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2007, Vol.12, No.5

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    Text Extraction and Summarization from Web News

    Han Kwang Rok | Bokkeun Sun | Yoo Hyoung-sun | 2007, 12(5) | pp.1~10 | number of Cited : 1
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    Many types of information provided through the web including news contents contain unnecessary clutters. These clutters make it difficult to build automated information processing systems such as the summarization, extraction and retrieval of documents. We propose a system that extracts and summarizes news contents from the web. The extraction system receives news contents in HTML as input and builds an element tree similar to DOM tree, and extracts texts while removing clutters with the hyperlink attribute in the HTML tag from the element tree. Texts extracted through the extraction system are transferred to the summarization system, which extracts key sentences from the texts. We implement the summarization system using co-occurrence relation graph. The summarized sentences of this paper are expected to be transmissible to PDA or cellular phone by message services such as SMS.
  • 2.

    A Discriminative Color Quantization Depending on the Degree of Focus

    양홍택 | Paik Doowon | 2007, 12(5) | pp.11~18 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we propose a discriminative color quantization algorithm depending on the degree of focus of the regions. When we take pictures, we usually focus the object that we want to emphasize. This means that focused area on the photograph contains important information. If the focused area is displayed with more colors, we can express the important information in more detail. This paper proposes a color quantization method that determines the focused area and assigns more colors for the area.
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    Design and Implementation of a Web System Providing Optimal Travel Routes

    YIM JAE GEOL | 이강재 | 2007, 12(5) | pp.19~28 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    We have implemented a WWW homepage which finds an optimal route for users. There already exist many web sites which provide the optimal route when a start and a destination cities are given. However, none of them can find the optimal route when a number of cities to be visited. The problem of finding the optimal route starting at a given start city and visiting through all the given intermediate cities and finally returning to the start city is called Travelling Sales Person(TSP) problem. TSP is a well known exponential time complexity problem. We have implemented an artificial intelligent search algorithm for TSP on our homepage. The main feature of our algorithm is that the destination may not be the same as the start city whereas all of the existing heuristic algorithms for TSP assume that the start and the destination cities are the same. The web page asks a user to select all the cities he or she wants to visit(including start and destination city), then it finds a sequence of the cities such that the user would travel minimum distance if he or she visits the cities in the order of the sequence. This paper presents algorithms used in the homepage.
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    Design of Real-Time Ground Motion Monitoring System using MMA data

    임인섭 | Soon Key Jung | 송명원 | 2007, 12(5) | pp.29~38 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we propose a new real-time ground motion monitoring system using MMA data which can be gathered more earlier than generic seismic data transmission method. Proposed system receives maximum, minimum and average data based on 20sps which is sent from station on every second continuously. And it calculates a PGA as a quantity of ground motion then visualizes that data to monitor the ground motion around whole country. To verify PGA data from MMA data, we checked Mu-dan-jang earthquake data of China on 2002/6/29. The proposed system was inspected by using log file of Oh-dae-san earthquake data on 2007/1/20. As results of experiment, the proposed system is proven to detect the event(earthquake) faster then existing method and to produce a useful quantitative information.
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    An Adaptive ROI Mask Generation for ROI coding of JPEG2000

    강기준 | Yeong-Geon Seo | 2007, 12(5) | pp.39~48 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    In this thesis, a method of generating an adaptable Region-Of-Interest(ROI) Mask for the Region-Of-Interest coding is suggested. In the method, an ROI Mask is generated using the information of the ROI designated by a user. In the existed method of ROI coding, after scanning all the pixels in order and discriminating an ROI, an ROI Mask is generated. But, in our method, after scanning a part of pixels based on the shape pattern of an ROI and discriminating a ROI by one code block unit, an ROI Mask is generated. Moreover, from the method, a pattern number, threshold of a ROI and background threshold parameter are provided. According to the result of its comparing test with the existed methods to show the usability, it is proved that our method is superior in speed to the existed ones.
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    Fuzzy Logic-based Grid Job Scheduling Model for omputational Grid

    박량재 | Jongsik Lee | 장성호 and 1other persons | 2007, 12(5) | pp.49~56 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    This paper deals with grid job allocation and grid resource scheduling to provide a stable and quicker job processing service to grid users. In this paper, we proposed a fuzzy logic-based grid job scheduling model for an effective job scheduling in computational grid environment. The fuzzy logic-based grid job scheduling model measures resource efficiency of all grid resources by a fuzzy logic system based on diverse input parameters like CPU speed and network latency and divides resources into several groups by resource efficiency. And, the model allocates jobs to resources of a group with the highest resource efficiency. For performance evaluation, we implemented the fuzzy logic-based grid job scheduling model on the DEVS modeling and simulation environment and measured reduction rates of turnaround time, job loss, and communication messages in comparison with existing job scheduling models such as the random scheduling model and the MCT(Minimum Completion time) model. Experiment results that the proposed model is useful to improve the QoS of the grid job processing service.
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    A Study on Improving the Migration Performance of Mobile Agent using Integrated Security Manager

    유응구 | 2007, 12(5) | pp.57~64 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Mobile Agent has been known that it is an efficient communication paradigm for distributed applications and that a mobile agent provides higher flexibility and performance than existing communication paradigms. Despite these benefits, mobile agent is not used widely in the market because it is very vulnerable to a variety of attacks. To be applied to develop distributed applications, a mobile agent paradigm must consider both security and performance. In this paper, we propose and evaluate an improving method of a migration performance for a mobile agent model using ISM(Integrated Security Manager), which provides high-level security services and travel plan guide. In the proposed method, ISM offers the travel plan guide service which replies the accumulated results when a mobile agent has executed all migration plans related the trusted domain to be managed by ISM. Our method improved about 33 ~ 82% of total execution time than the existing method.
  • 8.

    A Prime Numbering Scheme with Sibling-Order Value for Efficient Labeling in Dynamic XML Documents

    Kang-Woo Lee | 이준동 | 2007, 12(5) | pp.65~72 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Labeling schemes which don't consider about frequent update in dynamic XML documents need relabeling process to reflect the changed label information whenever the tree of XML document is update. There is disadvantage of considerable expenses in the dynamic XML document which can occurs frequent update. To solve this problem, we suggest prime number labeling scheme that doesn't need relabeling process. However the prime number labeling scheme does not consider that it needs to update the sibling order of nodes in the tree of XML document. This update process needs much costs because the most of the tree of XML document has to be researched and rewritten. In this paper, we propose the prime number labeling scheme with sibling order value that can maintain the sibling order without researching or rewriting the tree of XML documents.
  • 9.

    The FE-MCBP for Recognition of the Tilted New-Type Vehicle License Plate

    Koo Gun Seo | 2007, 12(5) | pp.73~82 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    This paper presents how to recognize the new-type vehicle license plate using multi-link recognizer after extract the features from characters. In order to assist this task, this paper proposed FE-MCBP to recognize each character that got through image preprocess, extract range of vehicle license plate and extract process of each character. FE-MCBP is the recognizer based on the features of the character, The recognizer is employed to identify the new-type vehicle licence plates which have both the hangul and the arabic numeral characters. And its recognition rate is improved 9.7 percent than the back propagation recognizer before. Also it makes use of extract of linear component and region coordinate generation technology to normalize a image of the tilted vehicle license plate. The recognition system of the new-type vehicle license plate make possible recognize a image of the tilted vehicle license plate when using this system. Also, this system can recognize the tilted or imperfect vehicle licence plates.
  • 10.

    Design and Implementation of a 3D Pointing Device using Inertial Navigation System

    김홍섭 | 임거수 | 한만형 and 1other persons | 2007, 12(5) | pp.83~92 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we present a design and implementation of three dimensional pointing device using Inertial Navigation System(INS) that acquires coordinates and location information without environmental dependancy. The INS measures coordinates based on the data from gyroscope and accelerometer and corrects the measured data from accelerometer using Kalman-Filter. In order to implement the idea of three dimensional pointing device, we choose a three dimensional Space-recognition mouse and use RFIC wireless communication to send a measured data to receiver for printing out the coordinate on display equipment. Based on INS and Kalman-Filter theoretical knowledge, we design and implement a three dimensional pointing device and verified the usability as an input device that can capture a human's move. also, we describe the applicability of this device in ubiquitous computing environment.
  • 11.

    Indexing and Storage Schemes for Keyword-based Query Processing over Semantic Web Data

    김연희 | 신혜연 | Lim Hae Chull and 1other persons | 2007, 12(5) | pp.93~102 | number of Cited : 5
    Abstract PDF
    Metadata and ontology can be used to retrieve related information through the inference more accurately and simply on the Semantic Web. RDF and RDF Schema are general languages for representing metadata and ontology. An enormous number of keywords on the Semantic Web are very important to make practical applications of the Semantic Web because most users prefer to search with keywords. In this paper, we consider a resource as a unit of query results. And we classify queries with keyword conditions into three patterns and propose indexing techniques for keyword-search considering both metadata and ontology. Our index maintains resources that contain keywords indirectly using conceptual relationships between resources as well as resources that contain keywords directly. So, if user wants to search resources that contain a certain keyword, all resources are retrieved using our keyword index. We propose a structure of table for storing RDF Schema information that is labeled using some simple methods.
  • 12.

    Implementation of Hypervisor for Virtualizing uC/OS-II Real Time Kernel

    Shin Dong Ha | 김지연 | 2007, 12(5) | pp.103~112 | number of Cited : 5
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we implement a hypervisor that runs multiple uC/OS-II real-time kernels on one microprocessor. The hypervisor virtualizes microprocessor and memory that are main resources managed by uC/OS-II kernel. Microprocessor is virtualized by controlling interrupts that uC/OS-II real-time kernel handles and memory is virtualized by partitioning physical memory. The hypervisor consists of three components: interrupt control routines that virtualize timer interrupt and software interrupt, a startup code that initializes the hypervisor and uC/OS-II kernels, and an API that provides communication between two kernels. The original uC/OS-II kernel needs to be modified slightly in source-code level to run on the hypervisor. We performed a real-time test and an independent computation test on Jupiter 32-bit EISC microprocessor and showed that the virtualized kernels run without problem. The result of our research can reduce the hardware cost, the system space and weight, and system power consumption when the hypervisor is applied in embedded applications that require many embedded microprocessors.
  • 13.

    Effective Component Model Design for Framework

    임근 | 2007, 12(5) | pp.113~120 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    Framework has constructive and extendable code. It is consist of the variable design collections. In the aspect of the classes's collection, it is similar to the class library. but it is different to provide the architecture which is possible to develop the application rather than the collection of the simple classes. In framework it is very important factor to develop and control the component library. In this paper, we design the usable component model through defining the meta-relation between components and proposed the sample case using this model.
  • 14.

    Scalarization of HPF FORALL Construct

    구미순 | 2007, 12(5) | pp.121~130 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    Scalarization is a process that a parallel construct like an array statement of Fortran 90 or FORALL of HPF is converted into sequential loops that maintain the correct semantics. Most compilers of HPF, recognized as a standard data parallel language, convert a HPF program into a Fortran 77 program inserted message passing primitives. During scalariztion, a parallel construct FORALL should be translated into Fortran 77 DO loops maintaining the semantics of FORALL. In this paper, we propose a scalarization algorithm which converts a FORALL construct into a DO loop with improved performance. For this, we define and use a relation distance vector to keep necessary dependence informations. Then we evaluate execution times of the codes generated by our method and by PARADIGM compiler method for various array sizes.
  • 15.

    A Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks with Ant Colony Optimization

    Eui-Hyun Jung | 2007, 12(5) | pp.131~138 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    Recently, Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) is emerged as a simple yet powerful optimization algorithm for routing and load-balancing of both wired and wireless networks. However, there are few researches trying to adopt ACO to enhance routing performance in WSN owing to difficulties in applying ACO to WSN because of stagnation effect. In this paper, we propose an energy-efficient path selection algorithm based on ACO for WSN. The algorithm is not by simply applying ACO to routing algorithm but by introducing a mechanism to alleviate the influence of stagnation. By the simulation result, the proposed algorithm shows better performance in data propagation delay and energy efficiency over Directed Diffusion which is one of the outstanding schemes in multi-hop flat routing protocols for WSN. Moreover, we checked that the proposed algorithm is able to mitigate stagnation effect than simple ACO adoption to WSN.
  • 16.

    Optimal Neighbor Scope-Based Location Registration Scheme in Mobile IP Networks

    Bongsue Suh | 2007, 12(5) | pp.139~144 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The mobile terminal's frequent changes to the access point introduce significant network overhead in mobile IP networks. To solve this problem, we introduce a hierarchical structure with consideration given to the dynamic value of neighbor scope in IP regional registration[1]. When a mobile terminal moves within the neighbor given by the scope value, it makes registration locally without registration with its home agent. We analyze the algorithm mathematically and show the numerical results. As a result, optimization of the scope value for the localized registration under the hierarchical structure makes the proposed scheme outperform the standard mobile IP protocol[2]. This can be explained from the fact that there is only local registration for terminal's movement within the scope region. Moreover, as the signaling cost for home agent increases, the proposed scheme becomes more advantageous.
  • 17.

    Information Protection against The Hacker's Attack of Ubiquitous Home Networks

    천재홍 | 박대우 | 2007, 12(5) | pp.145~154 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    Analyzed about a matter and requirements to intimidate security of ubiquitous and home network threatening various security for personal information protection in ubiquitous home networks at this paper, and studied. Got authentication procedures and verification procedures acid user approach to be reasonable through designs to the home security gateway which strengthened a security function in the outsides, and strengthened protection of a home network. Also, execute a DoS, DDoS, IP Spoofing attack protective at home network security gateways proved, and security regarding against the Hacker's attack was performed, and confirmed. Strengthen appliances and security regarding a user, and confirm a defense regarding an external attack and present a home network security model of this paper to the plans that can strengthen personal information protection in ubiquitous home networks in ubiquitous home networks through experiment.
  • 18.

    User Localization System for SmartHome Service

    심재호 | 한승진 | RIM KEE WOOK and 1other persons | 2007, 12(5) | pp.155~162 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    For providing smart home service, middleware technologies for electronic appliance control by network and user location information for location based service are important. Recently research using ultrasonic and radio signal are affected by the obstacle. In this paper, we suggest inertial sensor that is not affected by the obstacle. Also, we use RFID for initializing position. It solve error accumulation and position initialize problem. In this paper, we suggest following system for smarthome service and localization. This system are composed smarthome middleware, user localization system on middleware, inertial sensor and RFID Reader. This system shows operation without affect of obstacle in smarthome environment.
  • 19.

    Moving Object Block Extraction for Compressed Video Signal Based on 2-Mode Selection

    김동욱 | 2007, 12(5) | pp.163~170 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, We propose a new technique for extraction of moving objects included in compressed video signal. Moving object extraction is used in several fields such as contents based retrieval and target tracking. In this paper, in order to extract moving object blocks, motion vectors and DCT coefficients are used selectively. The proposed algorithm has a merit that it is no need of perfect decoding, because it uses only coefficients on the DCT transform domain. We used three test video sequences in the computer simulation, and obtained satisfactory results.
  • 20.

    Analysis of Login and Learning Hour in Cyber Classes of Undergraduate Students

    문봉희 | 2007, 12(5) | pp.171~178 | number of Cited : 6
    Abstract PDF
    The cyber classes of an e-Learning system have been considered as one of the important form of education. However, there is no or little study of effectiveness and function for the students' position. In this study, I analyzed log files in the e-learning system, and classified login and learning hour patterns of students, who were enrolled in the undergraduate courses of the university, into hourly pattern in a daily pattern in a week, weekly pattern in a semester. I proposed general ideas to improve effectiveness and function of current e-learning. Over 50% of logins were for less than 30 minutes learning and there is wasteful use of e-learning system resources.
  • 21.

    A Study on Agricultural Interchange for Forming Community- focus on agricultural products contracting cultivation in Kaesong industrial complex -

    Rack-In Choi | 2007, 12(5) | pp.179~190 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    This study aimed to present the policy scheme for agricultural interchange forming community group with North Korea through counterplot providing our agricultural products to Korean labor who advanced Kaesong industrial complex and North Korean workers. Trying to promote agricultural products contracting cultivation for forming community group as follows; First, we must understand North Korean political system. Second, on occasion to contract cultivation about limited items, we will drive to consult item and agricultural output with the Ministry of National Unification before contracting with North Korea. Third, dealing with contraction in the concrete. Finally, it must be supported by government and international level.
  • 22.

    The Relationships among Repurchase Intention, Satisfaction, Trust, and Web Site Usability in Internet Shopping Malls

    유일 | JaeJonKim | 노희옥 | 2007, 12(5) | pp.191~202 | number of Cited : 20
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of Web site usability on trust, satisfaction, and repurchase intention in Internet shopping malls. The Web site usability construct consists of the factors such as contents, ease of use, navigation, and interactivity. In order to accomplish the purpose of this study, a research model was established and it suggests that the Web site usability, through the mediation of trust and satisfaction, eventually affect the repurchase intention of online customers in Internet shopping malls.The results of the study show that Web site usability has statistically significant effect on the repurchase intention of online customers and this effect is mediated by satisfaction. This research confirms the importance of usability construct in designing Web sites and understanding the use of Web sites. Implications of these findings are discussed for researchers and practitioners.
  • 23.

    A Study on the Preferred Content Types using Mobile Internet Service in Korea and China

    우지에 | Jongsoo Yoon | Yoojung Kim | 2007, 12(5) | pp.203~214 | number of Cited : 11
    Abstract PDF
    The global mobile Internet service market is growing very rapidly, showing drastic increases in its sales volume. Despite this growth of the market, it has not yet reached its full-grown stage, and this calls for a study on the service preference based on the characteristics of the users. As most of the existing studies in this area have centered on its technical features, they fall short of providing to the related companies any useful data to which they can practically refer in developing the future mobile services that suit for various user needs, and making plans to increase the sales volume. Based on these circumstances, this study is to investigate how the mobile contents preference is differed in accordance with the user characteristics of the Korean and Chinese mobile Internet service users. This study is also to analyze how the relationship between the user characteristics and the preferred mobile contents types is moderated by nations, Korea and Chinese. To accomplish these research purposes, this study developed a set of research model and hypotheses based on a comprehensive review of the related studies. To prove the research hypotheses, this study conducted a survey among the Korean and Chinese mobile Internet service users and performed a variety of analyses of the data collected including the questionnaires, using the SAS version 9.
  • 24.

    A Study on the On-Line Senior Mall's Quality Factor and Customer Satisfaction

    정한열 | 2007, 12(5) | pp.215~224 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    On-Line Shopping mall is becoming important strategic environment that decide corporation's competitive advantages because of that can achieve quality of customer service and offer speed elevation through both-way communication effectively. Accordingly, as interest about electronic commerce rises, various research had been gone. But, most researches are applying off-line market's quality of service measurement tool just as it is doing not consider special quality of internet. Consider and prescribe by system quality, and saw that thing which grasp relation with customer satisfaction along with quality of service is important for factor that environmental element influences in customer satisfaction as existing commercial transaction in this research hereupon. That is, wished to present quality strategy necessary to examine whether some quality factor of system quality and quality of service affects more customer satisfaction, and satisfy various customer's needs accordingly after examine whether it are switching and some relation that search purchase alteration availability of market that is different from loyalty which recommend internet shopping mall to another person who is system quality factor and quality of service factor and customer satisfaction factor actively.
  • 25.

    A Case Study on Metadata Management for User Access to Data Warehouse- Suggestions about metadata management using K-bank case -

    김기운 | 2007, 12(5) | pp.225~234 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    This paper uses the taxonomy of 3 metadata schema(extraction metadata, warehouse metadata, and user access metadata) to investigate how to manage metadata and what metadata to manage in data warehouse. In particular, this paper focuses on two kinds of metadata(warehouse metadata and user access metadata) and studies a case about metadata management in a real business world
  • 26.

    Study on the distribution of crime in urban space -Gwangju metropolitan city from the perspective of the environmental criminology-

    Young Hwan Kim | Dongkuk Chang | Moon Jeong Min | 2007, 12(5) | pp.235~242 | number of Cited : 14
    Abstract PDF
    AThis research is rather on the crime occurrence of target area's space scope than on the approach to the cause of specific area's crime occurrence from the perspective of the environmental criminology emphasizing the crime prevention. By observing the composition of crime distribution, it is intended to search the strategies of crime prevention actually corresponded to the crime problems. For this, after segmenting the city into six sectors, targeting city crimes in Gwangju metropolitan city, in 2004, the basic materials about the crime frequency are analyzed through dividing the types on the base of the present state of crime occurrence, the types of crime, the locations of crime occurrence, the purposes of buildings, the types of intruders, the forms of intrusions. As a result of research, it is suggested that the activation method of community police activities is necessary for the prevention of community crime prevention.
  • 27.

    A Study on Success Model of Internet Banking

    이경근 | 2007, 12(5) | pp.243~252 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study propose and empirically assessed Internet Banking success model. This was derived through an analysis of the quality evaluation factors of Internet Banking services and review of TAM model, IS success model, e-Commerce success model literature. The research model consists of exogenous variables(ease of use, economic benefits, safety) and endogenous variables (usefulness, user satisfaction, trust, behavioral intention to use). The analysis results revealed that ease of use is a very significant factor influencing usefulness and user satisfaction, trust. Safety is a significant factor influencing trust. Economic benefits and usefulness, trust are significant factors influencing user satisfaction. Usefulness and user satisfaction are significant factors influencing behavioral intention to use. This study provide the initiative of Internet Banking success model. Internet banking firms will support the competitive service through strategic quality evaluation and improvement using Internet Banking success model.
  • 28.

    The relations of the pratical level of AIS and level of IMS

    Kim, Kyung-ihl | 2007, 12(5) | pp.253~262 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    Researcher studied the factor of successful implementaion for AIS. I found the facts that the elements of IMS affected the Practical level of AIS and the affected factors are operating of IMS, security and emergency action. Specially I suggest that the importance of operating procedure planning, maintenance of operating, and continuous improvement, security and emergency planning, doing and check. Most of important factors of improving the level of AIS, are the implementation of IMS. the results of this research support this suggestion.
  • 29.

    An Empirical Study on Evaluation for Service Quality in the Fast-Food Shops

    한대희 | 최용정 | 2007, 12(5) | pp.263~272 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    With the service industry booming across the world in the 21st century, Korea has been transformed from a manufacturing economy to a service-oriented one. Therefore, the role of service quality has become critical to the success of organizations. Based on the five dimensions (tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy) of Parasuraman, Zeithaml and Berry(PZB)'s SERVQUAL model, this study is tried to investigate the relationship between the service quality and customer satisfaction in the Fast-food service industry and analyse the impact of customer satisfaction on the customer's behavior after purchasing. Furthermore, a purpose of this study will help Fast-food industry to detect companies' improvement points(a reform measure) of service quality's factors that have an effect on customer satisfaction in Fast-food service industry.
  • 30.

    Optimal Production-Inventory Control Policy with an e-MarketPlace as an Emergent Replenishment/Disposal Mode in Reconfigurable Manufacturing System

    장일환 | Lee, Chul Ung | 2007, 12(5) | pp.273~284 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    This paper studies a periodic review inventory model with an e-MarketPlace transaction in reconfigurable manufacturing system(RMS). A decision maker can expand/reduce production capacity/quantities and/or replenish/dispose inventories from/to e-MarketPlace urgently to satisfy the stochastic demands. If inventories are replenished or disposed through e-MarketPlace, this leadtime is shorter than the production leadtime, but unit purchasing or selling cost is more expensive than that of expanding capacity or reducing production quantities respectively. Henceforth, trade-off on these alternatives is considered. In addition to this, in order to consider the economy of scale, our model includes the fixed cost for purchasing from e-MarketPlace and capacity expansion. We use dynamic programming and K convexity methods to characterize the nature of the optimal policy. Finally, We present the optimal inventory control policy which is composed by the combinations of a base stock and (s,S) type policy.
  • 31.

    Implementation of curved type a metallic plate system at the Bone contact

    Jeong-lae Kim | 2007, 12(5) | pp.285~292 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    This study was developed the metallic plate for fixation in the femur fracture for the orthopedic region and rigid fixation with plates has a firm place in fracture treatment. Most plates can be used for rigid as well as biological and dynamical fracture fixation. The device's designation and sizing has a specific with bending structural stiffness and strength, known meaning that is reliable regardless of the plate by the short type and long type. Short plate have a wrapping of femur and long plate have to preserve a pole of femur. The bending strength of the curved metallic long plate has to evaluate a 11,000N and The bending strength of the curved metallic short plate has to evaluate a 6,525N. The tensile stress through to press a plate is 1573N/m2 and 1539 N/m2 . The device can be used to support Revision case of Hip Implant and to use a case of Hip screw compression of Hip Neck Fracture,
  • 32.

    A Development of RSS-based Educational Information System for Providing Adapted Information

    강정민 | Seok-Ju Chun | 2007, 12(5) | pp.293~302 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    In this study, we develop a RSS-based educational information system for providing users, such as teachers, students, and parents of students with an adapted information. In order to collect an educational information from diverse web pages we design a web-based RSS reader. The RSS reader reads RSS files from the web sites or blogs which provide RSS feeds and then creates XML documents. The created XML documents are classified and registered into the system. Whenever the registered web-pages are updated, the system can automatically collect the updated information and provide the user with it. Therefore the user can be provided a real-time adapted educational information without searching web-sites from the system.
  • 33.

    A Study on e-Mentoring System Design for Guiding Learning After School

    Kim Sung Wan | 2007, 12(5) | pp.303~312 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    The instruction based on mass production system has contributed to the materialistic abundance, but it caused the innate target of education, development of 'holistic human beings' to be lost. Accordingly, the mentoring has been highlighted as an alternative instructional method because it can support learners in the aspect of cognitive and affective domain. On the other hand, as an effort of overcoming time and place constraints of face-to-face mentoring, e-mentoring is being required. This research aims to propose the e-mentoring system design plan for guiding learning after school, which may support face-to-face mentoring. Based on literature reviews, the direction of design was set and the necessary functions were drawn. e-Mentoring system design plan proposed in this article may be helpful to practitioners who are interested in the enhancement of effectiveness and efficiency of mentoring programs. Also it is required that more practical study should be performed for developing the system and testing its effectiveness.
  • 34.

    Recognition System of Car License Plate using Fuzzy Neural Networks

    Kim, Kwang-baek | 조재현 | 2007, 12(5) | pp.313~320 | number of Cited : 16
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we propose a novel method to extract an area of car licence plate and codes of vehicle number from a photographed car image using features on vertical edges and a new Fuzzy neural network algorithm to recognize extracted codes. Prewitt mask is used in searching for vertical edges for detection of an area of vehicle number plate and feature information of vehicle number palate is used to eliminate image noises and extract the plate area and individual codes of vehicle number. Finally, for recognition of extracted codes, we use the proposed Fuzzy neural network algorithm, in which FCM is used as the learning structure between input and middle layers and Max_Min neural network is used as the learning structure within inhibition and output layers. Through a variety of experiments using real 150 images of vehicle, we showed that the proposed method is more efficient than others.
  • 35.

    Design of Reefer Container Monitoring System based on Wireless Sensor Network

    Kiwook Lee | 김정이 | 2007, 12(5) | pp.321~326 | number of Cited : 7
    Abstract PDF
    The contents of reefer container face a risk of being damaged if the interior temperature and certain maintenance conditions for the shipments cannot be met. Currently, the temperature and other conditions within a reefer container is checked manually and periodically by someone in charge of it. Since it means that there is no real-time checking of the conditions, if something goes wrong, there is no immediate means of correcting the problem. This paper introduces reefer container monitoring system, that checks interior temperature of container on real-time by sensor nodes attaching reefer container using wireless sensor network. It senses the temperature, amount of light, motion and the change in speed of the objects that distributes sensors throughout the desired places and sends the data wirelessly to anyone interested. Because the proposed technique can check the temperature and other conditions within a reefer container on real-time basis, it enables efficient and effective maintenance of temperature and other conditions