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2005, Vol.10, No.1

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    Analysis of the Optical and Electrical Properties of a White OLEDs Using the newly Synthesized Blue Material

    Yoon, Seok Beom | 2005, 10(1) | pp.1~6 | number of Cited : 0
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    White light emission is very important for applying electroluminescent device to full display, backlight and illumination light source. In this letter, Multilayer molecular organic white-light-emitting device using thin film of blue material nitro-DPVT with fluorescent dye Rubrene for an orange emission were fabricated. The basic structure of the fabricated device is α-NPD / nitro-DPVT / nitro- DPVT:Rubrene / BCP/ Alq3. Aluminum is used as the cathode material and ITO was anode material. The white light emission spectrum covers a wide range of the visible region and the Commission Internationale de I'E clairage (C.I.E.) coordinates of the emitted light was ((0.3347, 0.3515) at 14V. The turn voltage is as low as 2.5V and quantum efficiencies are 0.35%.
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    A Data Structuring Technique for Performance Enhancement of Query Processing in the Data Warehouses

    이덕근 , CHOI IN SOO , 오미화 and 1 other persons | 2005, 10(1) | pp.7~13 | number of Cited : 3
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    An OLAP(On-Line Analytical Processing) system is the decision support tool with which a user can analyze the information interactively in the various aspects. However, the traditional existing construction of an OLAP system has the inefficiency problem of increasing the processing time and cost caused by the use of complex MDX(Multidimensional Expressions) queries. In an attempt to solve this problem, a new concept of data structuring technique, where a unit column whose elements are all 1 is added to the fact table, was suggested. With the data structuring technique, we can reduce the processing time and cost in OLAP systems.
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    A Study of Mock Objects Generator for Applying Xpwith Special Attention to C

    정영목 , Nam Yung Lee , 박제원 | 2005, 10(1) | pp.15~25 | number of Cited : 0
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    As one of the lightweight software development methodology, the XP (Extreme Programming) is the practical means to improve the productivity and quality of software through the pursuit of 4 values - communication, simplicity, feedback, and courage. It appears, however, the TDD (Test Driven Development), one of the practices of XP, has a problem, which is the unavailability of the test driven development in case of the prolonged period of testing or the failure of securing the independency of the test cases. This results in the emphasis on the importance of the Mock Objects recently. The Mock Objects, the one imitating the faulty real code, has the fundamentals of simplicity allowing even manual script but, due to the inefficiency of manual script of the Mock Objects in a real life, it is implemented the Mock Objects Generator such as MockObjects, EasyMock in Java. It is found difficult, however, to apply the Mock Objects in C language due to its object-oriented premise as well as the absence of mock objects generators for C language. Therefore, in this paper, it is presented the CMock, a Mock Objects generator for C language which allows the easy creation of the Mock Objects, and the study is performed to verify the efficiency accordingly.
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    A Study on the Active Traceback Scheme Responding to a Security Incident

    박명찬 , Choi,Yong-Rak , 박영신 | 2005, 10(1) | pp.27~33 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Current security reinforcement systems are passive defense system that only blocks filter to all traffic from the attacker. So, Those are weak re-attack and Stepping Stones attack because active response about attacker is lacking. Also, present techniques of traceback need much time and manpower by log information collection and trace through the personal inspection and active response is lacking. In this paper, We propose technique for TCP connection traceback that can apply in present internet and trace to inserted marking on IP header to correspond re-attack and Stepping Stones attack. Therefore, Proposed technique is unnecessary correction of existing network component and can reduce size of marked information and overhead of resources.
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    An Experimental Analysis of Approximate Conversions for B-splines

    Kim, Hyeock-Jin | 2005, 10(1) | pp.35~43 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The degree reduction of B-splines is necessary in exchanging parametric curves and surfaces of the different geometric modeling systems because some systems limit the supported maximal degree. In this paper, We provide an our experimental results in approximate conversion for B-splines apply to degree reduction. We utilize the existing Bzier degree reduction methods, and analyze the methods. Also, knot removal algorithm is used to reduce data in the degree reduction process.
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    Exponential Smoothing Temporal Association Rules for Recommendation of Temporal Products

    Kyeong-Ja Jeong | 2005, 10(1) | pp.45~51 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    We proposed the product recommendation algorithm mixed the temporal association rule and the exponential smoothing method. The temporal association rule added a temporal concept in a commercial association rule. In this paper, we proposed a exponential smoothing temporal association rule that is giving higher weights to recent data than past data. Through simulation and case study in temporal data sets, we confirmed that it is more precise than existing temporal association rules but consumes running time.
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    Graphical User Interface in a Web-based Application System for Primary School Childen-Application for the Creative Group Thinking System(CGTS)-

    kyungDon Han , 김미현 | 2005, 10(1) | pp.53~58 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    Interfaces comprising menu and icons of web-based application programs should comply pertinently with user’s cognitive system. In particular, since the application program’s specific function in this study aimed at the purpose of child’s effective idea, with respect to that, it is necessary to constitute a rational web use environment through careful research and analysis of user interface. The purpose of this study was to enhance elementary students to modify the CGTS with the menu arrangement, icon types and preferable terms for their use of professionally letter-based screen structure of CGTS developed to help the designer’s idea.
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    Detecting Intentionally Biased Web Pages In terms of Hypertext Information

    이우기 | 2005, 10(1) | pp.59~66 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    The organization of the web is progressively more being used to improve search and analysis of information on the web as a large collection of heterogeneous documents. Most people begin at a Web search engine to find information, but the user's pertinent search results are often greatly diluted by irrelevant data or sometimes appear on target but still mislead the user in an unwanted direction. One of the intentional, sometimes vicious manipulations of Web databases is a intentionally biased web page like Google bombing that is based on the PageRank algorithm, one of many Web structuring techniques. In this thesis, we regard the World Wide Web as a directed labeled graph that Web pages represent nodes and link edges. In the present work, we define the label of an edge as having a link context and a similarity measure between link context and target page. With this similarity, we can modify the transition matrix of the PageRank algorithm. By suggesting a motivating example, it is explained how our proposed algorithm can filter the Web intentionally biased web pages effective about 60% rather than the conventional PageRank.
  • 9.

    Enhanced Binarization Method using Fuzzy Membership Function

    Kim, Kwang-baek , Kim, Young-Ju | 2005, 10(1) | pp.67~72 | number of Cited : 13
    Abstract PDF
    Most of image binarization algorithms analyzes the intensity distribution using the histogram for the determination of threshold value. When the intensity difference between the foreground object and the background is great, the histogram shows the tendency to be bimodal and the selection of the histogram valley as the threshold value shows the good result. On the other side, when the intensity difference is not great and the histogram doesn't show the bimodal property, the histogram analysis doesn't support the selection of the proper threshold value. This paper proposed the novel binarization method that applies the fuzzy membership function to each color value on the RGB color model and, by using the operation results, separates the features having the great readability from the background. The proposed method prevents the loss of information incurred by the gray scale conversion by using the RGB color model and extracts effectively the readable features by using the fuzzy inference. Compared with the traditional binarization methods, the proposed method is able to remove the majority of noise areas and show the improved results on the image of transport containers, etc.
  • 10.

    A Design and Implementation of Movie Information Retrieval System based on MPEG-7

    곽길신 , Joo Kyung-Soo | 2005, 10(1) | pp.73~84 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    An increasing in quantity of multimedia data brought a new problem that expected data should be retrieved fast and exactly. The adequate representation is a key element for the efficient retrieval. For this reason, the MPEG-7 standard was established for description of multimedia contents in 2001. Recently, the new metadata were developed to represent characteristics of movie information resources by Korea Federation of Film Archives. In this paper, we designed and implemented a movie information retrieval system. This system used XML schema to accept movie information metada. This system offers a keyword retrieval using high-level metadata based on movie information and similarity retrieval using low-level metadata based on MPEG-7. As a result, that will be possible more efficient movie information interchange, movie information metadata reuse and fast retrieve.
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    K-Nearest Neighbor Query processing in Multi-Dimensional Indexing Structures

    Byung-Gon Kim , OH Sung-Kyun | 2005, 10(1) | pp.85~91 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Recently, query processing techniques for the multi-dimensional data like images have been widely used to perform content-based retrieval of the data. Range Quesy and Nearest neighbor query are widly used multi dimensional queries. This paper proposes the efficient pruning strategies for k-nearest neighbor query in R-tree variants indexing structures. Pruning strategy is important for the multi-dimensional indexing query processing so that search space can be reduced. We analyzed the pruning strategies and perform experiments to show overhead and the profit of the strategies. Finally, we propose best use of the strategies.
  • 12.

    Implementation of an Efficient Microbial Medical Image Retrieval System Applying Knowledge Databases

    Yongwon Shin , Bongoh Goo | 2005, 10(1) | pp.93~100 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    This study is to design and implement an efficient microbial medical image retrieval system based on knowledge and content of them which can make use of more accurate decision on colony as well as efficient education for new technicians. For this, we first address overall inference to set up flexible search path using rule-base in order to reduce time required original microbial identification by searching the fastest path of microbial identification phase based on heuristics knowledge. Next, we propose a color feature extraction method, which is able to extract color feature vectors of visual contents from a given microbial image based on especially bacteria image using HSV color model. In addition, for better retrieval performance based on large microbial databases, we present an integrated indexing technique that combines with B+-tree for indexing simple attributes, inverted file structure for text medical keywords list, and scan-based filtering method for high dimensional color feature vectors. Finally, the implemented system shows the possibility to manage and retrieve the complex microbial images using knowledge and visual contents itself effectively. We expect to decrease rapidly learning time for elementary technicians by well organizing knowledge of clinical fields through proposed system.
  • 13.

    Dynamic Composition of Web Services using Semantic e-Workflow Processes

    이용주 | 2005, 10(1) | pp.101~112 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    Recently, one of the most challenging problems is to compose web services dynamically, that is, on demand. In particular, when a functionality that cannot be directly realized by existing services is required, existing services may be combined together to fulfill the request. This paper is to implement the dynamic composition of web services using existing workflow technologies. Workflow systems play a major role in E-businesses. However, due to the composition of web services using workflows differs from the design of traditional workflow systems, two problems need to be solved: (1) how to efficiently discover web services and (2) how to facilitate the interoperability of heterogeneous web services. In this paper, we present a matching algorithm for web service discovery and propose an approach based on the use of ontologies to facilitate the integration of web services. Finally, we have built a prototype system to illustrate how to the dynamic composition of web services are achieved.
  • 14.

    Implementation of Microbial Identification Query System for Laboratory Medicine

    Bongoh Goo , Yongwon Shin | 2005, 10(1) | pp.113~123 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The work of investigation in the laboratory medicine includes various kinds of investigations and microbes and it is too complicated to draw needed results in time. So, we aim to improve work performance of the laboratory medicine. For this study, we implemented the scheduling system in microbe investigation using agent environment and the workflow management system to manage the schedule of investigation, and the query system to check the schedule. And preliminary report and final report of microbe investigation can be announced automatically using agent. The scheduling system implemented could identify the lack or waste of resources and thus enable efficient management and distribution of resources. The query system could check the schedule and retrieve the processing status in short time, enabled the automated report, and reduced possible interrupts and the delay of work that can be occurred in confirming process. It also enables users to access from local and remote sites. Also, this system can reduce the conflicts among people that may occur in unexpected situations because it enables doctors to confirm those situations such as the malfunction of instrument and the lack of agar or reagent, and the efficiency of work process can be expected.
  • 15.

    A Co-Development Environment for Visual Programs

    Cho Yong Yun , Yoo,Jae-Woo | 2005, 10(1) | pp.125~132 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Visual programs consist of user interfaces and process logics. Because most visual IDEs(Integrated Development Environment) are utilized by only one developer, many developers can't cooperate simultaneously in one large-scaled visual program to promote the development efficiency. This paper suggests a co-development environment for visual programs through which developers can cooperate with each other in the type of distribution. Developers can maintain the coincidence and the confidence of cooperation through a communication window and a job controller to process the priority of the events that developers make in co-development work. Especially in large-scaled visual program, the suggested environment reduces the burden that developer takes about the heavy development work, and many developers can divide and take the complex and large program modules according to their ability. We hope that the suggested environment can improve the development productivity and effectivity because it can reduce the time and effort for developing user interfaces in visual programs.
  • 16.

    Fuzzy Logic Architecture for deciding the Ranking at Racing Games

    이세일 | 2005, 10(1) | pp.133~140 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    If a player car precedes from start to the end or a fuzzy car wins every day during computer or racing games, most players will lose their interest in the games soon after several times. In order to solve this problem and increase amusement at racing games, the more important thing than anything else is decide the ranking. In this thesis, in order to give amusement to racing games, the researcher made a fuzzy car and made it race with player cars. Because the preceding fuzzy car runs ahead of player cars, it can recognize their behaviors according to change of following player cars' speed and distance, and the fuzzy car changes its memory, but doesn't enforce actual behaviors. If the fuzzy car would make decision, it has to do behaviors to compete the ranking on the basis of the contents it has memorized under the situation where a timer is awarded. In addition, although an accompanying fuzzy car has different contents of memory, it is operated in the same way as mentioned above. At the time of experiments, the researcher applied the actual value to the test program and drew result for ranking competition. In conclusion, the researcher could confirm that we can have modeling of various behaviors by means of the method using fuzzy logic rather than simple if-then method.
  • 17.

    Mandatory Access Control Protection Profile for Secure Operating System

    KO YOUNG WOONG | 2005, 10(1) | pp.141~148 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Nowadays, it is possible to access sharing data from unauthorized people. Access control prevents unauthorized access to computing resource, information resources, and communication resources. It is very important to defend the critical system resources from the unauthorized. The importance of this study is to develop protection profile for Mandatory Access Control (MAC) that satisfies TCSEC assurance level B2. protection profile for MAC will help developers to use reference for the development of requirements and formulating security specification.
  • 18.

    Feature Point detection and Tracking of Object in Motion Image on Internet

    IM,IN-SUN | 2005, 10(1) | pp.149~156 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    In the actuality that the various services are provided in connection with the network of internet by activating the communication using propagation, the importance of the feature point and chase of an object is greatly raised to increase the quality of the detection and tracking of the communication service.This paper is to detect the shadow space by using Snakes Algorithms and present a system's base which tracts the route from start to target points in the detected shadow space as a study for the detection and tracking the shadow space which does not reach the propagation.
  • 19.

    A Stury of Ubiquitous Hair Changing

    Dae-Woo Park , Namsoon Kang | 2005, 10(1) | pp.157~166 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    The Hair part of Cosmetology is development with Ubiquitous age. In this paper, I would design and implement for Ubiquitous Hair Changing on Ubiquitous network. Hair artist have customer`s features in use digital camera for operating hair beauty. They are agree with hair design and style in monitor on internet at customer`s choose in digital contents of cut, permanent, up-style, dye, long hair from web server. After operation on customer`s hair from image of mobile terminal, hair artists take a photograph of customer`s face and update it on internet. Customer`s features was saved in her`s mobile terminal. I would contribute to development of Beauty Information Society that the design of Ubiquitous Hair Changing System and the implement of digital hair contents that on-line internet system & mobile terminal were applied by Ubiquitous Network.
  • 20.

    A Study on Home Network Functional Model for Personal Area Network based Virtual Home Network

    Hyun-Joong Kang | 2005, 10(1) | pp.167~174 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    With the progress of portable appliances such as cell phone and handheld PC, the popularization of Personal Area Network (PAN) and the diversification of services that are based on Personal Mobile Gateway (PMG). To use home services at any time regardless of their position, it needs a virtual home network that a home network and outside networks are fully integrated. Although interoperability among home appliances reached their service stage, research for services and middleware for new small scale network such as PAN is at an early stage. Traditional home network service/connection methods, terminal control schemes, and middlewares must be extended to accommodate PMG-based PAN. In this paper, we propose an integrated virtual home network platform that guarantees seamless connections between home network and PAN. We also analyze indispensable functions and presents functions that should be added existent home gateway or home server by function.
  • 21.

    A Design of the Triple-push Oscillator using Combiner for RF System

    Kim,Seok-Hoon , Sung Kyung | 2005, 10(1) | pp.175~180 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    Transmission speed becomes high speedization gradually in system while is the latest microwave and millimeter wave communication and user's demand is trend that also increase rapidly.To accommodate wider band width therefore, signalman who have high frequency and not required welsh suppression special quality little more is required. Designed oscillator, point parts, in duplex all communication systems several systems studies that can keep pace with a lot of amount of informations in modern info-age are archieved vigrously.
  • 22.

    A Genetic Alogorithm for the Chinese Postman Problem on the Mixed Networks

    ByungHyun Jun , Kang, Myung-Ju , Han Chi-Geun | 2005, 10(1) | pp.181~188 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    Chinese Postman Problem (CPP) is a problem that finds a shortest tour traversing all edges or arcs at least once in a given network. The Chinese Postman Problem on Mixed networks (MCPP) is a practical generalization of the classical CPP and it has many real-world applications. The MCPP has been shown to be NP-complete. In this paper, we transform a mixed network into a symmetric network using virtual arcs that are shortest paths by Floyd's algorithm. With the transformed network, we propose a Genetic Algorithm (GA) that converges to a near optimal solution quickly by a multi-directional search technique. We study the chromosome structure used in the GA and it consists of a path string and an encoding string. An encoding method, a decoding method, and some genetic operators that are needed when the MCPP is solved using the proposed GA are studied. In addition, two scaling methods are used in proposed GA. We compare the performance of the GA with an existing Modified MIXED2 algorithm (Pearn et al., 1995). In the simulation results, the proposed method is better than the existing methods in case the network has many edges, the Power Law scaling method is better than the Logarithmic scaling method.
  • 23.

    Study on the User Empowerment of the Information and Technological Regulation of the Internet

    Chang Woo-Young | 2005, 10(1) | pp.189~199 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    TTechnology has many potential uses and changes by social context surrounding it. Therefore political implications are reflected in the internal logical system of articraft, technology. This explanation is ale to apply to the regulation technology of Internet. The empowerment of information is changeable according as which regulation technology is adopted. This paper explores the structure, principle and its social implication of regulation technology of Internet, which coincides with user empowerment of information as a case of ICRS(Internet Content Rating System).
  • 24.

    The Method of Container Loading Scheduling through Hierarchical Clustering

    Donghee Hong | 2005, 10(1) | pp.201~208 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    Recently, the container terminal requires the study of method to increase efficiency through change of its operation method. Loading plan is a very important part to increase the efficiency of container terminal. Loading plan is largely divided into two cases, deciding loading location and loading scheduling and this paper proposes a more efficient method of container loading scheduling. Container loading scheduling is a problem of combination optimization to consider several items of loading location and operation equipments, etc. An existing method of cluster composition that decides the order of container loading scheduling has a restriction to increase the efficiency of work owing to rehandling problem. Therefore, we propose a more efficient method of container loading scheduling which composes containers with identical attribution, based on ship loading list and yard map, into stack units of cluster, applying to hierarchical clustering method, and defines the restriction of working order. In this process, we can see a possible working path among clusters by defining the restriction of working order and search efficiency will be increased because of restricted search for working path.
  • 25.

    Performance Assessment System using Fuzzy Reasoning Rule

    Kim, Kwang-baek , Jaehyun Cho | 2005, 10(1) | pp.209~216 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    Performance assessment has problems about possibilities of assessment fault by appraisal, fairness, reliability, and validity of grading, ambiguity of grading standard, difficulty about objectivity security etc. This study proposes fuzzy performance assessment system to solve problem of the conventional performance assessment. This paper presented an objective and reliable performance assessment method through fuzzy reasoning, design fuzzy membership function and define fuzzy rule analyzing factor that influence in each sacred ground of performance assessment to account principle subject. Also, performance assessment item divides by formation estimation and subject estimation and designed membership function in proposed performance assessment method. Performance assessment result that is worked through fuzzy performance assessment system can pare down burden about appraisal's fault and provide fair and reliable assessment result through grading that have correct standard and consistency to students.
  • 26.

    Design and Implementation of Learning System for Generating Multimedia Contents at On-Line ,Mobile Environment

    Hyun Chang Lee , Kwangdon Choi | 2005, 10(1) | pp.217~222 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The on-line and mobile communication technologies provide an environment to make users share information on the rove. However learning on a file received from on-line or mobile internet environment is able to read only. According to this, users cannot use various learning methods to make multimedia contents for learning like coloring and underlining considerable parts. Also, in case of storing, it cannot be stored in a standard file format HTML. Therefore, in this paper, we suggest a new learning platform to be able to change text contents in a web documents and implement a prototype system to process learning system in on-line environment
  • 27.

    Coarse to Fine Optical flow Detection

    Heeman Lee , Seo Jeong-Man | 2005, 10(1) | pp.223~229 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, a coarse-to-fine optical flow detection method is proposed. Provided that optical flow gives reliable approximation to two-dimensional image motion, it can be used to recover the three-dimensional motion, but usually to get the reliable optical flows are difficult. The proposed algorithm uses Horn's algorithm for detecting initial optical flow, then Thin Plate Spline is introduced to warp a image frame of the initial optical flow to the next image frame. The optical flow for the warped image frame is again used iteratively until the mean square error between two image sequence frames is lowered. The proposed method is experimented for the real moving picture image sequence. The proposed algorithm gives dense optical flow vectors.