system shows user a graphical data that analyzed a returned result from the server. This system implements web-based technology using java and contributes to enhance the effectiveness of network administrator's management activities in PC-room by controlling and monitoring.
  • 19.

    Periodontal Disease Segmentation by Geometric analysis

    SangHoon Han | 안용학 | 2004, 9(4) | pp.133~139 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we propose a medical image processing method for detection of periodontal disease by geometric analysis on dental digital radiography. This paper proposes the method of an automatic image alignment and detection of minute changes, to overcome defects in the conventional subtraction radiography by image processing technique, that is necessary for getting subtraction image and ROI(Region Of Interest) focused on a selection method using the geometric features in target images. Therefore, we use these methods because they give accuracy, consistency and objective information or data to results. In result, easily and visually we can identify minute differences in the affected parts whether they have problems or not, and using application system.
  • 20.

    A Study of Wireless Data Quality Evaluation Method in Mobile Phone Service Environment

    김순용 | Sunmyung Hwang | 김상영 | 2004, 9(4) | pp.141~147 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Recently, Mobile phone became a great member of people. It is increased an use of mobile phone a population. According to mobile phone service. Also a carrying along like CDMA terminal became a small size, a light weight. A phone increased in an environment mobile phone service. For the reason it is demand as necessary evaluation iterms development and test environment construct. In this thesis, mobile phone service an environment is necessary an test principal and interest. wireless network is used Wireless Data. To recommand a Wireless Data quality evaluation method and to look upon next generation.
  • 21.

    Design and Implementation of wired and Wireless Markup Language Content conversion Module

    김은수 | Kim,Seok-Hoon | Yun Sung Il | 2004, 9(4) | pp.149~155 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    Current wireless internetservice of domestic five mobile communication companies are being limited to the service using markup-language, platform and Contents. Therefore, research on integration Contents of different Wireless internet platform and its development are necessary. For the easiness of maintenance and compensation, this paper attempts to design a Wireless internet Contents converter for integrate wired and wireless platform which automatically converts to WML and C-HTML through analysis of HTML document.
  • 22.

    Web-Server Security Management system using the correlation analysis

    kim,Sung-Rak | 2004, 9(4) | pp.157~165 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    The paper suggests that web-server security management system will be able to detect the web service attack accurately and swiftly which is keeping on increasing at the moment and reduce the possibility of the false positive detection. This system gathers the results of many unit security modules at the real time and enhances the correctness of the detection through the correlation analysis procedure. The unit security module consists of Network based Intrusion Detection System module, File Integrity Check module, System Log Analysis module, and Web Log Analysis and there is the Correlation Analysis module that analyzes the correlations on the spot as a result of each unit security module processing. The suggested system provides the feasible framework of the range extension of correlation analysis and the addition of unit security module, as well as the correctness of the attack detection. In addition, the attack detection system module among the suggested systems has the faster detection time by means of restructuring Snort with multi thread base system. WSM will be improved through shortening the processing time of many unit security modules with heavy traffic.
  • 23.

    A Methodof efficient connection setting for Mobile IP with high mobility

    Rho, KyungTaeg | Hyeyoung Kim | 2004, 9(4) | pp.167~172 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    Although Mobile IP proposed in IETF is effective, it has inefficiency in case mobile hosts communicate with each others while they are roaming frequently in a specific area. It occurs lots of latency because mobile hosts must be registered and establish an secure path under the internet emvironments and transmitting data on the path. Additionally this inefficiency is more aggravated in case mobile hosts has high mobility. Thus this paper propose a method using Anchor foreign agent by Anchor chain method which combine an pointer forwarding and a cache method plus a border router as a way to complement the above problem which exists in an mobility management in a specific area.
  • 24.

    A Study on the Delays of Security Packet for ATM Network

    임청규 | 2004, 9(4) | pp.173~178 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    A network of Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) will be required to carry the traffics(CVR,VBR, UBR, ABR) generated by a wide range of services. ATM services the Quality-of-Service (QoS) management of traffice sources and bandwidth. Besides efficiency and throughput, the security services are achieved in the traffic sent in ATM network. In this paper, the scheduler evaluate and the packets sent in ATM security group. The scheduler transmits the safty packet, drop the unsafty packet and evaluate mark packet as the requirement of the delay. In this paper, we propose the scheduling algorithm of mark packet which evaluates the packet. The suggested model performance of the firewall switch is estimate simulation in terms of the delay by computer.
  • 25.

    Design of Automatic Meter Reading using RF transceiver module

    chung one chang | 2004, 9(4) | pp.179~184 | number of Cited : 6
    Abstract PDF
    Meter reading system, operated by meter staff who reads the meter and record consumption with handheld data terminals, can cause privacy intrusion, unread meter data, abnormal readings and excessive expenses of maintaining the system. To prevent the deterioration of customer service quality, Automatic Meter Reading system, which automatically recognizes meter readings and transmit reading data through wireless RF module, is designed. From collecting the reading data to managing statistics of customer's consumption information, this automatic meter reading system provides more accurate and fast information to customers. By designing this system, customer service satisfaction and reliability can be improve
  • 26.

    A Design of the RF Signal Detector for Mobile Communication

    안정식 | 김계국 | 2004, 9(4) | pp.185~189 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, designed a diode detector and a log chip detector for mobile communication, and its application is proposed by compared results. In practice, fabricated a diode detector have showed detection voltage of 0~0.7V to RF input power of -40㏈m~-10㏈m, therefore it has suitable characteristic for small variable signal detection. And a log chip detector have showed wide dynamic range of 65dB, and 1.5~4.5V detection voltage to RF input power of -65㏈m~0㏈m, therefore we have found that it suit peak power measurement because it had insensible output detection voltage.
  • 27.

    An Empirical Research about Lifelong Education Institute of YeoJoo institute of Technology

    Kim,Jin-Yong | 오병완 | 유재휘 and 1other persons | 2004, 9(4) | pp.191~201 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    This study is an empirical research about lifelong education provided YIT(YeoJoo of Institue of Technology). This study aims at suggesting fundamental materials for the activation of the lifelong education provided by YIT by analyzing the participation of students and neghbouring district's residents in the programs and their requests. The lifelong education conditions should reflect the requests and levels of participants, and thereby encourage their positive participation and enhance their satisfaction with the programs.
  • 28.

    Development of Information Systems Model Applying Fuzzyset Theory

    Heejin Jung | Choong-Yung Jung | 2004, 9(4) | pp.203~214 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    This paper presents a practical application of possibilistic programming in a information system projects planning model. The estimate of the parameters of the model is often a problematic task for the decision maker(DM), Who has imprecise information or express his considerations subjectively. In this case, possibilistic decision making models can provide an important aspect in handling practical decision making problems. We suggest CPM(Critical Path Method) applying possibilistic programming. CPM is an approach to planning and coordinating large projects by directing managerial focus to the project's most critical aspects and providing completion time of project and beginning time of each activity. This model is an aid in the control of considering aspiration levels by the DM, the fuzziness of decision making, and computational efficiency. The problem is solved by using GINO computer package and the best compromised solution is found.
  • 29.

    A Study Short Run Production Cusum Individual X Chart & Moving Range Chart

    Kim,Je-Hong | 2004, 9(4) | pp.215~220 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    Production management confronted the environment of infinite competition should be prepared to abrupt variations of management environment and have the ability to be changed in short term. It has to be studied, the control method of products that correspond to multi-functionalization and reduced product life which is caused by high-quality and varied customers demands. As a process control method, we must be able not only to control varies characteristic in a control at once but also to detected special values quickly for high-quality. In this paper a control method referred above is presented.
  • 30.

    The Study on the Status and Development of International Ubiquitous computing

    Kyungwoo Kim | 2004, 9(4) | pp.221~231 | number of Cited : 11
    Abstract PDF
    Ubiquitous computing is not radical as Mark Weiser argues and includes things. The status of each nation is as follows. Project of America or Europe are practice for computing infra, intelligence of things and space and man-computer co-relation study, otherwise Japan centers the studying of network ubiquity utilizing computing competence. In this thesis I analyzed real status on the ubiquitous computing case study of each nation, and I proposed computing development model, factor ,structured value system, five type business and technology model.
  • 31.

    Diet Contents using Ubiquitous computing -A case Study on the Mobile Contents of C company-

    전건호 | Kim,Gi-Un | 2004, 9(4) | pp.233~238 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Thanks to the recent rapid development of the Internet, we can access networks whenever we like and wherever we are. This development allows access to desired information on a truly global scale. This thesis investigates the case of Diet Contents to use the mobile service in the era of Ubiquitous Computing. Also this study suggests foundations for the development of more varied and effective mobile contents, which can provide audio and video information as well as simple text information.