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2011, Vol.16, No.12

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    A Design and Implementation of Reliability Analyzerfor Embedded Software using Markov Chain Model and Unit Testing

    곽동규 , Yoo,Jae-Woo , Jaeyoung Choi | 2011, 16(12) | pp.1~10 | number of Cited : 2
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    As requirements of embedded system get complicated, the tool for analyzing the reliability of embedded software is being needed. A probabilistic modeling is used as the way of analyzing the reliability of a software and to apply it to embedded software controlling multiple devices. So, it is necessary to specialize that to embedded software. Also, existing reliability analyzers should measure the transition probability of each condition in different ways and doesn't consider reusing the model once used. In this paper, we suggest a reliability analyzer for embedded software using embedded software Markov chin model and a unit testing tool. Embedded software Markov chain model is model specializing Markov chain model which is used for analyzing reliability to an embedded software. And a unit testing tool has host-target structure which is appropriate to development environment of embedded software. This tool can analyze the reliability more easily than existing tool by automatically measuring the transition probability between units for analyzing reliability from the result of unit testing. It can also directly apply the test result updated by unit testing tool by representing software model as a XML oriented document and has the advantage that many developers can access easily using the web oriented interface and SVN store. In this paper, we show reliability analyzing of a example by so doing show usefulness of reliability analyzer.
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    Real-time Error Detection Based on Time Series Prediction for Embedded Sensors

    Hyungil Kim | 2011, 16(12) | pp.11~22 | number of Cited : 0
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    An embedded sensor is significantly influenced by its spatial environment, such as barriers or distance, through low power and signal strength. Due to these causes, noise data frequently occur in an embedded sensor. Because the information acquired from the embedded sensor exists in a time series, it is hard to detect an error which continuously takes place in the time series information on a realtime basis. In this paper, we proposes an error detection method based on time-series prediction that detects error signals of embedded sensors in real time in consideration of the physical characteristics of embedded devices. The error detection method based on time-series prediction proposed in this paper determines errors in generated embedded device signals using a stable distance function. When detecting errors by monitoring signals from an embedded device, the stable distance function can detect error signals effectively by applying error weight to the latest signals. When detecting errors by monitoring signals from an embedded device, the stable distance function can detect error signals effectively by applying error weight to the latest signals.
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    Performance Improvement of Simple Bacteria Cooperative Optimization through Rank-based Perturbation

    Sung Hoon Jung | 2011, 16(12) | pp.23~32 | number of Cited : 0
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    The simple bacteria cooperative optimization (sBCO) algorithm that we developed as one of optimization algorithms has shown relatively good performances, but their performances were limited by step-by-step movement of individuals at a time. In order to solve this problem, we proposed a new method that assigned a speed to each individual according to its rank and it was confirmed that it improved the performances of sBCO in some degree. In addition to the assigning of speed to the individuals, we employed a new mutation operation that most existing evolutionary algorithms used in order to enhance the performances of sBCO in this paper. A specific percent of bad individuals are mutated within an area that is proportion to the rank of the individual in the mutation operation. That is, Gaussian noise of large standard deviation is added as the fitness of individuals is low. From this, the probability that the individuals with lower ranks can be located far from its parent will be increased. This causes that the probability of falling into local optimum areas is decreased and the probability of fast escaping the local optimum areas is increased. From experimental results with four function optimization problems, we showed that the performances of sBCO with mutation operation and individual speed were increased. If the optimization function is quite complex, however, the performances are not always better. We should devise a new method for solving this problem as a further work.
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    An efficient approach of avoiding extensions of duplicated graph patterns in cyclic graph mining

    노영상 , 윤은일 , 편광범 and 4 other persons | 2011, 16(12) | pp.33~42 | number of Cited : 0
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    From Complicated graph structures, duplicated operations can be executed and the operations give low efficiency. In this paper, we propose an efficient graph mining algorithm of minimizing the extension of duplicated graph patterns in which the priorities of cyclic edges are considered. In our approach, the cyclic edges with lower priorities are first extended and so duplicated extensions can be reduced. For performance test, we implement our algorithm and compare our algorithm with a state of the art, Gaston algorithm. Finally, We show that ours outperforms Gaston algorithm.
  • 5.

    Color Image Filter Using Fuzzy Logic

    고창룡 , KyungWan Koo , Kim, Kwang-baek | 2011, 16(12) | pp.43~48 | number of Cited : 3
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    Among various methods proposed earlier, fuzzy image filtering is usually one of the favored techniques because it has less blurring effect and the decrease of noise removal rate after filtering. However, fuzzy filtering is ineffective on color images since it is firstly developed with gray scale. Thus, in this paper, we propose a fuzzy filtering algorithm for color images. First, we divide RGB color information from image into three channels of R, G, and B and judge the possibility of each pixel with mask by fuzzy logic independently. The output pixel value might be the average or median according to the degree of noise. Our experiment successfully verifies the effectiveness of new algorithm in color image.
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    Development of A Framework for Robust Extraction of Regions Of Interest

    김성훈 , Lee Kwang Eui , 허경용 | 2011, 16(12) | pp.49~58 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Extraction of regions of interest (ROIs) is the first and important step for the applications in computer vision and affects the rest of the application process. However, ROI extraction can be easily affected by the environment such as illumination, camera, etc. Many applications adopt problem-specific knowledge and/or post-processing to correct the error occurred in ROI extraction. In this paper, proposed is a robust framework that could overcome the environmental change and is independent from the rest of the process. The proposed framework uses a differential image and a color distribution to extract ROIs. The color distribution can be learned on-line, which make the framework to be robust to environmental change. Even more, the components of the framework are independent each other, which makes the framework flexible and extensible. The usefulness of the proposed framework is demonstrated with the application of hand region extraction in an image sequence.
  • 7.

    Personalized mobile Healthcare Service Analysis by IPA

    신다혜 , 박만영 , 이영호 | 2011, 16(12) | pp.59~70 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Recently, as people's interest in health care has been rising, the health care service awareness and utilization has been increasing. However, the existing healthcare services have problems such as inconvenience of mobility, the low reliability of input for information and low accuracy of information provided as well. in this study, we developed the m-Health application by utilizing smart phone with improvement of these problems. This application provided the total of 5 services such as notification for risk of cardiovascular disease, personalized dietary recommendations targeted to 20s and 30s who do not properly manage their health care by bad habits. In addition, the benefits and problems of these services were found out through the analysis for the general importance and satisfaction of these services by Importance-Performance Analysis (IPA) technique. In result of IPA analysis, The six items such as 'input accuracy and reliability of information’, ‘content reliability’, ‘proper health service recommendations', etc. among 12 of the items needed to receive the effective services on m-Health were belonged to importance and satisfaction area with high level. And, in the 'information security', the importance is high but the satisfaction was low. In conclusion, the further study for strengthening security of information, service update provided with PHR to consistently keep the advantage of these services will be conducted.
  • 8.

    The Design and Implementation of the Real-time Data Stream Server for Continuity of Care Record

    Wu Zejun , LI YAN , HaeYoung Bae | 2011, 16(12) | pp.71~82 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    The EMR management services can monitoring the patients' record with any doctors in any hospital by using the internet and smartphones online. To handle the real time, multidimensional, continuous data, database management systems (DBMS) must cope with high insert rates for updates, however the traditional DBMS suffers from processing these kinds of data due to its serious design bottlenecks. So the researchers put forward to Data Stream Management System (DSMS). In this paper we describe the real-time Data Stream Server for Continuity of Care Record (CCR) that including continuos query processor. This system is compiled with DSMS and DBMS in EMR system for processing and monitoring the coming CCR data stream, and also storing the processed result with high-efficiency. The system enables users not only to query stored CCR information from DBMS, but also to execute continue query on real-time CCR Data Stream, and health information can be transferred between different healthcare providers that would reduce medical error. At last, we develop a IPhone mobile application to test the proposed real-time data stream server.
  • 9.

    Detecting Spelling Errors by Comparison of Words within a Document

    김동주 | 2011, 16(12) | pp.83~92 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Typographical errors by the author's mistyping occur frequently in a document being prepared with word processors contrary to usual publications. Preparing this online document, the most common orthographical errors are spelling errors resulting from incorrectly typing intent keys to near keys on keyboard. Typical spelling checkers detect and correct these errors by using morphological analyzer. In other words, the morphological analysis module of a speller tries to check well-formedness of input words, and then all words rejected by the analyzer are regarded as misspelled words. However, if morphological analyzer accepts even mistyped words, it treats them as correctly spelled words. In this paper, I propose a simple method capable of detecting and correcting errors that the previous methods can not detect. Proposed method is based on the characteristics that typographical errors are generally not repeated and so tend to have very low frequency. If words generated by operations of deletion, exchange, and transposition for each phoneme of a low frequency word are in the list of high frequency words, some of them are considered as correctly spelled words. Some heuristic rules are also presented to reduce the number of candidates. Proposed method is able to detect not syntactic errors but some semantic errors, and useful to scoring candidates.
  • 10.

    Vision-based Walking Guidance System Using Top-view Transform and Beam-ray Model

    Lin Qing , Youngjun Han , Hernsoo Hahn | 2011, 16(12) | pp.93~102 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    This paper presents a walking guidance system for blind pedestrians in an outdoor environment using just one single camera. Unlike many existing travel-aid systems that rely on stereo-vision, the proposed system aims to get necessary information of the road environment by using just single camera fixed at the belly of the user. To achieve this goal, a top-view image of the road is used, on which obstacles are detected by first extracting local extreme points and then verified by the polar edge histogram. Meanwhile, user motion is estimated by using optical flow in an area close to the user. Based on these information extracted from image domain, an audio message generation scheme is proposed to deliver guidance instructions via synthetic voice to the blind user. Experiments with several sidewalk video-clips show that the proposed walking guidance system is able to provide useful guidance instructions under certain sidewalk environments.
  • 11.

    An Enhanced Search Algorithm for Fast Motion Estimation using Sub-Pixel

    김대곤 , Yoo Cheol Jung | 2011, 16(12) | pp.103~112 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    Motion estimation (ME) is regarded as an important component in a video encoding process, because it consumes a large computation complexity. H.264/AVC requires additional computation overheads for fractional search and interpolation. This causes a problem that computational complexity is increased. In Motion estimation, SATD(Sum of Transform Difference) has the characteristics of a parabolic based on the minimum point. In this paper, we propose new prediction algorithm to reduce search point in motion estimation by sub-pixel interpolation characteristics. The proposed algorithm reduces the time of encoding process by decreasing computational complexity. Experimental results show that the proposed method reduces 20% of the computation complexity of motion estimation, while the degradation in video quality is negligible.
  • 12.

    A study of the functional requirements to management tool for software development projects

    park koo rack | 2011, 16(12) | pp.113~120 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Information system gradually increases the complexity and scale of the project, while if the project fails to occur. To analyze the causes of failure of the project a lack of understanding of your project, unclear requirements and requirements change, etc. of the software development life cycle from requirements analysis phase is to find the source of most. In this paper, a software development project needs analysis derived from the traceability between features and functionality, and development needs throughout the life cycle requirements during the ongoing change management tool was designed to allow. And among those related to the project through consultation with a sufficient consensus to build a common understanding of effective communication will discuss the features required to support.
  • 13.

    A Instructional Method Design of Copyright Education using Game-Themed Programming in Elementary School Computer Class

    Hwa-Kyung Rim , 조용남 | 2011, 16(12) | pp.121~130 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we designed instructional method through process that make digital work for active copyright education. This design composed by game-themed programming. We made students realize the effort of creation in algorithm and flow chart, coding progress. And, expressed the effort as copyright sign and cost. Also, we evaluate mutually and did so that confirm value. We applied proposed method to class. And, analyzed effect observing change of inside of students.
  • 14.

    Design and Implementation of an educational simulator for disk scheduling algorithms

    Koh,Jeong-Gook | 2011, 16(12) | pp.131~138 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    Operating Systems is a discipline which handles complex and abstract concepts related to its components and the principles of how an operating system works. However, most of the OS courses have been textbook-oriented theoretical classes. For students who are familiar with various kinds of media, theoretical classes lead to a decline in the understanding of a lecture and difficulty concentrating. They have tried to make use of educational tools to help students understand a lecture and arouse their interests consistently. This paper describes the design and implementation of a disk scheduling simulator which shows the service processes of disk I/O requests visually. The disk scheduling simulator can be used for demonstrations of the disk scheduling algorithms. The results of the academic achievement evaluation and survey showed that a disk scheduling simulator is useful as an educational tool which causes the interests about operating systems and enhances the understanding of a lecture.
  • 15.

    Development of a Matrix-focused Instructional Materials for Personal Education for the Gifted Middle School Students of Computer Science

    Hyung-Bong Lee | 2011, 16(12) | pp.139~156 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    In recent years, parents of students and government have been taking a growing interest in education for the gifted students and there are many research reports about the gifted education. Most of the reports, however, focuses on the conceptional feature of the gifted education program such as organization, operation, management, evaluation, etc,. In other words, there are very few researches on instructional materials for gifted students even though the materials is a critical factor for successful education programs. So, this paper introduces a lecture notes used in a personal education for gifted students to contribute in developing education contents in computer science area. The instructional materials titled as "The Necessity and Application of Matrix in Computer Science" is based on linear equation to usher the students into creative problem recognition and groping for solutions. Also, the instructional materials is useful for students to understand the tight mathematics-computer science relationship and the basic concept of liner algebra.
  • 16.

    Study of Effect of Information Representation Learning in Middle-School with Play Activities Materials on the Learning Achievement

    남동수 , 박진화 , Soonshik SUH and 1 other persons | 2011, 16(12) | pp.157~166 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    As the contents of information were reinforced the rules of computer science, it was necessary to develop the new teaching and learning plans and various education materials that encourage students and easy to access. So, in this study developed a wide ran of play activities and educational materials without using a computer for the area of information representation and applied to 68 students, second grade of middle school for 4 weeks. After the class, the effect on the learning achievement was verified by the t-test. As a result, it was shown that there was a significant difference between learning with play activities materials and the traditional lecture-type. It means that learning with play activities materials in the information representation influences a positive effect to the learning achievement.
  • 17.

    Estimation of Vehicle's CO2 Emission using OBD-II Interface

    Kyung Kwon Jung , 최우승 | 2011, 16(12) | pp.167~174 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    This paper described the estimation methods of CO2 emission of vehicles. The important of energy and environment has emerged in the world, and the field of vehicle's development as well. CO2 was particularly the object of emission-regulation that caused of global warming. There are performance comparison methods by driving mileage, International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and chemical equation for the combustion of Octane. We took the measurement by getting data through OBD-II port from vehicle covered 5 km on road. We got the diagnosis information, specific mileage and fuel consumption in this experiment. We are able to expect similar CO2 emission by the methods in the normal speed driving. Also, we can make more realistic approach of CO2 emission by the method of estimation by IPCC and chemical equation for the combustion of Octane in rapid acceleration driving.
  • 18.

    Threshold Level Setting of a Receiver in Optical Subscriber Network with Manchester Coded Downstream and NRZ Upstream Re-modulation for the Improvement of Upstream Data Ratios

    PARK SANGJO | 2011, 16(12) | pp.175~186 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    The threshold level of a receiver is analyzed for the simplification of system and the improvement of upstream data ratios in optical subscriber network of which the upstream date rate and the optical transmitted power are changed to meet the requested BER (Bit Error Rate) defined per interactive multimedia services. In asynchronous optical subscriber network of which the upstream to downstream data ratios are 1:1/2, 1:1/4, 1:1/8 and 1:1/16 with manchester coded downstream and NRZ (Non Return to Zero) downstream re-modulation, the BER performance is theoretically analyzed and it is performed by simulation with MATLAB according to the four types of downstream data for four models. The results have shown that in the cases which the upstream to downstream data ratios are 1:1/4, 1:1/8 and 1:1/16 the conventional receiver with threshold level of 1/2 can be applied regardless of average received optical powers and the BER is not much deteriorated compared with using the optimal threshold level. In the case that the upstream to downstream data ratio is 1:1/2 the threshold level in an optical receiver could be fixed at 1/3 and the BER is not much deteriorated compared with using the optimal threshold level as the average received optical power increases.
  • 19.

    A Study on Robust Feature Vector Extraction for Fault Detection and Classification of Induction Motor in Noise Circumstance

    황철희 , 강명수 , 김종면 | 2011, 16(12) | pp.187~196 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    Induction motors play a vital role in aeronautical and automotive industries so that many researchers have studied on developing a fault detection and classification system of an induction motor to minimize economical damage caused by its fault. With this reason, this paper extracts robust feature vectors from the normal/abnormal vibration signals of the induction motor in noise circumstance: partial autocorrelation (PARCOR) coefficient, log spectrum powers (LSP), cepstrum coefficients mean (CCM), and mel-frequency cepstrum coefficient (MFCC). Then, we classified different types of faults of the induction motor by using the extracted feature vectors as inputs of a neural network. To find optimal feature vectors, this paper evaluated classification performance with 2 to 20 different feature vectors. Experimental results showed that five to six features were good enough to give almost 100% classification accuracy except features by CCM. Furthermore, we considered that vibration signals could include noise components caused by surroundings. Thus, we added white Gaussian noise to original vibration signals, and then evaluated classification performance. The evaluation results yielded that LSP was the most robust in noise circumstance, then PARCOR and MFCC followed by LSP, respectively.
  • 20.

    A Learning Study of the Product Control System Using Smartphones

    Koo Min Jeong | 2011, 16(12) | pp.197~204 | number of Cited : 7
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, There is a study of a smartphone-based App for e-learning when the process control of manufacturing. First, That is obtained the control limit lines after inputted by the measured data and able to look up the assignable causes and then can display those causes. A User of this App can access the record about assignable causes using the record menu and can use with an e-Learning tool. Because that were provided in the form of a control process theory and bulletin announcements. Helped to exchange information. In addition, the user's guide how to use this App. The result of this process control is provided by charts. The alarm message to the alertsymbol, depending on the level of color clearly was designed to UI which displays the results. After the questionnaire responses with respect to satisfaction of Utilization and satisfaction of the learning experience. The Utilization' satisfaction results Appeared that 82% of the participants were satisfied. And The learning's satisfaction results Appeared that 90% of the participants were satisfied.
  • 21.

    Mobile Way-Finding Application of User Location Base

    정명범 , Il Ju Ko | 2011, 16(12) | pp.205~214 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we propose a mobile navigation application that allows a user to send location data to another user using the iPhone’s GPS function and Mapkit framework. The GPS function of the iPhone detects the location of the first user and the Mapkit framework shows the first user location on Google Maps. If the second user requires guidance to a destination, the first user touches the record button on the proposed application to record his or her position. The first user can check his or her recorded location from the pin position on Google Maps, and he or she can then send the relevant information to the second user who wants to visit that location. The second user receives the location data and is guided to the destination easily by following the next position icon on the iPhone camera overlay or by following the pin position on Google Maps. Therefore, even if a user is traveling somewhere for the first time, the proposed application guides that user to his or her destination by receiving recorded location data from another user.
  • 22.

    Current Status of Information Security against Cyber Attacks in Universities and Its Improvement Methods

    강영선 , YeongWoo Choi | 2011, 16(12) | pp.215~226 | number of Cited : 5
    Abstract PDF
    This paper suggests several methods of improving information securities of universities through the investigations of the current status of information securities in universities, which is becoming a hot topic in knowledge and information societies. In this paper, universities were randomly selected according to their size, and surveyed through email questionnaire to the persons in charge of security in each university, and 27 universities and 18 colleges were replied. From the survey results we confirmed that the pre-prevention is the most important thing in securing information assets, also in universities, and, in this paper, systematic support must be strengthened to establish a comprehensive security management policy and guidelines for the universities, and the importance of information assets and the necessity of security needs to be shared with the members in the universities. Moreover there must be full administrative and financial support, including recruitment and training of information security professionals and the establishing a separate security division.
  • 23.

    Monitoring system for packet analysis on Wi-Fi environment

    Hee-Suk Seo , Hee Wan Kim , Ahn Woo-Young | 2011, 16(12) | pp.227~234 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    Many technologies for wireless internet are increasing as more and more laptop computers, net books, smart phone and other terminals, which provide wireless network, are created. IEEE 802.11 is computer wireless network technology that used in small area, called wireless LAN or Wi-Fi. IEEE 802.11 is a set of standards for implementing wireless local area network (WLAN) computer communication in the 2.4, 3.6 and 5 GHz frequency bands. They are created and maintained by the IEEE LAN/MAN Standards Committee (IEEE 802). AP (Access Point) is installed at cafes and public places providing wireless environment. It is more convenient to use wireless internet, however, It can be seen easily around us and possible to communicate with AP. IEEE 802.11 has many vulnerability, such as packet manipulation and information disclosure, so we should pay more attention when using IEEE 802.11. Therefore this paper developing monitoring system which can find out AP and Stations that connect with it, and capturing AP’s information to find out vulnerability. This paper suggests monitoring system which traffic analysis in wireless environment.
  • 24.

    Smart Platform Strategies for Smart Korea

    Yongik Yoon , 김은주 , 엄리영 | 2011, 16(12) | pp.235~246 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    We are living in the era of globalization, convergence of multi technologies and dual service system especially in the cultural, social, political, economical and technical aspects. These waves are making us go beyond Information Society and urge to enter the Smart Society. In the past, we have focused only on creating, proceeding and accumulating vast amount of information. Where as today, we are hoping to be provided with more intellectual, cheep, and converged form with the help of stored information without any space and time constraints. In this thesis, with consideration of the knowledge based society service integration paradigm, we will first look at the concept of Smart Service with various case studies, proposition strategy implementation on Smart Platform by analysing the service the implementing aspect, looking at the roles of each related divisions, and measuring the secure elements etc.
  • 25.

    An Adaptive Clustering Protocol Based on Position of Base-Station for Sensor Networks

    국중진 , 박영충 , 박병하 and 1 other persons | 2011, 16(12) | pp.247~256 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    Most existing clustering protocols have been aimed to provide balancing the residual energy of each node and maximizing life-time of wireless sensor networks. In this paper, we present the adaptive clustering strategy related to sink position for clustering protocols in wireless sensor networks. This protocol allows networks topology to be adaptive to the change of the sink position by using symmetrical clustering strategy that restricts the growth of clusters based on depth of the tree. In addition, it also guarantees each cluster the equal life-time, which may be extended compared with the existing clustering protocols. We evaluated the performance of our clustering scheme comparing to LEACH and EEUC, and observe that our protocol is observed to outperform existing protocols in terms of energy consumption and longevity of the network.
  • 26.

    A Study on the Selection Process of RFID Middleware and Quality Factor Evaluation in Ubiquitous Computing

    Oh Gi Oug , 박중오 | 2011, 16(12) | pp.257~264 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Conventional middleware is software providing services between clients and servers efficiently, but it is not applicable to RFID systems because of low consistency due to the absence of context awareness function, and problems in the management of meaning, security system, etc. Accordingly, we need a quality selection process and a quality evaluation method for selecting RFID middleware based on new criteria. This Paper proposed a new selection process based on international standard ISO/IEC 14598, and extracted and selected optimal quality factors through the proposed process. The selected quality factors were mapped to the quality characteristics of standard quality model ISO/IEC 9126, and to quality factors of RFID middleware of SUN, Microsoft, EPCglobal, IBM, etc. The results of these works showed that the quality factors extracted and selected through the proposed process were fair and adequate for evaluating the quality of RFID middleware.
  • 27.

    Strategy for Advancement of Current Pre-hospital Emergency Medical Service

    SeongYoon Shin , 채승기 , 장대현 and 2 other persons | 2011, 16(12) | pp.265~272 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    High-quality customized services demand was growing due to the increase of aging, extremely nuclear family, disaster vulnerable of society. Ambulance service is required of fast and professional rescue and emergency service because of preventable death rate such as acute diseases, cerebral and cardiovascular diseases, suicides, etc. was higher than in developed countries. First aid will be available using patients information when emergency occurs, before arriving at the hospital. And emergency department is equipped with that patient care can be prepared in advance, increase the efficiency of emergency care. We received a variety of complex emergency call using high social awareness of 119 number and propose an efficient emergency medical service advancement strategy building an integrated response system with relevant organization.
  • 28.

    The Effects of Change Control, Management Review and Flexibility on the Performance of Software Company: Focused on the Innovativeness

    장성희 | 2011, 16(12) | pp.273~284 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to examine the factors influencing performance of change control, management review and flexibility in the software company with innovativeness. This model tests various theoretical research hypotheses relating to performance of software company, change control, management review, flexibility and innovativeness. Valid 100 questionnaires have been collected within two months of 2010. EXCEL, Smart PLS(Partial Least Square) 2.0 and SPSS 15.0 have been utilized for deriving the study results. The results of hypothesis testing are as follows.First, change control and management review positively influences flexibility. Second, flexibility positively influence performance of software company. Finally, change control to flexibility for low group of innovativeness is significantly larger than those for high group of innovativeness. But management review to flexibility for high group of innovativeness is significantly larger than those for low group of innovativeness. The results of this study will provide various implications on performance of software company.
  • 29.

    Development of an OLAP Database System for Calculating National Information Security Index Numbers

    최정우 , 최인수 | 2011, 16(12) | pp.285~296 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    UN, OECD, ITU and other international organizations regularly announce ISI (Information Society Index) to utilize in establishing and evaluating information policies. ISI is utilized as important data for countries to evaluate their information policy performance and select future projects. As the advancement of information systems, the importance of information security has been emerged. Accordingly, NISI (National Information Security Index) has been required. NISI number is the most clearly figure to express the characteristics of a particular group's information security. It can be utilized in determining information security policies. Currently, questionnaire method has been used to calculate NISI number. But there is an absolute lack of statistical data, and the reliability of surveyed statistical data is problematic. The objective of this paper is to show how to collect precise micro data of each company's information security index numbers, and to develop an OLAP database system which calculating NISI numbers by using those micro data. In this process of the survey, we presented the technique to collect the data more systematically, and to analyze the data without using questionnaire method. OLAP architecture performs only well on the facts that are summarizable along each dimension, where all hierarchy schemas are distributive. Therefore we transformed the non-distributive hierarchy schema into the distributive hierarchy schema to implement OLAP database system. It is thought that this approach will be useful one from an implementation and schema design point of view.
  • 30.

    An Analysis on the Influence Factors of Learning Effectiveness for Multivision Education Process -Focusing on Distribution Working Course in Vocational High School-

    Kyungwoo Kim | 2011, 16(12) | pp.297~304 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    This study was to analyze the learning effectiveness of multi-media based class by comparing with traditional classroom method. The “ Distribution Working Subject” course that is one of the required courses of Vocational high school was selected and its contents were digitalized on MS Powerpoint for multi-media based class. The thirty students were sampled for each experimental and control groups. The homogeneity and learning achievement of sample groups were tested for experiment. Same teacher took the classes of two groups and delivered same contents of course. Only difference between two groups was the delivery method, one is traditional classroom teaching method and the other was the multi-media based class. The learning achievements and satisfaction of sample were post-tested in order to analyze the learning effectiveness by comparing two teaching methods. The results showed that there was a significant difference between experimental and control group in learning achievement after ANCOVA controlled pre-test as covariance(F=5.08, p<.05). It means that the learning achievement of multi-media based class was higher than that of traditional classroom group. The results also showed that a significant difference in students’ satisfaction between two groups (t=5.57, p<.001). This study concluded that using multi-media in class could produce more learning achievements and satisfaction of students than traditional classroom method.