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2017, Vol.22, No.4

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    Fault Isolation for Linux Device Drivers

    Sunghoon Son | 2017, 22(4) | pp.1~8 | number of Cited : 0
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    In this paper, we propose a fault isolation system for device drivers of the Linux operating system. High availability systems impose stringent requirements upon Linux operating system. Especially device drivers can be a major source of operating system instability and many times contribute to system degradation and outages. The proposed fault isolation system identifies the occurrence of the memory-related faults in device driver and isolates it from the kernel. By operating at the early stage of the page fault handler in Linux kernel, the system detects which module causes fault and isolates it transparently from the remaining part of the kernel. By experiments, we show that the proposed system efficiently detects faults incurred by device driver, isolates the device driver and the process which accessed the driver module from the kernel.
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    Performance Comparison of Logistic Regression Algorithms on RHadoop

    Byungho Jung , Lim Dong Hoon | 2017, 22(4) | pp.9~16 | number of Cited : 1
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    Machine learning has found widespread implementations and applications in many different domains in our life. Logistic regression is a type of classification in machine leaning, and is used widely in many fields, including medicine, economics, marketing and social sciences. In this paper, we present the MapReduce implementation of three existing algorithms, this is, Gradient Descent algorithm, Cost Minimization algorithm and Newton-Raphson algorithm, for logistic regression on RHadoop that integrates R and Hadoop environment applicable to large scale data. We compare the performance of these algorithms for estimation of logistic regression coefficients with real and simulated data sets. We also compare the performance of our RHadoop and RHIPE platforms. The performance experiments showed that our Newton-Raphson algorithm when compared to Gradient Descent and Cost Minimization algorithms appeared to be better to all data tested, also showed that our RHadoop was better than RHIPE in real data, and was opposite in simulated data.
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    Development of Full Coverage Test Framework for NVMe Based Storage

    Jung Kyu Park , Kim Jae Ho | 2017, 22(4) | pp.17~24 | number of Cited : 0
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    In this paper, we propose an efficient dynamic workload balancing strategy which improves the performance of high-performance computing system. The key idea of this dynamic workload balancing strategy is to minimize execution time of each job and to maximize the system throughput by effectively using system resource such as CPU, memory. Also, this strategy dynamically allocates job by considering demanded memory size of executing job and workload status of each node. If an overload node occurs due to allocated job, the proposed scheme migrates job, executing in overload nodes, to another free nodes and reduces the waiting time and execution time of job by balancing workload of each node. Through simulation, we show that the proposed dynamic workload balancing strategy based on CPU, memory improves the performance of high-performance computing system compared to previous strategies.
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    Garbage Collection Technique for Balanced Wear-out and Durability Enhancement with Solid State Drive on Storage Systems

    Kim Sungho , Kwak, Jong Wook | 2017, 22(4) | pp.25~32 | number of Cited : 1
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    Recently, the use of NAND flash memory is being increased as a secondary device to displace conventional magnetic disk. NAND flash memory, as one among non-volatile memories, has many advantages such as low power, high reliability, low access latency, and so on. However, NAND flash memory has disadvantages such as erase-before-write, unbalanced operation speed, and limited P/E cycles, unlike conventional magnetic disk. To solve these problems, NAND flash memory mainly adopted FTL (Flash Translation Layer). In particular, garbage collection technique in FTL tried to improve the system lifetime. However, previous garbage collection techniques have a sensitive property of the system lifetime according to write pattern. To solve this problem, we propose BSGC (Balanced Selection-based Garbage Collection) technique. BSGC efficiently selects a victim block using all intervals from the past information to the current information. In this work, SFL (Search First linked List), as the proposed block allocation policy, prolongs the system lifetime additionally. In our experiments, SFL and BSGC prolonged the system lifetime about 12.85% on average and reduced page migrations about 22.12% on average. Moreover, SFL and BSGC reduced the average response time of 16.88% on average.
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    Ensemble of Fuzzy Decision Tree for Efficient Indoor Space Recognition

    Kim Kisang , HYUNG IL CHOI | 2017, 22(4) | pp.33~39 | number of Cited : 1
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    In this paper, we expand the process of classification to an ensemble of fuzzy decision tree. For indoor space recognition, many research use Boosted Tree, consists of Adaboost and decision tree. The Boosted Tree extracts an optimal decision tree in stages. On each stage, Boosted Tree extracts the good decision tree by minimizing the weighted error of classification. This decision tree performs a hard decision. In most case, hard decision offer some error when they classify nearby a dividing point. Therefore, We suggest an ensemble of fuzzy decision tree, which offer some flexibility to the Boosted Tree algorithm as well as a high performance. In experimental results, we evaluate that the accuracy of suggested methods improved about 13% than the traditional one.
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    A Study on Word Sense Disambiguation Using Bidirectional Recurrent Neural Network for Korean Language

    Jihong Min , Joon-Woo Jeon , KwangHo Song and 1 other persons | 2017, 22(4) | pp.41~49 | number of Cited : 1
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    Word sense disambiguation(WSD) that determines the exact meaning of homonym which can be used in different meanings even in one form is very important to understand the semantical meaning of text document. Many recent researches on WSD have widely used NNLM(Neural Network Language Model) in which neural network is used to represent a document into vectors and to analyze its semantics. Among the previous WSD researches using NNLM, RNN(Recurrent Neural Network) model has better performance than other models because RNN model can reflect the occurrence order of words in addition to the word appearance information in a document. However, since RNN model uses only the forward order of word occurrences in a document, it is not able to reflect natural language’s characteristics that later words can affect the meanings of the preceding words. In this paper, we propose a WSD scheme using Bidirectional RNN that can reflect not only the forward order but also the backward order of word occurrences in a document. From the experiments, the accuracy of the proposed model is higher than that of previous method using RNN. Hence, it is confirmed that bidirectional order information of word occurrences is useful for WSD in Korean language.
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    A Study on the Automated Compliance Test System for the LSD Protocol Providing the Digital Library Lending Model

    Tae-Hyun Kim , Hee-Don Yoon , Ho-Gap Kang and 1 other persons | 2017, 22(4) | pp.51~58 | number of Cited : 0
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    Research on the Development of EPUB SCP(Secure Content Protection) Technical Specification and International Standardization has been carried out as a R&D project granted by the Korea Copyright Commission since 2014. The research aims to build a standard framework for the EPUB DRM(Digital Rights Management) based on the Readium LCP(Licensed Content Protection) and KS EPUB DRM specifications, to develop element technologies for the framework, and to standardize it as an IDPF(International Digital Publishing Forum) industrial standard. One of the essential features of the EPUB DRM developed though this study is to support the lending model of the digital library. This paper introduces LSD(License Status Document) specification which is a DRM license management protocol for the digital library lending process, and also represents a model which can automatically test the implemented entities of the LSD specification, test scenarios and test materials.
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    Extraction of similar XML data based on XML structure and processing unit

    PARK JONGHYUN | 2017, 22(4) | pp.59~65 | number of Cited : 0
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    XML has established itself as the format for data exchange on the internet and the volume of its instance is large scale. Therefore, to extract similar information from XML instance is one of research topics but is insufficient. In this paper, we extract similar information from various kind of XML instances according to the same goal. Also we use only the structure information of XML instance for information extraction because some of XML instance is described without its schema. In order to efficiently extract similar information, we propose a minimum unit of processing and two approaches for finding the unit. The one is a structure-based method which uses only the structure information of XML instance and another is a measure-based method which finds a unit by numerical formula. Our two approaches can be applied to any application that needs the extraction of similar information based on XML data. Also the approach can be used for HTML instance.
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    Design of Broadband Microstrip Patch Antenna for Mobile Communications

    Kim, Jang Wook , Joo-Seong Jeon | 2017, 22(4) | pp.67~74 | number of Cited : 1
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    The objective of this paper is to design broadband microstrip patch antenna for mobile communication service. The enhanced features were confirmed and proved by comparing the proposed antenna with the antennae that have been reported in the relevant literatures. The experimental results show that the impedance bandwidth(VSWR ≤ 2) of 19.6%(fo=1,920MHz) and the peak gain of 5.53dBi(at 1,900MHz) were obtained by the mobile communication service frequency band. The proposed antenna had the impedance bandwidth of about 3.1% larger than that of the reported microstrip antenna.
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    Strengthening Authentication Through Content Centric Networking

    Sung-Jin Kim , Jae-Kyung Park | 2017, 22(4) | pp.75~82 | number of Cited : 2
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    While the internet has evolved in terms of information sharing and efficiency, it is still prone to security attacks and remains vulnerable even when equipped with a security mechanism. Repeated patching against hacks involves excessive wear of system equipment and high costs. Methods of improving network security include the introduction of security equipment and network partitions, but they have not been fully effective. A fundamental solution is the Operation Content Network (OCN), which enables the strengthening of authentication. In this paper, Instead of following the existing TCP/IP system, OCN establishes an immunity-based security system through content-centric communications. Data transmission occurs over a Content Centric Network (CCN), which is provided with a protocol verified by the CCNx group. Areas protected by OCN rely only on CCN for communication without using any IP. As such, it defends the system against unknown attacks, including zero-day attacks.
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    A Study on u-paperless and secure credit card delivery system development

    Song, Young-Sim , Jang, Jin-wook , Jeong, Jong sik and 2 other persons | 2017, 22(4) | pp.83~90 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    In the past, when the credit card was delivered to the customer, the postal agreement and receipt were signed by customer. The repossessed documents were sent back to the card company through the reorganization process. The card company checks the error by scanning and keeps it in the document storage room. This process is inefficient in cost and personnel due to delivery time, document print out, document sorting, image scanning, inspection work, and storage. Also, the risk of personal data spill is very high in the process of providing personal information. The proposed system is a service that receives a postal agreement and a receipt to a recipient when signing a credit card, signing the mobile image instead of paper, and automatically sending it to the card company server. We have designed a system that can protect the cost of paper documents, complicated work procedures, delivery times and personal information. In this study, we developed 'u-paperless' and secure credit card delivery system applying electronic document and security system.
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    A Study on the Effects of Mobile Messenger on the Effect of Youth on Teenagers

    Kang-Hun Seo | 2017, 22(4) | pp.91~97 | number of Cited : 0
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    In this paper, we propose a Recently, the use of Smart phones surge in youth the youth are becoming a big addiction social problems Mobile Messenger. The prevalence of Smart phones is Mobile Messenger, access time, spatial constraints for assured. As a result, pc room, with a focus on traditional Internet addiction is to be reduced, whereas with a focus on Mobile Messenger Smartphone addiction level is rapidly on the rise. Korea information agency of Internet addiction and mobile addiction risk appeared to be well over 10 percent of the rate of 35% is gaming and mobile addiction unfolds exemplifies the seriousness of Messenger. Addiction is the individual's psychosocial problems such as negative consequences can result, causing the addiction, because it is necessary for an understanding of the mechanism. In this study, Mobile Messenger, the leading factors affecting the addiction said. Mobile Messenger is a major factor causing the addiction habit and consider the user's satisfaction. And social relations and the formation of plougastel Wu Mobile Messenger and its impact on the cause of addiction.
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    A Study on the Ancient Greek Physical Education Spirit

    han do ryoung | 2017, 22(4) | pp.99~105 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Plato and Aristotle examined what the true spirit of physical education is and what kind of relationship it is, from the perspective of dividing into two parts of the body and mind. And the relationship between human body and mind, knowledge and behavior. Plato and Aristotle examined the harmonious combination of body and mind and what is the desirable relationship setting. In Plato 's soul and body in philosophical centered ideological aspect, human education center emphasizes poetry education, but physical education is recognized as essential education for human education. Plato 's body contour emphasizes the harmony of soul and body, not the superiority of the body to the mind. In Plato 's education room, physical education should be preceded and then mental education should be done. I thought that there could be no independent souls without bodies. It is not an independent entity but a unified entity. Because there is a body, there is a soul. There is a soul, so a body exists. Aristotle thought that the body was more important than Plato, and that the body should be preceded by the soul.
  • 14.

    A Study on Special Education Teachers’ Recognition of Free Learning Semester

    JEONG SEONG BAE , Kyung-Sin Kim | 2017, 22(4) | pp.107~113 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The results showed that the male teachers’ have higher expectations of the free learning semester compared to the female teachers’. Furthermore, the teachers who had experienced the free learning semester felt less job burdens than the teachers who did not. In addition, the subject teachers showed higher expectations of the free learning semester than the general teachers or the homeroom teachers. Therefore, in order to establish a stable system of free learning semester, it should be preceded by development of differentiated program of special education, free learning semester, strengthening of advance training, establishment of the system for participating in the whole school and the simplification of administration.
  • 15.

    A Meta-Analysis on the Correlation between Job Satisfaction, Turnover Intention and Organizational Commitment among Nurses

    Lee, Hongki , Myoung, Sungmin | 2017, 22(4) | pp.115~122 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of job satisfaction on turnover intention and organizational commitment in nurses through a systematic literature review and meta-analysis. For the study purpose, 26 studies were selected through a systematic process of using several databases and used to estimate the effect size of correlation between 3 variables. Meta-analysis was applied by usingcrandom effects model, and effect sizes on three types were calculated. Results are as follows. First, the effect size of correlation between job satisfaction and turnover intention is -.58. Second, the effect size of correlation between job satisfaction and organizational commitment is .77. Third, for the organizational commitment and turnover intention relationship, the effect of correlation is –0.68. Furthermore, publication bias analysis were assessed the results by using the funnel plot, Egger’s regression test, fail-safe N, and trim-and-fill test. Based on these results, implications for the study were discussed.
  • 16.

    Conspicuous Consumption of Children Consumers and Related Variables

    Mi-Jung Bok , Jeonghee Seo | 2017, 22(4) | pp.123~130 | number of Cited : 0
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    This study investigates the variables associated with the conspicuous consumption patterns of children consumers. The empirical analysis was done on materialism, recognition of advertising, self-regulation ability, and impulsive consumption. The results were as follows. First of all, children consumers tend to a little higher self-directed conspicuous consumption than others-oriented conspicuous consumption. Second, as a result of analyzing conspicuous consumption according to social demographic characteristics, a high tendency of conspicuous consumption was shown in groups that think their household economic status is upper middle class. Third, the variables affecting conspicuous consumption patterns of children consumers were materialism, recognition of advertising, and impulsive consumption. Materialism, recognition of advertising, and impulsive consumption had a positive effect.