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2016, Vol.21, No.6

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    Smart Power Management Using RTOS-based Uninterruptable Generator Supply

    이철주 | Kyungtae Kang | Dong Kun Noh | 2016, 21(6) | pp.1~7 | number of Cited : 0
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    An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) allows small companies and domestic users to cope with power outages; but existing designs lack flexibility of control and require expensive battery maintenance, with a cost proportional to the outage compensation time. We combine a compact synchronous generator with a battery, with 10% of the capacity that would otherwise be required, to obtain a UPS with reduced maintenance costs for the same performance. Any UPS must respond immediately to a power loss, and our uninterruptible generator supply (UGS) is therefore built around real-time scheduling of its internal operations; this also makes it suitable for integration into the industrial gateway. The UGS is based on a real-time operating system, with an integrated wireless module providing connectivity to a web server, for monitoring and management, which can be performed remotely on a mobile device.
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    Predicting Stock Liquidity by Using Ensemble Data Mining Methods

    배은찬 | LEE, KUN CHANG | 2016, 21(6) | pp.9~19 | number of Cited : 4
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    In finance literature, stock liquidity showing how stocks can be cashed out in the market has received rich attentions from both academicians and practitioners. The reasons are plenty. First, it is known that stock liquidity affects significantly asset pricing. Second, macroeconomic announcements influence liquidity in the stock market. Therefore, stock liquidity itself affects investors' decision and managers' decision as well. Though there exist a great deal of literature about stock liquidity in finance literature, it is quite clear that there are no studies attempting to investigate the stock liquidity issue as one of decision making problems. In finance literature, most of stock liquidity studies had dealt with limited views such as how much it influences stock price, which variables are associated with describing the stock liquidity significantly, etc. However, this paper posits that stock liquidity issue may become a serious decision-making problem, and then be handled by using data mining techniques to estimate its future extent with statistical validity. In this sense, we collected financial data set from a number of manufacturing companies listed in KRX (Korea Exchange) during the period of 2010 to 2013. The reason why we selected dataset from 2010 was to avoid the after-shocks of financial crisis that occurred in 2008. We used Fn-GuidPro system to gather total 5,700 financial data set. Stock liquidity measure was computed by the procedures proposed by Amihud (2002) which is known to show best metrics for showing relationship with daily return. We applied five data mining techniques (or classifiers) such as Bayesian network, support vector machine (SVM), decision tree, neural network, and ensemble method. Bayesian networks include GBN (General Bayesian Network), NBN (Naive BN), TAN (Tree Augmented NBN). Decision tree uses CART and C4.5. Regression result was used as a benchmarking performance. Ensemble method uses two typesintegration of two classifiers, and three classifiers. Ensemble method is based on voting for the sake of integrating classifiers. Among the single classifiers, CART showed best performance with 48.2%, compared with 37.18% by regression. Among the ensemble methods, the result from integrating TAN, CART, and SVM was best with 49.25%. Through the additional analysis in individual industries, those relatively stabilized industries like electronic appliances, wholesale & retailing, woods, leather-bags-shoes showed better performance over 50%.
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    Circle Detection Using Its Maximal Symmetry Property

    KOO JA YOUNG | 2016, 21(6) | pp.21~28 | number of Cited : 1
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    Circle detection has long been studied as one of fundamental image processing applications. It is used in divers areas including industrial inspection, medial image analysis, radio astronomy data analysis, and other object recognition applications. The most widely used class of circle detection techniques is the circle Hough transform and its variants. Management of 3 dimensional parameter histogram used in these methods brings about spatial and temporal overheads, and a lot of studies have dealt the problem. This paper proposes a robust circle detection method using maximal symmetry property of circle. The basic idea is that if perpendicular bisectors of pairs of edges are accumulated in image space, center of circle is determined to be the location of highest accumulation. However, directly implementing the idea in image space requires a lot of calculations. The method of this paper reduces the number of calculations by mapping the perpendicular bisectors into parameter space, selecting small number of parameters, and mapping them inversely into image space. Test on 22 images shows the calculations of the proposed method is 0.056% calculations of the basic idea. The test images include simple circles, multiple circles with various sizes, concentric circles, and partially occluded circles. The proposed method detected circles in various situations successfully.
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    Educational Effects of a H-STEAM Group Play Course in College Liberal Arts Curriculum

    Byungro Lim | Choi yunhi | Jaehyeong Bae and 2other persons | 2016, 21(6) | pp.29~37 | number of Cited : 1
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    In this paper, we evaluated educational effects of H-STEAM group play contents(a course) and tried to suggest a convergent model for college liberal art curriculum. We opened a mixed course(math, art, engineering, and humanities) with team teaching for this purpose. For the test, we collected data from survey, K-W-L sheet, and reflection paper from 23 students who enrolled in this course. Students should do a team project during the course, propose a new group game, and write K-W-L sheet at the end of each session and reflection paper at the final stage. As a result, it is said that H-STEAM group contents had an effect on students’ satisfaction and achievement. During the course, students made academic efforts and were able to construct convergent knowledge from the four fields. From this study, we are sure that H-STEAM contents can play a substitute role for the traditional liberal arts program and innovate the curriculum for the knowledge convergence society.
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    Game design and implementation for improving the intelligence of children with disabilities

    김종겸 | Kweon Soon Nyu | 2016, 21(6) | pp.39~46 | number of Cited : 2
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    In this paper, I proposed the general children's games and showed the design and implementation of children's games which are non-violent, emotionally helpful and good for the development of intelligence. I designed the user interface of the game for children, proposed relevant algorithms, and showed resultant screens of the game. Most of contemporary games are violent to children. To solve such problems, I designed and implemented the game which is not violent but educative and child-friendly. These days, entertainment games or Internet online games have been developed highly biased to children’s interest and amusement rather than children's intellectual development. Usually, disabled children are inferior to normal children in movement of their hands and bodies. Therefore, it is hard for them to follow speedy games. This paper shows that the proposed intellectual development of the game can help disabled children not to be violent and to be more intelligent. That was proved by the results through the question investigation. According to the survey, disabled children’s any violent actions were not reported after they played this game. Also, this game helped their intellectual development in accordance with the results of this study.
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    Polynomial Time Algorithm for Satellite Communications Scheduling Problem with Capacity Constrainted Transponder

    Sang-Un, Lee | 2016, 21(6) | pp.47~53 | number of Cited : 0
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    This paper deals with the capacity constrained time slot assignment problem(CTSAP) that a satellite switches to traffic between  ×  ground stations using on-board  ≤ min  -transponders switching modes in SS/TDMA time-division technology. There was no polynomial time algorithm to solve the optimal solution thus this problem classified by NP-hard. This paper suggests a heuristic algorithm with   time complexity to solve the optimal solution for this problem. Firstly, the proposed algorithm selects maximum packet lengths of    combination and transmits the cut of minimum packet length in each switching mode(MSMC). In the case of last switching mode with inefficient transmission, we applies a compensation strategy to obtain the minimum number of switching modes and the minimum makespan. The proposed algorithm finds optimal solution in polynomial time for all of the experimental data.
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    An Analysis of Indoor Positioning Technologies using Wireless Signals

    최민석 | Jang, Beakcheol | 2016, 21(6) | pp.55~62 | number of Cited : 0
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    In this paper, we present indoor positioning technologies using the wireless signal categorizing them into triangulation based, fingerprinting based, and cell ID based technologies. We describe several representative techniques for each of them emphasizing their strengths and weaknesses. We define important performance issues for indoor positioning technologies and analyze recent technologies according to the performance issues. We believe that this paper provide wise view and necessary information for recent indoor positioning technologies using wireless signals.
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    Location Tracking based on MS-Based/Assisted Location Trigger Model with Context-Awareness

    박성숙 | Yonsik Lee | 2016, 21(6) | pp.63~69 | number of Cited : 1
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    In this paper, we proposed the location tracking system based on MS-Based/Assisted(Mobile Station-Based and Assisted) location trigger service model with context-awareness for the intelligent location tracking of moving objects. It provides the proper resulting value that matches the context of users through the analysis about the situation of the user, physical environment, computing resource and the existing information on user input. In order to provide real-time data, we proposed the location tracking system which realizes the intelligent information such as the expecting arrival time and passing the specific area of the moving object by adopting the location trigger. So, it derives to minimize the costs of communication for the mobile object tracking applications. The proposed location tracking system based on context-awareness can be used for realtime monitoring, intelligent alarm/action, setting up of the optimized moving path, dynamic adjustment of strategies and policies. So it has the advantage to develop the application system which is aimed at optimization of the object tracking and movement.
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    Study on Levee Visual Inspection Information System Building Using Mobile Technology

    강승현 | 이종민 | 2016, 21(6) | pp.71~76 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we propose the mobile visual inspection information system using DGPS and portable range finder for levee safety inspection. Instead of existing visual inspection management method that is stored hand-written data, this system is designed to manage directly the visual inspection information using mobile devices in the field of levee. And through extracting accurate DGPS coordinates information about damage location of levee, this system is developed to ensure efficiency for the main task arising from the levee site such as inspection, maintenance and reinforcement. Furthermore, when damage has occurred at the point that inspector is not able to approach, this system can record the damage site data correctly, by converting data such as position, orientation and height of the damage point into the World Geodetic System coordinates. The position, orientation and height data was extracted automatically through the DGPS and portable range finder. And by applying the augmented reality method, this system was implemented for inspector to revisit the point of damage easily in order to perform the management, maintenance and reinforcement of the levee later.
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    Augmenting Path Algorithm for Routing Telephone Calls Problem

    Sang-Un, Lee | 2016, 21(6) | pp.77~81 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    This paper deals with the optimization problem that decides the routing of connection between multi-source and multi-sink. For this problem, there is only in used the mathematical approach as linear programming (LP) software package and has been unknown the polynomial time algorithm. In this paper we suggest the heuristic algorithm with    time complexity to solve the optimal solution for this problem. This paper suggests the simple method that assigns the possible call flow quantity to augmenting path of   city pair satisfied with demand of  . The proposed algorithm can be get the same optimal solution as LP for experimental data.
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    Research Trend on Internal Marketing of Medical Service Organization

    김운신 | 2016, 21(6) | pp.83~88 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this research aimed to deduce internal marketing factors, purpose, and their practical application by analyzing preceding researches on internal marketing of Korean medical service organization and investigating the recent trend of its research. Subjects of research are ten preceding researches that have been published in KCI records for the last five years from 2011 to 2016. Summarize result of researches, first, internal factors that were most frequently used were internal communication, compensation system, and education and training, which were used by 8(.8). Second, occupations that had most interest in the internal marketing research appeared to be nursing(.9) and administration(.3). Third, the practical application of the internal marketing appeared to be job satisfaction(.8), followed by customer orientation(.6), and organizational commitment(.4). Suggestion do, necessary to develop subordinate factors regarding the realistic internal marketing, such as both-sided internal communication enhancement, education and training, compensation system differentiated by individuals and teams, fairness in performance rating, work environment improvement, delegation of authority, career development, shared organizational vision in order to maximize job satisfaction, job commitment, and organizational commitment of employees as internal customers, before establishing strategies to satisfy patients and guardians who are external customers.
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    Review on improving measurement of cyber terror management system

    park | Sang-Ouk Noe | 2016, 21(6) | pp.89~96 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    Damage and attack size of cyber terror is growing to the national size. Not only targeting at a certain companies or individuals but number of cyber terror targeting government bodies or unspecific people is increasing. This is because compared to traditional weapon, input cost is very cheap but ripple effect and shock are much stronger, affecting not only certain groups but also each individuals. ‘Anti-terror measurement for protection of nation and public safety’ passed last month is one of the renowned measurement passed regardless of objection from opposition party. The opposition party went against this through filibuster for 192 hours but this finally passed National Congress due to lack of oppositions. Korean government is taking post actions after passage of anti-terror measurement. Legislation of enforcement ordinance and regulations is due by 6th of next month. This regulation will be executed from June 4th after legislation. Whenever there is any security issues such as hacking of Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power and National Intelligence Service happens, lot of attention is made to those hackers. However, social recognition or management of those hackers need lot more improvement. Especially, as market of internet of things is increasing, there is an increased anxiety on information security. But as we only rely on security solutions, this problems are keep happening. Therefore, active investment on nurturing hackers who play the role of ‘spear and shield’ shall be made. Government should put more efforts to allow white hackers to show their abilities. We should have a policy for supporting high-quality programs such as BoB. To make information protection industry into future growth engine, it is necessary to nurture professionals for information protection and white hackers through special programs. Politicians should make related regulations as soon as possible to remove factors that prevent swift management of cyber attack due to lack of legislation. Government should pay lot more financial investment to nurturing professional manpower than now. Protecting life and asset of nation is responsibility and duty of our government. We all should recognize that controlling cyber attack is a part of national defense.
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    Study of the Prior Review System about Medical Advertising on the Existing Laws

    김운신 | Joung Soon Hyoung | 2016, 21(6) | pp.97~106 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    This study tries to seek the is the realistic improvements and legislative measures about current medical advertising which was in the Court on 12 May 2015 by presenting and discussion the understanding, problems and its alternative direction of pre-deliberation on the existing law which is the decision on the constitutionality of health care advertising regulated health care advertising General commercial advertising has the right which have to be protected as the terms of the protection of know and freedom of expression and advertiser's there are sure to be in a value to be protected. Medical advertising is also a person in addition to the absolute value that includes both Due to the particularity of medical advertising in terms of life and the right to health Until now, this has been the target of strong regulations are changing the policy of gradual deregulation in our country, including the country. Medical advertising on the current medical law had been to be checked by pre-deliberation of the executive power. However, due to unconstitutional, in the circumstances which a false hype is flooding and increasing, it has been realized that the fair competition of medical community, life and health rights of the people are threatened by in reverse. In this regard, the abolition of the pre-deliberation system of medical advertising can be welcomed by abolition of the old system which is the legal and institutional censorship. Since its abolition, the alternative policy direction is insufficient also it is not clear. Therefore we need to study this. Therefore, in this paper, we try to find general theoretical background and problem of pre-deliberation system of medical advertising. Also, as trying to find feasibility or ambiguity of regulation and issues about medical advertising on medical law, we argued the provision of special measures of the medical advertising for introduction of integrated medical advertising deliberation committee which can ensure the independence and autonomy, strengthening of the monitoring on the internet advertising, legal resolving through amendments, strengthening of penalties, and establish special measures of medical advertising for the medical privatization and demand for the foreign medical tourist, etc. Empirical study about practical regulatory measures of medical advertising which converged the various opinions of consumer groups, government and academia, and medical community, and we expect hope to see the more realistic alternative provision.
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    Development of penalty dependent pricing strategy for bicycle sharing and relocation of bicycles using trucks

    김웅 | 김기홍 | Lee, Chul Ung | 2016, 21(6) | pp.107~115 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we propose a Bicycle sharing has grown popular around the cities in the world due to its convenience. However, the bicycle sharing system is not problem-free, and there remains many managerial problems to be solved. In this study, we analyzed pricing strategy of a bicycle sharing system by minimizing the number of bicycles relocated by trucks, the act of which incurs penalty. The objective function is constructed by applying mixed integer programming and is presented as a stochastic model by using Markov chain so that arrival and departure rates of bicycle stations can be utilized in the analysis. The efficiency of the presented model is verified upon the analysis of bicycle sharing data gathered in Daejeon in 2014.
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    Economic Analysis of an Internet Portal, ‘NANOIN’

    Kim, Heung-Kyu | 2016, 21(6) | pp.117~125 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this research, economic analysis of Integrated Information System for Nano-convergence Industy (hereafter ‘NANOIN’), which was developed and has been in operation by Organization of Nano-convergence Industrial Cooperation, is conducted. For this purpose, the research has been carried out in the following order. First, NANOIN user’s maximum willingness-to-pay is estimated using contingent valuation method, the number for NANOIN users is estimated using Bass Diffusion Model, and annual benefit from NANOIN is estimated. Next, annual cost from NANOIN is estimated using annual budget for NANOIN related planned activities. Finally, economic value of NANOIN is evaluated using economic analysis applied to the estimated annual NANOIN benefit and cost. From the economic analysis, it is found that NANOIN has some economic value. It is expected that the procedures suggested in this research can help to systematically evaluate economic value for public goods which have not only uncertain benefit from user’s side but also uncertain demand just like NANOIN.