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2019, Vol.24, No.6

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    Hot Data Verification Method Considering Continuity and Frequency of Write Requests Using Counting Filter

    LEESEUNGWOO | RYU Kwan Woo | 2019, 24(6) | pp.1~9 | number of Cited : 0
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    Hard disks, which have long been used as secondary storage in computing systems, are increasingly being replaced by solid state drives (SSDs), due to their relatively fast data input / output speeds and small, light weight. SSDs that use NAND flash memory as a storage medium are significantly different from hard disks in terms of physical operation and internal operation. In particular, there is a feature that data overwrite can not be performed, which causes erase operation before writing. In order to solve this problem, a hot data for frequently updating a data for a specific page is distinguished from a cold data for a relatively non-hot data. Hot data identification helps to improve overall performance by identifying and managing hot data separately. Among the various hot data identification methods known so far, there is a technique of recording consecutive write requests by using a Bloom filter and judging the values by hot data. However, the Bloom filter technique has a problem that a new bit array must be generated every time a set of items is changed. In addition, since it is judged based on a continuous write request, it is possible to make a wrong judgment. In this paper, we propose a method using a counting filter for accurate hot data verification. The proposed method examines consecutive write requests. It also records the number of times consecutive write requests occur. The proposed method enables more accurate hot data verification.
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    Scene-based Nonuniformity Correction by Deep Neural Network with Image Roughness-like and Spatial Noise Cost Functions

    Yonghee Hong | Nam-Hun Song | Dae-Hyeon Kim and 2other persons | 2019, 24(6) | pp.11~19 | number of Cited : 0
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    In this paper, a new Scene-based Nonuniformity Correction (SBNUC) method is proposed by applying Image Roughness-like and Spatial Noise cost functions on deep neural network structure. The classic approaches for nonuniformity correction require generally plenty of sequential image data sets to acquire accurate image correction offset coefficients. The proposed method, however, is able to estimate offset from only a couple of images powered by the characteristic of deep neural network scheme. The real world SWIR image set is applied to verify the performance of proposed method and the result shows that image quality improvement of PSNR 70.3dB (maximum) is achieved. This is about 8.0dB more than the improved IRLMS algorithm which preliminarily requires precise image registration process on consecutive image frames.
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    ADD-Net: Attention Based 3D Dense Network for Action Recognition

    Qiaoyue Man | Young Im Cho | 2019, 24(6) | pp.21~28 | number of Cited : 0
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    Recent years with the development of artificial intelligence and the success of the deep model, they have been deployed in all fields of computer vision. Action recognition, as an important branch of human perception and computer vision system research, has attracted more and more attention. Action recognition is a challenging task due to the special complexity of human movement, the same movement may exist between multiple individuals. The human action exists as a continuous image frame in the video, so action recognition requires more computational power than processing static images. And the simple use of the CNN network cannot achieve the desired results. Recently, the attention model has achieved good results in computer vision and natural language processing. In particular, for video action classification, after adding the attention model, it is more effective to focus on motion features and improve performance. It intuitively explains which part the model attends to when making a particular decision, which is very helpful in real applications. In this paper, we proposed a 3D dense convolutional network based on attention mechanism(ADD-Net), recognition of human motion behavior in the video.
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    Effects of Training Contents on the Work Effectiveness of Learning Workers in the Software field

    Hang-Suk Yoo | Seo Jeong-Man | 2019, 24(6) | pp.29~35 | number of Cited : 0
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    In this paper, the effects of educational contents on job behavior, the effects of job behavior on job effectiveness and the effects of educational contents on job effectiveness were studied when working in the Software field. For this purpose, a questionnaire survey was conducted on the learning workers who conducted the training in the IT field, and 302 valid questionnaires were used for the analysis. The research model was set up to test exploratory factor and confirmatory factor analysis and hypothesis, and the research hypothesis was tested by applying structural equation. The effects of job behavior on job effectiveness were positively related to job satisfaction, customer orientation, and organizational commitment.
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    Digital Contents for Learning Computer Science using Unplugged CS

    Han Sun Gwan | 2019, 24(6) | pp.37~43 | number of Cited : 2
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    This study focused on the design and development of contents using Unplugged CS method to learn computer science knowledge. With the strengthening of software education, all universities students including elementary and junior high school students are demanding knowledge of computer science centered on the computational thinking. We have developed educational contents using unplugged computing method as a way to effectively learn the concept of computer science. First, we analyze the related research of Unplugged CS theory and investigate the educational method accordingly. And we divided the areas of computer science and selected learning concepts in each area. The contents of learning were divided into basic and intermediate classes considering the level of the learner. The subject of learning contents was selected evenly in the area of computer science and it consisted of 16 basic subjects and 16 intermediate subjects based on concepts that are important in each field. In order to confirm the validity of the Unplugged CS learning topic and the development contents for computer science, we conducted expert reviews and content validity tests. As a result of the validity test, the validity of the learning topic and area selection was found to be more than .92 for the CVI value and the validity of the 32 subject learning contents was over .935 in basic level and .925 in intermediate level for the CVI values. Based on the design contents, we developed digital contents for online learning and put them in the system. We expect that this study will contribute to the understanding of computer science for all, including elementary and junior-high school students as well as students at software - oriented universities, and contribute to the spread of software education.
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    The Impact of the Characteristics of Economic Cooperation on Customer Value and Enterprise Performance in Korean Electronic Industry: Focus on the Economic Cooperation Between China and South Korea

    Zhou-Yang Li | LIU ZIYANG | 2019, 24(6) | pp.45~55 | number of Cited : 0
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    The purposes of this paper is to draw a conclusion on the impact of the characteristics of economic cooperation between china and south korea on customer value and enterprise performance in the korean electronics industry. In this paper, product reliability and product innovation are especially used as analytical factors, and this paper used a survey of 293 internal employees working in the electronics industry for analyze, and structural equation model(SEM) was used to analyze the data. The results of the research analysis are summarized as follows. First, it was found that the characteristic of economic cooperation in the research model has a significant effect on the product reliability. Second, it was found that the characteristics of economic cooperation have a significant effect on the products innovation. Third, the products reliability has a significant impact on customer value, while the products innovation has not affected customer value. Finally, it was found that the customer value of the korean electronics industry also has a significant impact on the Enterprise performance. As a good development alternative to this research, there is the ultimate goal of hoping that corporate managers will help to create new good values. To this end, we hope it will be helpful as we have made necessary suggestions to establish the desired direction of the Korean electronics industry operator.
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    A Study on Finding the Rail Space in Elevators Using Matched Filter

    Myong Lyol Song | 2019, 24(6) | pp.57~65 | number of Cited : 0
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    In this paper, we study on finding the rail space in elevators by analyzing each image captured with CCD camera. We propose a method that applies one-dimensional matched filter to the pixels of a selected search space in the vertical line at a horizontal position and decides the position with the thickness of the space being represented by a black thick line in captured images. The pattern similarity representing how strongly the associated image pixels resemble with the thick line is defined and calculated with respect to each position along the vertical line of pixels. The position and thickness of the line are decided from the point having the maximum in pattern similarity graph. In the experiments of the proposed method under different illuminational conditions, it is observed that all the pattern similarity graphs show similar shape around door area independent of the conditions and the method can effectively detect the rail space if the rails are illuminated with even weak light. The method can be used for real-time embedded systems because of its simple algorithm, in which it is implemented in simple structure of program with small amount of operations in comparison with the conventional approaches using Canny edge detection and Hough transform.
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    A Computer Vision-Based Banknote Recognition System for the Blind with an Accuracy of 98% on Smartphone Videos

    RUIZSANCHEZ GUSTAVO ADRIAN | 2019, 24(6) | pp.67~72 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    This paper proposes a computer vision-based banknote recognition system intended to assist the blind. This system is robust and fast in recognizing banknotes on videos recorded with a smartphone on real-life scenarios. To reduce the computation time and enable a robust recognition in cluttered environments, this study segments the banknote candidate area from the background utilizing a technique called Pixel-Based Adaptive Segmenter (PBAS). The Speeded-Up Robust Features (SURF) interest point detector is used, and SURF feature vectors are computed only when sufficient interest points are found. The proposed algorithm achieves a recognition accuracy of 98%, a 100% true recognition rate and a 0% false recognition rate. Although Korean banknotes are used as a working example, the proposed system can be applied to recognize other countries’ banknotes.
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    Adaptive local histogram modification method for dynamic range compression of infrared images

    Jihye Joung | 2019, 24(6) | pp.73~80 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we propose an effective dynamic range compression (DRC) method of infrared images. A histogram of infrared images has narrow dynamic range compared to visible images. Hence, it is important to apply the effective DRC algorithm for high performance of an infrared image analysis. The proposed algorithm for high dynamic range divides an infrared image into the overlapped blocks and calculates Shannon’s entropy of overlapped blocks. After that, we classify each block according to the value of entropy and apply adaptive histogram modification method each overlapped block. We make an intensity mapping function through result of the adaptive histogram modification method which is using standard-deviation and maximum value of histogram of classified blocks. Lastly, in order to reduce block artifact, we apply hanning window to the overlapped blocks. In experimental result, the proposed method showed better performance of dynamic range compression compared to previous algorithms.
  • 10.

    Research on the Factors Affecting the Willingness to Pay for Digital Music

    Yan Zhou | 2019, 24(6) | pp.81~88 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    Based on the theory of planned behavior and the theory of legal deterrence, this study takes consumers' willingness to pay for digital music as the research object, investigates the consumers who have digital music consumption channels and behaviors, and discusses the willingness of consumers to pay for digital music and its influencing factors. The study attempts to achieve the following research purposes: First, explore the influencing factors of willingness to pay for digital music using domestic and foreign literature research and related content analysis. Second, we want to examine the effect of Attitude, Collective Specifications, Quality Sensitivity and Music affinity on willingness to pay. Third, Legal deterrence and resource availability tries to verify whether there is a moderating effect between Attitude, Collective Specifications, Quality Sensitivity and Music affinity and willingness to pay. The research data was collected in 2019 between April 6th to May 8th. Questionnaires were randomly distributed in fixed places, mainly in Hubei Province, China. A total of 393 questionnaires were selected for data analysis. Based on the previous theoretical review and empirical analysis, the study draws the following conclusions: Firstly, attitude, collective specifications, quality sensitivity and music affinity have an impact on the willingness to pay. Second, Legal deterrence has a regulatory effect on the relationship among quality sensitivity, musical affinity and the willingness to pay. Last the resource availability has a significant impact on the willingness to pay. It also has a regulatory effect on the relationship among quality sensitivity, music affinity and the willingness to pay.
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    A Study on the Integration Between Smart Mobility Technology and Information Communication Technology (ICT) Using Patent Analysis

    Khaled Sulaiman Khalfan Sulaiman Alkaabi | Jiwon Yu | 2019, 24(6) | pp.89~97 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    This study proposes a method for investigating current patents related to information communication technology and smart mobility to provide insights into future technology trends. The method is based on text mining clustering analysis. The method consists of two stages, which are data preparation and clustering analysis, respectively. In the first stage, tokenizing, filtering, stemming, and feature selection are implemented to transform the data into a usable format (structured data) and to extract useful information for the next stage. In the second stage, the structured data is partitioned into groups. The K-medoids algorithm is selected over the K-means algorithm for this analysis owing to its advantages in dealing with noise and outliers. The results of the analysis indicate that most current patents focus mainly on smart connectivity and smart guide systems, which play a major role in the development of smart mobility.
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    Application of STANAG-4586 Ed. 4 based Standardization for Up-to-Dated Interoperability of Military UAV System

    Hack-joon Kim | Chang-Bae Yoon | Su-Woon Hong and 3other persons | 2019, 24(6) | pp.99~107 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    With the development of various types of military Unmanned Aircraft(UA)s, the need for interworking and integration between different platforms gradually increased. In order to ensure interoperability at each military UA System(UAS) level, North Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO) has established STANAG-4586 "Standard Interfaces of Unmanned Aircraft(UA) Control Systems(UCS) for NATO UA Interoperability-Interface Control Document". This paper looks at the basic design structure of STANAG-4586 and the changes on Edition 4 to enhance joint operational capability through reflecting and updating the interoperability design of the military UAS. In particular, we analyze the enhanced Datalink Transition/Handover Procedure and Autonomous functions, one of the biggest features added to the edition. Through this, we propose a modification of UA data link exclusive control using UA Bypass structure, which was impossible in the one-to-one communication structure between existing UA and Core UCS(CUCS). We also suggest ways to improve UA operational reliability by applying Autonomous Functions that directly decides how to deal with emergency situations, rather than by a remote operator over CUCS.
  • 13.

    Design and implementation of IoT platform for collecting and managing the SmartFactory environment information

    SungJin Kim | SangYong Ra | HwanSeog Kim and 2other persons | 2019, 24(6) | pp.109~115 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Smart Factory is a part of and a key point of the 4th industrial revolution. It performs optimization from the whole viewpoint, using comprehensive data of the post-process data by utilizing various sensors, controllers, and mobile devices beyond the existing factory automation level. In this paper, we design and implement an IoT platform that can detect the safety factors of the workers, the environmental factors of the factory, and real time monitoring at the control center, among the fields to implement smart factory. To accomplish this, we construct a monitoring device that provides sensor information control, server transmission of sensor information, and visualization of collected information. By using this system, it is possible to maintain the temperature and humidity for the optimum working environment in the factory. and also, By using the beacon, it is possible to measure the working time of the worker and trace the position,
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    Research on the Influence of the Use of VR Technology in Dance Creation on the Willingness of Dance Directors to Use: Focusing on the Ease of Cognition and the Mediating Effect of Usefulness

    Nuowa Wu | 2019, 24(6) | pp.117~124 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In the field of dance creation, the use of film and television skills, cyberspace, action sets, computer graphics and other technology and media technology have made the creative environment for dance art that it rapidly improves and presents a new situation. Especially in the dance creation part, VR technology can show many possibilities and can be used as a tool to fully satisfy the choreographer's intention and imagination. Therefore, this study analyzes the acceptance model of virtual reality technology in dance creative education, and we will examine the effect of social influence, shared trust, innovation, interest, and self-efficacy on perceived usefulness and perceived ease. Second, we will examine the effect of perceived usefulness and perceived ease on intention to use. The study is targeted at ordinary dance creators who currently reside in Hebei Province, China. The survey was conducted for approximately 30 days from March 16th to April 17th. The total number of valid samples collected was 377. The results of the identification of the hypotheses between variables based on the questionnaire data are as follows: Firstly, social influence, shared trust, innovation, interest, and self-efficacy have a positive impact on perceived usefulness, perceived ease. Secondly, perceived usefulness, perceived ease has a positive effect on the intention to use. In view of the above research results, the theoretical significance and limitations of this research and the future research directions are discussed in depth.
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    A Social Network Analysis on the Common Initiative for the Electronic Government Law: Focusing on the Ruling Party and Seniority Effect

    Lee Hun Hee | Han, Sangik | 2019, 24(6) | pp.125~133 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    This study aimed to investigate the political system related to the Electronic Government Law by analyzing the process of the common initiative of the law. To achieve the goal, this study applied the method of social analysis and sugessted the proper role of the assembly for realizing the electronic government and its control. The data were gathered from the bill information service of the national assembly. Netminer 4.0 was used for refining and analyzing data. The results are as follows. First, by analyzing three centrality(degree, betweenness, and eigenvector) of assembly member, the network effect of the powered party and reelected members were revealed as strong in the network. Second, through the component analysis, 5 sub-network has shown in total. The sub-networks showed two distinctive difference between two big parties. By the difference, members in two parties showed different characteristics in constituting communities and the effect of the powered party revealed as strong and clear. Based on the result, this study demonstrated the necessity of social solidarity rather than solipsism in committing common initiative. And a chronological research is need to anlayze 18th and 19th assembly to verify the effect of the powered party in prospect study.
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    A Study on Ethical Job Behavior Level of Some Dental Hygiene Students

    Jung jung hwa | Woo Hee Sun | 2019, 24(6) | pp.135~140 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study was to find the ethical values of dental hygiene students, to establish the right ethical values of the students, and to provide a fundamental material for the ethical education direction and curriculum of the students. In order to examine the general characteristics and ethical job behavior level among dental hygiene students, a research was conducted from 1st April 2017 to 30th June 2017 through selecting freshman, sophomore, junior and senior students currently enrolled in the department of dental hygiene at 5 different colleges as the subjects. Statistical analysis was performed using IBM SPSS 22. The frequency analysis was used to examine their general characteristics. The independent t-test was used to examine their ethical job behavior according to their religion, hospital practice experience and code of ethics as a dental hygienist, and the one-way ANOVA was used to examine their ethical job behavior according to grade-specific characteristics. Lastly, the Scheffe’s post hoc test was conducted. The significance level was 0.05. Given the results, ethical job behavior was significantly different between the group of students with religion, the group of students with hospital practice experience, different school year students, and the group of students aware of code of ethics as a dental hygienist.
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    Types of Coping with a Mistake in Clinical Practice of Nursing Students

    JUNG, YUN | Jung Sun Young | 2019, 24(6) | pp.141~149 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    This study was attempted to contribute to enhancing the quality of practical education by using Q-methodology to find out how nursing students cope with a mistake during clinical practice. From October 3rd to 26th, 2016, 30 Q-statements were selected through in-depth interviews and prior papers to identify response patterns for mistakes in the 3rd to 4th grade of the Department of Nursing at K University. The analysis using the QUANL program has four types. the first type was named the frankness type, the second type was named the forwardness type, the third type was named the evasion type, the fourth type was named the anxiousness type. In this paper we proposed that the practical guidance instructor and the field instructor need to understand the individual recognition style of each student and to develop coping strategies considering the individuality and to cooperate with education and guidance. In addition, in order to establish a positive cognitive formation and coping method in case of a mistake, it is necessary to educate management about mistakes in systematic nursing student clinical practice.
  • 18.

    Investigation of Job satisfaction, Organizational commitment and Factors of continuing work life for Nano-convergence employees

    Lee, Hongki | Myoung, Sungmin | 2019, 24(6) | pp.151~158 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we analyzed the relationship between employment stability, wage level, welfare system, working condition, job satisfaction and organizational commitment in order to find out ways to develop and competitiveness of the nano-convergence industries. Through this study, we conducted the possibility of deriving organizational commitment by job satisfaction which is given through employment stability, wage level, welfare system, and working condition for continuing their work life. In order to find relationships between each concepts, we used a multiple regression analysis with job satisfaction and commitment as dependent variable and employment stability, wage level, welfare system, and working condition as independent variables. Through this study, it was expected to increase the organizational commitment through the job satisfaction of the employees if a changing method of employees management is centered on some tasks suggested for the sound working condition and efficient utilization policies.
  • 19.

    Permutation Test for the Equality of Several Independent Cronbach’s Alpha Coefficients

    Um, Yonghwan | 2019, 24(6) | pp.159~164 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The statistical inference of Cronbach’s alpha measure of internal reliability is known to be inaccurate when sample size is small and the assumption of normality is violated. In this paper, we describe the permutation method in which we compute resampling p-values for testing the difference between two or more independent Cronbach’s alpha coefficients. When the over-all permutation test is significant, we also make pairwise post-hoc comparisons using permutaion method. The permutation tests for the equality of two independent Cronbach’s alpha coefficients and three independent Cronbach’s alpha coefficients are illustrated with an example analysis of survey data.
  • 20.

    SNA-based Trend Analysis of Naval Ship Maintenance

    Jung-Min Yoo | SoungWoong Yoon | Lee Sang Hoon | 2019, 24(6) | pp.165~174 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    Naval ship maintenance generally produces various issues for effective maintenance methods and procedures, because they have been composed by numerous modules and systems, and manual-oriented maintenance needed well-trained technicians who always busy to do many other works. In this paper, we adapt SNA scheme to the service procedure and trends of ROK naval ships' equipments. Various SNA algorithms are deployed which show lots of operating options, and we show analysis results that have enough potential improvement points for the maintainers.
  • 21.

    A Longitudinal Study on Adolescent’s Community Consciousness and Life Satisfaction using Autoregressive Cross-lagged Model

    Hyunjoo Kim | Hyun-Sun Park | Hwie- Seo, Park | 2019, 24(6) | pp.175~182 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    This study aims to identify causal variables by examining the mutual influences of community consciousness and life satisfaction. We used some data of KCYPS. A longitudinal study of 1952 adolescents selected as a sample was conducted using the Aautoregressive crossover delay model. The results of this study are as follows: First, it showed that life satisfaction is consistently affecting the later life satisfaction with the passage of time. Second, community consciousness showed that the previous community consciousness has a constant influence on the subsequent community consciousness as time passes. Third, the effect of previous life satisfaction on community consciousness was significant. Therefore, the cross-delay effect of life satisfaction on community awareness was stable with time. In other words, life satisfaction level was a causal variable that takes precedence over community consciousness, and the higher the life satisfaction of the previous time, the higher the level of community consciousness in the future. Fourth, the cross-delay effect of community consciousness on life satisfaction was not significant because community consciousness at previous time had no meaningful effect on life satisfaction at later time, so consciousness of community at previous time affects life satisfaction. This study provided some implications basing on this results.
  • 22.

    The Mediating Effects of Self-Control and Impulsiveness On Self-Esteem and Smart Phone Addition In College Students

    Kyung-Suk Kim | leedn | 2019, 24(6) | pp.183~188 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    This study aimed to analyse the effects of self-control and impulsiveness of college students on smart phone addition and whether self-esteem has mediating effects on them. For the purposes, this study interviewed 4-year college students in Gwangju City with the use of a questionnaire and 314 copies of the responses were used for a final analysis. The data collected was analysed with the use of SPSS 22.0 and the results are presented as follows: First, behavior impulsiveness has a positive effect on self-esteem and smart phone addiction. Second, self-esteem had a positive effect on smart phone addiction. Third, it was discovered that behavior impulsiveness had a positive effect on smart phone addiction through an analysis of mediating effects while self-esteem had an indirect effect on it. Therefore, it was suggested that more care should be paid on smart phone addiction and development of programs against it should be facilitated.
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    The effect of parental rearing behavior on self-esteem and gender role Stereotypes in Adolescents: Mediating effect of self-esteem -The use of Latent Growth Model-

    Sun-Young, Ju | 2019, 24(6) | pp.189~197 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study was to investigate about the effects of parental rearing behavior on self-esteem and gender role stereotype during adolescence and to reveal the mediating effect of self-esteem on adolescents’ gender role strerotype. Also investigated the relationship among these variables and condition variables. For this purpose, used the Second Grade longitudianl Panel data of Middle School from the Korea Youth Panel Survay(KYPS). And the latent growth model was analyzed 3,449 men and women adolescents’ cases of the first, the fourth and the sixth wave of the Korea Youth Panel Survey(KYPS) administered by Korea Institute for Youth development. And the structural equation model was used to investigate whether self-esteem mediates parental rearing behavior and male and female gender role Strerotype. The results of this study, the direct effect between variable factors showed that the more positive the parenting behavior of the second grader of middle school is, the more positive the self-esteem of male adolescents and the initial value of stereotypes of male gender role. It also affects the self-esteem of female adolescents and stereotypes of female gender roles but not statistically significant. The male gender role stereotypes were decreased in influence by the rate of change of parental rearing behaviors, and the initial value and the rate of change of self-esteem were statistically influenced to the male gender role stereotypes and the higher the self-esteem, the higher the self-esteem. However, there was no significant effect on stereotypes of female gender roles. As a result of analyzing the mediating effect of self-esteem, partially mediated between the initial value of parental rearing behavior and initial stereotype of male gender role, but there was no longitudinal mediation effect. There was no mediating effect of self-esteem between parental rearing behaviors and stereotypes of female gender roles and there was no longitudinal mediation effect. The effect of condition variable gender was found that female adolescents are more affected by paretal rearing behavior than male adolescents and also affected by the growth process. The monthly income of households influenced the initial value of parental rearing behaviors and showed a difference in parental rearing behavior according to household income. And the higher the mother 's educational level, the more the self-esteem of male adolescents was affected.
  • 24.

    Regulation Effect of Self-efficacy on Job Satisfaction by Child Care Teachers

    Yun, Kyeongmi | 2019, 24(6) | pp.199~204 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    This study found out the influence of CCTV recognition and Self-efficacy on job satisfaction for 275 child care teachers working at daycare centers in Chungcheongbuk-do Province , and verified the regulation effect of Self-efficacy in the process. SPSS(Statistical Package for Social Science) 22.0 was used for data analysis. The results of the study are as follows: First, it was found that factors such as the guarantee of child’s right, the guarantee of teachers' rights, and the self - efficacy were influential factors on the job satisfaction of the child care teachers. Second, it has been confirmed that the guarantee of teachers' rights and self-efficacy on the job satisfaction of child care teachers have a regulation effect. This study can be meaningful in that it provided basic data to enhance the quality of child care services by analyzing the factors of influence on the job satisfaction of child care teachers and presenting specific measures accordingly.
  • 25.

    A Study on the Holiday Effect of Purchase Interval of Mobile Phone in Chinese Online B2C Market

    Youngsik Kwak | Hong Jaewon | Yongsik Nam and 1other persons | 2019, 24(6) | pp.205~210 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to demonstrate empirically whether replacement intervals of mobile phones sold in China online B2C are influenced by purchase points such as holidays. If there is a holiday effect, it is expected that the product replacement interval or interpurchase interval will be short compared to the usual one at holiday time. In order to verify this positively, at TMall, one of the largest B2C sites in China, we explored 5,132 replacement cycle intervals and the point of purchase at which one of the sales records of an agent dealing with all multinational mobile phones had minimum two purchase records. As a result, there was a buyer who had shorter replacement period than usual in holiday season. There was no statistically significant difference in the intervals of interchange between holidays. Based on the results, it was found that the mobile phone vendors were aware that purchasing was occurring due to the holiday.
  • 26.

    Knowledge Sharing and Utilization Effects on Corporate Performance for Project Groups-Focus on ICT companies in Korea

    lee won hee | Jae-Young Moon | 2019, 24(6) | pp.211~216 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    Knowledge sharing is safe to say that we have already embarked on knowledge-based global economy where knowledge is a decisive factor in global competition for corporations. So in the age of knowledge-based management, it is how we use knowledge that decides success or failure for corporations and the competitiveness of their countries at large as well. We did this research with the help of those who were working in ICT industry including manufacturing, tourism, and others. In this research, we looked into how project participants, organizational characteristic, and relational characteristic affect knowledge sharing and utilization, and what are the factors that have positive effects on corporate success. And all the factors presented in the research are found to have positive effects on the knowledge sharing and utilization. The factors appeared to have positive effects starting with project at first and then on corporate success at large.