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2009, Vol.14, No.3

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    XQuery Query Rewriting for Query Optimization in Distributed Environments

    박종현 | Kang, Ji-Hoon | 2009, 14(3) | pp.1~11 | number of Cited : 1
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    XQuery query proposed by W3C is one of the standard query languages for XML data and is widely accepted by many applications. Therefore the studies for efficient Processing of XQuery query have become a topic of critical importance recently and the optimization of XQuery query is one of new issues in these studies. However, previous researches just focus on the optimization techniques for a specific XML data management system and these optimization techniques can not be used under the any XML data management systems. Also, some previous researches use predefined XML data structure information such as XML schema or DTD for the optimization. In the real situation, however, applications do not all refer to the structure information for XML data. Therefore, this paper analyzes only a XQuery query and optimize by using itself of the XQuery query. In this paper, we propose 3 kinds of optimization method that considers the characteristic of XQuery query. First method removes the redundant expressions described in XQuery query, second method replaces the processing order of operation and clause in XQuery query and third method rewrites the XQuery query based on FOR clause. In case of third method, we consider FOR clause because generally FOR clause generates a loop in XQuery query and the loop often rises to execution frequency of redundant operation. Through a performance evaluation, we show that the processing time for rewritten queries is less than for original queries. also each method in our XQuery query optimizer can be used separately because the each method is independent.
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    System Model-driven Conversion from PLC-based Systems to RTOS-based Systems

    김제웅 | Sung-Soo Lim | 2009, 14(3) | pp.13~26 | number of Cited : 1
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    In this paper, We propose the alternative solution, RTOS-based system to replace the PLC that has used the automation system for industrial processes. RTOS-based system is constructed the PC and RTOS as hardware and software. It overcomes the limit of PLC and guarantees the stability and reliability. Also, PC has better performance and cheaper than PLC when operating and constructing the system. For many manufactures, these benefits alone are all the reason they need to switch from PLC-based system to RTOS-based system.To use the RTOS-based System, the PLC program needs the conversion to the RTOS task. And how to transform is the most important issue. So, we propose conversion method through the system model. The system model defines the operation of each module as the task after the system divided into module. Because the system divided into modules can control, the performance and the functionality of system improve, and the system can deal with a problem easily when repairing and changing.
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    A Building and Application of Enterprise Ontology with Protégé - Representation and Analysis of Shipbuilding Process -

    박지현 | 양재군 | Jae-Hak Bae | 2009, 14(3) | pp.27~39 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    This paper describes a case study on an enterprise ontology(EO) based analysis and representation of the production operation in shipbuilding. The production operation consists of steel fabrication, assembly, erection, launching, sea trial and delivery process. We represent and analyze the steel fabrication process and the piping design business of the assembly process among them. First, we build an ontology on concepts of steel fabrication process and the piping design business of assembly process. And then we merge it with the original EO. We represent each process and analyze current state of production process with the merged EO and Protégé plug-ins. Moreover, we can analyze dependency relations among the workflow elements. Through the case study, we have found the effectiveness of EO in business management and process management in complex heavy industries.
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    Flash memory system with spatial smart buffer for the substitution of a hard-disk

    JUNG BOSUNG | Lee Jung Hoon | 2009, 14(3) | pp.41~49 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    Flash memory has become increasingly requestion for the importance and the demand as a storage due to its low power consumption, cheap prices and large capacity medium. This research is to design a high performance flash memory structure for the substitution of a hard-disk by dynamic prefetching of aggressive spatial locality from the spatial smart buffer system. The proposed buffer system in a NAND flash memory consists of three parts, i.e., a fully associative victim buffer for temporal locality, a fully associative spatial buffer for spatial locality, and a dynamic fetching unit. We proposed new dynamic prefetching algorithm for aggressive spatial locality. That is, to use the flash memory instead of the hard disk, the proposed flash system can achieve better performance gain by overcoming many drawbacks of the flash memory by the new structure and the new algorithm. According to the simulation results, compared with the smart buffer system, the average miss ratio is reduced about 26% for Mediabench applications. The average memory access times are improved about 35% for Mediabench applications, over 30% for Spec2000 applications.
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    Noun and Keyword Extraction for Information Processing of Korean

    SeongYoon Shin | Rhee Yang Weon | 2009, 14(3) | pp.51~56 | number of Cited : 7
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    In a language, noun and keyword extraction is a key element in information processing. When it comes to processing Korean language information, however, there are still a lot of problems with noun and keyword extraction. This paper proposes an effective noun extraction method that considers noun emergence features. The proposed method can be effectively used in areas like information retrieval where large volumes of documents and data need to be processed in a fast manner. In this paper, a category-based keyword construction method is also presented that uses an unsupervised learning technique to ensure high volumes of queries are automatically classified. Our experimental results show that the proposed method outperformed both the supervised learning-based X2 method known to excel in keyword extraction and the DF method, in terms of classification precision.
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    X2RD: Storing and Querying XML Data Using XPath To Relational Database

    Sangyoon Oh | 2009, 14(3) | pp.57~64 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    XML has become a de facto standard for structured document and data on the Web. An XML data deluge over the network will be more, since XML based standards such as Web Service and Semantic Web gets popular. There are efforts to store and query XML documents in a relational database system and recent efforts focus on how to provide such operations using XPath and XQuery. In this paper, we present study about those research efforts and we propose a new scheme to store and query XML documents in a relational database using XPath query. The scheme uses a ‘shred’ method to store and translates XPath queries to SQL. We also present our empirical experiments using a RDBMS.
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    Scene Change Detection Algorithm for Video Abstract on Specific Movie

    정명범 | 김재경 | Il Ju Ko and 1other persons | 2009, 14(3) | pp.65~74 | number of Cited : 6
    Abstract PDF
    Scene change detection is pretreatment to index and search video information in video search system, and it is very important technology for overall performance. Existing scene change detection used single characteristic of pixel value difference, histogram difference, etc or mixed single characteristics that have complementary relationship. However, accuracy of those researches is very poor for special video such as infrared camera, night shooting. Therefore, this paper is proposed the method that is mixed color histogram and KLT algorithm for scene change detection at the specific movie. To verify the usefulness of a proposed method, we did an experiment which used color histogram only and KLT algorithm with color histogram. In result, evaluation index of proposed method is improved about 11.4% at the specific movie.
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    Study on the Correlation between Digital Images using ICOR

    Yang,Hyung-Kyu | Choi Jong Ho | 2009, 14(3) | pp.75~82 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    The comparison of images uses PSNR generally. In the case that PSNR value is above 35, it is hard to distinguish the quality of images. In 2006 Lee has proposed the protocol to be able to prove ownership of image using publishing MSB bit strings of original image instead of original images and used the new function to measure correlation of MSB bit strings of two images. In the view of measuring the quality of images, correlation is a bit different from PSNR. That is, if an object image to generate from an original image has lower quality, PSNR has very low value, but though the quality is bad, correlation of the images is very high in the view of similarity. In this paper, we modify MSB comparison function that LEE suggested and propose the ICOR function, then analyze the possibility to decide correlation of two images.
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    Design Elements To Improve MMORPG Software Quality

    유행석 | 장태무 | 2009, 14(3) | pp.83~91 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    Recently game industry is emerging as a core of the domestic cultural contents by rapid development of IT technology and also the market scale has growing highly every year. Among various games, particularly the market ratio of MMORPG increases rapidly in domestic and oversea online game market. However it is true that the competition in the oversea market is too week for the investment to the MMORPG development efforts from the domestic game industry. Accordingly this paper collects the interests which players concern. Also this paper analyses and classifies design elements of successful MMORPGs as a way to obtain competition and shows a model in terms of game software quality to be referred by MMORPG development organizations or companies.
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    An Automatic ROI Extraction and Its Mask Generation based on Wavelet of Low DOF Image

    박순화 | Yeong-Geon Seo | LEE BU KWON and 4other persons | 2009, 14(3) | pp.93~101 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    This paper suggests a new algorithm automatically searching for Region-of-Interest(ROI) with high speed, using the edge information of high frequency subband transformed with wavelet. The proposed method executes a searching algorithm of 4-direction object boundary by the unit of block using the edge information, and detects ROIs. The whole image is splitted by 64X64 or 32X32 sized blocks and the blocks can be ROI block or background block according to taking the edges or not. The 4-directions searche the image from the outside to the center and the algorithm uses a feature that the low-DOF image has some edges as one goes to center. After searching all the edges, the method regards the inner blocks of the edges as ROI, and makes the ROI masks and sends them to server. This is one of the dynamic ROI method. The existing methods have had some problems of complicated filtering and region merge, but this method improved considerably the problems. Also, it was possible to apply to an application requiring real-time processing caused by the process of the unit of block.
  • 11.

    A study on the Efficient OKTEK(One-way Key-chain for TEK) for Realtime Digital Contents Transmission

    전상훈 | 2009, 14(3) | pp.103~111 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    IEEE 802.16e(Wibro) standard, providing robust mobile realtime data transmission technology, requires of faster and smooth execution of security mechanisms, such as key distribution and user authentications, during base station hopping. In particular, key management mechanisms such as redistribution and regeneration have an impact on digital contents transmission and realtime data transmission, not only in 802.16e environment, but also in typical transmission environment as well. This paper presents traffic management mechanisms designed to realtime digital contents (such as IPTV)transmission efficiency and increase the QoE by utilizing OKTEK methodology.
  • 12.

    A MAC Protocol Considering Traffic Loads Information For a Clustered Wireless Sensor Networks

    Seong Cheol Kim | 김형주 | 2009, 14(3) | pp.113~119 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we proposed an efficient TDMA scheduling algorithm for a clustered Wireless Sensor Network. Since some previous algorithms used unnecessary idle period and schedule period in each frame, It became an overhead that might consume unexpected energy and delay data transmission. To solve this problem, a dynamic scheduling algorithm according to the number of member nodes and node traffic load within a cluster was suggested. Our proposed DS-MAC(Dynamic Scheduling MAC) could save energy and reduce transmission delay. Then DS-MAC was analyzed mathematically to compare with the previous algorithms.
  • 13.

    Qos Management System of BcN for Convergence Services of Broadcasting and Communication

    송명원 | 최인영 | Soon Key Jung | 2009, 14(3) | pp.121~131 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    BcN provides a wide variety of high-quality multimedia services such as broadcasting and communication convergence services. But the quality degeneration is observed in BcN when we use broadcasting and communication convergence service via more than one network of different internet service providers. In this paper, a QoS management system which is able to measure and maintain objectively the quality-related information in overall networks is proposed. The proposed QoS management system is tested on the pilot networks of BcN consortiums by measuring the quality of voice and video experienced by the actual users of the commercial video phone services. The result of the experiment shows that it is possible to figure out service quality between a user and a service provider by analyzing the information from agents. The per-service traffic information collected by probes is proved to be useful to pinpoint the party responsible for the loss of the service quality in case of the services including different service providers. As the result of the experiment, it is shown that the proposed QoS management system would play a key role of resolving the quality dispute, which is one of the important issues of QoS-guaranteed BcN.
  • 14.

    Analysis to a Remote User Authentication Scheme Using Smart Cards

    Younghwa An | KangHo-Lee | 2009, 14(3) | pp.133~138 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    Recently Lin et al. proposed the remote user authentication scheme using smart cards. But the proposed scheme has not been satisfied security requirements considering in the user authentication scheme using the password based smart card. In this paper, we showed that he can get the user's password using the off-line password guessing attack on the scheme when the adversary steals the user's smart card and extracts the information in the smart card. Also, we proposed the seven security requirements for evaluating remote user authentication schemes using smart card. As a result of analysis, in Lin et al.'s scheme we have found the deficiencies of security requirements. So we suggest the improved scheme, the mutual authentication scheme that does not store the user's password verifier in server and can authenticate each other at the same time between the user and server.
  • 15.

    A Representative Pattern Generation Algorithm Based on Evaluation And Selection

    이형일 | 2009, 14(3) | pp.139~147 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The memory based reasoning just stores in the memory in the form of the training pattern or the representative pattern. And it classifies through the distance calculation with the test pattern. Because it uses the techniques which stores the training pattern whole in the memory or in which it replaces training patterns with the representative pattern. Due to this, the memory in which it is a lot for the other machine learning techniques is required. And as the moreover stored training pattern increases, the time required for a classification is very much required. In this paper, We propose the EAS(Evaluation And Selection) algorithm in order to minimize memory usage and to improve classification performance. After partitioning the training space, this evaluates each partitioned space as MDL and PM method. The partitioned space in which the evaluation result is most excellent makes into the representative pattern. Remainder partitioned spaces again partitions and repeat the evaluation. We verify the performance of proposed algorithm using benchmark data sets from UCI Machine Learning Repository.
  • 16.

    Reliability Evaluation Model for Service-Oriented Architecture Software

    최인용 | HaeSool Yang | 2009, 14(3) | pp.149~159 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    Nowadays, as the importance of service-oriented architecture software is recognized, the market of service-oriented software is getting bigger. In response to this, the requirements of high reliability and quality about service-oriented architecture software is getting increased. In this research, we clearly suggested the evaluation method by giving a specific evaluation example to evaluate the reliability quality of service-oriented architecture software. It is expected to raise the objectivity and the utilization by inducing the reliability quality improvement from this research.
  • 17.

    An Automatic Setting Method of Data Constraints for Cleansing Data Errors between Business Services

    LEE JUNG WON | 2009, 14(3) | pp.161~171 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we propose an automatic method for setting data constraints of a data cleansing service, which is for managing the quality of data exchanged between composite services based on SOA(Service-Oriented Architecture) and enables to minimize human intervention during the process. Because it is impossible to deal with all kinds of real-world data, we focus on business data (i.e. customer order, order processing) which are frequently used in services such as CRM(Customer Relationship Management) and ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning). We first generate an extended-element vector by extending semantics of data exchanged between composite services and then build a rule-based system for setting data constraints automatically using the decision tree learning algorithm. We applied this rule-based system into the data cleansing service and showed the automation rate over 41% by learning data from multiple registered services in the field of business.
  • 18.

    A Study on Speechreading about the Korean 8 Vowels

    이경호 | 양룡 | SunOk kim | 2009, 14(3) | pp.173~182 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we studied about the extraction of the parameter and implementation of speechreading system to recognize the Korean 8 vowel. Face features are detected by amplifying, reducing the image value and making a comparison between the image value which is represented for various value in various color space. The eyes position, the nose position, the inner boundary of lip, the outer boundary of upper lip and the outer line of the tooth is found to the feature and using the analysis the area of inner lip, the hight and width of inner lip, the outer line length of the tooth rate about a inner mouth area and the distance between the nose and outer boundary of upper lip are used for the parameter. 2400 data are gathered and analyzed. Based on this analysis, the neural net is constructed and the recognition experiments are performed. In the experiment, 5 normal persons were sampled. The observational error between samples was corrected using normalization method. The experiment show very encouraging result about the usefulness of the parameter.
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    Development of Mining model through reproducibility assessment in Adverse drug event surveillance system

    Youngho Lee | Youngmi Yoon | 이병문 and 2other persons | 2009, 14(3) | pp.183~192 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    ADESS(Adverse drug event surveillance system) is the system which distinguishes adverse drug events using adverse drug signals. This system shows superior effectiveness in adverse drug surveillance than current methods such as volunteer reporting or char review. In this study, we built clinical data mart(CDM) for the development of ADESS. This CDM could obtain data reliability by applying data quality management and the most suitable clustering number(n=4) was gained through the reproducibility assessment in unsupervised learning techniques of knowledge discovery. As the result of analysis, by applying the clustering number(N=4), K-means, Kohonen, and two-step clustering models were produced and we confirmed that the K-means algorithm makes the most closest clustering to the result of adverse drug events.
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    High performance Algorithm for extracting and redicting MAP Kinase signaling pathways based on S. cerevisiae rotein-Protein Interaction and Protein location

    Cho Mi Kyung | Min Kyeong Kim | 박현석 | 2009, 14(3) | pp.193~207 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Intracellular signal transduction is achieved by protein-protein interaction. In this paper, we suggest high performance algorithm based on Yeast protein-protein interaction and protein location information. We compare if pathways predicted with high valued weights indicate similar tendency with pathways provided in KEGG. Furthermore, we suggest extracted results, which can imply a discovery of new signaling pathways that is yet proven through experiments. This will be a good basis for research to discover new protein signaling pathways and unknown functions of established proteins.
  • 21.

    A Study on the Selection of Parameters and Application of SVM for Software Cost Estimation

    Kwon, Ki Tae | 이준길 | 2009, 14(3) | pp.210~216 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    The accurate estimation of software development cost is important to a successful development in software engineering. This paper presents a software cost estimation method using a support vector machine. Support vector machine is one of the efficient techniques for classification, and it is the classification method of input data based on Maximum-Margin Hyperplane. But SVM has the problem of the selection of optimal parameters, because it is dependent on user's parameters. This paper selects optimized SVM parameters using advanced method, and estimates software development cost. The proposed approach outperform some recent results reported in the literature.
  • 22.

    A Study on Logistics Information System Integration: in case of Korea Post

    한영수 | HAEYONG JUNG | 2009, 14(3) | pp.217~226 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we analyze process of implementing and successful enabler of Postal Logistics Integrated Information Systems(PostNet) through a case study on Korea Post. PostNet was integrated by considering contingently organizational integration(organizational structure redesign), strategical integration(business process reengineering), and technical integration(data integration, application integration, and integrated platform implementation). And also integration was implemented for supporting three aspects. PostNet has implication for advanced integration with business mission and operational efficiency by comparing integration with physical level and hardware level. Korea Post has the biggest logistics network, organization, and service in logistics industry area. The results of this paper will suggest theoretical framework for the future information system integration, and will be utilized as a practical guideline for the information system integration.
  • 23.

    The effects of knowledge management strategy on the management performance in the hotel industry

    김형구 | Jaeyoung Son | 선우영수 | 2009, 14(3) | pp.227~235 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    The ultimate goal of hotel corporations is to maintain their existence by securing competitive advantages over their competitors. In order to secure competitive advantages, they need to shed off the conventional paradigm of company management, which increasingly grows weaker as the industrial society turns into a knowledge-based one, and make effective use of knowledge, which is the core source of their wealth and competitiveness, in their management. Thus this study set out to identify knowledge management strategy to result in great management performance to hotel corporations. It also aimed to suggest specific action plans for them to do knowledge management efficiently based on the results. The causal relations between the knowledge management strategy and management performance were examined to figure out the former's influences on the latter. As a result, Two types of knowledge management strategy seemed to have positive(+) impacts on competitive advantages, but negative(-) impacts on financial performance.
  • 24.

    An Empirical Study of IT-based Faultlines on Group Performance in Chinese IT Corporations

    황운초 | Cho, Wan-sup | Yeong Real Kim | 2009, 14(3) | pp.237~248 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    Faultline theory, introduced by Lau and Murnighan in 1998, adds valuable explanations in addition to what previous demographic studies have explored. However, previous research has not been able to fully integrate the characteristics embedded in the workplace environments, and the influence of faultlines in IT industries has yet to be explored. In this study, IT related influence is given considerable weight into traditional faultline theory and the impact of IT-based faultlines is revealed. Our study indicates that IT-based faultlines have a negative impact on task conflict and process conflict, and these two conflicts also effectively mediate the influence of IT-based faultlines to group performance. Two potential moderators are studied and the results indicate that commitment has no moderating effect between IT-based faultlines and group performance while open communication has strong moderating effect. Our empirical study reconfirmed that faultlines are important indicators in group work and also that faultlines are intimately related to various conflicts and group outcomes. We hope our research findings will be beneficial to organizations concerned with effective and efficient group work.
  • 25.

    An Analysis on the Addiction to the Internet Environment of Adolescents with the Structural Equation Modeling

    Dong-su Lee | 김효순 | 김은희 | 2009, 14(3) | pp.249~257 | number of Cited : 6
    Abstract PDF
    This study examines the impact of the internet addiction of the internet environment(expect, approach, anonym) in adolescents with the structural equation modeling(AMOS 6.0). A few major findings are reported: First, the internet environment for example expect, anonym in adolescents affected the internet addiction; Second, the internet environment for example expect, anonym in adolescents which are analysis on the control effects to the impact of the relation of personal factors and family factors affected to differ the internet addiction.