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2010, Vol.15, No.10

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    Power-Delay Product Optimization of Heterogeneous Adder Using Integer Linear Programming

    곽상훈 , 이정근 , Jeong-A Lee | 2010, 15(10) | pp.1~9 | number of Cited : 0
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    In this paper, we propose a methodology in which a power-delay product of a binary adder is optimized based on the heterogeneous adder architecture. We formulate the power-delay product of the heterogeneous adder by using integer linear programming(ILP). For the use of ILP optimization, we adopt a transformation technique in which the initial non-linear expression for the power-delay product is converted into linear expression. The experimental result shows the superiority of the suggested method compared to the cases in which only conventional adder is used.
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    A Study of Implementation for Visualizing 3 Dimension Content Generation using Index

    Lee Hyun Chang , SeongYoon Shin , Heeseon Jang and 1 other persons | 2010, 15(10) | pp.11~17 | number of Cited : 0
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    Mobile device, one of typical devices in ubiquitous environment, is received attention owing to portability. In these days, technical researches on a kind of the device are focusing on applications of smart phone. For example, the techniques using geographical position and applied instances such as augmented reality techniques are gradually increasing. That makes data processing important. Mobile application services for users also require various application techniques based on moving objects. In addition, they require the techniques that processed data are needed to be shown in visualization. However, this is reality that it lacks of showing visualization works to improve the understanding of thing what it is. To reduce or solve the problems, in this paper we show the results to implement the R tree based 3 dimension index architecture in visualization. Further, we implemented and present creating objects, showing in 3D for the objects, catching spatial position on a node map through mini map function and improving the understanding of R tree by visualizing.
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    Collaborative Digital Storytelling Platform with Collective Intelligence

    차상진 , 박승보 , YOU Eun-Soon and 1 other persons | 2010, 15(10) | pp.19~26 | number of Cited : 7
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    Due to the development of new digital technologies in recent years, consumers play different roles with compared to the past. Though they used to consume various existing contents, nowadays they have opportunities to use in user-friendly environment which can make them create and share their own contents. Under this circumstance, the digital storytelling has become a big issue in large area, and the web-based contents have been produced with diverse contests. In fact, the digital storytelling means a kind of storytelling method which is made by digital technologies and has been created under various circumstances. However, many researches concern that the digital storytelling is just applied for moving from analog to digital in terms of a tool, but in the reality it is far from the web 2.0 with collective intelligence. Therefore, in this paper, we propose a web-based collaborative digital storytelling platform that analysis user's action processes and components applying collective intelligence.
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    Palmprint Verification Using the Histogram of Local Binary Patterns

    Kim Min Ki | 2010, 15(10) | pp.27~34 | number of Cited : 0
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    This paper proposes an efficient method for verifying palmprint which is captured at the natural interface without any physical restriction. The location and orientation of the region of interest (ROI) in palm images are variously appeared due to the translation and rotation of hand. Therefore, it is necessary to extract the ROI stably for palmprint recognition. This paper presents a method that can extract the ROI, which is based on the reference points that are located at the center of the crotch segments between index finger and middle finger and between ring finger and little finger. It also proposes a palmprint recognition method using the histogram of local binary patterns (LBP). Experiments for evaluating the performance of the proposed method were performed on 1,597 palmprint images acquired from 100 different persons. The experimental results showed that ROI was correctly extracted at the rate of 99.5% and the equal error rate (EER) and the decidability index d' indicating the performance of palmprint verification were 0.136 and 3.539, respectively. These results demonstrate that the proposed method is robust to the variations of the translation and rotation of hand.
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    Real-time Forward Vehicle Detection Method based on Extended Edge

    지영석 , Youngjun Han , Hernsoo Hahn | 2010, 15(10) | pp.35~47 | number of Cited : 2
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    To complement inaccurate edge information and detect correctly the boundary of a vehicle in an image, an extended edge analysis technique is presented in this paper. The vehicle is detected using the bottom boundary generated by a vehicle and the road surface and the left and right side boundaries of the vehicle. The proposed extended edge analysis method extracts the horizontal edge by merging or dividing the nearby edges inside the region of interest set beforehand because various noises deteriorates the horizontal edge which can be a bottom boundary. The horizontal edge is considered as the bottom boundary and the vertical edges as the side boundaries of a vehicle if the extracted horizontal edge intersects with two vertical edges which satisfy the vehicle width condition at the height of the horizontal edge. This proposed algorithm is more efficient than the other existing methods when the road surface is complex. It is proved by the experiments executed on the roads having various backgrounds.
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    A Study on Character Recognition using Wavelet Transformation and Moment

    조민환 | 2010, 15(10) | pp.49~57 | number of Cited : 3
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    In this thesis, We studied on hand-written character recognition, that characters entered into a digital input device and remove noise and separating character elements using preprocessing. And processed character images has done thinning and 3-level wavelet transform for making normalized image and reducing image data. The structural method among the numerical Hangul recognition methods are suitable for recognition of printed or hand-written characters because it is usefull method deal with distortion. so that method are applied to separating elements and analysing texture. The results show that recognition by analysing texture is easily distinguished with respect to consonants. But hand-written characters are tend to decreasing successful recognition rate for the difficulty of extraction process of the starting point , of interconnection of each elements, of mis-recognition from vanishing at the thinning process, and complexity of character combinations. Some characters associated with the separation process is more complicated and sometime impossible to separating elements. However, analysis texture of the proposed character recognition with the exception of the complex handwritten is aware of the character.
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    An efficient Color Edge Fuzzy Interpolation Method for improving a Chromatic Aberration

    변오성 | 2010, 15(10) | pp.59~70 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Each pixels become got pixel value for color of only one from among colors because of bayer pattern that light receiving device of image sensor which is used in HHP and digital camera writes only one color. Information of the missing pixels could infer perfect color image from using information of neighbor pixels by using CFA(Color Filter Array). In this paper, we derive relation between the average of the data from the light receiving device of image sensor and each color channel data. And by using this relation, a new efficient edge color fuzzy method for color interpolation is proposed. Also, missing luminance signal channel interpolation was fuzzy interpolation along any edges direction for reducing color noise and interpolating efficiently it. And in this paper, the proposed method has been proved improving average 2.4dB than the conventional method by using PSNR. Also, resolution of the image of the proposed method was similar to the original image by visual images, we has been verified to be decreased a chromatic aberration than image of conventional algorithms with simulation result.
  • 8.

    Environment-Adaptive Image Segmentation Using Color Invariants

    Jang Seok-Woo | 2010, 15(10) | pp.71~78 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    Even though various types of image segmentation methods have been extensively introduced, robustly segmenting images to environmental conditions such as illumination changes, shading, highlight, etc, has been known to be a very difficult task. To resolve the problem in some degree, we propose in this paper an environment-adaptive image segmentation approach using color invariants. The suggested method first introduces several color invariants like W, C, U, N, and H, and automatically measures environmental conditions in which images are captured. It then chooses the most adequate color invariant to environmental factors, and effectively extracts edges using the selected invariant. Experimental results show that the proposed method can robustly perform edge-based segmentation rather than existing methods. We expect that our method will be useful in many real applications which require edge-based image segmentation.
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    Implementation of the Flight Information Visualization System using Google Earth

    박명철 , Hwa-La Hur | 2010, 15(10) | pp.79~86 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    This paper presents implementation of a system for effective visualizing flight information of aircraft using Google Earth. This system in order to use a detailed satellite image which provide from Google Earth used COM API. This system appeared the various flight information of the aircraft in the instrument panel using OpenGL and the aircraft flight condition is visible in the Google Earth Map. This research result used to flight evaluation and improvement. In future will be able to apply to flight software development.
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    The Mediation Model Verification of Interpersonal Skills on Impulsivity, Aggression and Game Addiction: Comparative analysis on School levels

    Kwon Jae Hwan | 2010, 15(10) | pp.87~98 | number of Cited : 29
    Abstract PDF
    This study was to verify a related model between among Impulsivity, Aggression, Game Addiction, and Interpersonal Skills. Aggression was selected as prerequisite variables. And Interpersonal Skills was selected as a mediated variable. Which affected Game Addiction. Covariance structure analysis were conducted to test research hypotheses. The results are summarized as follows. The path coefficients of (Impulsivity→Interpersonal Skills), (Impulsivity→Game Addiction), (Aggression→Interpersonal Skills), (Aggression→Game Addiction), (Interpersonal Skills→Game Addiction) were all significant. Second, it was proved that Impulsivity and Aggression played as inducting factors to their Game Addiction tendencies, and perceived Interpersonal Skills played as inhibiting factors which leads to decrease their Game Addiction tendencies. Third, the mediator effect of perceived Interpersonal Skills in the relation between Impulsivity, Aggression and Game Addiction was significant. Fourth, divided in school levels by and the result which analyzes, the middle school students interpersonal skills did not affect in game addiction. So there was not also a mediating effect. The high student the interpersonal skills which listens influences in game addiction. And mediating effect of interpersonal skills was. Therefore for the prevention and a treatment of game addiction the method to raise a interpersonal skills will be effective in the high students.
  • 11.

    A Study on Coupling Coefficient and Resonant Frequency Controllable Internal PIFA

    이상현 , 이문우 | 2010, 15(10) | pp.99~104 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, the internal antenna for mobile communication handset which is able to control both coupling coefficient and resonant frequency without any major modification of radiator and ground plane of PIFA(Planner Inverted F Antenna). The resonant frequency as well as amount of coupling between feeding point and shorting post can be adjusted by changing inductance. Because the inductor is connected on shorting post where the strength of electric field is weak, the performance reduction of the proposed antenna is very small enough to neglect. For the variation of the inductance value within 3.3nH, the resonant frequency of antenna can have operating range of 1650MHz ~ 1830MHz. And as be increased the inductance, the coupling coefficient of antenna is over coupled. This means that it can be electrically controlled the resonant frequency and input impedance of antenna by inductance and minimized the mismatch loss. Size reduction of 10% for PIFA is obtained without any major modifications of antenna elements. For the frequency range from 1650 to 1830MHz, reduction of the measured antenna gain is within 0.93dB as varying the value of inductance from 0 to 3.3nH.
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    A Study on Algorithm of Emotion Analysis using EEG and HRV

    전기환 , 오주영 , Yeon-Man Jeong and 2 other persons | 2010, 15(10) | pp.105~112 | number of Cited : 6
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, the bio-signals, such as EEG, ECG were measured with a sensor and their characters were drawn out and analyzed. With results from the analysis, four emotion of rest, concentration, tension and depression were inferred. In order to assess one’s emotion, the characteristic vectors were drawn out by applying various ways, including the frequency analysis of the bio-signals like the measured EEG and HRV. RBFN, a neural network of the complex structure of unsupervised and supervised learning, was applied to classify and infer the deducted information. Through experiments, the system suggested in this thesis showed better capability to classify and infer than other systems using a different neural network. As follow-up research tasks, the recognizance rate of the measured bio-signals should be improved. Also, the technology which can be applied to the wired or wireless sensor measuring the bio-signals more easily and to wearable computing should be developed.
  • 13.

    Video Data Management based on Time Constraint Multiple Access Technique in Video Proxy Server

    이준표 , 조철영 , 권철희 and 2 other persons | 2010, 15(10) | pp.113~120 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Video proxy server which is located near clients can store the frequently requested video data in storage space in order to minimize initial latency and network traffic significantly. However, due to the limited storage space in video proxy server, an appropriate video selection method is needed to store the videos which are frequently requested by users. Thus, we present a time constraint multiple access technique to efficiently store the video in video proxy server. If the video is requested by user, it is temporarily stored during the predefined interval and then, delivered to the user. A video which is stored is deleted or moved into the storage space of video proxy server depending on the request condition. In addition, we propose a video deletion method in video proxy server for newly stored video data. The simulation results show that the proposed method performs better than other methods in terms of the block hit rate and the number of block deletion.
  • 14.

    RFID Mutual Authentication Protocol on Insecure Channel for Improvement of ID Search

    Mi Og Park , Oh Gi Oug | 2010, 15(10) | pp.121~128 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we proposed a new secure RFID(Radio Frequency IDentification) mutual authentication protocol on insecure communication channel which assumed that all communication channels between the database, the reader and the tag are insecure communication channels. The proposed protocol used a secure one-way hash function and the goal is to improve search time of a tag ID and overload of hash calculational load in DB. In addition, the proposed protocol supports not only basic security requirements to be provided by RFID mutual authentication protocol but also forward secrecy, and the tag does not generate a random number to reduce overload of processing capacity in it.
  • 15.

    Pose Control of Mobile Inverted Pendulum using Gyro-Accelerometer

    Kang Jin-gu | 2010, 15(10) | pp.129~136 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper proposed the sensor fusion algorithm between a gyroscope and an accelerometer to maintain the inverted posture with two wheels which can make the robot body move to the desired destination. Mobile inverted robot fall down to the forward or reverse direction to converge to the stable point. Therefore, precise information of tilt angles and quick posture control by using the information are necessary to maintain the inverted posture, hence this paper proposed the sensor fusion algorithm between a gyroscope to obtain the angular velocity and a accelerometer to compensate for the gyroscope. Kalman Filter is normally used for the algorithm and numerous research is progressing at the moment. However, a high-performing DSP and systems are needed for the algorithm. This paper realized the robot control method which is much simpler but able to get desired performance by using the sensor fusion algorithm and PID control.
  • 16.

    Implementation of Non-contact Plant Growth Measurement System based on USN Technologies

    석진원 , Intae Ryoo | 2010, 15(10) | pp.137~145 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    This paper is proposed non-contact plant growth measurement system using infrared sensor based on USN(Ubiquitous Sensor Network) technologies. The proposed system has used noncontact sensors to reduce any potential damage when it measures the growth of the plant. In this system, plant growth parameters such as diameter, cross-sectional area and thickening form are measured in real-time non-contact method. The measured data are transmitted to remote server by using sensor network technologies, stored and analyzed at the server, and the analyzed data are finally provided for users. In this paper, the proposed plant growth measurement system has been designed and implemented using non-contact infrared sensor based measurement methods and devices, and its performances have been verified by actual measurement experiments at the fields.
  • 17.

    An Intelligent Service Middleware Using Ontology and Rule in Ubiquitous Sensor Network Environments

    Jong-Hyun Park , Kang, Ji-Hoon | 2010, 15(10) | pp.147~156 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    There are some of the studies on sensor middleware. However the standard middleware has not yet been defined. Especially, this paper focuses on the processing an intelligent service of the main functions of middleware. Several applications in the sensor network environment support not only monitoring services, but also sensor-based context-awareness and intelligent services based on sensors. However, the previous studies about USN middleware only mentioned the need for intelligent service and did not discuss the architecture and method for supporting the intelligent service in detail. Therefore this paper designs a USN middleware for providing intelligent services and proposes the method for processing the services. For this purpose, this paper proposes the Sensor-Service ontology to define the concept of services and sensors for USN applications and the relationship between them. The Sensor-Service ontology is used to infer high-level information from low-level information. To apply a variety of environmental context to intelligent services, the paper uses the rule-based reasoning. This paper implements the proposed intelligent service middleware as a prototype and then shows that the middleware can be used for a variety of USN applications through the performance evaluation.
  • 18.

    Design and Implementation of RFID-based Tracking System for Logistics Management on the Steel Industry

    lee sang young | 2010, 15(10) | pp.157~164 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    Recently, the Radio Frequency Identification(RFID) system has been growing with many promising features in technology and applications fields. Especially, a lot of efforts for the application of RFID system in the field of logistics management have been conducted. In addition, in logistics section of steel industry a remarkable efficiency can be attained by application of the RFID system. However, in the RFID system applied for the steel industry, lots of problems were found to be solved in recognition of the tags and antennas. This paper presents the feasibility of deploying RFID in the steel industry as a tool for reduction of the production cost . An application of the steel industry to RFID-based tracking management system was proposed. The results of this paper showed that the recognition rate of material input and output was found 100 percent and secured 99 percent of detection rate in the location. In conclusion, the proposed RFID-based tracking management system was approved superior to the existing system in terms of productivity.
  • 19.

    Key-word Error Correction System using Syllable Restoration Algorithm

    안찬식 , OH, SANG YEOB | 2010, 15(10) | pp.165~172 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    There are two method of error correction in vocabulary recognition system. one error pattern matting base on method other vocabulary mean pattern base on method. They are a failure while semantic of key-word problem for error correction. In improving, in this paper is propose system of key-word error correction using algorithm of syllable restoration. System of key-word error correction by processing of semantic parse through recognized phoneme meaning. It's performed restore by algorithm of syllable restoration phoneme apply fluctuation before word. It's definitely parse of key-word and reduced of unrecognized. Find out error correction rate using phoneme likelihood and confidence for system parse. When vocabulary recognition perform error correction for error proved vocabulary. system performance comparison as a result of recognition improve represent 2.3% by method using error pattern learning and error pattern matting, vocabulary mean pattern base on method.
  • 20.

    A study on a UT applied forecast prototype and policy for u-Gov's actional system to disaster

    Choung Young-Chul , Bae,Yong-Geun | 2010, 15(10) | pp.173~182 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    Recently, the society confronts unpredictable disasters and the aspects varies in diverse ways. As a pessimistic perception on the social safety starts emerging, the UT utilized actional system for disaster is viewed as a solution. Therefore, in this paper, I provided UT applied forecast prototype which is a portion of u-Gov's application services. Also, as one of UT applied policy subject, I distinguished and analyzed the differences between e-Gov and u-Gov and, finally, suggested u-Gov's reform in order to surpass e-Gov's limitation and amelioration for possible problems during prototype materialization.
  • 21.

    A Study on Korean EFL Collegians' Approach to L2 Writing Based on Metacognition and Affectivity

    Mijeong Kang , Chi-woon Joo | 2010, 15(10) | pp.183~190 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The present study attempted to identify the metacognitive strategies used by L2 writers at the university level as well as their particular aspects which might influence the use of these strategies. Twenty-seven participants, all of whom were enrolled in an English course, were asked to write an expository essay and then complete a questionnaire which includes their beliefs and attitudes toward L2 writing experience and the metacognitive strategies during the writing process. It was found that even though inexpert writers knew and employed as many strategies as the expert counterparts did, they were unsuccessful in the quality of their texts. Simply possessing a repertoire of metacognitive strategies was not enough for successful L2 writing. The failure of the inexpert writers to apply these metacognitive strategies in an effective manner was influenced by affective factors such as anxiety, self-confidence, self-concept, etc. As a result of this study, a pedagogical implication is suggested.
  • 22.

    The Design and Implementation of Intelligent Internet Outlet for Real-Time Scheduling Control

    Baek,Jung-Hyun | 2010, 15(10) | pp.191~200 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    The "intelligent internet power outlets" realized in this study use Internet environment to connect electrical and electronic products to the Net as well as to enable remote monitoring and control. They also have temperature and light sensors, and even offer scheduling options by means of a universal calendar run by an inner real-time timer. Furthermore, they control 4 outlets handling 4 external input conditions and infrared remote control with easy-to-use functions for home automation control. The user interface is equipped with an embedded Web server and UDP protocol handler, and which also allows special control programs be used with the Web browser. Thus, installing this real-time power control function with optimal scheduling and various communication functions will provide you with energy-efficient power outlets outfitted with the increasingly popular "standby power" electric power efficiency.
  • 23.

    Design and Implementation of Public Management System for Performance Improvement Technology based on Green IT

    장영현 , Dea-woo Park | 2010, 15(10) | pp.201~207 | number of Cited : 6
    Abstract PDF
    This paper covers a series of activities including initial proposal and actual development for the performance improvement of large-scale public facility management system under the application of green IT concept, which finally produced various excellent results in the administration of expense control, human resources, and general affairs. Actual development procedure starts from the analysis required by system users with the purpose of finding cost reduction opportunities under the application of green IT concept, which is followed by a series of activities including making a proposal for performance improvement, the development of trial system and the actual application into real system. As an example of large-scale public facility management system, national qualification management system was taken in order to convert the existing individual test storage unit into on-line storage space equipped with reinforced security function, resulting in acquisition of efficient productivity and greater savings in human resources as well as general expenses. A comparison with existing system and newly developed system was made in the area of number of operators, abnormal processing, system maintenances. It proved that efficiency increased to the minimum of 2 times and to the maximum 12 times with the 5 million savings of personal storage unit.
  • 24.

    Survey and Analysis on Computer Using Ability of Early Childhood for Developing Educational Software

    정혜명 , Song, Joo seung | 2010, 15(10) | pp.209~220 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    In this study, a survey was carried out to investigate status of children's computer use and their ability by gender and age. The objects of the survey were kids at a day care center in Gimpo where students of the early childhood education department of K university had practical training for a month. 378 questionnaire were collected excepting those with insincere or inconsistent responses, and among them, According to the results of this study, girls use computers more often than boys for educational purposes such as learning how to read and write Korean language and numbers and foreign languages, and also learning music and arts. On the other hand, boys use computers more often than girls for entertainment like cartoon movies and games. In terms of computer using ability such as understanding instructions, manipulation of functions, drawing pictures, chatting and e-mail, internet shopping, homepage making, girls have higher ability than boys while boys are significantly superior to girls in the ability to play computer games. The analytical results show that application programs of the childhood education is desirable for boys to use for the sake of arousing the interest and for the game and for girls to use at the part of music and arts. According to ages, for 1-2 years children, they needs the AP with a delicate person having the computer knowledge, for 3-4 years children, they need AP with some little help, for 6-7 years, they need the AP to do themselves according to sex and age.
  • 25.

    Research on Attachment Creating Structure due to Customers' Product Group Innovativeness: -Towards Mobile Telecommunication Service-

    권순홍 , Yangwhan Lim | 2010, 15(10) | pp.221~227 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    This research dealt with the psychological structure where customers get attached to mobile telecommunication service. As a result, first, product group innovativeness had a meaningful influence on the customers' having trust and positive affects in mobile telecommunication service. Second, when the trust of the customers using mobile telecommunication service was high, the affection towards the service was proportionately positive. Third, although the affection of love was strong when the customers highly trusted the mobile telecommunication service he is using, it did not have a meaningful influence on the attachment of relationship. Fourth, when the customers gained a positive affection towards the mobile telecommunication service, the attachment of love and relationship was stronger. These research results mean that the effects which customers' mobile telecommunication innovativeness have should be considered importantly as a factor of influence on customers' service attachment.
  • 26.

    Development of a decision supporting system for forest management based on the Tabu Search heuristic algorithm

    박지훈 , 김영환 , 원현규 and 1 other persons | 2010, 15(10) | pp.229~237 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Recently, forest management objectives become more complex and complicated, and spatial constraints were necessarily considered for ecological stability. Now forest planning is required to provide an optimized solution that is able to achieve a number of management objectives and constraints. In this study, we developed a decision supporting system based on the one of dynamic planning techniques, Tabu Search (TS) heuristic algorithm, which enable one to generate an optimized solution for given objectives and constraints. For this purpose, we analyzed the logical flow of the algorithm and designed the subsequence of processes. To develop a high-performance computing system, we examined a number of strategy to minimize execution time and workloads in each process and to maximize efficiency of using system resources. We examined two model based on the original TS algorithm and revised version of TS algorithm and compared their performance in optimization process. The results showed high performance of the developed system in providing feasible solutions for several management objectives and constraints. Moreover, the revised version of TS algorithm was appeared to be more stable for providing results with minimum variation. The developed system is expected to use for developing forest management plans in Korea.