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2015, Vol.20, No.6

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    Garbage CollectionMethod using Proxy Block considering Index Data Structure based on Flash Memory

    Seon Hwan Kim | Kwak, Jong Wook | 2015, 20(6) | pp.1~11 | number of Cited : 2
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    Recently, NAND flash memories are used for storage devices because of fast access speed and low-power. However, applications of FTL on low power computing devices lead to heavy workloads which result in a memory requirement and an implementation overhead. Consequently, studies of B+-Tree on embedded devices without the FTL have been proposed. The studies of B+-Tree are optimized for performance of inserting and updating records, considering to disadvantages of the NAND flash memory that it can not support in-place update. However, if a general garbage collection method is applied to the previous studies of B+-Tree, a performance of the B+-Tree is reduced, because it generates a rearrangement of the B+-Tree by changing of page positions on the NAND flash memory. Therefor, we propose a novel garbage collection method which can apply to the B+-Tree based on the NAND flash memory without the FTL. The proposed garbage collection method does not generate a rearrangement of the B+-Tree by using a block information table and a proxy block. We implemented the B+-Tree and μ -Tree with the proposed garbage collection on physical devices with the NAND flash memory. In experiment results, the proposed garbage collection scheme compared to greedy algorithm garbage collection scheme increased the number of inserted keys by up to about 73% on B+-Tree and decreased elapsed time of garbage collection by up to about 39% on μ-Tree.
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    Development of Genuine Product Authentication Framework and Genuine Distinction Algorithm Using Design QR Code

    Heo Gyeongyong | Lee, Im Geun | 박삼식 and 1other persons | 2015, 20(6) | pp.13~20 | number of Cited : 2
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    A genuine product authentication framework and genuine distinction algorithm based on design QR code is proposed in this paper. The proposed framework consists of design QR code, a smart phone application for authentication, and a server system. Design QR code is a shape-modification of conventional QR code according to manufacturer’s and/or product’s need. In the design QR code, information about manufacturer and product is written. The written information can be read with general QR code reader, however, the content is transformed with authentication code, used in the first step authentication, and the meaning cannot be inferred. The application conducts the first step authentication and sends the resulting information to the server system for the second step authentication. The server system decides the genuinity using look-up history. The proposed framework can improve the authentication effect while minimizing the additional costs by managing the history through the server system. The proposed framework has proven to be effective in actual use, such as that used for the management of garbage bags in Ansan city.
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    A Relationship of Learning flow and Dropout in Local University Students: The Mediating Effect of College Adaption

    Myoung, Sungmin | Lee, Hongki | 2015, 20(6) | pp.21~28 | number of Cited : 14
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    The purpose of this study is to find out the mediation effect of college adaption for the relationship between learning flow and university dropout in local university. For this study, 281 university students in Chungbuk region were applied to assess the mediation effect of college adaption for learning flow and university dropout by using confirmatory factor analysis, hierarchical multiple regression of Baron and Kenny, and Sobel test. The results show that more learning flow tended to have more difficultly in university dropout, and it was founded that academic and social adjustment for university adaption(mediator) partially mediated the influence of learning flow (independent variable) on univeristy dropout (dependent variable), institutional adjustment was fully mediated, and personal-emotional adjustment was no mediation effect. Based on the results of this study, we suggest a implication to decrease university dropout through increasing learning flow and university adaption.
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    Service Block Based Resource Allocation Scheme for Macrocell-Femtocell Networks

    Jongchan Lee | Lee Moonho | 2015, 20(6) | pp.29~35 | number of Cited : 0
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    The heterogeneous LTE (Long Term Evolution)-Advanced networks comprising a macrocell and femtocells can provide an efficient solution not only to extend macrocell coverage but also to deal with packet traffics increasing explosively within macrocells. An efficient resource management scheme is necessary to maintain the QoS (Quality of Service) of mobile multimedia services because the LTE-Advanced system should support not only voice but also mobile applications such as data, image and video. This paper proposes a resource management scheme to guarantee QoS continuity of multimedia services and to maximize the resource utilization in OFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access) based LTE-Advanced systems. This scheme divides the resources into several service blocks and allocates those resources based on the competition between macrocell and femtocell. Simulation results show that it provides better performances than the conventional one in respect of handover failure rate and blocking rate.
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    A Study of RealtimeMalware URL Detection&Prevention inMobile Environment

    박재경 | 2015, 20(6) | pp.37~42 | number of Cited : 3
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    In this paper, we propose malware database in mobile memory for realtime malware URL detection and we support realtime malware URL detection engine, that is control the web service for more secure mobile service. Recently, mobile malware is on the rise and to be new threat on mobile environment. In particular the mobile characteristics, the damage of malware is more important, because it leads to monetary damages for the user. There are many researches in cybercriminals prevention and malware detection, but it is still insufficient. Additionally we propose the method for prevention Smishing within SMS, MMS. In the near future, mobile venders must build the secure mobile environment with fundamental measures based on our research.
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    Management Mechanism for the Protection of Information in Smart Phone

    EunGyeom Jang | 2015, 20(6) | pp.43~50 | number of Cited : 0
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    In order to protect important information of smart phone from these security threats, this paper has studied a mechanism for protecting information from the leakage of various information and personal information stored in the smart phone. This paper has configured the basic protection scope for the information protection and applied real time encodement when new contents were created. Also, this paper has applied a security function so that the content of the protected scope can be managed and erased remotely in preparation for loss and burglary.
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    The Assignment-Swap Algorithm for Large-scale Transportation Problem with Incomplete Cost Lists

    Sang-Un, Lee | 2015, 20(6) | pp.51~58 | number of Cited : 1
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    This paper suggests assignment-swap algorithm with time complexity O(mn) to obtain the optimal solution for large-scale of transportation problem (TP) with incomplete cost lists. Generally, the TP with complete cost lists can be solved with TSM (Transportation Simplex Method). But, we can't be solved for large-scale of TP with TSM. Especially. It is hard to solve for large-scale TP with incomplete cost lists using TSM. Therefore, experts simply using commercial linear programming package. Firstly, the proposed algorithm applies assignment strategy of transportation quantity to ascending order of transportation cost. Then, we reassign from surplus of supply to shortage of demand. Secondly, we perform the 2-opt and 1-opt swap optimization to obtain the optimal solution. Upon application to 31 × 15 incomplete cost matrix problem, the proposed assignment-swap algorithm more improves the solution than LINGO of commercial linear programming.
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    CORE-Dedup: IO Extent Chunking based Deduplication using Content-Preserving Access Locality

    김명식 | Youjip Won | 2015, 20(6) | pp.59~76 | number of Cited : 0
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    Recent wide spread of embedded devices and technology growth of broadband communication has led to rapid increase in the volume of created and managed data. As a result, data centers have to increase the storage capacity cost-effectively to store the created data. Data deduplication is one way to save the storage space by removing redundant data. This work propose IO extent based deduplication schemes called CORE-Dedup that exploits content-preserving access locality. We acquire IO traces from block device layer in virtual machine host, and compare the deduplication performance of chunking method between the fixed size and IO extent based. At multiple workload of 10 user’s compile in virtual machine environment, the result shows that 4 KB fixed size chunking and IO extent based chunking use chunk index 14500 and 1700, respectively. The deduplication rate account for 60.4% and 57.6% on fixed size and IO extent chunking, respectively.
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    A Constructive Algorithm for p-Median Facility Location

    Sang-Un, Lee | 2015, 20(6) | pp.77~85 | number of Cited : 1
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    This paper proposes a location algorithm that locates newly built  facilities in the optimal area with minimum cost in a city of  districts. This problem has been classified as NP-hard, to which no polynomial time algorithm exists. The proposed algorithm improves the shortcomings of existing Myopic algorithm by constructing until -facilities and exchanging locations of -th facility for      . When applied to experimental data of    the proposed algorithm has obtained an approximate value nearest possible to the optimal solution take precedence of reverse-delete method. This algorithm is also simply executable using Excel.
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    Aerial Video Summarization Approach based on Sensor Operation Mode for Real-time Context Recognition

    Jun Pyo Lee | 2015, 20(6) | pp.87~97 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    An Aerial video summarization is not only the key to effective browsing video within a limited time, but also an embedded cue to efficiently congregative situation awareness acquired by unmanned aerial vehicle. Different with previous works, we utilize sensor operation mode of unmanned aerial vehicle, which is global, local, and focused surveillance mode in order for accurately summarizing the aerial video considering flight and surveillance/reconnaissance environments. In focused mode, we propose the moving-react tracking method which utilizes the partitioning motion vector and spatiotemporal saliency map to detect and track the interest moving object continuously. In our simulation result, the key frames are correctly detected for aerial video summarization according to the sensor operation mode of aerial vehicle and finally, we verify the efficiency of video summarization using the proposed mothed.
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    An Analysis of Middle School Students' Academic procrastination on Their Academic Achievement

    Lee Sin Suk | 2015, 20(6) | pp.99~106 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    This study aims to examine the effects of academic procrastination in middle school students on their academic achievement. It also analyzed the influences of stress level recognized by middle school students on their academic achievement. First, it examined theoretical and preceding studies and assumed that sub-factors of academic procrastination in middle school students such as behavioral, cognitive and emotional factors affected their academic achievement. It was assumed that the middle school students' stress had the direct mediating effects on their academic achievement. As a result of the research, it was found that sub-factors of academic procrastination in middle school students such as behavioral, cognitive and emotional factors had partially direct influence on their stress and academic achievement. It was shown that the analysis of mediating effects from middle school students' stress had no influence on the academic achievement. This study presented policy suggestions of academic achievement in middle school students as an alternative based on the research results.
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    Monetary Penalty System and Privacy

    Kim, Woon-Gon | 2015, 20(6) | pp.107~115 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    A fine is defined to the criminal penalty which is slighter than imprisonment on a system of criminal penalty, but put practically a seat to imprisonment and similar strong discipline contrivance to commission agent in capitalism societies be doing. Also, did heavy commission, but the corporation time, a fine to consider the respect which cannot impose other criminal penalty, and cannot but impose fine penalty only to this corporation carries out art as important criminal penalty than the commission which a person does. But fine drawing of our country cannot carry out art scaring to criminal penalty to rich body as aggregate fine drawing, and a lot of, but do abatement duration of a fine so as same, and be most in spite of adjudication criminal sentence occupying at criminal case adjudication, and difference cannot do to an amount of a fine that is carrying well out the art. Therefore, and have to change to the daily fine systemdm which gained because of total fine system in order to carry out value as modern criminal penalty, and a few fines shall exchange to penalty payment system according to complement department canon of Penal Code, and social accusation protects individual information of low commission agent if so, can normally do art accomplishment of criminal penalty. The system that the maximum can guarantee right of defence of accused has to have to be introduced in procedural a few aspect to pronounce this and a fine. Specially, let explain necessary fact to be related to, and informal procedures understand, and introduction of drawing to be able to get from accord of accused is necessary for accused before charging to informal decree in order cannot be guaranteed right of defence this of accused while consisting in writing of whether accusation and adjudication are procedural at informal procedures, and to supplement respect.
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    Problems and Solutions for Multi-Cultural Family Support Act

    Jae Nam Kim | 2015, 20(6) | pp.117~126 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    Multi-Cultural Family Support Act means that to lead a stable family life in Korea by improves the quality of life for members of multi-cultural families through the extensive support and ultimately it refers to a law designed to contribute to the integration between society and them. This Law was newly enacted as Law No. 8937 in March 21, 2008. And through the six times amendments it improve the part of the lack also now in February 18, 2015, some amendments are submitted by Jasmine Lee with 12 lawmakers. Now in 2015, the number of foreigners who living in Korea are beyond 150 million and it can see that has entered into a full-fledged multi-cultural society. And it can place a greater significance that had laid the foundation of the various support policies to lead a stable family life for members of multi-cultural families. However, the problem that much current law which associated with the Multi-cultural Family Support Act cannot accept the social changes has emerged. Thus, in this paper try to present a legislative plan that can respond appropriately to the real world through the analysis of it.
  • 14.

    The Analysis on Users’ Centrality in the Social Network and their Sentiment : Applying to Medical Web Forum on Alzheimer's Disease

    MIN JUNG LEE | Jiyoung Woo | 2015, 20(6) | pp.127~140 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this study, we aim to analyze the relationship between the centrality in the social network and the sentiment of medial web forum users. In recent, many people use online resources to obtain health and wellness information especially social media resources. In the medial web forum, people give and receive informational supports and emotional supports and this interaction forms the social network. We analyze the social network, derive node characteristics in terms of centrality and compare the centrality index and the sentiment score derived from users’ messages. We found that as more people express their emotion, they possess higher central position in the network. Further, people who express positive emotion in their messages have higher central position in the network than people who have negative emotion. This study will help to identify influentials of emotional supports to others and finally to control the depression of Alzheimer's disease patients and their related ones.
  • 15.

    An Efficiency Analysis of the Long-term Care Facilities Using DEA Model

    JEONG SEONG BAE | 2015, 20(6) | pp.141~150 | number of Cited : 10
    Abstract PDF
    The aim of this study is to analysis the efficiency of the Long-term Care facilities as well as make counterproposals to conduct of efficient management for the Long-term Care facilities. The data of professionals states of Long-term Care facilities and wages state of Long-term Care facilities from regions in 2014. To analyse the data, the number of professionals and facilities are an input variable whereas the size of number and wages are the output variables. The results showed as below. First, according to the CCR test, Kangwon, Gyeonggi, GyeongNam, Deajeon, Seoul, Ulsan, Incheon, Jeju, and Chong Buk showed significance, but Daegu and Busan showed no significance. Second, the BCC result showed that Kangwon, Gyeonggi, GyeongNam, Deajeon, Seoul, Ulsan, Incheon, Jeju, and Chong Buk has efficiency whereas Daegu and Busan has no efficiency. The result of excess efficieincy analysis confirmed 133.5% in Jeju as the highest area, 37.54% of the highest efficiency of the care provider, and 28.61% of imporvable possibility with doctor’s number. The realization of increasing numbers, the ensure of the doctor’s number, and consolidating of the care provider’s the espertise are required for the future.
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    Validation of the Unplugged Robot Education System Capable of Computerless Coding Education

    송정범 | Lee Taewuk | 2015, 20(6) | pp.151~159 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    In traditional programing education, computers were used as the main tool. Consequently, it was problematic to provide education in an environment without computers or for learners without computer skills. To address this problem, this study developed and validated an unplugged robot education system capable of computerless programming education. The key feature of the proposed system is that programing can be done only by connecting programming blocks in symbols of a flow chart with built-in commands. Validation of the system was performed by a specialist group. Validity was very high with values of content validity ratio (CVR) over 0.7 in all evaluation criteria except “Ease of error debugging” and “Linkages to educational curriculum,” whose CVR values were each 0.6. Future directions include improvement in the two areas that scored lower than the others did by, respectively, system improvement to support debugging in error conditions that may occur during the programming process, and development of user guide to support linkages to educational curriculum.