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2012, Vol.17, No.9

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    Scheduling Scheme for Cloud Computing based on Workflow Characteristics

    Kim Jeong-won | 2012, 17(9) | pp.1~8 | number of Cited : 0
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    Cloud computing has got great popularity in recent times because users can easily access its resources as well as service providers can use efficiently use its resources. By the way, cloud computing are composed of heterogeneous resources and workflows of user application have various characteristics. So, the main goal of this paper is to design new efficient workflow scheduling algorithm, which classifies workflows through their importance degree and allocates resources to each workflow based on QoS metrics such as responsibility, cost and load balancing. Simulation results show that the proposed scheme can improve the responsibility as well as availability of resource.
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    Two dimensional variable-length vector storage format for efficient storage of sparse matrix in the finite element method

    Hee Hyung Bu | KIM SUNG-HO | 2012, 17(9) | pp.9~16 | number of Cited : 1
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    In this paper, we propose the two dimensional variable-length vector storage format which can be used for efficient storage of sparse matrix in the FEM (finite element method). The proposed storage format is the method storing only actual needed non-zero values of each row on upper triangular matrix with the total rows , by using two dimensional variable-length vector instead of large sparse matrix of entire equation of finite elements. This method only needs storage spaces of the number of minimum to maximum in grid structure and the number of minimum to maximum in grid structure of analysis target. The number doesn't excess two times although involving index number. From the experimental result, we can find out that the proposed storage format can reduce the memory space more effectively, as the total number of nodes increases, than the existing skyline storage format storing maximum column height.
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    A WordNet-based Open Market Category Search System for Efficient Goods Registration

    Myungduk Hong | 김장우 | JO GEUN SIK | 2012, 17(9) | pp.17~27 | number of Cited : 1
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    Open Market is one of the key factors to accelerate the profit. Usually retailers sell items in several Open Market. One of the challenges for retailers is to assign categories of items with different classification systems. In this research, we propose an item category recommendation method to support appropriate products category registration. Our recommendations are based on semantic relation between existing and any other Open Market categorization. In order to analyze correlations of categories, we use Morpheme analysis, Korean Wiki Dictionary, WordNet and Google Translation API. Our proposed method recommends a category, which is most similar to a guide word by measuring semantic similarity. The experimental results show that, our system improves the system accuracy in term of search category, and retailers can easily select the appropriate categories from our proposed method.
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    Named Entity and Event Annotation Tool for Cultural Heritage Information Corpus Construction

    최지예 | 김명근 | So-Young Park | 2012, 17(9) | pp.29~38 | number of Cited : 2
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    In this paper, we propose a named entity and event annotation tool for cultural heritage information corpus construction. Focusing on time, location, person, and event suitable for cultural heritage information management, the annotator writes the named entities and events with the proposed tool. In order to easily annotate the named entities and the events, the proposed tool automatically annotates the location information such as the line number or the word number, and shows the corresponding string, formatted as both bold and italic, in the raw text. For the purpose of reducing the costs of the manual annotation, the proposed tool utilizes the patterns to automatically recognize the named entities. Considering the very little training corpus, the proposed tool extracts simple rule patterns. To avoid error propagation, the proposed patterns are extracted from the raw text without any additional process. Experimental results show that the proposed tool reduces more than half of the manual annotation costs.
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    A Heuristic Method for Extracting True Opinion Targets

    소윤규 | KIM HAN WOO | Seonghoon Jeong and 1other persons | 2012, 17(9) | pp.39~47 | number of Cited : 0
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    The opinion of user on a certain product is expressed in positive/negative sentiments for specific features of it. In some cases, they are expressed for a holistic part of homogeneous specific features, or expressed for product itself. Therefore, in the area of opinion mining, name of opinion features to be extracted are specific feature names, holonyms for theses specific features, and product names. However, when the opinion target is described with product name or holonym, sometimes it may not match feature name of opinion sentence to true opinion target intended by the reviewer. In this paper, we present a method to extract opinion targets from opinion sentences. Most importantly, we propose a method to extract true target from the feature names mismatched to a intended target. First, we extract candidate opinion pairs using dependency relation between words, and then select feature names frequently mismatched to opinion target. Each selected opinion feature name is replaced to a specific feature intended by the reviewer. Finally, in order to extract relevant opinion features from the whole candidate opinion pairs including modified opinion feature names, candidate opinion pairs are rearranged by the order of user's interest.
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    Shot Type Detecting System using Face Detection

    BAEK, Yeong Tae | PARK SEUNGBO | 2012, 17(9) | pp.49~56 | number of Cited : 1
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    In this paper, we propose the method that decides the shot types using face detection technique. The shot types, such as close-up shot, medium shot, and long shot, can be applied as useful information for understanding narrative structure of movies. The narrative structure of movie is builded by characters. Also their mental and emotional changes become inextricably bound up with them of narrative. The shot types are decided by distance between character and camera. If put together above them, shot types can be found by using detection technique of face size of characters and understand narrative of movie. To do this, we propose the methodology to detect shot type by face detecting and implement the system to do it. Additionally, we evaluate the performance of the system. The implementation system has been evaluated as 95% for close-up shot detection and 90% for medium shot detection, while 53.3% is just detected for long shots.
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    Authentication Protocol Supporting Secure Seamless Handover in Network Mobility (NEMO) Environment

    김종영 | Yongik Yoon | KangHo-Lee | 2012, 17(9) | pp.57~64 | number of Cited : 0
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    The existing protocols proposed in network mobility (NEMO) environment can require many computational costs and can bring about a delay of binding update. To solve these problems, in this paper we propose an authentication protocol supporting secure seamless handover in NEMO environment. The proposed protocol can handle quickly mutual authentication between a mobile router (MR) and an access router (AR), which uses group key among ARs and a master key (MK) issuing from key issuing server (KIS) for reducing the time of binding update as much as possible. In performance, the proposed protocol can process quickly binding update with little computational cost comparison with the existing binding update protocols and it results in robustness against existing attacks.
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    A study on User Authentication Technology of Numeric based Pattern Password

    주승환 | Hee-Suk Seo | 2012, 17(9) | pp.65~73 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    The traditional text-based password is vulnerable guessing, dictionary attacks, keyloggers, social engineering, stole view, etc. these vulnerability effect more serious problem in a mobile environment. In this study, By using the pattern number to enter the password of an existing four-digit numeric password, User easily use to new password system. The technology on pattern based numerical password authorization proposed in this paper would intensify the security of password which holds existing 10 numbers of cases by authorizing a user and would not invade convenience of use by providing high security and making users memorize only four numbers like old method. Making users not have inconvenience and raising complexity, it would have a strength to an shoulder surfing attack of an attacker. So I study password system that represents the shape-based of number. I propose the new password system to prevent peeking attacks and Brute-force attack, and this proposal is to review the security and usability.
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    Improvement of Naturalness for a HMM-based Korean TTS using the prosodic boundary information

    임기정 | Jungchul Lee | 2012, 17(9) | pp.75~84 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    HMM-based Text-to-Speech systems generally utilize context dependent tri-phone units from a large corpus speech DB to enhance the synthetic speech. To downsize a large corpus speech DB, acoustically similar tri-phone units are clustered based on the decision tree using context dependent information. Context dependent information includes phoneme sequence as well as prosodic information because the naturalness of synthetic speech highly depends on the prosody such as pause, intonation pattern, and segmental duration. However, if the prosodic information was complicated, many context dependent phonemes would have no examples in the training data, and clustering would provide a smoothed feature which will generate unnatural synthetic speech. In this paper, instead of complicate prosodic information we propose a simple three prosodic boundary types and decision tree questions that use rising tone, falling tone, and monotonic tone to improve naturalness. Experimental results show that our proposed method can improve naturalness of a HMM-based Korean TTS and get high MOS in the perception test.
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    Design and fabrication of a standard plastic garbage bag recognition system at automatic garbage facility

    Kim Kye Kook | 서창옥 | 2012, 17(9) | pp.85~90 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    Today many people are greatly interested in the environment. Especially increasing affluent of food causes a great amount of food waste. To handle this effectively, we now have a lot of problems of disposing garbage all over the world. In Korea , in order to reduce this garbage, we should use a standard plastic garbage bag in which we have to throw away our garbage. So it has an effect on significantly reducing the waste amount every year. Now, there are a lot of cases that residents use several times a standard plastic garbage bag. The purpose of this study is to develop the recognition device preventing the re-cycling of a standard plastic garbage bag. As a result, we obtain 1% error rate
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    A Security Analysis of Zhao and Gu's Key Exchange Protocol

    남정현 | Juryon Paik | Youngsook Lee and 1other persons | 2012, 17(9) | pp.91~101 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    Key exchange protocols are essential for building a secure communication channel over an insecure open network. In particular, password-based key exchange protocols are designed to work when user authentication is done via the use of passwords. But, passwords are easy for human beings to remember, but are low entropy and thus are subject to dictionary attacks. Recently, Zhao and Gu proposed a new server-aided protocol for password-based key exchange. Zhao and Gu’s protocol was claimed to be provably secure in a formal adversarial model which captures the notion of leakage of ephemeral secret keys. In this paper, we mount a replay attack on Zhao and Gu’s protocol and thereby show that unlike the claim of provable security, the protocol is not secure against leakage of ephemeral secret keys. Our result implies that Zhao and Gu’s proof of security for the protocol is invalid.
  • 12.

    The Design and Implementation of Internet Outlet with Multiple User Interface Using TCP/IP Processor+

    Baek,Jung-Hyun | 2012, 17(9) | pp.103~112 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Recently, the infrastructure to be connected to the internet is much provided, there is more and more need to connect electric or electronic products to the internet to monitor or control them remotely. However, most of the existing products lack the network interface, so it was very inconvenient to be connected to the internet. Therefore, this article designs and realizes the internet outlet allowing real-time scheduling that can control the power remotely on the internet by using the hardware TCP/IP processor. The realized product consumes low production cost because it can be realized by using the hardware TCP/IP processor and the 8-bit small microprocessor. In addition, the product can be used widely in both wired and wireless environments with a variety of user interface, including the dedicated control program which provides the environment configuration functions; embedded web service that enables the webpage to be saved on the external flash memory; Android smartphone application; motion recognition control environment that uses the OpenCV computer vision library, etc.
  • 13.

    Personalized diet and exercise management service based on PHR

    Eun-Young Jung | Byung Hui Jeong | 윤은실 and 3other persons | 2012, 17(9) | pp.113~125 | number of Cited : 10
    Abstract PDF
    We developed a Smartphone application based on PHR(Personal Health Records) provided by a tertiary hospital to provide users personalized diet, exercise contents. It uses Relevance ratio algorithm of diet and excercise being correlated with diseases listed on PHR to provide personalized contents to management of individual diseases and record the amounts of food taken and exercise along with calories consumed through exercise. Besides, developed U-Health Service also considering users' conditions and conveniences, as a service to use contents and record suitable for the individuals who share the information on restaurants locations, their menus, and nutrition based on users' location information.
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    A Tool for Analyzing VM Creation Failure caused by Virtual Disk Faults

    구민오 | Dugki Min | 2012, 17(9) | pp.127~138 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we present a tool (named VMBootFailMonitor) to detect and analyze a failure of a VM boot creation caused by faults on virtual disks of a Xen-based VM. Also, we presents an architecture and detail analysis process of the virtual disk faults in our tool. Especially, VMBootFailMonitor provides a causual analysis result for a case of VM creation failure based on three modules which performs virtual disk analysis, virtualized system analysis and system log analysis. We also support a comparison result between boot times of normal VMs and fault detection times of VM creation based on abnormal virtual disks. At result, our tool detects VM boot failures (3~6 seconds) within normal VM boot times (8~16 seconds).
  • 15.

    The Optimal Algorithm for Assignment Problem

    Sang-Un, Lee | 2012, 17(9) | pp.139~147 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    This paper suggests simple search algorithm for optimal solution in assignment problem. Generally, the optimal solution of assignment problem can be obtained by Hungarian algorithm. The proposed algorithm reduces the 4 steps of Hungarian algorithm to 1 step, and only selects the minimum cost of row and column then gets the optimal solution simply. For the 27 balanced and 7 unbalanced assignment problems, this algorithm finds the optimal solution but the genetic algorithm fails to find this values. This algorithm improves the time complexity of Hungarian algorithm to . Therefore, the proposed algorithm can be general algorithm for assignment problem replace Hungarian algorithm.
  • 16.

    A Study on the Design of the Source Driver and the Flexible Display with an Electrowetting Cell Structure

    김훈학 | 2012, 17(9) | pp.149~156 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The Fabric Electrode was proposed for the effective production of the display based on electrowetting in this paper and designed the source driver of flexible display which could be driven by the electrowetting cell . The electrowetting cell matrix was implemented on the substrate(PET) by imprinting. The driver fabric, wetting electrode fabric and conductive fabric was placed horizontally and vertically in the groove between cell matrix and the electrowetting cell matrix can be driven by the cross-point as electric connection. The integration density of driver module is decreased because using the R/2R DAC module per channel in the conventional method. The proposed method could utilize the effective production process and reduce the production price of a display panel. The source driver which consume lower power and can increase the integration density because of reducing the number of driver device per channel was designed and evaluate the driver operation by the simulation using the VHDL programming in this paper.
  • 17.

    A Design of Clinical Information Exchange Framework for Performance Improvement based on Lazy Response Model

    SeHoon Lee | 심우호 | 2012, 17(9) | pp.157~164 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Recently medical service environment, the clinical information exchange which contribute to medical safety, promotion of service quality and patient's convenience, efficiency of medical procedures and medical management is essential medical service model. But, practical exchange of clinical information which variation of information level, absence of standardization system, build of heterogeneous information systems is difficult in each medical institute. In this paper, We analyzed the related technical standardizations and the models of clinical information exchange. So, we designed the clinical information exchange system based on the ideal lazy response model which is aimed at vitalizations the exchange of clinical information under domestic law environment. In case of exchange the clinical information, we separate CDA document flow from metadata flow. As a experimental result we acquired 24% improved performance compared with existed system based on the lazy response model.
  • 18.

    The Correlation Analysis of BMD in Proximal Femur and Spine with Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry

    Han Man Seok | Cho, Dong Heon | 2012, 17(9) | pp.165~169 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    To analogize the result of the test through explaining the correlation of bone mineral density (BMD) test value between proximal femur and lumbar spine at age. It is based on 62 cases who visited the out-patient department. They were classified into three groups by age, group I (30~40 yr) and II (40~60 yr) and III (60~80 yr). Then we evaluated the average and the degree of correlation between the three groups and analyzed the correlation of the three sites according to the BMD result and T & Z-score through the t-test analysis. The results are listed below, first, if rise in age T-score is lower and over 60age occurred osteopenia. second, compared three groups. the correlation of BMD results was some of the highest between Lumbar spine and Proximal femur of T-score & Z-score. the correlation of BMD results is very high. It is regarded that there will be a clinical availability which can analogize the result of a part by using the result of the other part.
  • 19.

    The Effects of Job Characteristics and Organizational Characteristics on Social Welfare Worker‘s Turnover Intention

    Gil-hyun Kang | 손재홍 | 2012, 17(9) | pp.171~179 | number of Cited : 23
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to investigate what affect social welfare workers' want of career change. The structural equation modeling(AMOS 16.0) was used to examine if job characteristics and organizational characteristics have direct affect on turnover intention or the indirect affect of organizational commitment. A survey was conducted on the social welfare workers of private social agencies in the capital area and 256 of 297 questionnaires that showed clear intentions on turnover were scrutinized. According to the analysis, job autonomy(job characteristics) and fairness in promotion (organization characteristics) influences organizational commitment. Job demand, job instability, wage level, and organizational commitment have and effect on turnover intention. The results of this study suggest that in order to reduce the turnover intention among social welfare workers, empowerment, systematic organization of tasks and active communication should be reinforced.
  • 20.

    The Causal Relationships among the Employee's Self-leadership, the Empowerment and Job Satisfaction in Social Welfare Facilities

    Hwie- Seo, Park | 2012, 17(9) | pp.181~188 | number of Cited : 6
    Abstract PDF
    This study concentrates on the exploratory study about self-leadership securing autonomy and self-determination of the job performance for the employees of social welfare facilities like that the members set the goal of their jobs and solve the problems by themselves without exterior one-way interruption and control. For this purpose, this study set up the analysis model and hypothesis that the efficiency of the members’ job performance can be promoted since the increasing self-leadership(behavior-focused strategies, natural-reward strategies, contractive thought pattern strategies) of the employees of social welfare facilities has a positive effect on empowerment and job satisfaction. Therefore, this study has significance in the aspect that it provides political suggestion for promoting the efficiency of human resource management by investigating the relationship between self-leadership and empowerment and job satisfaction through empirical analysis.
  • 21.

    Application of Unplugged Learning Method for Intellectual Disability Students’ Informatics Education

    김정일 | 서영민 | Lee Youngjun | 2012, 17(9) | pp.189~196 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this research is to compare the effect of unplugged learning method with traditional lecture method on intellectual disability students’ informatics education achievement. For this goal, we developed a new unplugged learning method and new appropriate teach-learning materials that can improve the intellectual disability students’ informatics education achievement. We randomly divided special school specialized course freshman into the experimental group and the control group. We applied unplugged learning method to the experimental group and lecture teaching method to the control group. According to these results, Intellectual disability students participated in task interestingly and spontaneously. It has been proved that the teaching-learning materials applied unplugged learning method were helpful for intellectual disability students’ informatics education achievement.