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2017, Vol.22, No.11

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    A Study on Filtering Techniques for Dynamic Analysis of Data Races in Multi-threaded Programs

    Ok-Kyoon Ha , Hongseok Yoo | 2017, 22(11) | pp.1~7 | number of Cited : 0
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    In this paper, we introduce three monitoring filtering techniques which reduce the overheads of dynamic data race detection. It is well known that detecting data races dynamically in multi-threaded programs is quite hard and troublesome task, because the dynamic detection techniques need to monitor all execution of a multi-threaded program and to analyse every conflicting memory and thread operations in the program. Thus, the main drawback of the dynamic analysis for detecting data races is the heavy additional time and space overheads for running the program. For the practicality, we also empirically compare the efficiency of three monitoring filtering techniques. The results using OpenMP benchmarks show that the filtering techniques are practical for dynamic data race detection, since they reduce the average runtime overhead to under 10% of that of the pure detection.
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    A Study on the Isolated Cloud Security Using Next Generation Network

    Jae-Kyung Park , Lee, Won Joo , KangHo-Lee | 2017, 22(11) | pp.9~16 | number of Cited : 3
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    In this paper, we propose to present a model of cloud security that has emerged as the biggest topic of cloud computing, replacing the traditional IT environment. While cloud computing is an extension of existing IT technology, security issues and threats can be applied to traditional security technologies. However, the biggest difference between a typical computing environment and a cloud computing environment is a virtualized environment with a hypervisor. Currently, there are many weaknesses in the virtualized environment, and there are few related security products. In order for a cloud computing environment to function as a reliable IT environment, we expect more research on hypervisor-based security technologies, and we expect to secure safer cloud services through a secure model over the next generation of new-based networks.
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    Breathing Measurement and Sleep Apnea Detection Experiment and Analysis using Piezoelectric Sensor

    Seokhyang Cho , Cho Seung Ho | 2017, 22(11) | pp.17~23 | number of Cited : 0
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    In this paper, we implemented a respiration measurement system consisting of piezoelectric sensor, respiration signal processing device, and a viewer on a notebook. We tried an experiment for measuring respiration and detecting sleep apnea syndrome when a subject lay on a bed. We applied the respiration measurement algorithm to sensor data obtained from four subjects. In order to get a good graph shape, data manipulation methods such as moving averages and maximum values were applied. The window size for moving average was chosen as N=70, and the threshold value for each subject was customized. In this case, the proposed system showed 96.0% accuracy. When the maximum value among 90 data was applied instead of moving average, our system achieved 95.1% accuracy. In an experiment for detecting sleep apnea syndrome, the system showed that sleep apnea occurred correctly and calculated the average interval of sleep apnea. While infants or the elderly as well as patients with sleep apnea syndrome are lying down on a bed, our results are also expected to be able to cope with some accidental emergency situation by observing their respiration and detecting sleep apnea.
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    Frequency Domain Methods for Demosaicking of Single-Chip RGB/NIR Image Sensors

    Jeong,Kil Hyun | 2017, 22(11) | pp.25~30 | number of Cited : 0
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    In this paper, We proposed an effective demosaicking method for single chip RGB-NIR sensors to recover RGB and NIR images. As the method operates in the spatial frequency domain, the frequency domain characteristics of the sampled CFA data are investigated. Using the luminance signal in the frequency domain and the chrominance signals are processed separately with different filters. The simulated images using the real images are compared with other state-of-art methods. As a result, the proposed demosaicking method resulted an effective calculation by a single processing which the existing alternating projection method requires repeated calculation.
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    Wide-angle optical design using high-resolution uncooled thermal detector

    Jonghoon Lee | 2017, 22(11) | pp.31~37 | number of Cited : 0
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    In this paper, we propose efficient design and construction of an infrared wide angle optical system with low distortion utilizing a high resolution detector for automobile application. The operational convenience and the recognition ability have been improved significantly by applying the high resolution uncooled thermal detector with wide angle optical design. The active ahtermalization mechanism is implemented so that the adjustment of the optical component of the system is to be made automatically according to the temperature change by motorized control. The modulation transfer function (MTF) is about 50% at the Nyquist frequency close the diffraction limit. The distortion is less than 5% at the edge field. As a result, a high-resolution uncooled thermal optical system with wide field of view (FOV) is assembled, aligned and its performance is tested successfully.
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    Software structure design for processing various tactical data

    Jin Woo Kim , Woo-sin Lee , Seung Chan Lee and 2 other persons | 2017, 22(11) | pp.39~47 | number of Cited : 0
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    In this paper, we propose a message transmission processing structure for efficient use of radio resources. Existing tactical data links have more data and accumulate more data than the amount of tactical data planned according to the situation. This may result in delays in operations and additional problems. To prevent this, priority is assigned to the message and transmission is performed according to the priority on a single basis. And we design a processing structure that can update duplicate messages and delete old messages in order to prevent waste of radio resources. Experiments are conducted to verify that these structures can be implemented and applied to data links.
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    User Density Estimation System at Closed Space using High Frequency and Smart device

    MyoungBeom Chung | 2017, 22(11) | pp.49~55 | number of Cited : 1
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    Recently, for safety of people, there are proposed so many technologies which detect density of people at the specific place or space. The representative technology for crowd density estimation was using image analysis method from CCTV images. However, this method had a weakness which could not be used and which’s accuracy was lower at the dark or smog space. Therefore, in this paper, to solve this problem, we proposed a user density estimation system at closed space using high frequency and smart device. The system send inaudible high frequencies to smart devices and it count the smart devices which detect the high frequencies on the space. We tested real-time user density with the proposed system and ten smart devices to evaluate performance. According to the testing results, we confirmed that the proposed system’s accuracy was 95% and it was very useful. Thus, because the proposed system could estimate about user density at specific space exactly, it could be useful technology for safety of people and measurement of space use state at indoor space.
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    Development of the design methodology for large-scale database based on MongoDB

    Jun-Ho Lee , Joo Kyung-Soo | 2017, 22(11) | pp.57~63 | number of Cited : 1
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    The recent sudden increase of big data has characteristics such as continuous generation of data, large amount, and unstructured format. The existing relational database technologies are inadequate to handle such big data due to the limited processing speed and the significant storage expansion cost. Thus, big data processing technologies, which are normally based on distributed file systems, distributed database management, and parallel processing technologies, have arisen as a core technology to implement big data repositories. In this paper, we propose a design methodology for large-scale database based on MongoDB by extending the information engineering methodology based on E-R data model.
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    A Technology for Water Pollution Diffusion Prevention based on Web Map

    shin jin seob | 2017, 22(11) | pp.65~71 | number of Cited : 0
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    An integrated water environment management system is necessary in improving water quality, properly allocating water resources, and supporting socio-economic development. Specifically, water quality management system using web map can be an efficient approach to accomplish this system. This paper aims to construct a dynamic water quality management system to reflect a water environment management system which includes three sub-models with consideration of their interrelationships (a socio-economic model based on dynamic Input-Output model, a water resources cycle model, and a water pollutants flow model). Based on simulation, the model can precisely estimate trends of water utilization, water quality, and economic development under certain management targets, and propose an optimal plan. This study utilized the model to analyze the potential of using reclaimed water to accomplish local water environment management and sustainable development plan while exploring the applicable approaches. This study indicates that the constructed water environment management system can be effective and easily adopted to assess water resources and environment while improving the trade-off between economic and environment development, as well as formulate regional development plan.
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    Stress, Interpersonal Relationship, Learning Perception and Self-Efficacy of Nursing Students in Team Based Learning Simulation Practice

    Mi-Ok Lee | 2017, 22(11) | pp.73~79 | number of Cited : 2
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    The purpose of this study was to identify differences in stress, interpersonal relations, learning perceptions and self-efficacy of nursing students participating in team based learning simulation practices. The study group consisted of 24 students in the third grade who attended nursing college. Data were collected using questionnaires. The collected data were analyzed by SPSS 22 version‘s descriptive statistics, t-test, and paired t-test. The results showed that stress and learning perceptions were significantly different according to gender, leave of absence in pre and post - test. After the practice of team - based simulation, the stress of nursing college students decreased and interpersonal relations and self - efficacy were improved. The results of this study showed that nursing students' gender and absence of school should be considered in the team - based simulation. Further research on team based simulation practice involving interpersonal relationships is needed.
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    The Effects of Mindfulness Medication Program on the Psychological Well-being of Nursing College students

    Oh Chung Uk , Kang Hye kyung | 2017, 22(11) | pp.81~88 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of mindfulness meditation programs based on stress management on the perceived stress, self-control, self-esteem and satisfaction with life scale in nursing college students. A quasi-experimental study with a non-equivalent control group pretest-posttest design was used. Participants consisted of an experimental group(n=18) and a control group(n=22). The experimental group received the mindfulness meditation program for 60 minutes a week for 13 sessions. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, χ²-test, Fisher’s exact test, t-test, Mann‐Whitney U test. The results showed there were significant decrease for perceived stress(t=-9.43, p=.025) and improved self–esteem(t=1.98, p=.038) in the experimental compared to group control group. These findings indicate that mindfulness meditation programs is effective to psychological well-being in nursing college students. Therefore this program needs to be considered as a nursing curriculum for students.
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    Big Data Decision Analysis of Stress on Adolescent Mental Health

    Jinhyeok Park , Un Gu Kang , Youngho Lee | 2017, 22(11) | pp.89~96 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    This study analyzed how mental health affects stress in adolescents. The subjects of the study were data of about 60,000 middle and high school students living in the country, using cross - tabulation data and chi - square test to analyze the relationship between stress and mental health of adolescents . As a result of the research, it was found that the adolescents exposed to the excessive stress showed a poor correlation with the recovery of the fatigue, while the adolescents with relatively low stress showed the good recovery of fatigue. In the case of mental illness, depression or despair, the students who answered that they were stressed showed a lot of experience. In the case of suicide ideation, suicide attempt, and suicide attempt, the number of attempts to commit suicide was high when the level of perceived stress was high similar to the result of previous analysis. This finding confirms that stress is an important factor in the quality of life in adolescent mental health. It can be used as a strategy and business to prevent the problem of youth suicide in modern society in advance by stress management.
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    Data mining approach to predicting user’s past location

    LeeEunMin , LEE, KUN CHANG | 2017, 22(11) | pp.97~104 | number of Cited : 2
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    Location prediction has been successfully utilized to provide high quality of location-based services to customers in many applications. In its usual form, the conventional type of location prediction is to predict future locations based on user's past movement history. However, as location prediction needs are expanded into much complicated cases, it becomes necessary quite frequently to make inference on the locations that target user visited in the past. Typical cases include the identification of locations that infectious disease carriers may have visited before, and crime suspects may have dropped by on a certain day at a specific time-band. Therefore, primary goal of this study is to predict locations that users visited in the past. Information used for this purpose include user's demographic information and movement histories. Data mining classifiers such as Bayesian network, neural network, support vector machine, decision tree were adopted to analyze 6868 contextual dataset and compare classifiers' performance. Results show that general Bayesian network is the most robust classifier.
  • 14.

    The Geriatric Care Workers’ Role Care for Elderly of Sanatorium in Korea

    Kyungwoo Kim | 2017, 22(11) | pp.105~110 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    This paper is to research the difference of care workers’ role in Sanatorium between urban and rural areas. Interviews have been conducted with 100 care managers with structured questionnaires in community care settings. The findings of the study are as follows. In the analysis of working with carers a care manager acting as a counsellor in rural was required rather more than any other role in working with clients’ carers. In working with formal and informal networks, an administrative specialist role was also important in both areas. With resource management, there were some regional variances between rural and urban. In the urban area, a care managers as a coordinator was more required than as a broker. In the rural area, a care manager as a broker, selecting service resources for elderly clients was the most suitable role. In conclusion, in general rural care managers’ roles were similar to those of many core managers in urban area. Among the many possible roles of care managers that effective continuity of care is to be provided for elderly clients in community care, two have been specified as essential roles. The first is the role of care managers that provides coordination and integration of services at the clients’ levels as a care manager as an implementer, a linkman, counsellor. The second is at the system level which is possible role for coordination and linkage of programs as a characteristics of care managers, task with formal & informal network, community resources, available residential & NHS resourcesw
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    Predicting stock price direction by using data mining methods : Emphasis on comparing single classifiers and ensemble classifiers

    Kyun Sun Eo , LEE, KUN CHANG | 2017, 22(11) | pp.111~116 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    This paper proposes a data mining approach to predicting stock price direction. Stock market fluctuates due to many factors. Therefore, predicting stock price direction has become an important issue in the field of stock market analysis. However, in literature, there are few studies applying data mining approaches to predicting the stock price direction. To contribute to literature, this paper proposes comparing single classifiers and ensemble classifiers. Single classifiers include logistic regression, decision tree, neural network, and support vector machine. Ensemble classifiers we consider are adaboost, random forest, bagging, stacking, and vote. For the sake of experiments, we garnered dataset from Korea Stock Exchange (KRX) ranging from 2008 to 2015. Data mining experiments using WEKA revealed that random forest, one of ensemble classifiers, shows best results in terms of metrics such as AUC (area under the ROC curve) and accuracy.
  • 16.

    A Study on the Factors affecting on Codependency. -Focusing on Double ABCX Model-

    Sun-Young, Ju , YANG, SEONG KWAN , Hwie- Seo, Park | 2017, 22(11) | pp.117~124 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study was to examine the factors influencing on Codependency of college students from Double ABCX model. This study examined the mediating relationship between boundary ambiguity, internal working model and psychological maladjustment, and then examined the moderating effects of Self-esteem, Social support and World view orientation. This study also examined the relationships of codependency with gender, enonomic level in college students. The results of the study are as follows. First, this study showed that codependency was related to economic level of college students. But it has not significant relationship with gender. Second, the moderating effects of Self-esteem, Social support and World view orientation was not significant. Third, mediating effects of Codependency on Boundary ambiguity, Internal working model and Psychological maladjustment were significant. This study suggested some theoretical and policy implications basing on this analytical results.
  • 17.

    Meta-analysis of the programming learning effectiveness depending on the teaching and learning method

    SeongKyun Jeon , Lee Youngjun | 2017, 22(11) | pp.125~133 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Recently, as the programming education has become essential in school, discussion of how to teach programming has been important. This study performed a meta-analysis of the effect size depending on the teaching and learning method for the programming education. 78 research data selected from 45 papers were analyzed from cognitive and affective aspects according to dependent variables. The analysis from the cognitive aspect showed that there was no statistically significant difference in the effect size depending on whether or not the teaching and learning method was specified in the research paper. Meta-analysis of the research data where the teaching and learning method was designated displayed significances in CPS, PBL and Storytelling. Unlike the cognitive aspect, the analysis from the affective aspect showed that the effect size of the research data without the specified teaching and learning method was larger than those with specified teaching and learning method with a statistical significance. Meta-analysis of the data according to the teaching and learning method displayed no statistical significance. Based upon these research results, this study suggested implications for the effective programming education.
  • 18.

    On Using Films to Develop Students’ Reading Skills in the MALL Classes

    Sung, Tae Soo | 2017, 22(11) | pp.135~141 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    Exposed to a great many media and technology resources, EFL students seem to lack the motivations for learning on the basis of the conventional teaching methods. For this reason, in teaching English, finding teaching methods and materials appropriate to make the learning experiences for EFL students more engaging and interesting has become more challenging than ever. This is the main reason why English language teachers always keep searching for more motivating teaching sources. Although most of course books have CD‘s and DVD enclosed, these turn out to be less authentic and not very engaging for students. In order to bring diversity into the classroom, many teachers use films in EFL teaching. Films are usually seen as a media that attracts students’ attention and tend to present language in a more natural (interactive) way as well. What is more important is that films offer a visual context aids which help students understand and improve their reading skills. This paper analyzes the effects of using films in the EFL classroom. Moreover, It shows that films as a teaching resource play a very effective role in developing students reading and communication skill. Last but not least, mobile phones are used as a main supplementary device in that either group is recommended to watch a movie anytime and anywhere.
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    A Study on the Efficient Management of Liberal Education for Improving Computer Literacy

    GeumSeo Koo , Gabsig Sim | 2017, 22(11) | pp.143~149 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we propose efficient management method of liberal education for improving computer literacy. We analyzed the actual conditions and factors affecting education and reflected the analysis results in education. The subject of the study is 'Practice Excel', and tested achievement based on computer literacy. In order to evaluate objectively, we conducted CBT(Computer Based Test) based on Computer Specialist in Spreadsheet & Database Level-2. Analysis of the questionnaire included the use of the popular statistical program, IBM SPSS 24 trial, and frequency, ANOVA, t-test, crossover analysis, and correlation. Evaluation results, An important factor influencing educational performance was active participation. It also proved to be very helpful for understanding excel functions & expression.
  • 20.

    The Effect of Special Education Teacher’s Self-leadership on Life Satisfaction : Focusing on job satisfaction mediation effect

    Kyung-Shin Kim | 2017, 22(11) | pp.151~160 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    IIn this paper, I investigate the effect of special education teachers' self-leadership on job-satisfaction. The data was collected from 141 special education teachers to analyze the correlations between self-leadership, job and life satisfaction. In addition, another purpose is to analyze how self-leadership influence on job satisfaction (human relationship, assigned tasks) and life satisfaction. The results are shown as follows. First, self-expectation and goal setting, self-expectation and human relationship, human relationship and assigned tasks have meaningful correlation. Second, self-expectation and self-rewarding are sub-factors of self-leadership that have great influence on human relationship which is a subordinate factor of job satisfaction and assigned tasks. Third, self-expectation and self-rewarding are factors of self-leadership that have a great influence on life satisfaction. Finally, it shows that self-leadership has an effect on life satisfaction through assigned task, which is a factor of job satisfaction. However, through human relationship, self-leadership does not have a meaningful effect on life satisfaction. This study is significant by finding sub-factors which influence special education teacher's self leadership, job satisfaction and life satisfaction by using Bootstrap method.
  • 21.

    Effects of Software Education Program for the Education Welfare Priority Support Students on Learning Motivation, Self-efficacy and Goal Orientation

    Jeong-Rang Kim | 2017, 22(11) | pp.161~168 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we propose a Software Education Program for the Education Welfare Priority Support students. Elementary school students of education welfare priority support programs has low school satisfaction level and course maturity. Also, they have various problem such as relatively large digital divide when compared to general student. To solve such problem, we designed, developed, and applied a software education program on education welfare priority support program’s elementary school students to analyze its effect on their learning motivation, self-efficacy, and goal orientation. Software education program followed the main stages of ADDIE model and was designed into experience Sharing, Requirements analysis, Sharing, Grouping, and Organizing. 20 of 6th graders in education welfare priority support programs were chosen as subject for software education program. The effectiveness has been analyzed through pre, and pro test. As a result of the analysis, we found that the developed software education program has meaningful effect on Learning Motivation, Self-efficacy, and Goal Orientation of education welfare priority support program’s elementary students.
  • 22.

    An Analysis on the Elementary School teacher’s Literacy about Software Education Contents, In preparation for the 2015 Revised National Curriculum

    Dong-Man Kim , Lee Taewuk | 2017, 22(11) | pp.169~175 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we propose the elementary school teacher’s training direction for effective SW education. In an effort to better understand the efficient SW training contents and methods for teachers, 200 of elementary teachers had been selected from different places in South Korea. The results showed that 1)it should be operated by focusing on the training of female teachers, especially, strengthening the contents of SW ethics. 2)It will need to actively operate the teacher training program to foster the necessary computational thinking and programing for elementary school teacher who work in big cities. 3)It need to create a training program for expanding the SW studying groups. 4)In order to improve the effectiveness of training courses in the development of in-service training programs, the SW ethics contents need to be coordinated with the link the computational thinking and programing. These results are expected to provide the efficient methods to design the future SW training programs.