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2007, Vol.12, No.4

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    Synchronization of the Train PIS using the reference clock and development of a subtitle authoring tool

    JeongHun Kim , 장동욱 , Han Kwang Rok | 2007, 12(4) | pp.1~10 | number of Cited : 0
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    This paper describes the development of a network-based passenger information system(PIS) which provides the convenience of the passenger of the train and heightens the effect of the subtitle service, the advertising and the shelter guidance broadcasting against the urgent event. The existing system uses VGA signal distributor in order to broadcast information with image and subtitle and voice guidance. In this paper we improve the existing system by applying the UDP and TCP/IP protocol and use a reference clock to solve a data loss and synchronization problem which occurs in this case. We also developed an XML-based subtitle authoring tool which can edit and play the subtitles with various 3D to improve the automatic guidance broadcasting and advertisement effect according to the operation schedule of the train. The system performance was evaluated through a simulation.
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    A Study on Small-sized Index Structure and Fast Retrieval Method Using The RCB trie

    정규철 | 2007, 12(4) | pp.11~20 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    This paper proposes RCB(Reduced Compact Binary) trie to correct faults of both CB(Compact Binary) trie and HCB(Hierarchical Compact Binary) trie. First, in the case of CB trie, a compact structure was tried for the first time, but as the amount of data was increasing, that of inputted data gained and much difficulty was experienced in insertion due to the dummy nods used in balancing trees. On the other hand, if the HCB trie realized hierarchically, given certain depth to prevent the map from increasing on the right, reached the depth, the method for making new trees and connecting to them was used. Eventually, fast progress could be made in the inputting and searching speed, but this had a disadvantage of the storage space becoming bigger because of the use of dummy nods like CB trie and of many tree links. In the case of RCB trie in this thesis, the tree-map could be reduced by about 35% by completely cutting down dummy nods and the whole size by half, compared with the HCB trie.
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    Implementation of a Service Oriented Architecture based on JXTA-an SOA framework involving users-

    Tae-Ho Kim , LEE, Hong Chul , 천현재 and 1 other persons | 2007, 12(4) | pp.21~32 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    This paper presents an SOA framework that enables smooth provision of service to ordinary users while also replacing the current B2B environment-oriented SOA framework. To that end, the proposed SOA will be reviewed for its concept, characteristics, and components. Key to its design is that it will be implemented using the prospective next-generation P2P platform known as JXTA. The proposed framework includes all the basic functions of other SOA frameworks, and will make provision and use of services more easy compared with other frameworks. Under this service, data and applications controlling these data are provided in an enabling format, thereby addressing security problems. Another advantage of this proposed framework is that each peer is able to play all roles of a service provider, service client, and service registry.
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    The Study for ENHPP Software Reliability Growth Model based on Burr Coverage Function

    Kim Hee Chul | 2007, 12(4) | pp.33~42 | number of Cited : 5
    Abstract PDF
    Accurate predictions of software release times, and estimation of the reliability and availability of a software product require quantification of a critical element of the software testing process : test coverage. This model called Enhanced non-homogeneous poission process(ENHPP). In this paper, exponential coverage and S-shaped model was reviewed, proposes the Kappa coverage model, which maked out efficiency application for software reliability. Algorithm to estimate the parameters used to maximum likelihood estimator and bisection method, model selection based on SSE statistics and Kolmogorov distance, for the sake of efficient model, was employed. From the analysis of mission time, the result of this comparative study shows the excellent performance of Burr coverage model rather than exponential coverage and S-shaped model using NTDS data. This analysis of failure data compared with the Kappa coverage model and the existing model(using arithmetic and Laplace trend tests, bias tests) is presented.
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    Performance Evaluation of QoS-based Web Services Selection Models

    Sang Koo Seo | 2007, 12(4) | pp.43~52 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    As the number of public Web Services increases, there will be many services with the same functionality. These services, however, will vary in their QoS properties, such as price, response time and availability, and it is very important to choose a best service while satisfying given QoS constraints. This paper brings parallel branching and response time constraint of business processes into focus and investigates several service selection plans based on multidimensional multiple choice Knapsack model. Specifically, proposed in the paper are a plan with response time constraints for each execution flow, a plan with a single constraint over the whole service types and a plan with a constraint on a particular execution path of a composite Web Services. Experiments are conducted to observe the performance of each plan with varying the number of services, the number of branches and the values of response time constraint. Experimental results show that reducing the number of candidate services using Pareto Dominance is very effective and the plan with a constraint over the whole service types is efficient in time and solution quality for small to medium size problems.
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    A Real-time Color Quantization Method for Virtual Environments Navigation System

    임헌규 , Paik Doowon | 2007, 12(4) | pp.53~60 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    A navigation system for virtual environments using low-quality HMD(head mounted display) must quantize images when the system presents true-color image with restricted number of colors. Such navigation system quantizes an image by using fixed palette. If the system represents an image by using a variable palette which is made considering a region around the viewpoint then user can perceive a virtual environments more vividly because human visual system is sensitive to the colors variation in the region around the viewpoint. In this paper we propose a color quantization algorithm that quantize a region around the viewpoint more finely than other regions at each variation of viewpoint for virtual environments navigation system and compose virtual environments navigation system using proposed algorithm. The system quantizes an image at each variation of viewpoint and shows a quantized image to user through HMD. We tested user preferences for our proposed system and the results show that users preferred our system.
  • 7.

    Boundary Contraction for Wide-Angle Images on Monitor Screen: An Effect of Retention Interval

    Phil-Sik Jang | 2007, 12(4) | pp.61~68 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    Two experiments examined the visual memory distortion by presenting 170 subjects with wide-angle views of four scenes on monitor screen. Retention interval of 0, 1 and 48 hours tested in reproduction and recognition experiment. The results of reproduction showed that the subjects tend to magnify the foreground and background of scenes compared to the real input (scene) for all retention intervals. The viewers recognized more wide-angle views for the same scenes at the retention interval of 1 and 48 hours. These results demonstrated boundary extension is not a robust and unidirectional phenomenon but boundary contraction can be occurred with wide-angle views. The results also suggested that boundary contraction is the product of the activation of a memory schema hypothesis: In memory the representation moves toward a prototypical view and prototypical object size.
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    RFID Security Authentication Protocol for the Ubiquitous Environment

    배우식 , 최신형 , HAN KUN-HEE | 2007, 12(4) | pp.69~76 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    On the wireless‐communication between RFID Tag and Reader, there are some existing problems with weaknesses of security such as spoofing, replay, traffic analysis, position tracking, etc., in the established hash‐lock related algorithm. This paper has presented the comparison and analysis of the established hash‐lock related algorithm for privacy and in order to make up for this, also suggested a new security authentication algorithm based on hash which has an authentication protocol and creates hash function by using random numbers received from the reader on real‐time and every session. The algorithm suggested here can offer a several of usefulness for RFID authentication system and it has an advantage to reduce the amount of calculations compared to established algorithm. It also uses the tags needed among a lot of tags around which are expected later and it is expected to reduce a responsibility of the server by ending unnecessary tags’ operation with time based.
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    The Secure Hybrid Authentication message protocol

    Yang,Hyung-Kyu , 최종호 | 2007, 12(4) | pp.77~86 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Asecure channel provides protection against interception, while an authentication system is created to protect the client and the server from fabrication attacks. This paper proposes a hybrid authentication algorithm, which fixes the lapses problem encountered inthe SSL authentication. Also, the proposed hybrid authentication system has been created to protect the client and the server from modification and fabrication attacks. By using a modified three-way authentication there is no need for a timeserver, thus timestamps are not needed.
  • 10.

    A Balancing Method to improve efficiency of Stereo Coding

    김종수 , 최종호 , KangHo-Lee and 2 other persons | 2007, 12(4) | pp.87~94 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Imbalances in focus, luminance and color between stereo pairs could cause disparity vector estimation error and increment of transmission data. If the distribution of errors in residual image is large, it may influence to lowering of compression performance. Therefore, in this paper, we propose an efficient balancing method between stereo pairs to reduce the effect. For this, we registrated stereo images using a FFT based method.to consider the pixels in the occluded region, we eliminated the pixels of blocks which has large error of disparity vector estimation in balancing function estimation. The balancing function has estimated using histogram specification, local information of target image and residual image between stereo images. Experiments show that the proposed method is effective in error distribution, PSNR and disparity vector estimation. We expect that our method can be improving compression efficiency in stereo coding system.
  • 11.

    An Attribute-Based Naming Architecture for Wireless Sensor Networks

    Eui-Hyun Jung | 2007, 12(4) | pp.95~102 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Recently, a lot of researchers focus on the sensor middleware that hide the complexity of application developments and provide the abstraction of functions to upper application layer. Although there are several factors to design sensor middleware, the attribute-based naming is considered to be an essential factor among them. However, most existing researches were not designed to reflect the characteristics of sensor networks and have the limitation of attribute-based query extension. This study adopts the concept of Virtual Counterpart to suggest the structure where attribute-based naming is supported by virtual sensor nodes of the middleware on the sink node. Unlike traditional data-centric middleware in which individual sensor nodes process attribute-based query, virtual sensor nodes mapped to physical sensor nodes are running on the middleware of the sink node and process attribute-based query as a proxy of the physical sensor. This approach enables attribute-based naming independent of physical infrastructure and easy extensibility.
  • 12.

    A Study on the Demand for Ubiquitous Computing Services

    김지수 , 김종명 , Lee, Tae-soo | 2007, 12(4) | pp.103~110 | number of Cited : 9
    Abstract PDF
    Ubiquitous computing is a vogue word, and its service is very popular in Korea. However, present ubiquitous service(u-Service) is thought to be more oriented to the provider's point of view, not the consumer's. To complement this problem, an online survey was performed for internet users, which consists of 24 single choice questions on six fields such as transportation, healthcare, environment/city-management, culture/education, administration, and industry. 2463 people joined the survey, who were grouped according to their age, resident region, level of education, and sex. Each group's demand for specific field of u-Service was examined. General level of demand was higher in case of the elderly and male than the younger and female for overall u-Service.
  • 13.

    Efficient Huffman Decoding using Canonical Huffman Tree

    Sangho Park | 2007, 12(4) | pp.111~118 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    We present an efficient decoding scheme for Huffman codes in which we use a properties of canonical prefix tree. After Huffman tree is converted to canonical Huffman tree, we represent Huffman tree with minimum information using rules associated with values of nodes in canonical tree. The proposed scheme can reduce memory to store Huffman tree information while maintains the same processing time. The memory size in order to represent tree information is log which is less than those of previous methods. But the number of search is similar to previously proposed techniques.
  • 14.

    A Policy-Based Active Framework for the Management of QoS in MANET

    김규호 | 2007, 12(4) | pp.119~126 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    On account of limited resources and diverse topology change, it is difficult to manage MANET and guarantee QoS. In current MANET, QoS grantee is exceedingly significant. However, today's MANET are being concentrately worked on MAC protocols and routing protocols. Thus we proposed a framework for effective management of MANET and supporting QoS using policy based network management paradigm and active network technology. Since this framework employs the policy-based management approach in active network environment, it provides an abstract and autonomous management method to network managers.
  • 15.

    A study of service control strategies against infringement accidents

    Young-sun Shin , PARK JIN SUB , Jung-jin Park and 1 other persons | 2007, 12(4) | pp.127~136 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    With the construction of vast networks, Internetbased services such as online games and Internet banking are steadily increasing. As dysfunctions of the trend, various threats from worms/viruses to hacking are proliferating and new types and variations of worms/viruses are emerging. In response to the problems, telecommunication carriers and the government are establishing systems to cope with infringement accidents and resultant damages. However, in case of nationwide emergencies like the 1.25 Accident, infringement may spread rapidly while analyzing what kind of infringement it is and that may result in enormous losses. Thus, the paper purposed to analyze the states of infringement accidents occurring at each network and coping methods and checklist, based on the results, and to propose strategies for controlling services in case of largescale infringement accidents.
  • 16.

    The study on efficient conversion Radio media into digital- Focusing on the analysis results of radio audience's attitude -

    Donggu Kang , 박준선 | 2007, 12(4) | pp.137~148 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Due to the advance of technology, the technology of various media is rapidly converged into digital technology. However, the conversion into digital radio is not achieved in korea yet. This paper is to suggest the best method of digital conversion of radio in korea by examining some conversion examples in foreign countries. In addition, the survey results on radio audience attitude is analysed by 2,000 audience samples in Korea based on the literature analysis. Radio is the unique media which have the strengths such as mobility, individuality, presence, broad coverage and instant. Most of all, radio cannot help keeping continuously the public broadcasting service in the future. So, the conversion into digital radio is crucial to sustain the competitiveness in digital media environment. This paper suggested that the digital conversion of radio broadcasting needs DRM transmission and should pursuit the policy which is distinguished between a AM and a standard FM, and between domestic broadcast and an international broadcast. Additionally, this paper proposed that we need to develop the multiple device for receiving of signal and the setting of standard technology.
  • 17.

    A study on broadcasting service model of medium wave digital radio

    한학수 | 2007, 12(4) | pp.149~158 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    A In the rapidly changing media environment, radio needs to be digitized in order to provide regular compatible service. Especially, most medium high frequency Medias have program contents that are similar to the standard FM bandwidth, so digitizing radio will bring less effect than it is expected. However, the characteristics of radio medias are mobility, individuality, site-to-site, wide service coverage, immediate delivery and publicity, so it is necessary to study the future of radio media to provide continuous services, moreover, the main discussion regarding balanced development between medias will be the trend of the digitization of radio. Also it is easy and will cost less to change compared to other medias. AM was the first media to broadcast in Korea, and its network is spread all over Korea, also the receivers are the most widely distributed which means the signal reaches everywhere in Korea. In this study, the proper service model for AM digital radio is provided in this environment in which all Medias are rapidly digitizing due to the advancement of digital technology. The results of experimental are based on library study and KBS data of sound wave.
  • 18.

    A study on mobile phone addiction of college students(D-College)

    이재도 | 2007, 12(4) | pp.159~168 | number of Cited : 17
    Abstract PDF
    This study executed questionnaire surveys on 482 undergraduates of D-college to review the extents of spam letter messages received through the mobile phones of college students and the extents of their addiction to mobile phones. It was revealed that each college student received one or two spam letter messages on average a day. Among the received spam messages were the messages containing the contents of commodity advertisements most frequent and the surveys indicated that spam messages are hardly read. As for the addiction to mobile phones, the average score of addiction of the respondents was indicated to be 38.73 based on the full score of 100 and the number of the ones with the scores of 60 or more was 47 which is 9.75% and the ones with the scores of 70 or more was 13 which is 2.70%. Also the younger the students were, the higher were the numbers of the students included in the addictive group and the number of students from other areas included in the addictive group was high and the number of the students in 2years system included in the addictive group was higher than the number of the students in 3years system included in the addictive group.
  • 19.

    An Empirical Study on the Evaluation of Supplier Selection Factors Using the AHP - Focused on the Stationery and Office Machine Suppliers -

    Kim, Shin Joong | 2007, 12(4) | pp.169~178 | number of Cited : 8
    Abstract PDF
    Competitive international business environment has forced many firms to focus on supply chain management to cope with highly increasing competition. Hence the supplier selection is the most important decision of a company. Because it has a direct effect on cost reduction and quality, profitability and flexibility improvement of a company, so the right supplier selection significantly affect on the organization's efficiency and effectiveness and competitiveness. The primary research objects of this study is to evaluate an importance of supplier selection factors as an index and to present the evaluation model for supplier selection. For this purpose, this study adopts the AHP method to calculate the importance of supplier selection factors. In this study, 16 factors which affect on the supplier selection decision making are classified into three factors-product supply related factor, product related factor, management ability related factor.
  • 20.

    Designing OLAP Cube Structures for Market Basket Analysis

    Han-Ju Yoo , CHOI IN SOO | 2007, 12(4) | pp.179~190 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    Every purchase a customer makes builds patterns about how products are purchased together. The process of finding these patterns, called market basket analysis, is composed of two steps in the Microsoft Association Algorithm. The first step is to find frequent item-sets. The second step which requires much less time than the first step does is to generate association rules based on frequent item-sets. Even though the first step, finding frequent item-sets, is the core part of market basket analysis, when applied to Online Analytical Processing(OLAP) cubes it always raises several points such as longitudinal analysis becomes impossible and many unpractical transactions are built up. In this paper, a new OLAP cube structures designing method which makes longitudinal analysis be possible and also makes only real customers' purchase patterns be identified is proposed for market basket analysis.
  • 21.

    A Study of Universal Web USER INTERFACE Design for a Disabled

    이중엽 | 2007, 12(4) | pp.191~200 | number of Cited : 6
    Abstract PDF
    This study was identify web interface design factors for increasing information processing and attention for mentally disabled men. Gaining information via the internet is becoming pivotal in today''s society as the internet is becoming the center of knowledge and information. The goal of this study is to present the guideline of web interface design for the disabled men who are alienated in gaining information from the Internet. If the internet were more user friendly to the disabled men, they would be able to spend more time in doing what they enjoy and also in self development, with the information gained on the internet. This study investigated current portal sites to understand the present situation, surveyed and interviewed the disabled men, and researched literatures on how the disabled men perceive various stimulants and also researched documents for previous guidelines on interface design for them. This study investigated internet sites which the disabled men use to gather information about products and which entice their purchasing desires. The conclusion is that the usability can be improved by eliminating visual dizzy elements in the pages, simplifying the layout and the menu designs which represent the information architecture.
  • 22.

    Establishing a Early Warning System using Multivariate Control Charts in Melting Process

    Lee,Hoe-Sik , 이명주 , 한대희 | 2007, 12(4) | pp.201~208 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In some manufacturing industries, there are many situation in which the simultaneous monitoring or control of two or more related quality characteristics is necessary. However, monitoring these two or more related quality characteristics independently can be very misleading. When several characteristics of manufactured component are to be monitored simultaneously, multivariate χ2 or T2 control chart can be used. In this paper, establishing a early warning system(EWS) using multivariate control charts to analyze early out-of-control signals in melting process with many quality characteristics was presented. This module which we developed to control several characteristics improved efficiency and effectiveness of process control in the melting process.
  • 23.

    A Study on Kano Model Based Global Sustainable Quality Innovation Index of Single PPM Quality Innovation Movement

    Lee,Hoe-Sik , 이명주 , 정해준 | 2007, 12(4) | pp.209~220 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    Since 100PPM Quality Certification System has been established by the Industrial Advancement Administration in 1995, 100PPM Quality Innovation movement has contributed much to the enhancement of quality competitiveness of Korea's parts industry. And in 2000, raised to a higher level, Single PPM Quality Certification System has been established by the Small and Medium Business Adminstration. The quality target is below the 10ppm(parts per million) in outgoing quality and delivered goods plus field claim. Recently 1,818 companies is received Single PPM Quality Certification from Government. Single PPM Quality Innovation movement is perfection movement which is suitable for 21C's social-economical criteria to pursuit of zero defect. The purpose of this study is to suggest the Kano Model based Global Sustainable Quality Innovation(GSQI) Index to improve current problems of Single PPM Quality Innovation Movement.
  • 24.

    A Study on Method for Realization of Cost-based Quality Function Deployment(QFCD)

    최용정 , 이필재 , Han Woo Chul | 2007, 12(4) | pp.221~228 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    Quality Function Deployment(QFD) is a technique which was born in Japan as a strategy for assuring that quality is built into new products. QFD was first used in 1972 by Kobe Shipyard of Mitsubish Heavy Industrials Ltd. and was then referred to as the quality tables. After QFD is proposed, it has been applied by both many large and small companies around the world. Many studies related QFD are performed till now but study related "cost-based QFD(QFCD)" hasn't been performed actively. If cost-based QFD is not performed, the produced results will be included possibility that is not significant as well as realistic. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to improve effectiveness and efficiency for product development's result through QFD by introducing QFCD's concept and execution procedure.
  • 25.

    A Research of Spatial Metadata Model for Underground water Management System

    이상문 , 서정민 | 2007, 12(4) | pp.229~238 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    To solve of complex problems for access and management data stored in the very large spatial database system that need to constructed metadata for the physical and logical elements concerned with spatial and non-spatial data sets. Also, in the underground water management system which managed with spatial and non-spatial elements, need to spatial features metadata system based on feature-based. We, in this paper, proposed metadata model for the feature-based underground water management system using underground water meta-information inputted on the DXF formatted tile-based geological maps. Additional, we modeled metadata level of feature and data set and presented standard specification of underground water metadata.
  • 26.

    Design and Control of Security Ticket Based CERT/CC System for Quantified Incident Management

    김선태 , 박대우 , Moon Seog Jun | 2007, 12(4) | pp.239~248 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    There's been a difficulty for general corporate to adopt recent incident response study because those studies focus on nation wide CERT Coordination Center or large organization aspect. This study is focus on study and design on security ticket based CERT system through analysis Security management's threat element, attack element, response element and it also help general corporate establish incident response process that is adjusted on IT operation. Confirmed CERT model's effectiveness and effect of quantitative Security incident management way that propose executing Security incident response experiment on the basis of this way. This study which provides general corporate oriented CERT model can be used to improve corporate's capability of responding incident by quantified management technique and select incident response SLA indicator. Already, formation which operate CERT can heighten corporation's information protection level by measure Security incident response result as metrical and analyze and improve problem continuously.
  • 27.

    The design and FPGA implementation of a general-purpose LDI controller for the portable small-medium sized TFT-LCD

    이시현 | 2007, 12(4) | pp.249~256 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    AIn this paper, a new design of LDI controller IC for general purpose is proposed for driving the LDI(LCD Driver Interface) controller in 4∼9 inches sized portable small-medium TFT-LCD(Thin Film Transistor addressed -Liquid Crystal Display) panel module. The designed LDI controller was verified on the FPGA(Field Programmable Gate Array) test board, and was made the interactive operation with the commercial TFT-LCD panel successfully. The purpose of design is that it is standardized the LDI controller's operation by one LDI controller for driving all TFT-LCD panel without classifying the panel vendor, and size. The main advantage for new general-purpose LDI controller is the usage for the design of all panel's SoG(System on a Glass) module because of the design for the standard operation. And in the previous method, it used each LDI controller for every LCD vendor, and panel size, but because a new one can drive all portable small-medium sized panel, it results in reduction of LDI controller supply price, and manufacturing cost of AV(Audio Video) board and panel. In the near future, the development of SoG IC(Integrated Circuit) for manufacturing more excellent functional TFT-LCD panel module is necessary. As a result of this research, the TFT-LCD panel can make more small size, and light weight, and it results in an upturn of domestic company's share in the world market. With the suggested theory in this paper, it expects to be made use of a basic data for developing and manufacturing for the SoG chip of TFT-LCD panel module.
  • 28.

    System Architecture Design and Policy Implications on the e-Marketplace for Telecom Bandwidth Trading

    Dohoon Kim | 2007, 12(4) | pp.257~268 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    Bandwidth Trading(BT) represents a potential market with over 1 trillion USD across the world and high growth potential. BT is also likely to accelerate globalization of the telecommunications industry and massive restructuring driven by unbundling rush. However, systematic researches on BT remain at an infant stage. This study starts with structure analysis of the Internet industry, and discusses significance of Internet interconnection with respect to BT issues. We also describe the bandwidth commoditization trends and review technical requirements for effective Internet interconnection with BT capability. Taking a step further, this study explores the possibility of improving efficiency of network providers and increasing user convenience by developing an architectural prototype of Hub-&-Spoke interconnection model required to facilitate BT. The BT market provides an innovative base to ease rigidity of two-party contract and increase service efficiency. However, as fair, efficient operation by third party is required, this research finally proposes an exchanging hub named NIBX(New Internet Business eXchange).
  • 29.

    Sequential localization with Beacon Nodes along the Seashore for Marine Monitoring Sensor Network

    김청산 , 김은찬 , Ki Seon Kim and 1 other persons | 2007, 12(4) | pp.269~277 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Wireless sensor network system is expected to get high attention in research for now and future owing to the advanced hardware development technology and its various applicabilities. Among variety of sensor network systems, the seashore and marine sensor network, which are extended to get sampling of marine resources, environmental monitoring to prevent disaster and to be applied to the area of sea route guidance. For these marine applications to be available, however, the provision of precise location information of every sensor nodes is essential. In this paper, the sequential localization algorithm for obtaining the location information of marine sensor nodes. The sequential localization is done with the utilization of a small number of beacon nodes along the seashore and gets the location of nodes by controling the sequences of localization and also minimizes the error accumulation. The key idea of this algorithm for localization is that the localization priority of each sensor nodes is determined by the number of reference nodes' information. This sequential algorithm shows the improved error performance and also provide the increased coverage of marine sensor network by enabling the maximum localization of sensor nodes as possible.