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2016, Vol.21, No.3

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    Three Color Algorithm for Two-Layer Printed Circuit Boards Layout with Minimum Via

    Sang-Un, Lee | 2016, 21(3) | pp.1~8 | number of Cited : 0
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    The printed circuit board (PCB) can be used only 2 layers of front and back. Therefore, the wiring line segments are located in 2 layers without crossing each other. In this case, the line segment can be appear in both layers and this line segment is to resolve the crossing problem go through the via. The via minimization problem (VMP) has minimum number of via in layout design problem. The VMP is classified by NP-complete because of the polynomial time algorithm to solve the optimal solution has been unknown yet. This paper suggests polynomial time algorithm that can be solve the optimal solution of VMP. This algorithm transforms -line segments into vertices, and  -crossing into edges of a graph. Then this graph is partitioned into 3-coloring sets of each vertex in each set independent each other. For 3-coloring sets       , the  is assigned to front  ,  is back  , and  is   and connected with via. For the various experimental data, though this algorithm can be require   polynomial time, we obtain the optimal solution for all of data.
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    One-wire In-Vehicle Controller Design and Manufacturing by DC-PLC Scheme

    Geum-Boon Lee , kim nam-gon , 이지민 | 2016, 21(3) | pp.9~15 | number of Cited : 0
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    In this paper, DC-PLC typed one-wire controller was designed and manufactured especially for In-vehicle safe devices. One-wire by DC-PLC scheme is to be used as a power supply and ground to process the sensor data and to operate the vehicle actuators. To avoid complicate wires, we use the conventional wires without installing extra communication lines. The data collected from the sensors are transmitted to the main controller, processed by programming, and run the actuators corresponding to the commands sending to vehicle control board. The proposed method shows that only One-wire without requiring several wires make In-vehicle control devices simple and reduce the damage due to the loss of the wiring.
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    A Study on the Collaborative Authoring Tool based on Rights Information

    이영훈 , 최창하 , CHO SEONG HWAN | 2016, 21(3) | pp.17~23 | number of Cited : 0
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    In this paper, we propose a model of the collaborative authoring tool and its implementation results. In the ‘collaborative authoring and automatic distribution system,’ users can create eBooks by using partial works (primary and edited sources) on the basis of copyright information registered by the primary author. The Collaborative Authoring Tool is a part of “the collaborative authoring and automatic distribution system” developed through research on “the development of key technologies of social work protection and content mashup tools” as an R&D project granted by the Korea Copyright Commission from 2013. In the collaborative authoring and automatic distribution system, authors of primary sources such as images, audio clips and video clips for eBooks can register them together with the copyright information; users can edit the primary sources to produce secondary sources and in turn register the secondary sources on the system; and users can create and distribute eBooks by using the sources registered in the system.
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    A Probabilistic Broadcasting Mechanism based on Cross Layer Model Deliberating Received Signal Strength Ratio in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

    Kim,Jae-Soo | 2016, 21(3) | pp.25~32 | number of Cited : 0
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    Mobile Ad Hoc Networks(MANETs) consists of mobile nodes which communicate with each other without any centralized infrastructure. Message broadcasting by flooding for route discovery in MANET can result in high redundant retransmission, contention and collision of broadcasting packet, known as the broadcast storm problem collectively. The cross-layer design is adopted in this paper, which lets routing layer share the received signal strength information at MAC layer. Also this paper proposes a new probabilistic approach that dynamically adjusts the rebroadcasting probability of a node for routing request packets (RREQs) according to the received signal strength. The simulation results show that the proposed approach demonstrates better performance than blind flooding, fixed probabilistic broadcasting approaches.
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    A Study on Automatic Distribution System of the License Fees for

    이영훈 , 최창하 , CHO SEONG HWAN | 2016, 21(3) | pp.33~38 | number of Cited : 0
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    Research on the development of key technologies of social work protection and content mashup tools has been carried out as an R&D project granted by the Korea Copyright Commission from 2013. The research aims to provide efficiency of the production environment of the secondary work of the digital contents as well as a systematic solution to the regulation-related problems. The essential features of the distribution management system for cooperative works developed though this study are the decision of the selling prices reflecting various license fee factors and the transparent distribution of the license fees. This paper represents a model which can automatically calculate the amount of the license fee in each derivative stage, independently of the license fee policies on each of the subsidiary contents when N-th works are producted on the basis of a previously approved first work.
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    A Log Management Service Model based on AOP for Efficient Development of Android Applications

    Yun-seok Choi | 2016, 21(3) | pp.39~45 | number of Cited : 1
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    In this paper, we propose a log management service model for efficient developments of android applications. The proposed model consists of two major parts which are the log collector and the log manager service. The log collector can capture the log information of a target application without modifications, because the collector is composed by aspect-oriented programming. The collected logs are transformed to chunk of data, and the chunk of data is sent to the log management service. The log management service is an android service component and an independent application in another process. So, the log management service can reduce the workload of logging in the target application. Through a case study, we show that the proposed log management service model can reduce the log processing time compared to other models without modifications of a target application.
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    A Study of the Effect of Medical Service Quality on Patient Satisfaction with a Focus on the Telemedicine Service of Colonoscopies

    이정선 , MIN JUNG LEE | 2016, 21(3) | pp.47~56 | number of Cited : 7
    Abstract PDF
    Recently many small and mid-sized hospitals are closing down or experiencing financial difficulties. As a result, in order to provide exceptional service that would increase their competitiveness, they implemented telemedicine service for the prescription of medicine necessary before a colonoscopy. This study is an analysis of how telemedicine service affects patient satisfaction. Through the focus group interview (FGI) of medical service providers, regarding telemedicine service and face-to-face service, it was appraised that telemedicine service was more effective than face-to-face service. Afterward, a second survey aimed at endoscopy patients was conducted in order to find out the value of telemedicine service. First, through the analysis of the three main factors of telemedicine service, conclusions were drawn(safety/reliability, convenience/rapidity, and economics). A follow-up analysis showed that convenience/rapidity had the greatest effect on telemedicine service satisfaction. Next the factors of the quality of medical service were analyzed and 3 main factors were deduced (the superiority of the external and internal environments/appropriateness, superiority of the medical team, telemedicine service). A follow-up analysis found that telemedicine service had the greatest effect on patient satisfaction. This study found that providing exceptional medical service that utilizes telemedicine service would improve patient satisfaction. Therefore, we would be able to form a strategic plan that would strengthen the competitiveness of small and mid-sized hospitals.
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    Heavy-Weight Component First Placement Algorithm for Minimizing Assembly Time of Printed Circuit Board Component Placement Machine

    Sang-Un, Lee | 2016, 21(3) | pp.57~64 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    This paper deals with the PCB assembly time minimization problem that the PAP (pick-andplacement) machine pickup the  -weighted group of  -components, loading, and place into the PCB placement location. This problem considers the rotational turret velocity according to component weight group and moving velocity of distance in two component placement locations in PCB. This paper suggest heavy-weight component group first pick-and-place strategy that the feeder sequence fit to the placement location Hamiltonean cycle sequence. This algorithm applies the quadratic assignment problem (QAP) that considers feeder sequence and location sequence, and the linear assignment problem (LAP) that considers only feeder sequence. The proposed algorithm shorten the assembly time than iATMA for QAP, and same result as iATMA that shorten the assembly time than ATMA.
  • 9.

    Target Prediction Based On PPI Network

    이태건 , 황유현 , 오민 and 1 other persons | 2016, 21(3) | pp.65~71 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    To reduce the expenses for development a novel drug, systems biology has been studied actively. Target prediction, a part of systems biology, contributes to finding a new purpose for FDA(Food and Drug Administration) approved drugs and development novel drugs. In this paper, we propose a classification model for predicting novel target genes based on relation between target genes and disease related genes. After collecting known target genes from TTD(Therapeutic Target Database) and disease related genes from OMIM(Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man), we analyzed the effect of target genes on disease related genes based on PPI(Protein-Protein Interactions) network. We focused on the distinguishing characteristics between known target genes and random target genes, and used the characteristics as features for building a classifier. Because our model is constructed using information about only a disease and its known targets, the model can be applied to unusual diseases without similar drugs and diseases, while existing models for finding new drug-disease associations are based on drug-drug similarity and disease-disease similarity. We validated accuracy of the model using LOOCV of ten times and the AUCs were 0.74 on Alzheimer’s disease and 0.71 on Breast cancer.
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    The Usage Characteristics of Twitter, and Their Relationship with Gender, Age, and Brand Preferences

    Ahn, Hyung Jun | 2016, 21(3) | pp.73~81 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    With the increasing popularity of social network services (SNSs), there have been many attempts to analyze the users of SNSs. By doing so, the characteristics and preferences of the users can be understood, which can help companies provide personalized information and services that they need or are relevant for them. This study aimed to analyze the usage behavior of Korean Twitter users from various perspectives to deepen the understanding of it. For this research goal, an online survey was conducted for the users of Twitter and the data about their actual usage were collected using the open API of Twitter. Factor analysis of the data revealed five factors that explain about 69.3% of the usage variables. It was also investigated how the factors are related to gender, age, and brand preferences. The results showed that the usage behavior of Twitter is largely affected by age (p<0.001), and also by gender through an interaction effect (p<0.05). Also, the factors showed significant statistical correlations with the brand preferences of the users.
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    Recognition of Basic Motions for Snowboarding using AHRS

    Ki-Hyeon Kwon , Hyung-Bong Lee | 2016, 21(3) | pp.83~89 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    Internet of Things (IoT) is widely used for biomechanics in sports activities and AHRS(Attitude and Heading Reference System) is a more cost effective solution than conventional high-grade IMUs (Inertial Measurement Units) that only integrate gyroscopes. In this paper, we attach the AHRS to the snowboard to measure the motion data like Air To Fakie, Caballerial and Free Style. In order to reduce the measurement error, we have adopted the sensors equipped with Kalman filtering and also used Euler angle to quaternion conversion to reduce the Gimbal-lock effect. We have tested and evaluated the accuracy and execution time of the pattern recognition algorithms like PCA, ICA, LDA, SVM to show the recognition possibility of it on the basic motions of Snowboarding from the 9-axis trajectory information which is gathered from AHRS sensor. With the result, PCA, ICA have low accuracy, but SVM have good accuracy to use for recognition of basic motions of Snowboarding.
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    An active system for unnecessary noise reduction in kitchen range hoods

    김은희 , 장재춘 , 임창목 | 2016, 21(3) | pp.91~96 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    We have surrounded undesired living noises in our life. One of biggest noises coming out of range hood during cooking in the kitchen. A range hood is one of the most important appliances in the kitchen because it ventilates polluted air out during cooking, and maintains air quality in the kitchen. But current kitchen range hoods bring up some issues; First, the range hoods consume massive amount of standby power not in use condition. Second, current models have designed manual fan operating system with sudden onset of noise with starting. In this paper, we propose an auto control system entire processes from air ventilation to noise reduction. Our system is consist of three parts (Eco-sensors pack, Main Controller and Active Noise Controller); Eco-sensors pack detects air pollution of kitchen areas and sends the detection values to Main Controller. Main Controller determines operation of range hood by detected values. Active Noise Controller is located inside of the range hood. It received starting signals from Main Controller which elicits degrees of polluted air condition and fan operating speed from 1 to 3. Once Active Noise Controller detected the signals, it runs a ventilating fan until new value from Main Controller becomes 0. while the range hood works, A noise cancellation algorithm inside of Active Noise Controller become activated to reduce levels of noise. As a result, the proposed system clearly shows reduction in power consumption include standby power and decreases in levels of noise.
  • 13.

    Spatial Information Based Simulator for User Experience‘s Optimization

    Green Bang , Il Ju Ko | 2016, 21(3) | pp.97~104 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we propose spatial information based simulator for user experience optimization and minimize real space complexity. We focus on developing simulator how to design virtual space model and to implement virtual character using real space data. Especially, we use expanded events-driven inference model for SVM based on machine learning. Our simulator is capable of feature selection by k-fold cross validation method for optimization of data learning. This strategy efficiently throughput of executing inference of user behavior feature by virtual space model. Thus, we aim to develop the user experience optimization system for people to facilitate mapping as the first step toward to daily life data inference. Methodologically, we focus on user behavior and space modeling for implement virtual space.
  • 14.

    Legal Structure and Improvement Measures of Police Responsibility for Unlawful Information in the Cyberspace

    Gu hyung keun | 2016, 21(3) | pp.105~111 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    Circulating various pieces of unlawful information that violate the law by leaking personal information or circulating violent/sexual materials or malignant programs in the cyberspace is unlawful, and blocking this beforehand is an important duty of the state. Preceding discussions on the legal restriction of unlawful information in the cyberspace have mostly been focused on the criminal responsibilities and civil responsibilities of information communications service providers, but this study has approached it with emphasis on the issue of police responsibility for the exercise of police authority to block unlawful information. It is because the principles of police responsibility to determine the target of police authority to block unlawful information provide the standards for the interpretation of existing laws and regulations and function as legislative principles for the enactment of new laws and regulations to prevent risks in the cyberspace.
  • 15.

    Study on Internal Service Quality, Job Satisfaction and Customer Satisfaction in Airline Industry

    Seung-Lee Kim , Cho, Young-Shin | 2016, 21(3) | pp.113~121 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    In this study, the basic concept of service profit chain was introduced based on the existing studies related to service quality of airline ground crew to find out how are customer satisfaction influenced by factors related to employees who provide service quality to the customers, such as internal service quality and job satisfaction. The data of this study was collected by questionnaire and based on airline ground crews and Gimpo international airport users. A total of 190 of airline ground crew and 273 of passengers validity sample was analyzed a frequency analysis, reliability analysis, exploratory factor analysis and correlation coefficient analysis from SPSS 21, a hypothesis through out confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation modeling from AMOS 7.0. As a result of the analyses, it was found that the models was appropriate in proving the hypotheses on interrelationships among internal service quality, job satisfaction and customer satisfaction. Overall, finding of this study enhance the theoretical progress on the experiential concept in walking tour and offer important implication for airline industry marketers.
  • 16.

    An Effect of Multicultural Family Children's Self-Identity to School Adaptation

    Park Kap ryong | 2016, 21(3) | pp.123~128 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    This study aims to analyze the causal relation between identity and school adaptation of multicultural family children, starting from necessity of empirical research considering insufficient preceding research. To achieve the purpose of the research, this study implemented empirical analysis regarding the causal relation between factors of self-identity and school adaptation. As a result, factors of self-identity implies significant effect on school regulations, while factors of school adaptation partially have an effect on school class and relations with a teacher and friend. Based on the result of verification, this study emphasizes teachers' effort as well as comprehensive and practical development of an educational program to help children from multicultural family establish the right self-identity for settling into school life. Moreover, the limitation of this study and future research direction is presented.
  • 17.

    A Study on Impact of Game Addiction on the School Adjustment

    kim na yea | 2016, 21(3) | pp.129~135 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The aim of this study is to identify whether the game addiction has an impact on their school adjustment and to verify the direct effects and moderating effects of parent-child Communication. The survey was conducted to the children who were 5th and 6th graders in Gwangju and Jeonnam. The responses from 304 subjects were analyzed. The analytic results are as the following. When verifying the impact of game addiction on their school adjustment, The game addiction was found as the key variable that has a negative impact on children’s school adjustment. The results indicated that children with higher levels of game addiction more likely to have lower levels of school adjustment. The impact of parent-child Communication on their school adjustment was analyzed. The analytic results suggest that parent-child Communication has a impact on their school adjustment. In other words, higher parent-child Communication means higher school adjustment. The moderating effect of parent-child Communication was analyzed. The parent-child Communication check the moderating effect of do game addiction on their school adjustment. The Implications of these findings were discussed.
  • 18.

    The Effects of Social Support on Psychological Wellbeing of North Korean Refugees : Focusing on Moderating Effects of Coping Style

    이한민 , Kweon Seong Ok , Hwie- Seo, Park | 2016, 21(3) | pp.137~143 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    This study is to test moderating effects of North Korean Refugees’ coping styles in the causal relation between social support and psychological wellbeing and suggest policy implications for helping social adjustment of North Korean Refugees. For this study, 100 North Korean Refugees were sampled and surveyed. The analytical result of this study showed that the degree of psychological wellbeing was highest among the refugees of the entire families migration. Also, this study showed that the causal relationship between social support and psychological wellbeing was not significant, and moderating effects of emotional support and appraisal support were significant, while moderating effects of material support and informative support were not significant. In this study, we suggested some policy implications basing on this analytical results.