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2018, Vol.23, No.6

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    A Novel Posterior Probability Estimation Method for Multi-label Naive Bayes Classification

    Hae Choen Kim | Jaesung Lee | 2018, 23(6) | pp.1~7 | number of Cited : 0
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    A multi-label classification is to find multiple labels associated with the input pattern. Multi-label classification can be achieved by extending conventional single-label classification. Common extension techniques are known as Binary relevance, Label powerset, and Classifier chains. However, most of the extended multi-label naive bayes classifier has not been able to accurately estimate posterior probabilities because it does not reflect the label dependency. And the remaining extended multi-label naive bayes classifier has a problem that it is unstable to estimate posterior probability according to the label selection order. To estimate posterior probability well, we propose a new posterior probability estimation method that reflects the probability between all labels and labels efficiently. The proposed method reflects the correlation between labels. And we have confirmed through experiments that the extended multi-label naive bayes classifier using the proposed method has higher accuracy then the existing multi-label naive bayes classifiers.
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    Writing education using Characteristics at hypertext

    Lee, Hee Young | 2018, 23(6) | pp.9~14 | number of Cited : 1
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    This paper focuses on how the latest progress in digital media and technology affects the writing education environment. In the contemporary era, collecting numerous pices of information online, and arranging them to create new knowledge is important. There is also a need to seek new methods for writing education to stay in tune with the times. To that end, this paper suggests an open writing model using hypertexts. This writing model consists of a total of five stages, which are use of information, compilation of information, open mutual discussion, search of additional information and writing to recreate knowledge. The final outcome of such writing is writing using footnotes. By describing the gist of the keyword and adding numerous footnotes, such writing opens up an infinite possibility of re-creating information into new knowledge. This method can help university students who are accustomed to the digital society to proactively use information and improve multi-disciplinary communication skills required today. This author applied such a model to university writing education and found that more than 82% of the students were satisfied. Through the process of collaboration and recreation of knowledge in writing, learners found distinct benefits and noted their horizons had broadened. Given this effect, the open writing model using hypertexts is meaningful in that it forms a learning community that goes beyond a one-way feedback from instructor to student and instead nudges students to realize collective intellect. Moreover, it is meaningful in that it moves away from a top-down approach of the instructors passing down knowledge about writing and its rules, and towards a more proactive involvement by students in creating knowledge.
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    Designing the Content-Based Korean Instructional Model Using the Flipped Learning

    Mun, Jung Hyun | 2018, 23(6) | pp.15~21 | number of Cited : 2
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    The purpose of this study is to design a Content-based Korean Class model using Flipped learning for foreign students. The class model that presents on this paper will lead the language learning through content learning, also it will be enable the student more active and to have an initiative in the class. Prior to designing a Content–based Korean Class model using Flipped learning, the concepts and educational significance and characteristics of flip learning were reviewed through previous studies. Then, It emphasizes the necessity of teaching method adapting Flipped learning to Content–based teaching method in Korean language education. It also suggests standards and principles of composition in Contents–based teaching method using Flipped learning. After designing the instructional model based on the suggested standards and principles, it presents a course of instruction about how learning methods, contents and activities should be done step by step. The Content–based Korean class model using the Flipped learning will be an alternative approach to overcome the limitations of teacher–centered teaching methods and lecture–teaching methods which are the dominant of present classroom environment.
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    A Phenomenological Study for the Expansion of Youth Leisure Experiences in Marine Sports

    Park Sung Soo | Jin-Sook Lee | 2018, 23(6) | pp.23~32 | number of Cited : 1
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    This study explore the possibility of water sports activities as juvenile pleasure, and was performed for the purpose of looking for ways to develop it. In order to do this, I was conducted interviews with the water sports of seven experts to achieve. As the development direction of the main contents of the interview is youth leisure activity, specific details are expected to be young and effect change through the application of Maritime youth sports programs, potential problems, and direction of water sports youth development program, primarily part of the effort needed and so on is composed of. Interview data was categorized as a job that has undergone a similar topic by phenomenological analysis of Giorgi. Findings water sports activities despite having plenty of potential to contribute to the holistic growth of the youth, the conclusion was drawn that various constraints exist. Management of water sports agencies as a way to solve this problem, provided supervision, property development program for adolescents and youth professional guidance workforce, youth water sports activities such as infrastructure presents a proposal.
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    A Study on the Work-Family Relationship of Married Women in the Digital Age : Focusing on the avoidance of childbirth

    Kweon Seong Ok | 2018, 23(6) | pp.33~41 | number of Cited : 1
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    This study examined the work - family relationship of married women in the digital age centered on avoidance of childbirth. Married women 's age, education level, family members living together, work - family affects the avoidance of childbirth. Also, it is analyzed that similar childbirth avoidance phenomenon occurs in the result of the number of future children. Based on the results of the research, it can be suggested that the support of the family living together, the stable employment of married women, and the family-friendly incentive system will have a positive effect on childbirth.
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    Effect of taping therapy on the pain and muscle activity of the back pain

    Shin, Dong-min | Keun-Hee Kim | CHO,BYUNGJUN | 2018, 23(6) | pp.43~49 | number of Cited : 1
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    In this paper, we propose a taping therapy as effective intervention for patients with the back pain. The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of taping intervention on the VAS evaluated score and he muscular activation degree among 119 paramedics with musculoskeletal injury. In order to achieve the purpose of the study, data was collected from 15 paramediecs in the paramedics department of 3 fire stations under J city's fire defense headquarters. The following results can be obtained by measuring the subjective, the back muscle strength and the buckling-anteflexion before and after the taping for 15 119 paramedics. Through the verification experiment of taping effect to paramedics during the stretcher lifting in this study the VAS evaluated score for the backache are 1.67±0.62 before and 0.80±0.68 after the application of taping which show statistically significant decrease(p<0.05). In the experimentof joint operation range the measured buckling anteflexion length are 14.62cm±4.89 before and 16.41cm±4.11cm after the application of taping which show statistically meaningful difference(p<0.05). In the comparison of muscle activity about paramedics erector spinae(ES) shows the meaningful decrease and external obliques(EO) displays the significant increase. Erector spinae(ES) and internal obliques(IO) show the increasing trend in the muscle activity although they are not significant. the muscle activity for the erector spinae is lowered so that the contribution to the force required for the extensor during the stretcher lifting is resultingly reduced to have the effects of enhancing the activity of abdominal muscles.
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    Smoking, Meat Intake and Exercise related to Alcohol Use

    Mi-Ok Lee | Kwang Ok Lee | Jung Myoungjee | 2018, 23(6) | pp.51~58 | number of Cited : 1
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    This study was conducted to investigate the relationship between drinking, smoking, meat intake, and exercise. The participants were 1,060 males and females who voluntarily responded to the survey by visiting the health promotion booth at the H Festival held in C city in 2014. Research data were collected in interview form using questionnaires on alcohol use, smoking, exercise, and meat intake. The data were analyzed by descriptive analysis, cross tabulation analysis, multinominal logistic regression after stratification of gender using the SPSS 24 program. The results of the study are as follows: Smokers had a significantly higher frequency of drinking (x²=163.33, p<.001) than non-smokers. Meat intake was high when alcohol use was high (x²=35.13, p<.001). The risk rates for smoking, meat consumption, and exercise related to alcohol use are as follows. The smoking was higher as the frequency of drinking increased. For men, smoking OR(odd ratio) was 6.26 (p=.001) and for women, smoking risk OR was 16.82 (p=.002). Meats intake showed a higher OR as the alcohol use increased. The OR of almost daily ingestion of meat at frequent drinking days was 4.40 (p=.002) for males and 4.52(p=.009) for females. As the frequency of drinking increased, the OR of days of exercise tended to decrease. In men, the OR was 0.36 (p=.003), the lowest in the probability of exercising more than 5 days when drinking high. In the case of women drinking less than once a week, the OR was 0.43 (p=.027), which was the lowest for exercise for 5 days or more. In conclusion, the higher the frequency of drinking, the higher the smoking and meat intake, and the less exercise. If drinking, smoking, and meat intake are high but there is a lack of exercise, a chronic disease can occur and cause premature death unless there is a change in the new health behavior. The results of this study suggest researches to understand the motives related to alcohol abstinence, smoking cessation, dietary control and exercise, and to develop programs.
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    What is the Switching Intention from Existing Payment to Mobile Payment Service?

    Sae Bom Lee | Joon-Young Lee | Jae-Young Moon | 2018, 23(6) | pp.59~66 | number of Cited : 6
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    Recently, the use of mobile payment, called “Pay” payment, is increasing such as ‘KakaoPay’ and ‘SamsungPay’. In Korea, various mobile payment services are running and emerging. The purpose of this study is to examine the intention to switch from using existing credit cards or check card to mobile payment service based on the two-factor theory. We empirically examined the effect of the two factors, the factors that enable switching and the factors that inhibit switching. Therefore, the study use switching cost and switching benefit as parameters to confirm the effect on the switching intention. In addition, this study intends to analyze the differences between two subgroups by the degree of personal innovativeness. We survey smartphone users and credit card or check card users, and analyzed the Smart PLS 3.0 using structural equation model to verify the significance of the research hypothesis.
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    The Impacts of Social Welfare Worker's Interpersonal Stress on Job Burnout and Turnover Intention - Focusing on Moderating Effects of Stress Coping Ability

    Hyunjoo Kim | Geunmok Im | Hwie- Seo, Park | 2018, 23(6) | pp.67~73 | number of Cited : 1
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    The purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between interpersonal stress and job burnout, turnover intention of social welfare worker's in social welfare center and efficient response of welfare worker's. In order to accomplish this study purpose, the interpersonal stress of social welfare worker's in social welfare center as an independent variable, interpersonal stress as a dependent variable of job burnout and turnover intention, and stress coping ability as a moderating variable were selected. The causal relationship between interpersonal stress and job burnout, turnover intention and the moderating effect of stress coping ability were analyzed. As a result of the analysis, the interpersonal stress of social welfare worker's showed a significant effect on job burnout and turnover intention. Also, moderating effects of stress copying ability were significant. Based on the results of this analysis, the theoretical implications and policy implications of this study are suggested, and the directions and limitations of this study are suggested.
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    Internet comment manipulation and criminal responsibility

    Lee, Ju-il | 2018, 23(6) | pp.75~79 | number of Cited : 2
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    The purpose of this paper is to introspect again the role of the criminal law at a time when it is said that numerous criminal and legal discussions are needed to develop the so called "reply manipulation " case that is shaking the nation's political history. The research method considered the literature and precedents discussed in the past, and discussed the issue of subculture abuse caused by the internet, which is a product of convenience and affluence that came with the Forth industrial revolution through criminal law. Through a computer program, a discussion was held on what penalties would be imposed on the criminal law for attempting to manipulate public opinion by manipulating the so-called number of comments or Reaction. Question of whether the criminal law should further emphasize the need for a discussion on the need for a method to strengthen the preventive functions of the criminal law and expand the scope of punishment in order to address new causes of risk that came with the development of science. Without reflecting on whether such as "government-inspired demonstration "would be possible in today's world that was in the public perception of the authoritarian government of the past, it is a problem to see that the political goals of a particular group can be achieved by manipulating comments or creating public opinion on the Internet. The duty of criminal law is to protect the interests of the law. The role of the criminal law should be maintained the self limiting as far as possible in cases of violation or danger of the law. Still, it is a problem that the role of the criminal justice system today is too aggressive and is seen as a top tool rather than a last resort for solving problems. he role of the internet will be expanded further in the Hyper Connected society. To solve these problems, we should look forward to a change in the priority of other laws and policies other than criminal law.
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    A Meta-Analysis on the Effects of Educational Programming Language on High-level Thinking

    Dong-Man Kim | Lee Taewuk | 2018, 23(6) | pp.81~89 | number of Cited : 5
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    In this paper, we propose to investigate the existing EPL education related studies and to collect the total effect size for the improvement of high-level thinking through meta-analysis and to confirm the effect size according to various variables. So, we have objectively identified and generalized the practical effects of EPL education on the various elements of high-level thinking and high-level thinking. The results of the meta-analysis showed that 1) EPL is a teaching-learning tool that greatly improves students' high-level thinking. 2) Education based EPL has greatly contributed to the enhancement of creative thinking and logical thinking among high-level thinking. 3) Kodu, App Inventor, Scratch, and Dolittle was confirmed that the effect on the improvement of high-level thinking was great.