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2009, Vol.14, No.12

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    Single Sign On between Grid Portal and Web applications on MGrid

    허대영 | Hwang Suntae | 황대복 | 2009, 14(12) | pp.1~8 | number of Cited : 0
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    Grid services offer SSO(single sign-on) mechanism using GSI(grid security infrastructure) based on X.509. However, portal applications in web environment use ID and password model for single sign-on. Grid portals means a system which provides grid services by integrating portlet contents on single web interface. In existing research such as GAMA and PURSE, SSO for a whole grid portal is figured out in the way that user is authenticated by ID and password in front and call grid service via GSI at back-end. Other types of web applications outside of portlet framework cannot unfortunately access grid service in SSO way in the existing researches, because the SSO mechanism is developed for portlet framework only. In this paper, we suggest a SSO mechanism based on ID and password model, which forwards authentication information and a GSI token for grid access among portlets and grid-enabled web applications. This mechanism is applied to MGrid for SSO, which consists of applications of java web start, applet, servlet, and etc. as also as portlets.
  • 2.

    Low-power Filter Cache Design Technique for Multicore Processors

    박영진 | 김종면 | 김철홍 | 2009, 14(12) | pp.9~16 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    Energy consumption as well as performance should be considered when designing up-to-date multicore processors. In this paper, we propose new design technique to reduce the energy consumption in the instruction cache for multicore processors by using modified filter cache. The filter cache has been recognized as one of the most energy-efficient design techniques for singlecore processors. The energy consumed in the instruction cache accounts for a significant portion of total processor energy consumption. Therefore, energy-aware instruction cache design techniques are essential to reduce the energy consumption in a multicore processor. The proposed technique reduces the energy consumption in the instruction cache for multicore processors by reducing the number of accesses to the level-1 instruction cache. We evaluate the proposed design using a simulation infrastructure based on SimpleScalar and CACTI. Simulation results show that the proposed architecture reduces the energy consumption in the instruction cache for multicore processors by up to 3.4% compared to the conventional filter cache architecture. Moreover, the proposed architecture shows better performance over the conventional filter cache architecture.
  • 3.

    Effective CPU overclocking scheme considering energy efficiency

    이준희 | 공준호 | 서태원 and 1other persons | 2009, 14(12) | pp.17~24 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    More recently, the Green Computing have become a important issue in all fields of industry. The energy efficiency cannot be over-emphasized. Microprocessor companies such as Intel Corporation design processors with taking both energy efficiency and performance into account. Nevertheless, general computer users typically utilize the CPU overclocking to enhance the application performance. The overclocking is traditionally considered as an evil in terms of the power consumption. In this paper, we present effective CPU overclocking schemes, which raise CPU frequency while keeping current CPU supply voltage for energy reduction and performance improvement. The proposed scheme gain both energy reduction and performance improvement. Evaluation results show that our proposed schemes reduce the processor execution time as much as 17% and total computer system energy as much as 5%, respectively. In addition, our effective CPU overclocking schemes reduce the Energy Delay Product (EDP) as much as 22%, on average.
  • 4.

    Implementation of UPnP Middleware and Device Control using Power Line Communication for Home Network

    김관형 | 강성인 | AmSuk Oh and 1other persons | 2009, 14(12) | pp.25~32 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    This paper proposes the construction of intelligent home network system using Power Line Communication(PLC) technique, which allows for UPnP bridge remote control and monitoring based on TCP/IP. Also, the communication for control module inside intelligent home network systems is designed with Simple Control Protocol(SCP) in which each device is connected to be controlled independently. When new UPnP device is additionally installed in intelligent home network systems, it is monitored through UPnP bridges based on its registered UPnP device information. The device control based on PLC and implementation of each UPnP device are effectively managed by using TCP/IP remote control and it's provided fundamental functions to monitor various device information in the home network.
  • 5.

    Knowledge and Strategic Ability based on Strategic Constraints

    구자록 | 2009, 14(12) | pp.33~40 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    We study Interpreted Systems, ATL, and ATEL to capture the notion of time, knowledge, and strategy which are important in the analysis of multi-agent systems and propose strategic constraints based on subgame perfect Nash equilibrium of game theory as one of the solutions for the issues of ATEL which an agent can access the current state of the whole system when making up his strategy even when he should be uncertain about the state, and no explicit representation of actions in ATEL models makes some natural situations harder to model. Also, we present strategic constraints-based Interpreted Systems for model checking of multi-agent systems.
  • 6.

    Business Model for Intelligent Traffic Facility Management Service Based on Ubiquitous Technology

    Sungyeol Yu | 2009, 14(12) | pp.41~53 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we propose the system structure and technologies to implement a business model for an intelligent traffic facility management system based on ubiquitous technology. The business model includes the service functions, service structure, business process, and demand and supply relationship among the participants in this model. We also propose an approach to implementing the model. This includes the network, infrastructure and platform to be used for system composition. We then present the results from an analysis by comparison of different technologies and an adequate technology structure. Finally, this paper may present guidelines to managing traffic facilities.
  • 7.

    A Fuzzy Weights Decision Method based on Degree of Contribution for Recognition of Insect Footprints

    신복숙 | CHA,EUI-YOUNG | Woo, Young Woon | 2009, 14(12) | pp.55~62 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    This paper proposes a decision method of fuzzy weights by utilizing degrees of contribution in order to classify insect footprint patterns having difficulties to classify species clearly. Insect footprints revealed delicately in the form of scattered spots since they are very small. Therefore it is not easy to define shape of footprints unlike other species, and there are lots of noises in the footprint patterns so that it is difficult to distinguish those from correct data. For these reasons, the extracted feature set has obvious feature values with some uncertain feature values, so we estimate weights according to degrees of contribution. If the one of feature values has distinct difference enough to decide a class among other classes, high weight is assigned to make classification. A calculated weight determines the membership values by fuzzy functions and objects are classified into the class having a superior value.atu present experimental resultseighrontribution. Iinsect footprints with noises by the proposed method.
  • 8.

    Vehicle Detection Method Using Convolution M0atching Based on 8 Oriented Color Expression

    한성지 | Youngjun Han | 한헌수 | 2009, 14(12) | pp.63~73 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    This paper presents a vehicle detection method that uses convolution matching method based on a simple color information. An input image is expressed as 8 oriented color expression(Red, Green, Blue, White, Black, Cyan, Yellow, Magenta) considering an orientation of a pixel color vector. It makes the image very reliable and strong against changes of illumination condition or environment. This paper divides the vehicle detection into a hypothesis generation step and a hypothesis verification step. In the hypothesis generation step, the vehicle candidate region is found by vertical edge and shadow. In the hypothesis verification step, the convolution matching and the complexity of image edge are used to detect real vehicles. It is proved that the proposed method has the fast and high detection rate on various experiments where the illumination source and environment are changed.
  • 9.

    Search speed improved minimum audio fingerprinting using the difference of Gaussian

    권진만 | Il Ju Ko | Daesik Jang | 2009, 14(12) | pp.75~87 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    This paper, which is about the method of creating the audio fingerprint and comparing with the audio data, presents how to distinguish music using the characteristics of audio data. It is a process of applying the Difference of Gaussian (DoG: generally used for recognizing images) to the audio data, and to extract the music that changes radically, and to define the location of fingerprint. This fingerprint is made insensitive to the changes of sound, and is possible to extract the same location of original fingerprint with just a portion of music data. By reducing the data and calculation of fingerprint, this system indicates more efficiency than the pre-system which uses pre-frequency domain. Adopting this, it is possible to indicate the copyrighted music distributed in internet, or meta information of music to users.
  • 10.

    A Method for the Detection of an Open/Closed Eye and a Pupil using Black and White Bipolarization

    Bonghee Moon | 2009, 14(12) | pp.89~96 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    A lot of information is contained in an image or a movie rather than in a text, and it is very important thing to extract context from them. In this study, we propose a method to detect an open/closed eye and determine the location of a pupil in an eye image which is extracted from a movie. The image is normalized using transformation into bipolarization with white and black color and horizontalizing, and we measure width and height of an eye. With these information, we can determine the open or closed eye and the location of the pupil. Experiments were done with 52 images of eyes from movies using this method, and we get good results with 98% of correctness in detection of open/closed eyes and 95% in detection of pupil's location.
  • 11.

    Case study of Lighting method to improve TV news viewers' attention span -Based on KBS News 9 Lighting Method Analysis-

    한학수 | 2009, 14(12) | pp.97~107 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Television News has significant impact on the information analysis of viewers by delivering world news to anonymous individuals everyday. We need to pay more attention to resolution considering the fact that even slight facial expression and the dress of TV anchor can be noticed by viewers in the high definition age ,called HD TV, by radical changes in broadcasting situation. As a result, the beauty of expression that lighting technology has is extremely important in the high definition age. In news broadcast, as a phenomenon according to this change in trend, people have been looking for change in order to break with traditional TV news production by adopting DLP(Digital Lighting Processing) or LED(Light Emitting Diode). This effort has contributed to creating proper picture quality appropriate for HD TV. Nowadays Digital imaging is creating new trend in TV news production method from traditional analog-based lighting environment, thanks to the development of IT(Information Technology) and digitalized lighting equipment. This change has led to building of HD studio and appropriate sets and lighting system. There are film set and projector which projects image on the screen and PDP, LCD, and DLP which has been used widely in recent years and LED which is often used as background in news program as examples, which has appeared since 1990s with HD TV. In this article, I analyzed the KBS News 9 lnce 1990s with in order to research the influence of television image component on the alyzed the KBS of TV article, I . I wille uggest the category of TV anchor image formulation in delivering information by means of lnce 1990s with based on the analysis result.
  • 12.

    Node ID-based Service Discovery for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

    Kang Eunyeong | 2009, 14(12) | pp.109~117 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we propose an efficient service discovery scheme that combines peer-to-peer caching advertisement and node ID-based selective forwarding service requests. P2P caching advertisement quickly spreads available service information and reduces average response hop count since service information store in neighbor node cache. In addition, node ID-based service requests can minimize network transmission delay and can reduce network load since do not broadcast to all neighbor node. Proposed scheme does not require a central lookup server or registry and not rely on flooding that create a number of transmission messages. Simulation results show that proposed scheme improved network loads and response times since reduce a lot of messages and reduce average response hop counts using adaptive selective nodes among neighbor nodes compared to traditional flooding-based protocol.
  • 13.

    The Access Method for a Collision Prevent from the Wireless Network

    김동옥 | LEE KEE HEE | 2009, 14(12) | pp.119~126 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper propose a method to reduce data for collision resolution. It is to reduce a damage of the back off algorithm to apply in both wire and wireless networks. Double back off size can be work in the first and the last movement point service as a same time in IEEE 802.16. It propose of the algorithm to be suited to IEEE 802.16 for increasing network access percentage in increase a data treat, delay error range and random access over fuller condition. In the result of the computer simulation, the proposal algorism give a increasing speed more than under the this paper. From this computer simulation result, we can get the confirmation of the small loss in saturated and saturated could be a longer in last network.
  • 14.

    An Algorithm For Approximating The Performance of Multi-mode Network System Using Algebraic Property of System States

    오대호 | 2009, 14(12) | pp.127~137 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    A practical algorithm of generating most probable states in decreasing order of probability of the network system state is suggested for approximating the performance of multi-mode network system using algebraic structure of the system states. Most complex system having network structure with multi-mode unit state is difficult to evaluate the performance or reliability due to exponentially increasing size of state space. Hence not an exact computing method but an approximated one is reasonable approach to solve the problem. To achieve the goal we should enumerate the network system states in order as a pre-processing step. In this paper, we suggest an improved algorithm of generating most probable multi-mode states to get the ordered system states efficiently. The method is compared with the previous algorithms in respective to memory requirement and empirical computing time. From the experiment proposed method has some advantages with regard to the criterion of algorithm performance. We investigate the advantages and disadvantage by illustrating experiment examples.
  • 15.

    Modeling of Collection Process for Real-time Forensic Data

    Kim Tae-Hoon | 박남규 | 최한나 and 3other persons | 2009, 14(12) | pp.139~145 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    This study proposes a model of collection process for real-time forensic data , in which the manager was to respond to infringement incidents in terms of system operation and inspection and to collect, analyze and restore forensic data immediately after an incident took place. The suggested model was modeled in seven processes according to functional elements. Unlike the old abstract and managerial forensic processes, the model allowed the manager to react to infringement incidents in the aspects of system operation and inspection and to follow the processes of collecting, analyzing, and restoring forensic data in case of an incident. There also was a feedback process designed towards the step of gathering forensic data through the stages of systematizing reaction strategies in order that he or she be able to bring about comprehensive and structural responses to an incident like the former processes in which it is difficult to bring about instant responses.
  • 16.

    SRTP Key Exchange Scheme Using Split Transfer of Divided RSA Public Key

    채강석 | Souhwan Jung | 2009, 14(12) | pp.147~156 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    This paper proposes a SRTP key exchange scheme using split transfer of divided RSA public key in SIP-based VoIP environment without PKI. The existing schemes are hard to apply to real VoIP environment, because they require a PKI and certificates in the end devices. But in case of ZRTP, which is one of existing schemes, it’s able to exchange SRTP Key securely without PKI, but it is inconvenient since it needs user’s involvement. To solve these problems, the proposed scheme will split RSA public key and transmit them to SIP signaling secession and media secession respectively. It can defend effectively possible Man-in-The-Middle attacks, and it is also able to exchange the SRTP key without the user’s involvement. Besides, it meets the requirements for security of SRTP key exchange. Therefore, it’s easy to apply to real VoIP environment that is not available to construct PKI.
  • 17.

    Design and Implementation of a Web Application Firewall with Multi-layered Web Filter

    장성민 | Yoo-Heon Won | 2009, 14(12) | pp.157~167 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    Recently, the leakage of confidential information and personal information is taking place on the Internet more frequently than ever before. Most of such online security incidents are caused by attacks on vulnerabilities in web applications developed carelessly. It is impossible to detect an attack on a web application with existing firewalls and intrusion detection systems. Besides, the signature-based detection has a limited capability in detecting new threats. Therefore, many researches concerning the method to detect attacks on web applications are employing anomaly-based detection methods that use the web traffic analysis. Much research about anomaly-based detection through the normal web traffic analysis focus on three problems - the method to accurately analyze given web traffic, system performance needed for inspecting application payload of the packet required to detect attack on application layer and the maintenance and costs of lots of network security devices newly installed. The UTM(Unified Threat Management) system, a suggested solution for the problem, had a goal of resolving all of security problems at a time, but is not being widely used due to its low efficiency and high costs. Besides, the web filter that performs one of the functions of the UTM system, can not adequately detect a variety of recent sophisticated attacks on web applications. In order to resolve such problems, studies are being carried out on the web application firewall to introduce a new network security system. As such studies focus on speeding up packet processing by depending on high-priced hardware, the costs to deploy a web application firewall are rising. In addition, the current anomaly-based detection technologies that do not take into account the characteristics of the web application is causing lots of false positives and false negatives. In order to reduce false positives and false negatives, this study suggested a realtime anomaly detection method based on the analysis of the length of parameter value contained in the web client's request. In addition, it designed and suggested a WAF(Web Application Firewall) that can be applied to a low-priced system or legacy system to process application data without the help of an exclusive hardware. Furthermore, it suggested a method to resolve sluggish performance attributed to copying packets into application area for application data processing. Consequently, this study provide to deploy an effective web application firewall at a low cost at the moment when the deployment of an additional security system was considered burdened due to lots of network security systems currently used.
  • 18.

    A study with respect to the home networking security Technology based on SIP

    함영옥 | Yongtae Shin | 2009, 14(12) | pp.169~180 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    Generally home networks are based on wired network and wireless network. This makes customers be capable of using electric home appliances and full-duplex multimedia services and controlling the machines without any restrictions of place or time. Now that the scope of home security is being extended, the home networks can be formed with not only personal computer but also home automation, electric home appliances, and etc. But this causes many of attacks of invasion and damages. Therefore in this paper we suggest the SSIP(Secure Session Initiate protocol) model for solving those problems. The SSIP model is able to provide an efficient authentication and reduce the time of session re-establishment and set-up by adding ability of SIP authentication to Cluster-to-Cluster environment performed on home gateway.
  • 19.

    A Study on Traceback by WAS Bypass Access Query Information of DataBase

    백종일 | Dea-woo Park | 2009, 14(12) | pp.181~190 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    DBMS access that used high speed internet web service through WAS is increasing. Need application of DB security technology for 3-Tier about DBMS by unspecified majority and access about roundabout way connection and competence control. If do roundabout way connection to DBMS through WAS, DBMS server stores WAS's information that is user who do not store roundabout way connection user's IP information, and connects to verge system. To DBMS in this investigation roundabout way connection through WAS do curie information that know chasing station security thanks recording and Forensic data study. Store session about user and query information that do login through web constructing MetaDB in communication route, and to DBMS server log storing done query information time stamp query because do comparison mapping actuality user discriminate. Apply making Rule after Pattern analysis receiving log by elevation method of security authoritativeness, and develop Module and keep in the data storing place through collection and compression of information. Kept information can minimize false positives of station chase through control of analysis and policy base administration module that utilize intelligence style DBMS security client.
  • 20.

    Analysis of Medical Images Using EM-based Relationship Method

    Hyungil Kim | 2009, 14(12) | pp.191~199 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The integrated medical information system is an effective medical diagnosis assistance system which offers an environment in which medial images and diagnosis information can be shared. Because of the large-scale medical institutions and their cooperating organizations are operating the integrated medical information systems, they can share medical images and diagnosis information. However, this system can only stored and transmitted information without other functions. To resolve this problem and to enhance the efficiency of diagnostic activities, a medical image analysis system is necessary. In this paper, the proposed relationship method analyzes medical images for features generation. Under this method, the medical images have been segmented into several objects. The medical image features have been extracted from each segmented image. Then, extracted features were applied to the Relationship Method for medical image analysis. Several experimental results that show the effectiveness of the proposed method are also presented.
  • 21.

    Implementation of Vehicle Location Identification and Image Verification System in Port

    Kiwook Lee | 2009, 14(12) | pp.201~208 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    As the ubiquitous environment is created, the latest ports introduce U-Port services in managing ports generally and embody container's location identification system, port terminal management system, and advanced information exchange system etc. In particular, the location identification system for freight cars and containers provide in real time the information on the location and condition for them, and enables them to cope with an efficient vehicle operation management and its related problems immediately. However, such a system is insufficient in effectively handling with the troubles in a large-scale port including freight car's disorderly driving, parking, stop, theft, damage, accident, trespassing and controlling. In order to solve these problems, this study structures the vehicle positioning system and the image verification system unsing high resolution image compression and AVE/H.264 store and transmission technology, able to mark and identify the vehicle location on the digital map while a freight car has stayed in a port since the entry of an automatic gate, or able to identify the place of accident through image remotely.
  • 22.

    Study on the Effect of Learning Orientation of the Employees in Social Welfare Institutions on Job Satisfaction

    Choi Young Ho | 2009, 14(12) | pp.209~216 | number of Cited : 5
    Abstract PDF
    The employees in social welfare institutions have an importance of learning due to jop specialty more than any one else. That is because there are a variety of increasing needs in social welfare services and customer-oriented welfare services. On the basis of that, this study shows how learning orientation theories as a new organization management strategy affects the employees in social welfare institutions. It shows cause and effect relation by establishing hypothesis model based on the preceding researches. It performed empirical analysis on the employees in social welfare institutions in G metropolitan city. As a result, the hypothesis was tested that learning flow, vision sharing, openness have significant effects on member's jop satisfaction. It implies that job satisfaction can be improved, if the level of learning flow, vision sharing, openness of the employees in social welfare institutions are promoted.
  • 23.

    The impacts of screen quota in the screen industry

    정영재 | Hwie- Seo, Park | 2009, 14(12) | pp.217~223 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    This study is to analyse the impacts of screen quota in the screen industry and suggests policy implications. To achieve the purpose of this study, we reviewed the theoretical base and history of screen quota, and analyze the share ratio of domestic films and the impacts of screen quota on the actors concerned it. The screen quota was introduced for the purpose of cultural diversity and the protection of screen industry. But it constrained consumer's choice and owner's property. This study suggested policy implications bases the analytical results.
  • 24.

    An Enhanced Function Point Model for Software Size Estimation: Micro-FP Model

    Yeon S. Ahn | 2009, 14(12) | pp.225~232 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Function Point Method have been applied to measure software size estimation in industry because it supports to estimate the software's size by user's view not developer's. However, the current function point method has some problems for example complexity's upper limit etc. So, In this paper, an enhanced function point model, Micro FP model, was suggested. Using this model, software effort estimation can be more efficiently because this model has some regression equation. This model specially can be applied to estimate in detail the large application system's size. Analysis results show that measured software size by this Micro FP model has the advantage with more correlative between the one of LOC, as of 10 applications operated in an large organization.
  • 25.

    An Exploratory Study on the Preference of Silver Portal Contents: Focused on the Pre-senior Internet Users

    강명진 | Jongsoo Yoon | 2009, 14(12) | pp.233~244 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    This study defines the silver portal as a specialized internet portal that will be probably popular with the pre-senior/senior internet users who are over 40, sooner or later. The purpose of the study is to analyze what types of online contents on the silver portal are mostly preferred by the pre-senior/senior, and does the preference of those content types vary according to the demographic and the internet usage characteristics of the pre-senior. The study also is to suggest some research propositions, based on the analysis results, that could be applied to empirical studies in the future which deal with various research questions on the silver portal. To accomplish these research purposes, the study performed a survey for the prospective silver portal users who are living in the areas of Seoul and Kyeonggi, South Korea, and did various statistical analyses. This study found that the preference of content types of the silver portal vary according to some personal characteristics of the prospective silver portal users, and moreover proposed a few of research propositions on the relationships between personal characteristics and preferred content types.
  • 26.

    A Study on the Effect of Social Psychological Factors on Internet Addiction

    Kim,Jung-Yul | Lee, Sungjin | 2009, 14(12) | pp.245~254 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    New research on internet addiction identifies online users who became hooked on internet online games, chatting, and even internet shopping only to see their lives become increasingly unmanageable because of the Internet. The purpose of this study is to examine the causal relationship between internet addiction and social psychological factors of college students. This study model used four themes(self-esteem, self-efficacy, family relationships, stress) in order to identify the effect of social psychological factors on internet addiction. The result of this study identified that self-esteem, self-efficacy, stress have a significant effect on internet addiction. Future areas for studying internet addiction are continuously discussed.
  • 27.

    A System Framework and Research Challenges for the Semantic Web Applications

    Yoo, Dong-hee | 2009, 14(12) | pp.255~266 | number of Cited : 5
    Abstract PDF
    The Semantic Web has appeared to handle information on the web effectively, which has been increasing very rapidly since the web emerged. It refers to the machine, which understands the meaning of information on behalf of human and handles the information automatically that users want. The objective of this research is to help people to understand the Semantic Web as the next generation web by surveying the applications of Semantic Web technologies. To that end, this paper suggests a system framework which can be used for analyzing most of the Semantic Web applications. Using the suggested the framework, the recent Semantic Web applications are analyzed. And then research challenges are discussed to be overcome for the practical Semantic Web based on the analyzed results.