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2015, Vol.20, No.11

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    Wear Leveling Technique using Bit Array and Bit Set Threshold for Flash

    Seon Hwan Kim , Kwak, Jong Wook , Park, Chang Hyeon | 2015, 20(11) | pp.1~8 | number of Cited : 1
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    Flash memory has advantages in that it is fast access speed, low-power, and low-price. Therefore, they are widely used in electronics industry sectors. However, the flash memory has weak points, which are the limited number of erase operations and non-in-place update problem. To overcome the limited number of erase operations, many wear leveling techniques are studied. They use many tables storing information such as erase count of blocks, hot and cold block indicators, reference count of pages, and so on. These tables occupy some space of main memory for the wear leveling techniques. Accordingly, they are not appropriate for low-power devices limited main memory. In order to resolve it, a wear leveling technique using bit array and Bit Set Threshold (BST) for flash memory. The proposing technique reduces the used space of main memory using a bit array table, which saves the history of block erase operations. To enhance accuracy of cold block information, we use BST, which is calculated by using the number of invalid pages of the blocks in a one-to-many mode, where one bit is related to many blocks. The performance results illustrate that the proposed wear leveling technique improve life time of flash memory to about 6%, compared with previous wear leveling techniques using a bit array table in our experiment.
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    Hybrid Pattern Recognition Using a Combination of Different Features

    CHOI, SANG-IL | 2015, 20(11) | pp.9~16 | number of Cited : 1
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    We propose a hybrid pattern recognition method that effectively combines two different features for improving data classification. We first extract the PCA (Principal Component Analysis) and LDA (Linear Discriminant Analysis) features, both of which are widely used in pattern recognition, to construct a set of basic features, and then evaluate the separability of each basic feature. According to the results of evaluation, we select only the basic features that contain a large amount of discriminative information for construction of the combined features. The experimental results for the various data sets in the UCI machine learning repository show that using the proposed combined features give better recognition rates than when solely using the PCA or LDA features
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    The Plural Subject Account of Group Beliefs Using Grounding Concept

    구자록 | 2015, 20(11) | pp.17~23 | number of Cited : 0
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    In this paper, we propose a plural subject account of group beliefs using grounding concept, which bridges the gap between the two main approaches of ACLs, the mentalistic accounts and the social commitment accounts. The key idea of this Gilbert's plural subject account of group beliefs is to extend the grounding logic into the common ground framework for the semantics of ACLs which is fully verifiable, fully formalized and easily applicable. Thus, we formalize the proper group belief concept using common ground framework and we define the semantics of the primitive speech acts of FIPA-ACL such as inform, request and confirm as case studies. Also, we illustrate our framework on an e-commerce agent purchase negotiation and compare this proposed framework with two traditional semantics for ACLs.
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    Clustering method for similar user with Miexed Data in SNS

    송형민 , LEE SANG JOON , Ho-Young Kwak | 2015, 20(11) | pp.25~30 | number of Cited : 0
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    The enormous increase of data with the development of the information technology make internet users to be hard to find suitable information tailored to their needs. In the face of changing environment, the information filtering method, which provide sorted-out information to users, is becoming important. The data on the internet exists as various type. However, similarity calculation algorithm frequently used in existing collaborative filtering method is tend to be suitable to the numeric data. In addition, in the case of the categorical data, it shows the extreme similarity like Boolean Algebra. In this paper, We get the similarity in SNS user's information which consist of the mixed data using the Gower's similarity coefficient. And we suggest a method that is softer than radical expression such as 0 or 1 in categorical data. The clustering method using this algorithm can be utilized in SNS or various recommendation system.
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    An Efficient Cache Management Scheme of Flash Translation Layer for Large Size Flash Memory Drives

    Hwan-Pil Choi , Kim Yong Seok | 2015, 20(11) | pp.31~38 | number of Cited : 7
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    Nowadays, large size flash memory drives with more than a couple of hundreds of gigabytes are common. This paper presents an efficient cache management scheme of flash translation layer, called TPC-FTL, for large size flash memory drives. Since flash drives of large size usually contain large size RAM, we can enhance the performance of page mapping cache by using more RAM for the cache. But if the size exceeds a threshold, the existing schemes are impractical for real devices, because the time for cache manipulation becomes too long. TPC-FTL manages the cache in translation page unit, not in logical page number unit used in existing schemes. Since a translation page covers a large number of logical page numbers (for example, 512 for 2KB size page), the number of cache elements can be reduced up to a practical level. A performance evaluation shows that average response time, an important performance measure, is better than existing schemes via the effect of utilizing spacial locality in addition to temporal locality.
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    Performance Tradeoff Between Control Period and Delay: Lane Keeping Assist System Case Study

    차현준 , 박성우 , 정우혁 and 1 other persons | 2015, 20(11) | pp.39~46 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we propose a performance-aware workload model for efficient implementation of control systems. When implementing a control algorithm as an embedded computer system, the control code executes periodically. For such systems, its control performance depends on not only the accuracy of the control algorithm itself but also temporal parameters such as control period and sensing to actuation delay. In this regard, this paper studies the relation between control period and delay by measuring and analyzing the control performance of LKAS (Lane Keeping Assist System) with varying period and delay combinations. Through this experimental study, this paper shows that the two timing parameters, i.e.,control period and delay, has a tradeoff relation in terms of control performance.
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    A Study on Spatial characteristic and presentation of digital game

    오현주 | 2015, 20(11) | pp.47~57 | number of Cited : 1
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    In this paper, I examines the spatial representation of the change in the environment of the digital platform, and play the game with a focus on the spatial characteristics of a digital game. First, what is the Spatial characteristic of digital games? This section applies to a digital game "theory of Lefebvre", and the spatial representation of the practice space, divided into representational space were explored. Second, how to express dealing Is there space in the genre of adventure games? The spatial characteristics of the game medium through the Spatial characteristic of the adventure game genre that is most striking examples was analyzed whether the expression in any way. Consequently, the spatial characteristics of the digital game studies of the game as well as think a very large role in the development direction. In addition, this case analysis of the expression is the basis of this digital game that is utilized in many areas, and I am sure many possibilities to find a positive role in the game.
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    A Development of Motion Detection Based Serious Game “ChoDeungGangHo” for Physical Training

    이범로 | 2015, 20(11) | pp.55~62 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper we propose a method to analyze user’s motion as a game command, and implement a sports serious game applied the motion analysis method as a command interpreter. Recently, various contents platforms appear in industrial market, the computer game contents plays an important role in these emerging platforms as a killer contents. The computer game has enough values as an independent major cultural product, moreover it has the potential to be applied in various other fields such as education, healthcare, training, and so on. It could motivate users to do something continuously, and it could also support an immersive environment in a certain special game contents such as VR game. The Serious game ‘ChoDeungGangHo’, implemented in this paper, is the sensory healthcare serious game based on 3D run game and fitness game. It is designed for user to train the various exercise element by just playing the game, and it also supports the user management system and the linkage of social media. We proposes the sensory serious game ‘ChoDeungGangHo’ as a model of commercial serious game.
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    A Design of a Variable Interval Sensing Scheme for the Sensor Networks

    Cha,Hyun-Chul | 2015, 20(11) | pp.63~68 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we propose a new energy efficient scheme which can prolong the life of sensor networks, it should be able to reduce the number of sensing. We use the concept of safe zone for manage the appropriate range of properties. We measure the distance between the sensed temperature value and the center of the zone, and calculate the next sensing interval based on this distance. We name our proposed scheme "VIS". To assess the performance of the proposed scheme the actual temperature data was collected using the sensor node. The algorithm was implemented through the programming and was evaluated in a variety of settings. Experimental results show that the proposed algorithm is to significantly reduce the number of sensing in terms of energy efficiency while having the ability to know the state of the sensor nodes periodically. Our VIS algorithm can be useful in applications which will require the ability of control to the temperature within a proper range.
  • 10.

    A Heuristic Polynomial Time Algorithm for Crew Scheduling Problem

    Sang-Un, Lee | 2015, 20(11) | pp.69~75 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    This paper suggests heuristic polynomial time algorithm for crew scheduling problem that is a kind of optimization problems. This problem has been solved by linear programming, set cover problem, set partition problem, column generation, etc. But the optimal solution has not been obtained by these methods. This paper sorts transit costs cij to ascending order, and the task i and j crew paths are merged in case of the sum of operation time ∑0 is less than day working time T . As a result, we can be obtain the minimum number of crews min K and minimum transit cost z= mincij . For the transit cost of specific number of crews K(K>minK) , we delete the maximum cij as much as the number of K- minK , and to partition a crew path. For the 5 benchmark data, this algorithm can be gets less transit cost than state-of-the-art algorithms, and gets the minimum number of crews.
  • 11.

    Multilevel analysis approach to analyzing the effects of team diversity on team members’ individual creativity and creative activities such as exploitation and exploration

    Chae, Seong Wook , LEE, KUN CHANG | 2015, 20(11) | pp.77~88 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    This study attempts to investigate the effect of team diversity on individual creativity and team members’ creative activities such as exploration and exploitation. We have garnered 40 team data from 249 respondents who have been participating in the team learning activities during semester in a private university. They were asked by instructor to show their creativity, and exploration and exploitation activities. The 40 teams were made up of team diversity factors such as study hour and leisure activity. We used a multilevel analysis to analyze the effects of team diversity factors on team member's creativity, and exploration and exploitation. Results showed that in general, team diversity factors like study hour and leisure activities have significant effects on the individual creativity, and exploration and exploitation. Practical implications represent that teams need to be organized considering the team diversity factors in order to improve team member's creativity, and their exploration and exploitation activities.
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    Custom-made Golf Insole Recommender System for Optimizing The Foot Balance During Golf Swing

    Lee Kyung Keun | 2015, 20(11) | pp.89~95 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we propose the method and development of custom-made golf insole recommender system to optimize the foot balance during golf swing. This system development procedures are as follows : (1) Using the measured data of the golf swing, the analysis of the individual golf hitting and balance will be done. (2) Based on the analysis results, the system will recommend the golf custom-made insole to optimize the individual balance using recommender algorithm. (3) After the golf custom-made insole is recommended, the modeling and design of the recommended insole is processed. Golf custom-made insole will be possible to reduce the excessive shaking and increase the lower-body supporting force. Therefore, we have expected that the recommended insole will improve the swing results through the optimization of golf swing balance. In the future, it is necessary to secure the higher validity and reliability through the more diverse experiments and research.
  • 13.

    A Study on Early Childhood Music Education and Their Difficulties with Its Instruction of Early Childhood Teachers'Perceptions

    Song.J.S. , Hye-Myoung Choung | 2015, 20(11) | pp.97~104 | number of Cited : 10
    Abstract PDF
    In this study, the investigator distributed total 100 questionnaires by childcare center teachers in final analysis. The purposes of the study were to examine teachers' perceptions of early childhood music education provided by childcare centers or kindergartens and also the difficulties they experienced with the instruction of early childhood music education and thus provide basic data to develop an educational program for early childhood teachers and search for a direction in early childhood music education in the field of education. The findings were summarized as follows: Both kindergarten and childcare center teachers showed a high perception level of need for and importance of early childhood music education. The teachers thought that early childhood music education facilitated the development of young children across all areas and promoted their pleasure and expressive abilities. Providing music education, the teachers faced difficulties due to the lack of musical knowledge, basic musical skills, and experiences with and confidence in musical activities. They also felt a need for teacher education. Keywords: Early Childhood Music Education. Early Childhood Teachers, Musical Activity
  • 14.

    A Marriage Problem Using Threshold Algorithm

    Sang-Un, Lee | 2015, 20(11) | pp.105~110 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    This paper deals with a newly proposed algorithm for stable marriage problem, which I coin threshold algorithm. The proposed algorithm firstly constructs an n × n matrix of the sum of each sex’s preference over the members of the opposite sex. It then selects the minimum value from each row and column to designate the maximum value of the selected as the sum threshold pij*∗. It subsequently deletes the maximum preference maxpij from a matrix derived from deleting pij>pij ∗ , until │ci│=1 or │cj│=1 . Finally, it undergoes an optimization process in which the sum preference is minimized. When tested on 7 stable marriage problems, the proposed algorithm has proved to improve on the existing solutions.
  • 15.

    A Real-time Tinnitus Treatment System Using Tinnitus Frequency Removal and Adjacent Frequency Amplification on Mobile Device

    DaeHyun Park , Kim, yoon | 2015, 20(11) | pp.111~118 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we propose a new tinnitus treatment system that removes the frequency band where the ear noises is generated and amplifies the around frequency bands in order to treat a nonstop buzzing in the ears, that is one among the disease commonly generated in modern people. Mostly the tinnitus is generated by the tunability with the neighboring nerves while the part of the cerebral cortex which is unable to react to the stimuli by the sound of the specific frequency band reacts to other frequency band. Therefore, the excitability activity by the tunability of the cerebral cortex is suppressed and the remedial value is gotten by removing the tinnitus frequency band, and the around frequency bands are amplified to strengthen the remedial value. Experimental results show that the tinnitus can be treated conveniently if the patients use the android application which the proposed technique is applied to.
  • 16.

    Development of an Arden Syntax Translator for Building a Clinical Decision Support System with XML

    두성현 , Chaiyoung Jung , BAEJONGMIN | 2015, 20(11) | pp.119~126 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    CDSS provides clinical doctors with knowledge to be required when they diagnose or make decision about treatment strategy. Arden Syntax is one of the language with which we write MLM that is a component of CDSS. It was designated as a standard by HL7/ANSI. ArdenML is an XML version of Arden Syntax. In this paper we propose a tool which translates Arden Syntax MLMs into ArdenML MLM. To this end we first defines the corresponding relation between two languages. Next we presents a modified version of Arden Syntax grammar to improve performance of lexical analysis and minimize parsing conflicts. Finally we presents syntax and semantics gaps between the both languages, which are a structural representation problem, a data type problem, and a disrelation problem. Our translator resolves such issues and generates exact ArdenML codes for an arbitrary Arden Syntax MLM
  • 17.

    Relationship between Subtypes of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Traits and Subscales of Symptom Checklist-90-R among College Students

    Lee, Seongjik | 2015, 20(11) | pp.127~133 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we propose that college counselors be more knowledgable of adult ADHD symptoms and develop better understandings of subtypes of the disorder. The findings in this study show that  college students with different subtypes of ADHD symptoms experience different types of psychological maladjustment as well as different levels of psychological distress. Specifically, combined-type trait group show the highest levels of each of subscale of SCL-90-R among the other groups (i.e., normal, predominant inattentive subtype, hyperactive-impulsive type). Furthermore, combined typed trait group show significantly higher levels of animosity and paranoid ideation than the others. Therefore, college counselors need to provide effective interventions addressing intense emotion and cognitive distortion among college students with ADHD combined symptoms.
  • 18.

    The effects of the RMB's appreciation on trade balance in US

    Chi Gong , 유자양 | 2015, 20(11) | pp.135~142 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    This paper applied a VAR model to analyze the effects of RMB exchange rate brought to processing trade, non-processing trade and FDI. Then we can get the results that the appreciation of RMB could not solve the problem of US trade deficit. It is more likely that the appreciation just can transfer the trade imbalance to other country with US, which could not radically solve the economic problems of US. Also this paper find that the data of service trade is surplus while the main goods deficit was occur in advanced technology product, especially in the information & communications trade And US has real advantage in these industries, so the situation will be changed if US decreased the barrier in these industries. In that way, the imbalance situation should be greatly reduced.
  • 19.

    A Study on the Relationships among SNS Characteristics, Satisfaction and User Acceptance

    KO CHANG BAE , Jong-soo Yoon | 2015, 20(11) | pp.143~150 | number of Cited : 7
    Abstract PDF
    Social network services can be defined as an individual web page which enables online, human-relationship building by collecting useful information and sharing it with specific or unspecific people. Recently, as the social network services(SNS) such as Twitter and Facebook have been paid attention in many fields of the society. SNSs are also one of the fastest channels to get news which people may not be able to see on TV or newspaper. The number of people who feel they are benefiting from social network services are increasing dramatically. A number of researches about SNS are underway. The study based on the Technology Acceptance Model empirically investigates the relationship between characteristics of SNS (system, service, information, and emotional) and user satisfaction of SNS. The study also analyzes how the relationshipa between SNS characteristics, satisfaction and user acceptance are moderated by country type of SNS users and inclination toward SNS acceptance. To achieve these research purposes, the study conducted various statistical analyses using questionnaire of the Korean and Chinese SNS users. The results of the study are followings. First, SNS characteristics have a positive effect to the user satisfaction. Second, SNS satisfaction have a positive effect to the user acceptance. Third, the relationship between SNS characteristics and user satisfaction is moderated by the country type of SNS users and inclination toward SNS acceptance. The study results could provide some implications to researchers who have interest in studying SNS, also could help business managers to operate and develop their SNS site more effectively.
  • 20.

    A Study on the Health Policy Issues of Telemedicine Problem in Korean

    Young-Ju Jeun | 2015, 20(11) | pp.151~156 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    Recently, the government tends to address the health policy as an economic logic. However, health policy must be priority to national health right than economic logic. Thus, in this paper analyzes the problems of telemedicine for telemedicine that are at issue in South Korea, based on this, and presents reasonable health policy directions for telemedicine. To amend the law and legislation the health policy and law, analyze the rationality, feasibility of law and sufficient review should be implemented. Comparing to the foreign which introduced telemedicine earlier, discussion on telemedicine in South Korea remains a long way to go and it is now beginning step. Therefore, it should not forget that the health policy of the government with crass insensitivity can bring great disaster. Above all, to the health care, the sufficient review and social consensus which can reduce the side-effects are priority.
  • 21.

    A Computer Education Model for Better Quality Information Welfare for the Elderly

    Cho Woo Hong | 2015, 20(11) | pp.157~162 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    This study analysed the needs of the elderly in computer education, their preference and demands for computer education to enhance the quality of information welfare for the elderly, and presented a computer education model for higher quality information welfare for the elderly to maximize the effect of computer education. For this study, variables were selected from previous studies and by the researcher to present a computer education model for the elderly.
  • 22.

    A Study on The Pre-feasibility Assessment Using The AHP : Focusing on The Case of Public Project

    Park, Deuk | 2015, 20(11) | pp.163~168 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    Various methods have been used to solve the problem of the evaluation of the complex decision-making. In the case of public projects, used the AHP method to evaluate the pre-feasibility of the projects. In this paper, The pre-feasibility was referring to the 'General guidelines for the pre-feasibility' of the KDI and was used the AHP to evaluate for public projects of the H-city. In order to achieve this object, the structured hierarchical model and questionnaire developed based on the evaluation guidelines of the KDI. Also, the weight of evaluation factor was calculated based on the AHP method and was obtained the evaluation results for the project implementation alternative.
  • 23.

    The Relationship Between the Perception of Stress for care and the Elderly Abuse

    Kyungwoo Kim | 2015, 20(11) | pp.169~174 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The study is to clarify the relationship among the positive and negative recognition of stress and physical and psychological abuse and neglect aiming at getting the material. They are to prevent elder abuse at the main care worker for frail and dementia elderly. The degree of fitness to the data where positive and negative recognition of main care worker was located as dependent variable. The casual model in which main care worker was located as independent variable. The degree of fitness of casual model was GFI=0.772, CFI=0.795, RESEA=0.067. Among path coefficient included in the previous model, three of figures going toward three of abuse to the elder were statistically significant.
  • 24.

    Problem and Improvement of Korean Healthcare market Liberalization and Privatization

    Joung Soon Hyoung | 2015, 20(11) | pp.175~181 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, based on the reference, we try to review the second issues about opening medical market and health care privatization by each topic and propose the measures and alternatives. Currently, in Korea, connection with launch of the WTO system and force of the FTA, the medical industries getting liberalization and globalization. Thus, it is expected to plunge to full-free competition system, and Korean medical institutions started the global competition which completely different dimension. It means that according to the liberalization of the healthcare market the real problem can be caused and also, the incessant discussion and effort for the implementation of international community are needed. Regard to attracting foreign patients and opening medical markets, the government also spreading the continued advancement strategy politically until now. However, generating problems with implication is inevitable and measures and alternatives to it are also needed. In accordance with the opening, the accompanying suggestions is medical privatization, that is, whether the health care pursue the profit not the not-for-profit and the current hospitals in Korea they are leaved as non-profit hospitals and let the make the subsidiary as general commercial enterprises, it seems indirect. However, it is like a healthcare privatization virtually thus, implication seem be large. Of course, through the public opinion and legal reservation, the liberalization and privatization of medical market can be delayed or not forced. It would be not fit in the flow of the inevitable globalization, it can be inhibited national interest and economic development also, and it can be the critical implications which shake the health system and collapse of the domestic health care market.
  • 25.

    A Study of Visual Programming Environment for NPE(Novice Programming Environment)

    김지환 , Hyun-Gon Seo | 2015, 20(11) | pp.183~190 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    This paper investigates the three main functions of a typical visual app programming environment for Novice Programming developers, and compares the features. The Scratch is a visual programming environment for education, anyone can create a story easy as possible variously interaction, games, animations and more. App inventor provides precise and professional application development capabilities as compared with scratch. App Inventor in runs independently of the computer platform, and has a feature that must be constantly connected to the server over the internet, while the Inventor app runs. M-Bizmaker is suitable for commercial application development, consists of m-BizBuilder, m-BizEngine, m-BizServer or the like, provides a cross-platform visual programming environment.
  • 26.

    The Improvement Effectiveness of Computational Thinking through Scratch Education

    Shin, Soobum | 2015, 20(11) | pp.191~197 | number of Cited : 18
    Abstract PDF
    Recently, it has been activated the software education or coding education for the improvement of the Computational Thinking (CT) ability at home and abroad. Also the CT has influence on courses of Computer Science in the college levels. It has been introduced and the number of cases of using it to general K12 education has increased. However, the research on the software education’s influence on the CT was still lacking. So In this paper, we proposed this study has been conducted on how Scratch education in the elementary school level influenced the ability of the CT. And we proposed software education can improve the ability of CT. First, we provided the theoretical base of the software education and evaluation process through analysis of computational thinking ability. A core analysis content of the CT is broader than algorithmic thinking and can be achieved without using computer. It includes abstract, algorithmic, logical, and measurable thinking. Second, we made efforts to improve the characteristics of the software education with categorization. Finally, we have managed the software education using Picoboard with Scratch and flowchart within 15 weeks based on these theocratical research. An examination of the effectiveness was committed to understand, analyze, and develop strategies of problem solving. It is designed as a strategy of problem solving before and after the software lesson. The result of the software education has improved authentically in all areas without the need to design a strategy for problem solving.