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2008, Vol.13, No.4

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    Re-engineering framework for improving reusability of embedded software

    김강태 | 2008, 13(4) | pp.1~10 | number of Cited : 0
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    Most consumer electronics companies hold numerous line-ups to cope with divergent customer’s needs. To cope with current situation, most products are derived from the ‘base product’ which is developed for brand new features with respect to the change requests. That is called derivation. After ‘base code’ is developed for newly introduced products, some modification will occur corresponding to the derivative product models. So, quality attributes of ‘base code’ affects quality and productivity of ‘derived code’. But in the middle of continuous modification to ‘base code’, violation of architectural design decision and unauthorized or maybe unsophisticated change to source code willing to happen and thus it cause critical problem. Those code has ‘aging symptom’both architectural and code level in nature. In this paper, we introduced reengineering framework which guide the procedure and tactics to find and fix ‘aging symptom’for improvement on quality attribute of ‘base code'
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    Document Clustering using Term reweighting based on NMF

    JUHONG LEE , 박선 | 2008, 13(4) | pp.11~18 | number of Cited : 2
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    Document clustering is an important method for document analysis and is used in many different information retrieval applications. This paper proposes a new document clustering model using the re-weighted term based NMF(non-negative matrix factorization) to cluster documents relevant to a user’s requirement. The proposed model uses the re-weighted term by using user feedback to reduce the gap between the user’s requirement for document classification and the document clusters by means of machine. The proposed method can improve the quality of document clustering because the re-weighted terms, the semantic feature matrix and the semantic variable matrix, which is used in document clustering, can represent an inherent structure of document set more well. The experimental results demonstrate appling the proposed method to document clustering methods achieves better performance than documents clustering methods.
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    Variable Input Gshare Predictor based on Interrelationship Analysis of Instructions

    Kwak, Jong Wook | 2008, 13(4) | pp.19~30 | number of Cited : 0
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    Branch history is one of major input vectors in branch prediction. Therefore, the proper use of branch history plays a critical role of improving branch prediction accuracy. To improve branch prediction accuracy, this paper proposes a new branch history management policy, based on interrelationship analysis of instructions. First of all, we propose three different algorithms to analyze the relationship: register-writing method, branch-reading method, and merged method. Then we additionally propose variable input gshare predictor as an implementation of these algorithms. In simulation part, we provide performance differences among the algorithms and analyze their characteristics. In addition, we compare branch prediction accuracy between our proposals and conventional fixed input predictors. The performance comparison for optimal input branch predictor is also provided.
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    A Dynamic Job Relocation Strategy Considering Application’s Characteristics in Multiple Grid Sites

    Kyung Hoo Ryu , Lee, Won Joo , Chang Ho Jeon | 2008, 13(4) | pp.31~38 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we propose a dynamic job relocation strategy that considering application’s characteristics in multiple grid sites. This scheme classifies application to execute in multiple grid sites by their characteristics: computing intensive application, network intensive application. Also, it eliminates the communication between sites by allocating the network intensive application in single site, thus reducing the total job execution time. But if a number of free nodes to execute the network intensive application aren’t found in single site, the proposed scheme the first allocates the network intensive application in multiple sites to minimize network latency. Then if the network intensive application being executed in multiple sites suitable free nodes are found in single site, the proposed scheme relocates the application being executed in multiple sites to another single site. This results in reducing the total job execution time. Through simulation, we show that the proposed dynamic job reallocation strategy improves the performance of Data Grid environment compared with previous strategies.
  • 5.

    A Study on the Beam Steering Error Modification method to Adaptive Array System

    LEE MYUNG HO | 2008, 13(4) | pp.39~44 | number of Cited : 0
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    Wireless channel exists interference by multipath a component. Adaptation array antenna that remove this interference a component forms null point about interference signal and maximizes gains about target signal. If target signal and correlative coherent interference signal are received, there is problem that is removed from arrangement output to target signal. And, adaptation array antenna is shortcoming that is sensitive in directivity error. Therefore, in this paper, introduce each existing algorithm to solve directivity error about coherent interference, and proposed beam forming technique that minimize degree of freedom loss and damage because analyzes the problem and reduces coherent interference and directivity error.
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    Design of a Remote Meter Reading module considering battery life time

    Jeong Wonchang , 구명모 , Jang Sung Joo and 1 other persons | 2008, 13(4) | pp.45~50 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    Meter reading modules, which read the meter and transmit the data to water management offices, can't use the electric wires for their power supply. Therefore, batteries have to be used for meter reading modules and that cause maintenance problems like periodic batteries replacement. To save the maintenance cost, a wireless transmitting solution with less power consumption is required. In This paper, we designed a remote meter reading module, which reads meter automatically with less power consumption of battery by effective management of power source and transmits the reading data using RF
  • 7.

    Place Modeling and Recognition using Distribution of Scale Invariant Features

    Yi Hu , Shin bum joo , Chang Woo Lee | 2008, 13(4) | pp.51~58 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we propose a place modeling based on the distribution of scale-invariant features, and a place recognition method that recognizes places by comparing the place model in a database with the extracted features from input data. The proposed method is based on the assumption that every place can be represented by unique feature distributions that are distinguishable from others. The proposed method uses global information of each place where one place is represented by one distribution model. Therefore, the main contribution of the proposed method is that the time cost corresponding to the increase of the number of places grows linearly without increasing exponentially. For the performance evaluation of the proposed method, the different number of frames and the different number of features are used, respectively. Empirical results illustrate that our approach achieves better performance in space and time cost comparing to other approaches. We expect that the proposed method is applicable to many ubiquitous systems such as robot navigation, vision system for blind people, wearable computing, and so on.
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    The Effect of Children's perception of parenting attitude and learned helplessness on computer game addiction

    Soon-Hee Kweon , 권순녀 | 2008, 13(4) | pp.59~70 | number of Cited : 28
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study was to investigate children's perception of parenting attitude parent and learned helplessness on addictive use of computer game. The data was collected through paper-pencils surveys with 745 students who are attending the 4,5, and 6 grade of three elementary schools. The instrument used to see how they looked at the parenting attitude of their was Ji-hyun Hwang(2006)'s Perceived Parenting Attitude Inventory, Chang-woo Song(1997)'s Learned Helplessness, and Internet Game Addiction Test by developed Korean Agency Digital Apportunity & Promotion. Statistics and methods used for the data analysis were Cronbach'a alpha, freuency, percentage, Two-Way ANOVA, Pearson's Correlation, and Regression by using SPSS WIN 12.0. The results of this study is described as follows. In this study, prevalence of computer addiction tendency and addiction is 14.3%. Male students showed highest computer addiction game than female students.
  • 9.

    TV-Anytime Metadata Management System based on a Set-Top Box for Digital Broadcasting

    PARK JONGHYUN , Kang, Ji-Hoon | 2008, 13(4) | pp.71~78 | number of Cited : 6
    Abstract PDF
    Digital Broadcasting serves a variety of broadcasting services for satisfying the requirement of customers. One of main factors for new broadcasting environment is interoperability between providers and consumers. For this interoperability, metadata standards are proposed for the digital broadcasting and TV-Anytime metadata is one of these standards. On the one hand, there are some researches for efficiently managing the broadcasting metadata on Set-Top Box. This paper proposes the metadata management system for efficiently managing the broadcasting metadata based on the STB which is low-cost and low-setting. Our system consists of a storage engine to store the metadata and an XQuery engine to search the stored metadata and uses special index for storing and searching. We expect that our system will keep the interoperability amongst a variety of applications for broadcasting because we adopts the XQuery for searching the metadata and the XQuery is a standard language for searching XML data.
  • 10.

    A WWW Images Automatic Annotation Based On Multi-cues Integration

    SeongYoon Shin , 문형윤 , Rhee Yang Weon | 2008, 13(4) | pp.79~86 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    As the rapid development of the Internet, the embedded images in HTML web pages nowadays become predominant. For its amazing function in describing the content and attracting attention, images become substantially important in web pages. All these images consist a considerable database. What's more, the semantic meanings of images are well presented by the surrounding text and links. But only a small minority of these images have precise assigned keyphrases, and manually assigning keyphrases to existing images is very laborious. Therefore it is highly desirable to automate the keyphrases extraction process. In this paper, we first introduce WWW image annotation methods, based on low level features, page tags, overall word frequency and local word frequency. Then we put forward our method of multi-cues integration image annotation. Also, show multi-cue image annotation method is more superior than other method through an experiment.
  • 11.

    Development of selectable observation point test architecture in the Boundry Scan

    Chang-Hee Lee , 장영식 | 2008, 13(4) | pp.87~96 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we developed a selectable observation point test architecture and test procedure for clocked 4-bit synchronous counter circuit based on boundary scan architecture. To develope, we analyze the operation of Sample/Preload instruction on boundary scan architecture. The Sample/Preload instruction make possible to snapshot of outputs of CUT(circuit under test) at the specific time. But the changes of output of CUT during normal operation are not possible to observe using Sample/Preload in typical scan architecture. We suggested a selectable observation point test architecture that allows to select output of CUT and to observe of the changes of selected output of CUT during normal operation. The suggested a selectable observation point test architecture and test procedure is simulated by Altera Max 10.0. The simulation results of 4-bit counter shows the accurate operation and effectiveness of the proposed test architecture and procedure.
  • 12.

    Development of a Fall Detection System Using Fish-eye Lens Camera

    소인미 , Dae-Kyung Han , Kang Sun-Kyung and 2 other persons | 2008, 13(4) | pp.97~104 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    This study is to present a fainting motion recognizing method by using fish-eye lens images to sense emergency situations. The camera with fish-eye lens located at the center of the ceiling of the living room sends images, and then the foreground pixels are extracted by means of the adaptive background modeling method based on the Gaussian complex model, which is followed by tracing of outer points in the foreground pixel area and the elliptical mapping. During the elliptical tracing, the fish-eye lens images are converted to fluoroscope images, the size and location changes, and moving speed information are extracted to judge whether the movement, pause, and motion are similar to fainting motion. The results show that compared to using fish-eye lens image, extraction of the size and location changes, and moving speed by means of the conversed fluoroscope images has good recognition rates.
  • 13.

    A Routing Protocol for Assuring Scalability and Energy Efficiency of Wireless Sensor Network

    Jeong Yoon Su , Yong-Tae Kim , Gil-Cheol Park and 1 other persons | 2008, 13(4) | pp.105~114 | number of Cited : 5
    Abstract PDF
    While the wireless sensor network has a strong point which does not have effect on whole activities of network even though neighboring sensor nods fail activities of some sensor nod or make some functions disappear by the characteristic of similar information detection, it has problems which is slowing down of wireless medium, transfer character with severe error, limited power supply, the impossibility of change by optional arrangement of sensor nods etc. This paper proposes PRML techniques which performs the fittest course searching process to reduce power consumption of entire nods while guarantees the scalability of network organizing sensor nods hierarchically. The proposed technique can scatter the load of cluster head by considering the connectivity with surplus energy of nod and reduce the frequency of communication among the nods. As a result of the analysis in comparison with LEACH-C and HEED technique, PRML technique got efficiency of average 6.4% in energy consuming respect of cluster head, efficiency of average 8% in entire energy consuming respect, and more efficiency of average 7.5% in other energy consuming distribution of network scalability than LEACH-C and HEED technique.
  • 14.

    Extending VNC Server and Client for Sharing Clipboard Contents Composed of Text and Images

    이태호 , 이홍창 , 박양수 and 1 other persons | 2008, 13(4) | pp.115~126 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    VNC(Virtual Network Computing) is a desktop sharing system based on the RFB(Remote Framebuffer) protocol which allows you to control a remote computer running a VNC server through a VNC client(or viewer) on a local computer. To exchange information between the two computers, VNC provides the functionality of sharing the clipboard contents. Unfortunately, the current VNC softwares support only the clipboard text contents, not providing methods for sharing the clipboard multimedia contents such as images. In this paper, we extend the RFB protocol to share the clipboard contents composed of text and images. Also, to support the developed protocol, we extend both the UltraVNC server and the JavaViewer VNC client which are free open-source softwares. Through the developed VNC softwares, users can exchange the clipboard contents including texts and images between the remote computer and the local computer.
  • 15.

    Cluster-head-selection-algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks by Considering the Distance

    Byung-Joon Kim , 유상신 | 2008, 13(4) | pp.127~132 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Wireless sensor network technologies applicable to various industrial fields are rapidly growing. Because it is difficult to change a battery for the once distributed wireless sensor network, energy efficient design is very critical. In order to achieve this purpose in network design, a number of studies have been examining the energy efficient routing protocol. The sensor network consumes energy in proportion to the distance of data transmission and the data to send. Cluster-based routing protocols such as LEACH-C achieve energy efficiency through minimizing the distance of data transmission. In LEACH-C, however, the total distance between the nodes consisting the clusters are considered important in constructing clustering. This paper examines the cluster-head-selection-algorithm that reflect the distance between the base station and the cluster-head having a big influence on energy consumption. The proposed method in this paper brought the result that the performance improved average 4~7% when LEACH-C and the base station are located beyond a certain distance. This result showed that the distance between cluster-head and the base station had a substantial influence on lifetime performance in the cluster-based routing protocol.
  • 16.

    Heuristics for Selecting Nodes on Cable TV Network

    Kyun Rak Chong | 2008, 13(4) | pp.133~140 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    The cable TV network has delivered downward broadcasting signals from distribution centers to subscribers. Since the traditional coaxial cable has been upgraded by the Hybrid Fiber Coaxial(HFC) cable, the upward channels has expanded broadband services such as Internet. This upward channel is vulnerable to ingress noises. When the noises from the children nodes accumulated in an amplifier exceeds a certain level, that node has to be cut off to prevent the noise propagation. The node selection problem(NSP) is defined to select nodes so that the noise in each node does not exceed the given threshold value and the sum of profits of selected nodes can be maximized. The NSP has shown to be NP-hard. In this paper, we have proposed heuristics to find the near-optimal solution for NSP. The experimental results show that interval partitioning is better than greedy approach. Our heuristics can be used by the HFC network management system to provide privileged services to the premium subscribers on HFC networks.
  • 17.

    A Tree-Based Indexing Method for Mobile Data Broadcasting

    MEE HWA PARK , YONG KYU LEE | 2008, 13(4) | pp.141~150 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this mobile computing environment, data broadcasting is widely used to resolve the problem of limited power and bandwidth of mobile equipments. Most previous broadcast indexing methods concentrate on flat data. However, with the growing popularity of XML, an increasing amount of information is being stored and exchanged in the XML format. We propose a novel indexing method, called TOP tree(Tree Ordering based Path summary tree), for indexing XML document on mobile broadcast environments. TOP tree is a path summary tree which provides a concise structure summary at group level using global IDs and element information at local level using local IDs. Based on the TOP tree representation, we suggest a broadcast stream generation and query processing method that efficiently handles not only simple path queries but also multiple path queries. We have compared our indexing method with other indexing methods. Evaluation results show that our approaches can effectively improve the access time and tune-in time in a wireless broadcasting environment.
  • 18.

    Adaptive Scanning Scheme for Mobile Broadband Wireless Networks based on the IEEE 802.16e Standard

    Jaesung Park , Lim, Yujin | 2008, 13(4) | pp.151~160 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    Mobile broadband wireless network is emerging as one of the hottest research areas due to technical advances, and the demands of users who wish to enjoy the same network experience on the move. In this paper, we investigate the handover process at the medium access control (MAC) layer in an IEEE 802.16e-based system. In particular, we identify problems concerned with the scan initiation process called cell reselection and propose a received signal strength (RSS) estimation scheme to dynamically trigger a scanning process. We show how the RSS estimation scheme can timely initiate a scanning process by anticipating RSS values considering scan duration required.
  • 19.

    A method to compute the packet size and the way to transmit for the efficient VoIP using the MIL-STD-188-220C Radio

    Joo-Hee Han | 2008, 13(4) | pp.161~168 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    A method to compute the size of packet and the optimal way to transmit the packets are proposed in this work for the VoIP communication using the MIL-STD-188-220C, military wireless Ad-hoc protocol which is used for the amicable communications of both speeches and data between several radiotelegraph. The expected time of data transmission is estimated beforehand, and then the size of package and transmission method are decided in the consideration of VoIP speech quality for the users as well as the data transmission quality of radiotelegraph.
  • 20.

    An Efficient Dynamic Network Security Method based on Symmetric Block Cipher Algorithms

    송병호 , Sung-Ki Yang , 배상현 | 2008, 13(4) | pp.169~176 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The existing block encryption algorithms have been designed for the encryption key value to be unchanged and applied to the round functions of each block, and enciphered. Therefore, it has such a weak point that the plaintext or encryption key could be easily exposed by differential cryptanalysis or linear cryptanalysis, both are the most powerful methods for decoding block encryption of a round repeating structure. Dynamic cipher has the property that the key-size, the number of round, and the plaintext-size are scalable simultaneously. Dynamic network is the unique network satisfying these characteristics among the networks for symmetric block ciphers. We analyze the strength of Dynamic network for meet-in-the-middle attack, linear cryptanalysis, and differential cryptanalysis. Also, In this paper we propose a new network called Dynamic network for symmetric block ciphers.
  • 21.

    An Energy Efficient Data Delivery Scheme based on Cross-Layer Design in Wireless Sensor Networks

    Jong-Whoi Shin , 김재현 , 김석규 | 2008, 13(4) | pp.177~184 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    The design goal of protocols in wireless sensor networks(WSN) is mainly energy efficiency because of their stringent resource and energy constraints. In this paper, we propose a simple cross-layered protocol for WSNs, so called EATD(Energy-Aware Tree based Delivery scheme). EATD is a tree-based energy aware data delivery algorithm by using a SYNC packet with link and node cost to maximize the network lifetime. Our simulation results show significant improvements compared with existing schemes in terms of energy efficiency and delay.
  • 22.

    A Design of Weather Ontology for Intelligent Weather Service

    Eui-Hyun Jung | 2008, 13(4) | pp.185~194 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In spite of rapid development of IT-related meteorology and services, human users still ought to check the weather information manually as they did before because traditional weather information retrieval is based on pull-type and human interpretation. Furthermore, the automatic machine-driven weather information processing has been neglected for a long time although the intelligent weather information processing is expected to be very useful for personal daily life and ubiquitous computing. In this paper, we discussed a design of GRIB based ontology to enable smart weather information processing. GRIB is the general purposed and world-wildly used weather data format approved by the World Meteorological Organization. With the designed ontology and the inference system containing Jess engine, several intelligent weather applications have been implemented and tested to verify the virtue of machine-driven weather information processing.
  • 23.

    A Study on the Application of the RFID Technology in Textile Industry

    Hyo-Seok Yang , Kim Byeong-Chan , Yang,Dae-Yong | 2008, 13(4) | pp.195~204 | number of Cited : 6
    Abstract PDF
    Textile industry of Domestic has beeb confronted with Free Trade, and Regional Trade Blocks. In addition, textile industry market is changing from the provider market-oriented to consumer-driven market. RFID is the core technology to correspond in the these environmental change. In this study, we reviewed characteristic and present condition of domestic textile industry and newest technology aspect of RFID. Also, we suggested application plan of RFID technology in textile industry through the analyzing RFID application case of domestic and outside the country textile industry. More precisely, it is propsed that tracking, inspecting and logistics management of raw materials or yarn in up-stream, and Development hysteresis and process management of textile fabrics in middle-stream sector, theftproofing or returning clothes and providing information of products in down-stream sector, through RFID Technology.
  • 24.

    A CASA-Based Dynamic Access Control Scheme for Ubiquitous Environments

    김경자 , 장태무 | 2008, 13(4) | pp.205~212 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Conventional context-aware service models permit the access of resources only by user authentication, but the ubiquitous environments where the context information around users is changing frequently require the resource access control according to the rapid changes. This paper proposes a scheme to control access permission of resource dynamically as context information of user changes. Our access control model is based on traditional CASA (Context-Aware Security Architecture), but can restrict the access of the user already has been authorized. With the real-time checking of context information, our scheme gives different access controls according to changes in environmental information, and provides more secure services than conventional context-aware models.
  • 25.

    Development of National Qualification Management System for Performance Improvement based on Real-Time Data Sharing

    장영현 , Seo Jeong-Man | 2008, 13(4) | pp.213~220 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this paper is to improve efficiency in the construction and operation of a total management system for the national technical qualification through the design and development of a real-time data sharing system which is connected with the management system of external consignment. The current a total management system for the national technical qualification processes the work depend on information and results which pass over by external IT company. But this method of processing has some unstable elements with regards to information reprocessing, functional supplement, system stability, etc. The proposed system's technological concepts have been tested through a basic simulation pilot program. The pilot program will be expanded to include the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry because the stability of the system was proved through its application to the real-time national technical qualification examination of KCCI(Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry). The real-time data sharing system has shown great efficiency in terms of system management, and has solved problems of developmental period for information reprocessing and functional supplement. The real-time data sharing system has been given good evaluations with regard to the convenience of their use and the management system for operators and supervisors.
  • 26.

    A Study of the Next Generation Ubiquitous Flight Information System and a Design

    Wan-Soon Park , 양해술 | 2008, 13(4) | pp.221~230 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    We Studied current Flight Information System everyone employing, and this paper designed a next generation Ubiquitous Flight Information System. Studied a Ubiquitous Flight Information System regarding AVOD, game TV, cellular phone, cabin Internet use for a customer, and airline and control of Air Traffic Service, Air Traffic Control, in seat reservation, transportation, ticketing and luggage back-tracking and airplanes in earthly service. We Designed for a Next Generation Ubiquitous Flight Information System and for necessary for network security, system security of information security system, and derived from comparative analysis of improvement point and difference to existing Ubiquitous Flight Information System and Next Generation Ubiquitous Flight Information as was based on result of research. Present vision to aerial the result of research world of this paper related industry, and ensure safety and communication efficiency and a customer and flight satisfaction, efficiency, and will reclaim the new horizon to the Flight Information Industry.
  • 27.

    Estimating the Determinants of foreign direct investment of korea : A Panel Data Model Approach

    Kim Hee Chul , Shin Hyun Dai | 2008, 13(4) | pp.231~240 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    In respect complication, group and period , the foreign direct investment of korea is composed of various factors. This paper studies focus on estimating the determinants of foreign direct investment of korea. The region of analysis consist of 7 groups, that is, Asia, Europe, Central and South America, Oceania, Africa, Middle East. Analyzing period be formed over a 67 point(2002. 6~ 2007. 12). In this paper dependent variable setting up an amount of foreign direct investment, explanatory(independent) variables composed of gross domestic product, a balance of current accounts, the foreign exchange rate, employment to population ratio, an average of the rate of operation(the manufacturing industry),consumer price index, the amount of export, wages(a service industry). For an actual proof analysis, LIMDEP 8.0 software, analysis model is random effect in TWECR The result of estimating the determinants of foreign direct investment of korea provides empirical evidences of significance positive relationships between employment to population ratio and wages(a service industry). However this study provides empirical evidences of significance negative relationships between the foreign exchange rate, consumer price index and the amount of export. The explanatory variables, that is, an average of the rate of operation(the manufacturing industry), gross domestic product and a balance of current accounts, are non-significance variables.
  • 28.

    A Study on How to Enhance the Healthiness of UCC Value Chain

    김유정 , Jong-soo Yoon | 2008, 13(4) | pp.241~254 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    UCC(User Created Content) has brought about much change in the way Internet users produce, publish, and share digital content. That means that Internet users are participating in the UCC service much more voluntarily, and interacting each other more proactively to meet their social-psychological needs such as self-expression, social presence and so on. Also, there has been the sharp increase in variety and volume of digital content on Internet. The reasons why are that UCC enables Internet users to produce and publish their own content with much low cost, and lowers the entrance barriers to the digital content market. Like this, UCC causes the unbundling of the value chain of digital content, resulting in the high uncertainty and complexity, and then leading to the low healthiness of UCC value chain in terms of productivity, robustness, niche creation, and safety. Thus, this paper is to identify the status and problems of UCC value chain and present the way how to enhance the healthiness of UCC value chain more comprehensively and systematically.
  • 29.

    A Study On a point of conclusion time of Electronic Commerce

    박종렬 | 2008, 13(4) | pp.255~262 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    It is settled in the economic arena that electronic commerce which used the Internet is new recently by explosive increase of the rapid development and Internet use of the information and communication technology. The problem that is legitimate at a point called the business of the form that the electronic transactions to get together if I drift are new of the times is the situation caused a lot. However, the use custom of construction and electronic transactions of the maintenance that is the legislation thief who can do rules of electronic transactions is the fact that it was not able to be still established It may not be just applied to the Internet electronic transactions that an exchange promise between our characters does against unspecified number of the general public person in the property even if I say that the conclusion of the purchase agreement is concluded in Internet electronic transactions by EDI method. That can have the approval of contract in the main legal problem of such an Internet electronic transactions contract. We civil law sorts it by a contract between the talks characters and a contract between the remote area people and all the adopted children are equal and must decide the formation of contract time in a principle of Empfangstheorie because it may be said that the rule of the civil law that it be heated and decides to be able to be available is irrational.
  • 30.

    Study on the Criminal Information System of Police Cooperation Organization between European Nations

    Young Hwan Kim | 2008, 13(4) | pp.263~272 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    This study is about the criminal information system of police cooperation organization between European nations. The criminal information system of police cooperation organization between European nations is the organization created by the sign of the Europol convention in 26 July 1995 and the effectuation in 1 October 1998 for European nations' cooperative confrontation with frequent international terror, international organization crime, drug trafficking, illegal immigrant smuggling, and other critical crimes. From the beginning, this organization established the criminal information system for overcoming the working limits of previous international police organization. This system consists of information system, work file, and index system and enables every national unit or other law enforcement agents to collect, exchange, and utilize the information. Additionally, it try to keep in step with the rapidly change time, such as the integration with CMS, the establishment of correspondence system against cyber crime, and the introduction of biometric database. The criminal information system of the Europol gives important suggestions to the police cooperation organization between nations, besides prevention and suppression against the international crimes in Europe.
  • 31.

    A Study for DHRMIS S/W Quantitive Quality Evaluation

    Seung-Dam Rho , Dea-woo Park | 2008, 13(4) | pp.273~280 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    This paper is thing for a quantitive quality evaluation in national Defense Human Resource Management Information S/W system development. Apply a quantitive quality evaluation way to be based on an international standard to admonish at ISO/IEC 9126. Proposed 6 basis of count, and set up sub 27 items detailed functionality, reliability, use anger, efficiency, maintenance anger, a transplant result, and inspection of quality table wrote the Matrix measured S/W quality to a chart. Studied a quantitive evaluation plan of a Defense Human Resource Management Information S/W system to see weight by the priority order that reflected a characteristic of a national defense business to a purpose of a subject user, and presented. It is 80% in quantitive quality evaluation application satisfied under 8, Very Satisfied 7(87.5%) Satisfied 1(12.5%) of Defense Human Resource Managers and judgment worked as marked so that satisfaction of reliability and a user regarding functionality was high and there will be contribute to an elevation of defense capabilities as analyze efficient national defense S/W use and effect.