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2007, Vol.12, No.3

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    A Study on a Sensitivity Processing Using s Fuzzy Reasoning Rule

    Kim, Kwang-baek , Jaehyun Cho | 2007, 12(3) | pp.1~8 | number of Cited : 4
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    In recent, the issues of sensitivity and psychology of human have received much attention from researchers and practitioners. In this paper, we analyze the information of color and location in order to detect the sensitivity and psychology by means of human vision on color space organization in a presented picture. After this process, we propose a method to determine psychology states through the space organization by using a fuzzy membership function which can be used to analyze direction information for the sensitivity. The proposed method is applied to the psychology states based on the space organization of Alschuler and Hattcick's method and to the space organization of Gunnwald's method. As a result, we present that the proposed method is very similar to a pattern classification of Alschuler and Grunwald.
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    Implementation of a Plater via Petri Net-Based Scenario and Control

    YIM JAE GEOL , 이강재 | 2007, 12(3) | pp.9~18 | number of Cited : 0
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    This paper introduces a Petri Net-based multimedia programming method. For this purpose, we are proposing MPN(Multimedia Petri Net) which can be used for representing a multimedia scenario. We are also introducing methods to analyze a MPN with which we can detect some kinds of design faults in the scenario. A multimedia program replays the scenario by interpreting the MPN. A method to implement such a multimedia program is also discussed. Our multimedia program provides the manipulation functions of stop, play, fast forward, rewind, and fast rewind. There are many varieties of Petri Net. Several of them are for modeling multimedia scenarios. They all have been used for synchronization analysis. But none of them were used for replaying multimedia scenario. We have extended these nets to MPN. A MPN model contains not only the flow of a scenario but also all the information associated with the data units. Therefore, our player can play the multimedia scenario by interpreting the MPN.
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    Symmetric key based user authentication between Grid Service and Portal

    황대복 , Daeyoung Heo , Hwang Suntae | 2007, 12(3) | pp.19~26 | number of Cited : 0
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    In recent years, web portal system has received much attention as a user interface for the grid environment. Grid system uses symmetric key for authenticating user identity while the traditional portal system does a password-based authentication. Regarding this, many researches are progressing to integrate portal accounts with symmetric key. Specially, researches such as GAMA and PURSE are active and those focus on easy usability for users who familiar with password-based authentication. However the protection of data and resources is a critical issue in Grid environment, because those are shared through a wide-area network. In this paper, we suggest a new authentication mechanism which unify authentication mechanisms between portal system and grid service by using symmetric key. It will improve a security level in UI layer as much as in grid service.
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    A Design and Implementation of Multimedia Pest Prediction Management Ststem using Wireless Sensor Network

    Eun-Cheon Lim , Chang-Sun Shin , ChunBo Sim | 2007, 12(3) | pp.27~36 | number of Cited : 3
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    The majority of farm managers growing the garden products in greenhouse concern massively about the diagnosis and prevention of the breeding and extermination for pests, especially, the managing problem for pests turns up as main issue. In the paper, we first build a wireless sensor network with soil and environment sensors such as illumination, temperature, and humidity. And then we design and implement multimedia pest predication and management system which is able to predict and manage various pest of garden products in greenhouse. The proposed system can support the database with information about the pests by building up wireless sensor network in greenhouse compared with existing high-priced PLC device as well as collect various environment information from soil, the interior of greenhouse, and the exterior of greenhouse. To verify the good capability of our system, we implemented several GUI interface corresponding desktop, web, and PDA mobile platform based on real greenhouse model. Finally, we can confirm that our system work well prediction and management of pest of garden products in greenhouse based on several platforms.
  • 5.

    Design and Implementation of the Digital Neuron Processor for the real time object recognition in the making Automatic system

    BongWha Hong , 주해종 | 2007, 12(3) | pp.37~50 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we designed and implementation of the high speed neuron processor for real time object recognition in the making automatic system. and we designed of the PE(Processing Element) used residue number system without carry propagation for the high speed operation. Consisting of MAC(Multiplication and Accumulation) operator using residue number system and sigmoid function operator unit using MRC(Mixed Radix conversion) is designed. The designed circuits are descript by C language and VHDL(Very High Speed Integrated Circuit Hardware Description Language) and synthesized by compass tools and finally, the designed processor is fabricated in 0.8μm CMOS process. we designed of MAC operation unit and sigmoid proceeding unit are proved that it could run time 0.6nsec on the simulation and improved to the speed of the three times and decreased to hardware size about 50%, each order. The designed neuron processor can be implemented of the object recognition in making automatic system with desired real time processing.
  • 6.

    Join Operation of Parallel Database Sysem with Large Main Memory

    박영규 | 2007, 12(3) | pp.51~58 | number of Cited : 0
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    The shared-nothing multiprocessor architecture has advantages in scalability, this architecture has been adopted in many multiprocessor database systems. But, if the data are not uniformly distributed across the processors, load will be unbalanced. Therefore, the whole system performance will deteriorate. This is the data skew problem, which usually occurs in processing parallel hash join. Balancing the load before performing join will resolve this problem efficiently and the whole system performance can be improved. In this paper, we will present an algorithm using merit of very large memory to reduce disk access overhead in performing load balancing and to efficiently solve the data skew problem. Also, we will present analytical model of our new algorithm and present the result of some performance study we made comparing our algorithm with the other algorithms in handling data skew.
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    Design of DRM System for Contents Redistribution in Home Domain

    문주영 , 이창보 , 김정재 and 1 other persons | 2007, 12(3) | pp.59~66 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we proposed the DRM(Digital Rights Management) system that allows to redistribute contents safely based on home domain. This DRM system for contents redistribution within home domain can solve the restriction and the inconvenience occuring in using contents and at the same time protect the right of contents producer and provider as well. To play contents using home digital device, we must build home domain for contents redistribution among devices. That is to say, devices that are registered with home domain can redistribute contents to other devices at same domain. The domain must send redistribution-specifics to DRM server, so that user can pay reasonable amount for using the contents. Futhermore, by restricting within domain the right of contents redistribution, one can strictly prohibit the illegal redistribution.
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    A Study of Reference Image Generation for Moving Object Detection under Moving Camera

    이준형 , Oksam Chae | 2007, 12(3) | pp.67~74 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    This paper presents a panoramic reference image generation based automatic algorithm for moving objects detection robust to illumination variations under moving camera. Background image is generated by rotating the fixed the camera on the tripod horizontally, aligning and reorganizing this images. In generation of the cylindrical panoramic image, most of previous works assume the static environment. We propose the method to generating the panoramic reference image from dynamic environments in this paper. We develop an efficient approach for panoramic reference image generation by using accumulated edge map as well as method of edge matching between input image and background image. We applied the proposed algorithm to real image sequences. The experimental results show that panoramic reference image generation robust to illumination variations can be possible using the proposed method.
  • 9.

    Coupling Metrics for Web Pages Clustering in Restructuring of web Applications

    LEE, EUN JOO , 박근덕 | 2007, 12(3) | pp.75~84 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Due to the increasing complexity and shorter life cycle of web applications, web applications need to be restructured to improve flexibility and extensibility. These days approaches are being used where systems are understood and restructured through clustering techniques. In this paper, the coupling metrics are proposed for clustering web pages more effectively. To achieve this, web application models are defined, where the relationship between web pages and the numbers of parameters are included. Considering direct and indirect coupling strength based on these models, coupling metrics are defined. The more direct relations between two pages and the more parameters they have, the stronger direct coupling is. The higher indirect connectivity strength between two pages is, the more similar the patterns of relationships among other web pages are. We verify the suggested metrics according to the well known verification framework and provide a case study to show that our metrics complements some existing metrics.
  • 10.

    Compression and Visualization Techniques for Time-Varying Volume Data

    손봉수 | 2007, 12(3) | pp.85~94 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    This paper describes a compression scheme for volumetric video data(3D space X 1D time) where each frame of the volume is decompressed and rendered in real-time. Since even one frame size of volume is very large, run-time decompression can be a bottleneck for real-time playback of time-varying volume data. To increase the run-time decompression speed and compression ratio, we decompose the volume into small blocks and only update significantly changing blocks. The results show that our compression scheme compromises decompression speed and image quality well enough for interactive time-varying visualization.
  • 11.

    A Study on the Design and Implementation Human Resource Dispa tch System of Using Case Baesd Reasoning

    정이상 , Ha Chang Seung | 2007, 12(3) | pp.95~104 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    Existing human resources dispatch systems face various limits for managing increasing information derived from the work-place as it required much time managing the basic data created at the work-place and the data input methods are complicated.This study focuses on how to solve the above mentioned problems by utilizing the cellular phone system, which provides vital connection between the organizations using the dispatched human resources and the resources. The study offers building of a necessary work history data base and its management through development of a mobile human resources dispatch system. In order to optimally place the given resources, the system utilizes deductive analytical process. Utilizing the intelligent, deductive analytical process in properly planning the placing of the right human resources to do the job will result satisfaction in human resources dispatch and management.
  • 12.

    Color Image Segmentation Based on Edge Salience Map Region Merging

    SungYoung Kim | 2007, 12(3) | pp.105~114 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, an image segmentation method which is based on edge salience map and region merging is presented. The edge salience map is calculated by combining a texture edge map with a color edge map. The texture edge map is computed over multiple spatial orientations and frequencies by using Gabor filter. A color edge is computed over the H component of the HSI color model. Then the Watershed transformation technique is applied to the edge salience map to find homogeneous regions where the dissimilarity of color and texture distribution is relatively low. The Watershed transformation tends to over-segment images. To merge the over-segmented regions, first of all, morphological operation is applied to the edge salience map to enhance a contrast of it and also to find the mark regions. Then the region characteristics, a Gabor texture vector and a mean color, in the segmented regions is defined and regions that have the similar characteristics, are merged. Experimental results have demonstrated the superiority in segmentation results for various images.
  • 13.

    The Effect of Blended Learning on Learning Achievement of Computer Education in High School

    서인순 , Kim Sung Wan , Seo Jeong-Man | 2007, 12(3) | pp.115~122 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    The aim of this study is to identify the effect that the blended learning has on the learning achievement of computer education in high school. To get the goal, 136 students were allocated into the experiment group(68 students) with the blended class and the control group(68 students) with the traditional face-to-face class. After identifying the homogeneity of two groups in learning achievement by analyzing the pre-test, the experiment was performed. The result of this research is as follows. Significant difference was found in the learning achievement of post-test between the experiment group and the control group (t=-3.16, p=.0019). This result underlies the potential of blended learning in computer education. It will be important for designing the class for computer education in high school.
  • 14.

    Speckle Noise Reduction in SAR Images using Wavelet Transform

    Lim Dong Hoon | 2007, 12(3) | pp.123~130 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    It is difficult to analyse images because of multiplicative characteristics of speckle noises in SAR images. In this paper, wavelet transform is proposed for restoring SAR images corrupted by speckle noise. The multiplicative noise is transformed into a form of additive noise and then the additive noise is denoised using wavelet thresholding selections such as VisuShrink, SureShrink, BayesShrink and modified BayesShrink. Experimental results on several test images show that the modified BayesShrink yields significantly superior image quality and better Peak Signal to Noise Ratio(PSNR)
  • 15.

    Improved Text Recognition using Analysis of Illumination Component in Color Images

    최미영 , Gye-young Kim , HYUNG IL CHOI | 2007, 12(3) | pp.131~136 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    This paper proposes a new approach to eliminate the reflectance component for the detection of text in color images. Color images, printed by color printing technology, normally have an illumination component as well as a reflectance component. It is well known that a reflectance component usually obstructs the task of detecting and recognizing objects like texts in the scene, since it blurs out an overall image. We have developed an approach that efficiently removes reflectance components while preserving illumination components. We decided whether an input image hits Normal or Polarized for determining the light environment, using the histogram which consisted of a red component. We were able to go ahead through the ability to extract by reducing the blur phenomenon of text by light because reflection component by an illumination change and removed it and extracted text. The experimental results have shown a superior performance even when an image has a complex background. Text detection and recognition performance is influenced by changing the illumination condition. Our method is robust to the images with different illumination conditions.
  • 16.

    Resolution of Complication in Territorial Sea by Using Digital Forensic

    이규안 , 박대우 , Yongtae Shin | 2007, 12(3) | pp.137~146 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Korea's seas have the potentials of dispute against China or Japan due to the overlap of the territorial waters and EEZ. In case of marine accidents, the nature of the sea tends to eliminate much of the track, making it another hardship in evidence adoption in case of an international dispute along with the false entries of fishing vessels' journals. Marine Digital Forensics protects the functions of computers and IT appliance on vessels and extracts evidence of voyage and accidents to resolve international dispute. The digital evidence, if tampered with its integrity, may lead to the rejection to a critical claim or may even fail to make a case. As a solution, this thesis suggests Marine Digital Forensics as a way to extract evidence and prove a claim. This may be utilized as means of scientific investigation on sea as overseas exchange increases and the vessels digitalize, leading to a solution in international disputes that may occur in the future.
  • 17.

    L-RE Coordinates Algorithm for Task Scheduling in Real-time Multiprocessor System

    황월 , Yong-Soo Kim | 2007, 12(3) | pp.147~154 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Task scheduling is an essential part of any computer system for allocating tasks to a processor of the system among various competitors. As we know, in real-time system, the failure of scheduling a hard real-time task may lead to disastrous consequence. Besides efficiency, resource and speed, real-time system has to take time constraint in serious consideration. This paper proposes a priority-driven scheduling algorithm for real-time multiprocessor system, which is called L-RE coordinates algorithm. L-RE coordinates is a new way of describing the task scheduling problem. In the algorithm, we take both deadline and laxity into consideration for allocating the priority. The simulation result shows that the new algorithm is viable and performance better than EDF and LLF algorithm on schedulability and context switch respectively.
  • 18.

    A study on RFID Middleware protocol for management of sensor node and network implementation in Ubiquitous environment

    최용식 , 김성선 , Seung Ho Shin | 2007, 12(3) | pp.155~164 | number of Cited : 6
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, Though sensors of Ubiquitous Middle-ware System based on RFID/USN can usually be reacted from six mouths to two years, they can be exhausted their power of storage battery only one day by communication rates and ranges. That is, the lifetime of sensor node is depended on how much spending power under wireless communication that can communicate its sensing data to its destination. Therefore, it is necessary that each sensor should be designed the Routing path to its destination, in order to remote collecting data. But, in order to improve lifetime of sensor node and modify inner setting, it is opposite to simple searching path method of sensor node by entering external commands. accordingly, 1:n sensor arrangement of n form command and data send-receive that is possible simulation do without interference other sensors and research to different sensor data analysis and conversion ways to convert Sensing data that accept from sensors to actuality information.
  • 19.

    Adaptive Migration Path Technique of Mobile Agent Using Metadata of Naming Agent

    김광종 , Ko, Hyeon , Yonsik Lee | 2007, 12(3) | pp.165~176 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The mobile agent executes a given task by which the agent code moves to the server directly. Therefore, node migration method becomes an important factor which impact on the whole performance of distributed system. In this paper, we propose an adaptive migration path technique of mobile agent using the metadata of naming agent. In this proposed technique, node selection for migration depends on the content of referenced metadata, and the reliability of migrated information is determined by the metadata updating method and cooperative operations of individual agents in multi-agents system. For these, we design the metadata using by the number of hit documents, hit ratio, node processing time and network delay time, and describe the methods for creating, using and updating metadata for which determine the adaptive node migration path of mobile agent according to the cooperation of individual agents and number of hit documents using by designed metadata. And results of evaluated performance for proposed adaptive migration path technique through the proper experiment and analysis gain rate of high effective information earning, because of high hit ratio(72%) about of gathered documents by case of applying metadata move to the 13 nodes. But, in case of non-applying metadata is hit ratio(46%) of gathered documents and rate of effective information earning about of 26 nodes is 36.8%.
  • 20.

    Improve ARED Algorithm in TCP/IP Network

    남재현 | 2007, 12(3) | pp.177~184 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    Active queue management (AQM) refers to a family of packet dropping mechanisms for router queues that has been proposed to support end-to-end congestion control mechanisms in the Internet. The proposed AQM algorithm by the IETF is Random Early Detection (RED). The RED algorithm allows network operators simultaneously to achieve high throughput and low average delay. However, the resulting average queue length is quite sensitive to the level of congestion. In this paper, we propose the Refined Adaptive RED(RARED), as a solution for reducing the sensitivity to parameters that affect RED performance. Based on simulations, we observe that the RARED scheme improves overall performance of the network. In particular, the RARED scheme reduces packet drop rate and improves goodput.
  • 21.

    A Study of the Back-tracking Techniques against Hacker's Mobile Station on WiBro

    박대우 , Seungin Lim | 2007, 12(3) | pp.185~194 | number of Cited : 7
    Abstract PDF
    WiBro has become intentionally standardize as IEEE 802.16e. This WiBro service has been started by a portable internet at home as well as abroad. In this paper, an offender hacker do not direct attack on system on system that It marched an attack directly in damage system because a place oneself in mobile station of portable internet WiBro and avoid to attack hacker's system. At this time, a mobile make use of network inspection policy for back-tracking based on log data. Used network log audit, and presented TCP/IP bases at log bases as used algorithm, the SWT technique that used Thumbprint Algorithm, Timing based Algorithm, TCP Sequence number. Study of this paper applies algorithm to have been progressed more that have a speed to be fast so that is physical logical complexity of configuration of present Internet network supplements a large disadvantage, and confirm an effective back-tracking system. result of research of this paper contribute to realize a back-tracking technique in ubiquitous in WiBro internet network.
  • 22.

    A Study on Personal Information Hacking using Domestic Search Engines

    Yang,Hyung-Kyu , KangHo-Lee , 최종호 | 2007, 12(3) | pp.195~202 | number of Cited : 5
    Abstract PDF
    ARecent advances of network technologies and internet infrastructures construct a fast and useful information-oriented society. However, these may infringe on privacy and expose sensitive information such as user id, secret number and credit card number. Therefore, we need countermeasures for solving these problems. In this paper, we try to hack personal information using Google and domestic search engines, Naver and Empas. After analyze the result, we suggest solutions to prevent personal information hacking based on these search engines.
  • 23.

    Construction of Distribution Information System for Recovery and Management of used Parts of an Automobile

    Namcheol Jung | 2007, 12(3) | pp.203~212 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    Until now, used parts of automobiles necessary for the remake of automobiles have been recovered from auto repair shops. But it takes much time and cost to collect those parts because the recovery system has not been set up. Furthermore, used parts from auto junk yards have rarely been used for the remaking. This current situation will improve by adopting DISRMPA(Distribution Information System for Recovery and Management of used Parts of Automobiles) designed by the author. Auto repair shops or junk yards input the information of used parts to make a database in the system. Remaking companies use the database to find and recover used parts. The DISRMPA can help prepare stabilized ways to supply used parts.
  • 24.

    A Study on the Perceived Risk and the Pre-Purchase Intention of Shopping Mall Users according to Gender

    강영신 , 안병태 | 2007, 12(3) | pp.213~224 | number of Cited : 15
    Abstract PDF
    The aims of this study are to determine if the perceived risk of ecommerce affect the Internet shopping mall users’decision to pre-purchase an item via ecommerce, to find out if there are differences among the induced perceived risk according to gender, and to verify if the perceived risk according to gender have a correlation to a person’s decision to pre-purchase an item via ecommerce. It was found from the analysis of the collected data that there are five factors of perceived risk of ecommerce: economic risk, the product performance risk, social risk, technology/time loss risk, and privacy risk. First, the collected data were analyzed to determine if the perceived risk of ecommerce affect people’s purchase intentions, and on the matter of whether there are differences among the pre-perceived risk according to gender, As regards the differences among the relationships between the pre-perceived risk of ecommerce and the purchase intention of the Internet shopping mall users based on gender, It can thus be concluded that the pre-perceived risk of ecommerce affect the Internet shopping mall users’purchase intention. Different results were obtained, though, according to gender. This means ecommerce purchasers can use these results to recognize the risk of ecommerce.
  • 25.

    The Approach of Sociology of Law on Counter-Terrorism using Internet

    박용현 | 2007, 12(3) | pp.225~234 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    This research is based on the purpose of awaking the importance to publicity of terrorism prevention in the environment of neo-terrorism and presenting the direction of effective publicity activities of terrorism prevention in the counter-terrorism system. Government publicity through public media plays a significant role in promoting people's participation and improving the awareness. So, to strengthen the terrorism prevention in environmental changes of terror occurrence, active method available for people must be found as publicity method of terrorism prevention suitable for high information society. For this method, this research argued first about relationship between police organization and public as counter-terrorism system and about effective publicity methods of terrorism prevention through active erection of these relationships. This research suggested the operation method through introduction of e-CRM and etc, with ultimate purpose about maximizing the publicity effect of terrorism prevention by using as the advantage of internet these days as possible. And needs of information service activities and other administration strategies of publicity of terrorism prevention are suggested through enlarging the distribution scope of governmental counter-terrorism information materials by strengthening the national publicity activities and using media.
  • 26.

    Case Study and Direction Traceability System for Stock Farm Products

    강봉재 , Koh Wan Ki , 고석용 and 1 other persons | 2007, 12(3) | pp.235~242 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    The objective of this study plans on adopting the traceability system in domestic livestock production and marketing channels. This study will examine pork traceability system and investigate the problem and factor in domestic livestock production and marketing channels, and also to examine the international standard in traceability system of goods production and distribution and foreign traceability system.In this study, the traceability system of livestock products is defined as an ability to follow and trace the information about livestock product in the stage of production, processing, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing.The system of traceability for Meat products are Developed and managed that reflected situation of raising, marketing, gathering and of information of model farmers. The formation of system consists of surfing screen of consumers, registration of farming data by farmers, information input screen of gathering of meat products and supply of traceability information of production and gathering. The system should continue the system adjustment after checking effects and problems of traceability by surveying result of consumer, farmers and distributors.
  • 27.

    A Study on the Relationship between Internet Addiction and Stress of College Students

    Kim,Jung-Yul , Lee, Sungjin | 2007, 12(3) | pp.243~250 | number of Cited : 13
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between internet addiction and stress of college students. To assess the degree of internet addiction, internet addiction test of the center for online addiction was completed. Subjects were divided into three group depending on internet addiction ; subjects with 20-49 internet scores were grouping as ‘normal usage group’, subjects with 50-79 internet scores were grouping as ‘addiction tendency group’, and subjects with more than 80 internet scores were grouping as ‘internet addiction group’.In this study it is found that interpersonal relationship stress is significantly related to internet addiction. Also, the result of this study shows that home background stress and school background stress have influence on internet addiction.
  • 28.

    A Method for Specifying the Access Control of XML Document using Process Algebra

    Ji-Yeon Lee , 김일곤 | 2007, 12(3) | pp.251~258 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    With the increase of a web service technology, a new access control mechanism has developed for XML documents. As a result, as legacy access control systems, access control systems has become an active research topic. In this paper, we propose a methodology to translate access control policies for XML documents into formal specification language CSP. To do this, first, we introduce a method to translate a hierarchical access to XML documents using XPath language into CSP process algebra. Second, we explain a method to represent a XML schema as a formal model like automata. Third, we present a method for representing the semantics of access control policies such as the scope of rules and confliction resolution into a process algebra language. Finally, a CSP specification example of an XML schema and path expressions are shown to illustrate the validity of our approach.
  • 29.

    The Measurement System for Small Microphone's Electro Acoustic Characteristics

    박병욱 , Kim, Hack-Yoon | 2007, 12(3) | pp.259~266 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The parameters of electric acoustic characteristic used as standards to evaluate the performance of a small microphone are composed of sensitivity, harmonic distortion, frequency response, directivity and others. Such characteristic parameters should be designed differently depending on a purpose, so it is important to verify whether a small microphone was made appropriately for the purpose after measuring the acoustic characteristics. Therefore, a system that can measure the acoustic characteristic parameters of a small microphone using DSP, not only simultaneously but also in real-time, was implemented in this paper. To verify the implemented system, four kinds of microphones were measured and the results were compared with the data values of the acoustic characteristics of each microphone. There were a little discrepancy between them because the conditions when measuring the characteristics were not identical. But it was verified that the errors are within the error tolerance and it proved that the system can be used in place of the conventional equipment used in measuring the acoustic characteristics of small microphones.
  • 30.

    Implementation of a DCS Terminal Remote Monitoring System using Wire and Wireless Communication

    BAEK, Yeong Tae , SeHoon Lee | 2007, 12(3) | pp.267~276 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we designed and implemented DCS terminal remote monitoring middleware for real-time auditor and management terminal status signal with relay and fuse status at power management room. The middleware consist of four component as event analyzer, event manager, service manager and user interface. We expected economic effects extend relay life-time that pre-detected errors and prevented relay fault.
  • 31.

    A Study on Personalized Mobile Web News Contents Creation using Keyword Analysis

    한승현 , Young-Hwan Lim | 2007, 12(3) | pp.277~286 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    This research proposes a personalized mobile web contents creation method that uses web news channel contents-based keyword analysis. It promptly acquires data through the RSS and RSS-linked web pages which have been supplied by the existing web sites for a news search. And then It applies a personalization method using keyword analysis in contents filtering and generation. The proposed method will make creating mobile web contents easier while lowering wireless contents production costs. Moreover, It can be improved a user satisfaction for contents filtering and access with using keyword analysis that fits in with a matter of user's specific interest.
  • 32.

    A Study on Adopting Intelligent Control System in Active Suspension Equipment

    PARK,Jung-Hyen | 2007, 12(3) | pp.287~294 | number of Cited : 5
    Abstract PDF
    This paper proposed modelling and design method in suspension system design to analyze active suspension equipment by adopting intelligent robust control theory. Recent in the field of suspension system design it is general to adopt active control scheme for stiffness and damping, and connection with other vehicle stability control equipment is also intricate, it is required for control system scheme to design more robust, higher response and precision control equipment. It is known that active suspension system is better than passive spring-damper system in designing suspension equipment. We analyze suspension system with considering location of front-rear wheel and driving velocity, then design robust control system. Numerical example is shown for validity of intelligent control system design in active suspension system.
  • 33.

    A Suggestion for Adaptation of U-Learning in Inclusive Education

    김윤 | 2007, 12(3) | pp.295~302 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    The environment of education has been undergoing dramatic developments in recent years with the development of information technology such as digital information transfer, storage and communication methods. Education and training technology is constantly evolving and growing. Because we continually meet the new and interesting advances in our world. The evolution in education and training at a distance can be characterized as a move from traditional learning to u-learning. This paper concerns with the application of u-based education methodology for people with disabilities targeting to empower them. Instead of the classic educational support such as extended time to take exams, a reader and/or scribe to assist with exams and note taking services. In this paper, we introduce the definition of inclusion and disabilities which does not been fully understood what they mean and then possible implementing materials which can empower the students with disabilities with accomplishments. We would like to point out that we concentrate on the aspects of instructional science particularly related with inclusive classes.