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2014, Vol.19, No.2

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    PCIA Cloud Service Modeling and Performance Analysis of Physical & Logical Resource Provisioning

    윤빈풍 , Kwak, Jong Wook | 2014, 19(2) | pp.1~10 | number of Cited : 1
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    Cloud computing provides flexible and efficient mass data analysis platform. In this paper, wedefine a new resource provisioning architecture in the public cloud, named PCIA. In addition, weprovide a service model of PCIA and its new naming scheme. Our model selects the proper numberof physical or virtual resources based on the requirements of clients. By the analysis ofperformance variation in the PCIA, we evaluate the relationship between performance variationand resource provisioning, and we present key standards for cloud system constructions, which canbe an important resource provisioning criteria for both cloud service providers and clients.
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    A Study on Computer Center Maintenance Savings through NT Server Consolidate Virtualization

    이용희 , HwanSeog Kim | 2014, 19(2) | pp.11~19 | number of Cited : 2
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    In this paper, we build server consolidate virtualization focusing on NT server dilapidated andthrough analysis of the effect of this, has been presented the following results. First, it waspossible to obtain an increase in the constant temperature constant humidity chamber efficiency bysecuring the upper surface space for computing data center mounted virtualization integrationserver servers multiple physical. Second, by the deployment of virtualization of a large serverdilapidated, the introduction of new resources and the cost of maintaining computerized datacenter and reduce power consumption, the reduction of hardware introduction of additional due to the new server deployment it was possible to derive a cost reduction effect. We obtain thereduction of 89% and 79% compared with conventional consumption of cooling and power savingsof the top surface, respectively. Integration of NT servers are virtualized can be expected to changein the Green-IT to contribute to providing the maintenance costs of computing centers in the futureas well as current. Building a virtualization server integration applied in this paper can besimilarly applied to the UNIX system and to integrate the server group other.
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    High-Reliable Classification of Multiple Induction Motor Faults using Robust Vibration Signatures in Noisy Environments based on a LPC Analysis and an EM Algorithm

    강명수 , 장원철 , Jong Myon Kim | 2014, 19(2) | pp.21~30 | number of Cited : 3
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    The use of induction motors has been recently increasing in a variety of industrial sites, andthey play a significant role. This has motivated that many researchers have studied on developing fault detection and classification systems of induction motors in order to reduce economical damagecaused by their faults. To early identify induction motor faults, this paper effectively estimatesspectral envelopes of each induction motor fault by utilizing a linear prediction coding (LPC)analysis technique and an expectation maximization (EM) algorithm. Moreover, this paperclassifies induction motor faults into their corresponding categories by calculating Mahalanobisdistance using the estimated spectral envelopes and finding the minimum distance. Experimentalresults show that the proposed approach yields higher classification accuracies than thestate-of-the-art conventional approach for both noiseless and noisy environments for identifyingthe induction motor faults.
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    Navigational Path Detection Using Fuzzy Binarization and Hough Transform

    Woo, Young Woon | 2014, 19(2) | pp.31~37 | number of Cited : 1
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    In conventional methods for car navigational path detection using Hough transform,navigational path deviation of a car is decided in car navigational images with simple background. But in case of car navigational images having complex background with obstacles on the road,shadows, other cars, and so on, it is very difficult to detect navigational path because theseobstacles obstruct correct detection of car navigational path. In this paper, I proposed an effectivenavigational path detection method having better performance than conventional navigational pathdetection methods using Hough transform only, and fuzzy binarization method and Canny maskare applied in the proposed method for the better performance. In order to evaluate theperformance of the proposed method, I experimented with 20 car navigational images and verified the proposed method is more effective for detection of navigational path.
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    Implementation of a Non-Invasive Sensor System for Differentiating Human Motions on a Bed

    Cho Seung Ho | 2014, 19(2) | pp.39~48 | number of Cited : 0
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    In this paper, we propose an efficient dynamic workload balancing strategy which improves theperformance of high-performance computing system. The key idea of this dynamic workloadbalancing strategy is to minimize execution time of each job and to maximize the systemthroughput by effectively using system resource such as CPU, memory. Also, this strategydynamically allocates job by considering demanded memory size of executing job and workloadstatus of each node. If an overload node occurs due to allocated job, the proposed scheme migratesjob, executing in overload nodes, to another free nodes and reduces the waiting time and execution time of job by balancing workload of each node. Through simulation, we show that the proposeddynamic workload balancing strategy based on CPU, memory improves the performance ofhigh-performance computing system compared to previous strategies
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    CBIRS/TB Using Color Feature Information for A tablet Recognition

    Koo Gun Seo | 2014, 19(2) | pp.49~56 | number of Cited : 0
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    This thesis proposes CBIRS/TB method that uses a tablet's color distribution information andform distinctive in content-based search. CBIRS/TB can avoid misuses and improper tablet uses byconducting content-based search in commonly prescribed tablets. The existing FE-CBIRS system islimited to recognizing only the image of color and shape of the tablet, that leads to applyinginsufficient form-specific information. While CBIRS/TB utilizes average, standard deviation, hueand saturation of each tablets in color, brightness, and contrast, FE-CBIRS has partial-sphereapplication problem; only applying the typical color of the tablet. Also, in case of the shape-specific-information, Invariant Moment is mainly used for the extracted partial-spheres. This causes delayed processing time and accuracy problems. Therefore, to improve this setback,this thesis indexed color-specific-information of the extracted images into categorized classificationfor improved search speed and accuracy.
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    A Study on Sound Synchronized Out-Focusing Techniques for 3D Animation

    Junsang Lee , Lee, Im Geun | 2014, 19(2) | pp.57~65 | number of Cited : 1
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    The role of sound in producing 3D animation clip is one of the important factor to maximize theimmersive effects of the scene. Especially interaction between video and sound makes the sceneexpressions more apparent, which is diversely applied in video production. One of these interactiontechniques, the out-focussing technique is frequently used in both real video and 3D animationfield. But in 3D animation, out-focussing is not easily implemented as in music videos or explosionscenes in real video shots. This paper analyzes the sound data to synchronize the depth of fieldwith it. The novel out-focussing technique is proposed, where the object’s field of depth iscontrolled by beat rhythm in the sound data.
  • 8.

    Method for Mobile node in Cloud Computing Environments

    KIm , YEOM SE HOON | 2014, 19(2) | pp.67~75 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we proposed offloading delay method which determines effectively offloadingtiming by measuring of handoff delay and offloading time at mobile node side in mobileenvironment. The propose method measures each of handoff delay and offloading time and makingdecision of proper offloading timing on mobile node side. Therefore, it is possible to support cloudcomputing without changing previous implemented cloud computing structure for fixed node in amobile environment. We compare the energy consumption of server and node to analyze efficiencyof proposed method by using existing method of energy consumption measurement. Simulationresults shows the reducing energy consumption more than previous method and operation timesimilar to previous method.
  • 9.

    Development of a Music Score Editor based on MusicXML

    Najeeb Ullah Khan , Jungchul Lee | 2014, 19(2) | pp.77~90 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    In the past composers used to make music with classical instruments such as piano, violin,guitar, flute, drums, and other well-known tools. With the advent of digital technology manysoftware programs were developed which allow musicians to compose tunes using personalcomputers. Many file formats were introduced such as NIFF, SMDL and MIDI but none besidesMIDI has been successful. Recently MusicXML has emerged as a de-facto standard for thecomputer representation of music. This paper presents a brief description of the structure of theMusicXML format and describes the development of a music score editor based on MusicXML. Weimplemented a MusicXML-based score editing software using C# language and a feasibility testshowed the efficiency of our proposed method.
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    Design and Implementation of ‘Sea Map’ Data Importer Module

    Jimin Yeo , 박대원 , 박수현 | 2014, 19(2) | pp.91~99 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    This paper is about design and implementation of ‘SeaMap’ importer module which is formap-based application using ‘SeaMap’ data. ‘SeaMap’ data importer is a module that reads‘SeaMap’ data in consistent form and offers using easily change the format and the internal datastructure in the application. Design of data importer module is based on analyzing characteristic of‘SeaMap’. The comparative analysis between the data type of ‘SeaMap’ and standard S-57Electronic Navigation Chart (ENC) of the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO), based on this, to be applicable of S-52 standards ‘SeaMap’ data is defined as a structure of data. Theimporter module is designed and converted to allow to use distribution type of ‘SeaMap’ data setsin map application, parsing ‘SeaMap’ data around the object defining transformation datastructure. In addition, we implemented a ‘SeaMap’ data viewer in order to test our ‘SeaMap’ dataimporter module.
  • 11.

    Design of Filter to Reject Motion Artifacts of PPG Signal Using Multiwave Optical Source

    ParkHeeJung , 남재현 , Lee Ju Won | 2014, 19(2) | pp.101~107 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    This study is proposed the novel PPG sensor device and the signal processing method to replacethe acceleration sensor that is used to reject motion artifacts contained inphotoplethysmography(PPG). The proposed method is to reject motion artifacts by an adaptivefilter based on the estimated motion artifact by using a blue LED light. To evaluate theperformance of the proposed method experimentally, We did design a novel sensor consisted ofblue/red LEDs and photo-sensor and implemented, and then rejected the motion artifacts by usingan adaptive filter and the implemented sensor. In the results of the experiments, it is shown thatthe proposed sensor device and signal processing can reconstruct the PPG signal despite the occurrence of motion artifacts, and also that the SNR was 4.5 times of moving average filter. According to the experimental results, the proposed method can be applied to design a low-cost device.
  • 12.

    The Photovoltaic LED Lighting Systemapplying LithiumPolymer Batteries

    Insoo Ahn | 2014, 19(2) | pp.109~115 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The research on solar energy that we get from nature to cope with energy exhaustion is a verysignificant and inevitable task for us to do. Along with this, lately, in Korea, as part of new growthengine industry regarding low-carbon green growth, we have selected the LED(Light EmittingDiode) as low power consuming, eco-friendly lighting equipment and have been facilitatingresearch and development on it and creating a variety of new industries utilizing it. What wasdeveloped here in this research was the photovoltaic LED lighting system applying lithium polymerbatteries equipped with the excellent performance of lithium ion batteries as well as significantlylow explosive hazard. Its photovoltaic panel was made to have 100W capacity, and for its powersupply system, functional convenience was considered so that it could be equipped with both DCand AC power to be used as household electricity in a variety of ways.
  • 13.

    New Social Video Techniques through The Convergence of a Social Video and Color Marketing

    임승애 , HakHyunChoi | 2014, 19(2) | pp.117~124 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, it aims to get an effective marketing strategy in terms of business by introducingcombined social video and color marketing technique. The process of research will be implementinga stop motion technique video by combining a black and white video with an extracted color imageand then, further investigates each process. The expected result is that the effects can contributeto the development and the activation of company or brand’s social video marketing by using thenew video production technique. From the perspective of a company, the technique can effect in apositive way. They can provide consistent message to customers (public) by the color effect whichcontain brand’s core message.
  • 14.

    Improved Tracking System and Realistic Drawing for Real-Time Water-Based Sign Pen

    허혜정 , Ju-Young Lee | 2014, 19(2) | pp.125~132 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we present marker-less fingertip and brush tracking system with inexpensive webcamera. Parallel computation using CUDA is applied to the tracking system. This tracking systemcan run on inexpensive environment such as a laptop or a desktop and support for real-timeapplication. We also present realistic water-based sign pen drawing model and implementation. The realistic drawing application with our inexpensive real-time fingertip and brush trackingsystem shows us the art class of the future. The realistic drawing application, along with ourinexpensive real-time fingertip and brush tracking system, would be utilized in test-bed for thefuture high-technology education environment.
  • 15.

    Compression of Medical Examination Data Based on Modified Gamma-Coding

    구동윤 , 박재욱 , YONG KYU LEE | 2014, 19(2) | pp.133~142 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    According to the development of medical information systems, shortened examination time perpatient could increase the number of treatments, resulting in the rapid growth of the amount ofmedical data. Studies on how to efficiently compress and store medical text data of increasingpatients are in progress. However, previous methods have the shortcoming of compressing medicaltext data as it is, resulting in low compression rate. This research tries to overcome the problem by using the gamma coding method which enables compression in bit unit. We propose a newcompression scheme which encodes the deviations between measured values and normal rangevalues. Furthermore, we suggest to use the previous value with the least deviation from themeasurement as the standard value to encode that deviation. Even though the suggested methodsare simple, they have high compression rates. Through performance evaluation, we show that thesuggested methods are more efficient than the previous methods.
  • 16.

    Optimal Solution Algorithms for Delivery Problem on Trees

    Lee Kwang Eui | 2014, 19(2) | pp.143~150 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we propose the delivery problem on trees and two algorithms for the problem. Thedelivery problem on trees is that of minimizing the object delivery time from one node to anothernode using n various speed robots. Our first algorithm generates an optimal solution with somerestrictions in handover places. In this algorithm, we assume that the handover can be made at avertex of given tree. We try to find the handover places and the robots participate in handoverfrom the start node to the destination node. The second algorithm extends the first one to removethe restriction about the handover places. The second algorithm still generates an optimal solution. The time complexities of both algorithms are O((n+m)²) where n is the number of robots and m isthe number of nodes.
  • 17.

    Implementation of Nondeterministic Compiler Using Monad

    Sugwoo Byun | 2014, 19(2) | pp.151~159 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    We discuss the implementation of a compiler for an imperative programming language, usingmonad in Haskell. This compiler involves a recursive-descent parser conducting nondeterministicparsing, in which backtracking occurs to try with other rules when the application of a productionrule fails to parse an input string. Haskell has some strong facilities for parsing. Its algebraictypes represent abstract syntax trees in a smooth way, and program codes by monad parsing areso concise that they are highly readable and code size is reduced significantly, comparing withother languages. We also deal with the runtime environment of the assembler and code generationwhose target is the Stack-Assembly language based on a stack machine.
  • 18.

    Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis for Improving the Efficiency of Desulfurization System for the Wet Flue Gas

    Hwang Woohyeon , LEE. KYUNG OK | 2014, 19(2) | pp.161~171 | number of Cited : 5
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper the flow dynamics of the flue gas equipment in the desulfurization system wasnumerically analyzed by simulating the problems for the turbulent and combustion flow fromInduced Draft Fan(I.D.Fan) outlet to Booster Up Fan(B.U.Fan) inlet using the commercial CFDsoftware of CFD-ACE+ in CFDRC company for Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis. The guidevane of this section was examined for the minimum pressure loss and the uniform flow dynamic to B.U.Fan with the proper velocity from I.D,Fan exit to B,U,Fan inlet section at the boiler both themaximum continuous rating and the design base. The guide vanes at I,D.Fan outlet and B.U.Faninlet were removed and modified by numerical simulation of the CFD analysis. The flue gas at thesystem had the less pressure loss and the uniform flow dynamics of the flow velocity and flow lineby comparing with the old design equipment.
  • 19.

    A Study on CMS(Content Management System) for Improving Web Accessibility and Web Standards

    이용희 , HwanSeog Kim | 2014, 19(2) | pp.173~182 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    In recent years, the efforts for standards of Web contents accessibility and improvements of Webaccessibility are expanded in the government, public institutions, university, enterprises. KoreanWeb Accessibility Guidelines, KWCAG 2.0, by comparison with 1.0, was able to provide moredefine alternative text in terms of image content, enhance guidance for accessing and use of thekeyboard and for a clear distinction of data tables. In this paper, we developed a CMS(Content Management System) for everyone to be able to access to information easily in the mobile/webenvironments that are changing rapidly. The CMS, which is developed in this paper, is designedand manufactured based on KWCAG, W3C XHTML-1.0-Strict DTD, W3C CSS2 web accessibilityand web standards. CMS builder is a WYSIWYG manner making it easy to use and manage, aswell as a variety of the web was to operate in a mobile environment.
  • 20.

    A Quantitative Analysis of the Cyclomatic Complexity of the Web Software

    Kim, JeeHyun | 2014, 19(2) | pp.183~191 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this study Cyclomatic Complexity of Web Software has been analyzed quantitatively bycorrelation between complexity and Number of Classes(NOC), and Number of Methods(NOM)which are object oriented programming measures. Based on the frequency distribution ofcomplexity, NOC and NOM of software at the Web environment, correlation between complexitythreshold and NOC threshold, and NOM threshold has been measured and more than 4,000 ASP files of 10 Web real projects have been used as the sample. The empirical result shows that NOCthreshold is 21, NOM threshold is 40 and complexity threshold is 68 as high value, and 8 projectsamong of 10 except 2 projects with especially high frequency distribution shows that NOCthreshold is 12, NOM threshold is 21 and complexity threshold is 52 with relatively low value, socorrelation has been found out as exists. And also 8 projects with low threshold of complexity,NOC and NOM were internal management software, and the other 2 projects were external salesservice software, Number of Classes and Number of Methods can be defined at the design stageaccording to business properties , and also the complexity can be estimated in order to improve thesoftware quality.
  • 21.

    Clustering Analysis by Customer Feature based on SOM for Predicting Purchase Pattern in Recommendation System

    조영성 , Moon, song chul , RYU KEUN HO | 2014, 19(2) | pp.193~200 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    Due to the advent of ubiquitous computing environment, it is becoming a part of our commonlife style. And tremendous information is cumulated rapidly. In these trends, it is becoming a veryimportant technology to find out exact information in a large data to present users. Collaborativefiltering is the method based on other users' preferences, can not only reflect exact attributes of user but also still has the problem of sparsity and scalability, though it has been practically usedto improve these defects. In this paper, we propose clustering method by user’s features based onSOM for predicting purchase pattern in u-Commerce. it is necessary for us to make the clusterwith similarity by user’s features to be able to reflect attributes of the customer information inorder to find the items with same propensity in the cluster rapidly. The proposed makes the taskof clustering to apply the variable of featured vector for the user's information and RFM factorsbased on purchase history data. To verify improved performance of proposing system, we makeexperiments with dataset collected in a cosmetic internet shopping mall.
  • 22.

    The Performance Appraisal Politics in Team-Based Work Systems

    Jonghyuk Park | 2014, 19(2) | pp.201~208 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The objective of the present study is to investigate the relationships among the perceptions ofperformance appraisal politics(POPAP)), employee's attitude to work, and team-based worksystem characteristics. Using survey data from various occupationally heterogeneous sample of white-collaremployees(N=195) from various organizations, the results indicate that when employees perceiveperformance rating to be manipulated because of rater's personal bias and punishment motive,they reduce organizational commitment. Contrarily, the employees' POPAP with motivationalmotive increases organizational commitment. And task interdependency has positive effect onemployees' POPAP. Implications for performance appraisal practices and future research are discussed
  • 23.

    Evaluation the Relationship of Software Engineering Level and Project Performance by Organization Change Management

    김승권 , Jong-soo Yoon , 조권익 | 2014, 19(2) | pp.209~219 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    With rapid convergence of information technology and expending role of software, manyorganizations have taken interested in We explore the relationship between the level of changeawareness and deployment of software process improvement (SPI) approaches using a competingvalues framework. To measure awareness level of organization's change, DICE framework whichprovides means for predicting the outcome of change management initiatives is used. The fourfactors for organizaton's change: duration, integrity, commitment, and effort are evaluated and a score is calculated. In this paper, we apply the DICE® score as an independent variable to predictthe outcome of a software process improvement. Our results indicated that the Organization havea higher chance of success have the better outcome in software process improvement.
  • 24.

    A Study on the Long-term Sustainability of Green IT

    KyeongRak Lee , JaeJonKim , SangJoon Lee | 2014, 19(2) | pp.221~231 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    TIn this paper, The need for a long-term sustainable Green IT strategy to pursue strategicpartnerships and alliance was proposed. We made a research model to identify how social pressure,environmental orientation and environmental attractiveness affect into the Green IT strategy, andhow Green IT strategy affects on Green IT company's environmental performance. In previousstudies, the long-term persistence was used as the dependent variables, but in this paper it wasused as a parameter variable. A survey of Green IT companies and a empirical analysis bystatistical software package were conducted. It was verified that the mediating effect is betweenthe social pressure, environmental orientation, environmental attractiveness and environmentalperformance by the long-term persistence.
  • 25.

    Forecasting of Green Technologies on Intelligent Transportation System using Patent Analysis

    Lee, Juhyun , Lee, Chul Ung | 2014, 19(2) | pp.233~241 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, it predicts green technology in the future with “Co-word” which is patent analysis,“technology road-map, life cycle graph of patent activation and trend analysis. Analysis resultshows that it would help environment preservation because development of ITS green technologymakes carbon emission effectiveness and ITS green technology is especially expected to develop infuel saving field. In addition, fuel saving field is predicted to be advance more practicallytechnology field with convergence with IT.
  • 26.

    The student self-assessment and achievement analysis for computer liberal arts lecture

    박혜정 , Hyunsook Kim | 2014, 19(2) | pp.243~251 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    Computer-related OA lectures at the university mainly deal with the creation of word processingdocuments and presentations and spreadsheet documents. To use most of the course evaluation atthe university will be evaluated by the subjective judgment about the satisfaction and the skillsassessment of students. In this paper, we take a lecture given at the university of OA before andafter the university students to self-diagnosis is to propose an survey. In addition, we would liketo analyze more objectively the degree of use computer-related OA and the degree of improvementof computer skills by the proposed objective survey evaluate to students compare with studentshave acquired scores during the semester.
  • 27.

    Exploration of Information Subject-centered Curriculum Integration Strategies for 21st Century Key Competencies Extension

    허민 , Lee Taewuk | 2014, 19(2) | pp.253~261 | number of Cited : 14
    Abstract PDF
    Recently as the focal point of interdisciplinary integration of learner's key competencies havebeen increased, it was the real solution to avoid excessive curriculum and reconfiguration ofcurriculum to provide actual learning opportunities. The purpose of this paper was to investigateinformation subject-centered inclusive education strategies for 21st century key competencies extension by Delphi study. As a result by a total 3 round Delphi method, informationsubject-centered curriculum integration for key competencies extension was to understand whythey should be integrated and what can makes it com true. This elicited the consensual agreementsof experts about information subject-centered curriculum integration aims, methods, contents, andevaluations ets. As a result, this study offers strategies of information subject-centered curriculumintegration applicable to elementary and middle schools.
  • 28.

    An Empirical Study on Information Liberal Education in University based on IT Fluency and Computational Thinking Concept

    HAEYONG JUNG | 2014, 19(2) | pp.263~274 | number of Cited : 14
    Abstract PDF
    The objectives of this research are to develop information education framework and derive detailIT curriculums in University Liberal education, which is essential to effective learning all specialknowledge and a base skill in university education. In order to achieve these research objectives,first this study theoretically derives three categories of IT education area based on comprehensive review of the previous research including IT Fluency, Information Literacy and ComputationalThinking concepts, and explicates concrete items for each category. And then, with respect to eachof these items, we empirically investigate the degree of necessity measured by the gap between therequired level of knowledge and skills which student should have for effective studying of majorcurriculum and the present level of them which they really have. Field survey is employed for thedata collection: 350 questionnaires are distributed to the students, and 313 questionnaires arecollected in useful condition and are analyzed. The findings of this research shows that threedimensions of IT Liberal Education are empirically derived by factor analysis as following: (1)Foundational Concepts of IT, (2) Utilization Capabilities of IT, (3) Intellectual Capabilities of IT. And the results of this study can provide the theoretical basis for constructing the IT education. Also they can be used as a practical guideline in developing and promoting specific University ITeducation programs in Liberal Education.