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2020, Vol.25, No.6

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    Independent I/O Relay Class Design Using Modbus Protocol for Embedded Systems

    Ki-Su Kim | Jongchan Lee | 2020, 25(6) | pp.1~8 | number of Cited : 0
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    Communication between system modules is applied using the Modbus protocol in industrial sites including smart factories, industrial drones, building energy management systems, PLCs, ships, trains, and airplanes. The existing Modbus was used for serial communication, but the recent Modbus protocol is used for TCP/IP communication.The Modbus protocol supports RTU, TCP and ASCII, and implements and uses protocols in embedded systems. However, the transmission I/O devices for RTU, TCP, and ASCII-based protocols may differ. For example, RTU and ASCII communications transmit on a serial-based communication protocol, but in some cases, Ethernet TCP/IP transmission is required. In particular, since the C language (object-oriented) is used in embedded systems, the complexity of source code related to I/O registers increases. In this study, we designed software that can logically separate I/O functions from embedded devices, and designed the execution logic of each instance requiring I/O processing through a delegate class instance with Modbus RTU, TCP, and ASCII protocol generation. We designed and experimented with software that can separate communication I/O processing and logical execution logic for each instance.
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    Transponder and Ground Station Systems for Drones

    Ki-Su Kim | Ha Heon Seong | Jongchan Lee | 2020, 25(6) | pp.9~15 | number of Cited : 0
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    In this paper, we propose a case that drone (unmanned aerial vehicle), one of the representative technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution, threatens airport safety and privacy infringement, and describes a drone control system proposal to solve the problem. Unmanned aerial vehicle (Drone) is creating a serious problem recently, In Korea, on May 21, 19, according to the Jeju Regional Aviation Administration, drones flew over Jeju Jeongseok Airfield twice in the same month, causing problems in aircraft operation. In overseas cases, two drones near the runway of Gatwick International Airport in the UK There has been a disturbance in which the takeoff and landing of the aircraft flies for a while, and various problems have occurred, such as voyeuring the private life of an individual using a drone. This paper is equipped with an Acess Point transponder mounted on a drone (unmanned aerial vehicle), and unspecified many who want to receive flight information (coordinates, altitude, and obstacles) of the drone access the drone AP, receive and receive the flight information of the drone, and receive unspecified multiple Drone AP flight information is collected and collected to provide the information of the drone currently floating on one user interface screen. In addition, an AP transponder is proposed to operate a safe drone (unmanned aerial vehicle) and the drone's flight information is transmitted. , To receive and collect and collect data.
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    Protocol Monitor System Between Cortex M7 Based PLC And HMI

    Ki-Su Kim | Jongchan Lee | Ha Heon Seong | 2020, 25(6) | pp.17~23 | number of Cited : 0
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    In this paper, collecting real-time data frames that occur during RS232 communication between an HMI and PLC of automation equipment by sniffing real-time information data frames through MCU without modification of the HMI or PLC, a method is proposed that allows users to collect data without being dependent on the modification of PLC and HMI systems. The user collects necessary information from the sniffing data through the parsing operation, and the original communication interface is maintained by transmitting the corresponding sniffing frame to the destination. The MCU's UART communication interface circuit is physically designed according to the RS232 communication standard, and this additionally improves efficiency more so than an interrupt-based system by using the DMA device inside the MCU. In addition, the data frame IO operation is performed by logically separating the work of the DMA interrupt service routine from the work of the main thread using the circular queue. Through this method, the user receives the sniffing data frame between the HMI and PLC in RS232 format, and the frame transfer between PLC and HMI arrives normally at the original destination. By sniffing the data frame without further modification of the PLC and HMI, it can be confirmed that it arrives at the user system normally.
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    A Study on the User Acceptance Model of Artificial Intelligence Music Based on UTAUT

    Weiwei Zhang | 2020, 25(6) | pp.25~33 | number of Cited : 4
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    In this paper, the purpose is to verify the impact of performance expectations, effort expectations, social impact, individual innovation and perceived value on the intent of use and the behavior of use. Used Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) to verify the applicability of this model in China, and established the research model by adding two new variables to UTAUT according to the situation of the Chinese market. To achieve this goal, 345 questionnaires were collected for experienced music creators using artificial intelligence nuggets in China by means of Internet research. The collected data were analyzed through frequency analysis, factor analysis, reliability analysis, and structural equation analysis through SPSS V. 22.0 and AMOS V 22.0. The verification of the hypotheses presented in the research model identified the decisive influence factors on the use of artificial intelligence music acceptance by Chinese users. The study is innovative in that it attempts to verify the applicability of UTAUT in the Chinese context. In the construction of the user acceptance model of AI music, three influencing factors will have an effect on users’ intentions, and according to the degree of effect, from largest to smallest, they are respectively Perceived Innovativeness, Performance Expectancy and Effort Expectancy. This paper will also provide some management advices, i.e. improving the utility and usability of AI music, encouraging users with individual innovativeness, developing competitive and attractive pricing policies, increasing publicity, and prioritizing word-of-mouth advertising.
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    Movie Box-office Prediction using Deep Learning and Feature Selection : Focusing on Multivariate Time Series

    JunHyung BYUN | KimJiho | Young-Jin Cho and 1other persons | 2020, 25(6) | pp.35~47 | number of Cited : 2
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    Box-office prediction is important to movie stakeholders. It is necessary to accurately predict box-office and select important variables. In this paper, we propose a multivariate time series classification and important variable selection method to improve accuracy of predicting the box-office. As a research method, we collected daily data from KOBIS and NAVER for South Korean movies, selected important variables using Random Forest and predicted multivariate time series using Deep Learning. Based on the Korean screen quota system, Deep Learning was used to compare the accuracy of box-office predictions on the 73rd day from movie release with the important variables and entire variables, and the results was tested whether they are statistically significant. As a Deep Learning model, Multi-Layer Perceptron, Fully Convolutional Neural Networks, and Residual Network were used. Among the Deep Learning models, the model using important variables and Residual Network had the highest prediction accuracy at 93%.
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    Efficient Mobile Writing System with Korean Input Interface Based on Face Recognition

    Jong-Hyun Kim | 2020, 25(6) | pp.49~56 | number of Cited : 0
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    The virtual Korean keyboard system is a method of inputting characters by touching a fixed position. This system is very inconvenient for people who have difficulty moving their fingers. To alleviate this problem, this paper proposes an efficient framework that enables keyboard input and handwriting through video and user motion obtained through the RGB camera of the mobile device. To develop this system, we use face recognition to calculate control coordinates from the input video, and develop an interface that can input and combine Hangul using this coordinate value. The control position calculated based on face recognition acts as a pointer to select and transfer the letters on the keyboard, and finally combines the transmitted letters to integrate them to perform the Hangul keyboard function. The result of this paper is an efficient writing system that utilizes face recognition technology, and using this system is expected to improve the communication and special education environment for people with physical disabilities as well as the general public.
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    Trend of Technology in Video Surveillance System

    Jaemin Song | Park, Arum | Sae Bom Lee | 2020, 25(6) | pp.57~64 | number of Cited : 2
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    Video surveillance is consists of cameras, transmission devices, storage and playback devices, and is used for crime prevention and disaster monitoring. Recently, it has been spreading to a wide variety of fields, and has developed into an intelligent video surveillance system that can automatically recognize or track characteristic objects of people and things. The purpose of this study was to investigate the cases of video surveillance service applying the latest technology by dividing it into the home, public, and private sectors. also this study tried to investigate and research what advantage it brings from a business perspective. By looking at the cases introduced in this study, it was confirmed that the viedo security service is developing intelligently, such as excellent compatibility with CCTV, multiple video surveillance, CCTV screen motion detection, and alarm through automatic analysis.
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    Privacy-Preserving Aggregation of IoT Data with Distributed Differential Privacy

    Jong-Hyun Lim | Kim Jong Wook | 2020, 25(6) | pp.65~72 | number of Cited : 2
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    Today, the Internet of Things is used in many places, including homes, industrial sites, and hospitals, to give us convenience. Many services generate new value through real-time data collection, storage and analysis as devices are connected to the network. Many of these fields are creating services and applications that utilize sensors and communication functions within IoT devices. However, since everything can be hacked, it causes a huge privacy threat to users who provide data. For example, a variety of sensitive information, such as personal information, lifestyle patters and the existence of diseases, will be leaked if data generated by smarwatches are abused. Development of IoT must be accompanied by the development of security. Recently, Differential Privacy(DP) was adopted to privacy-preserving data processing. So we propose the method that can aggregate health data safely on smartwatch platform, based on DP.
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    A Study on the Security Processor Design based on Pseudo-Random Number in Web Streaming Environment

    SeonKeun Lee | 2020, 25(6) | pp.73~79 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    Nowadays, with the rapid spread of streaming services in the internet world, security vulnerabilities are also increasing rapidly. For streaming security, this paper proposes a PN(pseudo-random noise) distributed structure-based security processor for web streaming contents(SP-WSC). The proposed SP-WSC is basically a PN distributed code algorithm designed for web streaming characteristics, so it can secure various multimedia contents. The proposed SP-WSC is independent of the security vulnerability of the web server. Therefore, SP-WSC can work regardless of the vulnerability of the web server. That is, the SP-WSC protects the multimedia contents by increasing the defense against external unauthorized signals. Incidentally it also suggests way to reduce buffering due to traffic overload.
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    Rating Prediction by Evaluation Item through Sentiment Analysis of Restaurant Review

    SoJinSoo | Shin, Pan-Seop | 2020, 25(6) | pp.81~89 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    Online reviews we encounter commonly on SNS, although a complex range of assessment information affecting the consumer’s preferences are included, it is general that such information is just provided by simple numbers or star ratings. Based on those review types, it is not easy to get specific information that consumers want and use it to make a decision for purchase. Therefore, in this study, we propose a prediction methodology that can provide ratings broken down by evaluation items by performing sentiment analysis on restaurant reviews written in Korean. To this end, we select ‘food’, ‘price’, ‘service’, and ‘atmosphere’ as the main evaluation items of restaurants, and build a new sentiment dictionary for each evaluation item. It also classifies review sentences by rating item, predicts granular ratings through sentiment analysis, and provides additional information that consumers can use to make decisions. Finally, using MAE and RMSE as evaluation indicators it shows that the rating prediction accuracy of the proposed methodology has been improved than previous studies and presents the use case of proposed methodology.
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    Design and Implementation of Vehicle Hazard Lamp Automatic Operation System Using Acceleration Sensor

    Sang-Ryeol Lee | 2020, 25(6) | pp.91~98 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In order to prevent a collision accident during sudden braking, we have proposed an hazard lamps automatic operation system that can be easily installed in existing vehicles that do not have hazard lamps automatic operation. There are several ways to recognize sudden braking. Using GPS, the system does not work in a tunnel, and it is difficult to install the system additionally on an existing vehicle using a vehicle speed sensor. Therefore, the proposed system eliminates these problems by using the acceleration sensor and makes it possible to recognize even the sudden turning and bounce of the vehicle.
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    Study on the Performance Evaluation and Analysis of Mobile Cache Memory

    Sangmin Lee | Jongwan Kim | Kim Ji Young and 1other persons | 2020, 25(6) | pp.99~107 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we analyze the characteristics of mobile cache, which is used to improve the data access speed when executing applications on mobile devices, and verify the importance of mobile cache through a cache data access experiment. The mobile device market has grown at a fast pace over the past decade; however, battery limitations and size, price considerations restrict the usage of fast hardware. Thus, their performance are supplemented by using a memory buffer structure such as the cache memory. The analysis mainly focuses on cache size, hierarchical structure of cache, cache replacement policy, and the effect these features has on mobile performance. For the experimental data, we applied a data set from a microprocessor system study, originally used to test the cache performance. In the experimental results, the average data access speed on a mobile device showed a performance improvement of up to 10 times with the presence of cache memory than without. Accordingly, the cache memory was helpful for the performance improvement of a mobile device when the specifications were identical.
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    A Bio-Edutainment System to Virus-Vaccine Discovery based on Collaborative Molecular in Real-Time with VR

    Sung-Jun Park | 2020, 25(6) | pp.109~117 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    An edutainment system aims to help learners to recognize problems effectively, grasp and classify important information needed to solve the problems and convey the contents of what they have learned. Edutainment contents can be usefully applied to education and training in the both scientific and industrial areas. Our present work proposes an edutainment system that can be applied to a drug discovery process including virtual screening by using intuitive multi-modal interfaces. In this system, a stereoscopic monitor is used to make three-dimensional (3D) macro-molecular images, with supporting multi-modal interfaces to manipulate 3D models of molecular structures effectively. In this paper, our system can easily solve a docking simulation function, which is one of important virtual drug screening methods, by applying gaming factors. The level-up concept is implemented to realize a bio-game approach, in which the gaming factor depends on number of objects and users. The quality of the proposed system is evaluated with performance comparison in terms of a finishing time of a drug docking process to screen new inhibitors against target proteins of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in an e-drug discovery process.
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    A Case Study on Function Point Method applying on Monte Carlo Simulation in Automotive Software Development

    Sung Ryong Do | 2020, 25(6) | pp.119~129 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    Software development activities are influenced by stochastic theory rather than deterministic one due to having process variability. Stochastic methods factor in the uncertainties associated with project activities and provides insight into the expected project outputs as probability distributions rather than as deterministic approximations. Thus, successful software projects systematically manage and balance five objectives based on historical probability: scope, size, cost, effort, schedule, and quality. Although software size estimation having much uncertainty in initial development has traditionally performed using deterministic methods: LOC(Lines Of Code), COCOMO(COnsructive COst MOdel), FP(Function Point), SLIM(Software LIfecycle Management). This research aims to present a function point method based on stochastic distribution and a case study based on Monte Carlo Simulation applying on an automotive electrical and electronics system software development. It is expected that the result of this paper is used as guidance for establishing of function point method in organizations and tools for helping project managers make decisions correctly.
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    Information Adoption on YouTube: Examining the Influence of YouTube Genre

    Min-Young Kong | Ahn, Hyunchul | 2020, 25(6) | pp.131~141 | number of Cited : 12
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we propose a model that explains how the quality of YouTube clip and the credibility in YouTuber affect the usefulness of information and attitude of adapting information, based on ‘Information Adoption Model’ proposed by Sussman and Siegal. Additionally, we investigate the moderating role of YouTube genre in this model. Empirical analysis has shown that both the quality of YouTube clip and the credibility in YouTuber in the entire genre have a significant impact on the usefulness of information, which in turn significantly affects the attitude of information adoption. But only the quality in YouTube clip is found to have a significant impact in the ‘information-oriented’ genre, whereas, in the ‘entertainment-oriented’ genre, only the credibility in YouTuber is found to have a significant impact. The findings of our study provide various implications for building a business strategy for using YouTube as an information providing tool.
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    Comparison of Elderly Male’s Bodice Pattern –focused on 70’s and 80’s

    SuJoung Cha | 2020, 25(6) | pp.143~154 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this study, four types of bodice patterns of elderly males in their 70s and 80s were made, and appearance evaluation was conducted through 3D simulation. For objective evaluation, airgap, cross section, color distribution, etc. were analyzed to compare differences between patterns. The pattern shape of bodice for elderly males was a pattern without darts except for the L pattern. As a result of appearance evaluation for 3D simulation, the elderly males’ pattern was found to have a significant difference among the patterns on the front, side, and back items, and the H pattern was analyzed as the best pattern in all items except the armhole shape on the side. As a result of evaluating the airgap, color distribution, and cross-section, the most suitable pattern for the elderly male’s body type was analyzed as the H pattern. Based on the H pattern, it is thought that the development of a pattern suitable for the upper body shape of elderly male should be made.
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    Development of Rashguard Swimwear Size System and Pattern for Middle-aged Women in Breast Cancer Patients

    Han, Hyun Sook | Boohyun Sohn | 2020, 25(6) | pp.155~164 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we proposed the dimensional system and pattern of middle-aged women's rashguard swimwear for breast cancer patients. First, a survey of 37 breast cancer patients was conducted to determine the preferred swimsuit design for breast cancer patients. According to a survey of breast cancer patients, a rashguard swimwear with a low-exposure chest was designed. It has a pocket shape in which the cap is easy to insert and the cap is fixed. Second, we developed a dimensional system for swimsuits for breast cancer patients. Using direct measurement data from Size Korea for 1,625 women aged 30 to 69, 17-sizes for breast cancer patient’s swimsuits were set through cross-analysis of major dimensions, with a coverage rate of 74.3%. It also extracted a standard size of bust circ. 90cm, hip circ. 95cm, and trunk circ. 150cm. Third, we developed a pattern for the central size of the swimsuit for breast cancer patients. For this purpose, we first produced the first central size pattern, and then completed the pattern after modifying it through the second and third wearing experiments. Experimental suits were produced at each pattern-making stage to evaluate wearing fit and motion suitability. Finally, the reduction rate of each dimension item for optimal pattern production was obtained, and the lashguard swimwear pattern for breast cancer patients was developed.
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    The effect of scopoletin on Aβ-induced neuroinflammatory response in microglial BV-2 cells

    Hui-Jin Mun | Hyun-Jeong Cho | 2020, 25(6) | pp.165~170 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, it was confirmed that scopoletin inhibits neuroinflammation induced by amyloid beta oligomer (Aβ1-42) in microglial BV-2. The mechanisms of inflammatory cytokines and inflammatory mediators by scopoletin were identified. Alzheimer's disease is the most common neurodegenerative disease, but it is a disease whose specific etiology is unknown, and many studies are trying to solve it. We first measured the cell viability with the CCK-8 assay method to confirm that scopoletin and Aβ1-42 are toxic to BV-2 cells. Expression levels of interleukin 1 beta (IL-1β), cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2), inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS), and nuclear factor-κB (NF-κB) in inflammatory reactions induced by Aβ1-42 with western blot were analyzed. The ANOVA assay was used to compare protein expression differences between BV-2 cells treated with Aβ1-42 alone and BV-2 cells pretreated with Aβ1-42 and scopoletin. Therefore, this study suggested that scopoletin is worth developing as a neuroinflammatory protection agent for Alzheimer's disease in the future.
  • 19.

    A study on work-family compatibility of female wage workers with underage children

    Myung-Hee Kang | 2020, 25(6) | pp.171~181 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    This is an empirical study that analyzes factors affecting the work-family compatibility of female wage workers with underage children. The analysis was conducted with 1,113 women from the 7th wave of the Korean Longitudinal Survey of Women & Families by Korean Women’s Development Institute. As for research methods, multiple regression analysis was used in order to analyze the effects of ‘social support(home support, maternity protection support, childcare and education services)’, ‘job characteristics’, ‘socio-demographic variables’ and ‘husband characteristics’ on ‘work-family compatibility and conflict’. As a result, it was analyzed that the husband’s support for work life, gender inequality at work and women’s educational training were the factors that strengthen work-family compatibility. It was also analyzed that gender inequality, use of childcare and education facility, number of underage children, age of husband, husband’s satisfaction with caring support and husband’s support for work life were the factors that cause conflict between work and family. Thus, if the policy of strengthening the work-family compatibility is a long-term policy, it appears that it is necessary to supplement and strengthen policies that can reduce conflict factors in the short term. It is hoped that the results of the study will be used as objective and academic data to strengthen the maternity protection and work-family compatibility of female workers with underage children.
  • 20.

    A Comparison Study of New Hanbok Brand Skirt Pattern for Developing of Customizing System

    SuJoung Cha | MyungSook An | SeungYeun Heo and 2other persons | 2020, 25(6) | pp.183~191 | number of Cited : 3
    Abstract PDF
    In this study, in order to obtain basic data on the development of a new hanbok skirt pattern for developing a customizing system, a new hanbok brand skirt pattern was compared and analyzed. After analyzing the patterns of six new hanbok brands, virtual simulation was performed to evaluate the appearance, clothing pressure, and airgap. As a result of analyzing the waist skirt patterns of commercial new hanbok brands A, B, C, D, E, and F, it was found that they were produced in different dimensions despite the free size skirt of the same design. The pattern of new hanbok waist skirt was composed of a flat pattern like the traditional hanbok. As a result of appearance evaluation, it was evaluated that there were significant differences between the patterns of the six brands in all the evaluation items on the front, side, and back. In the appearance evaluation, it was evaluated that the waist skirt of the B brand was excellent. As a result of examining the color distribution and airgap, it was evaluated that the airgap was large in most parts due to the characteristics of the waist skirt worn around the waist, and the garment pressure was low. In this paper, we propose a basic data for standardizing dimensions and patterns according to activation New Hanbok. It is thought that a unified pattern development based on the B brand pattern should be made.
  • 21.

    The Occupational Stress According to the Gender, Employee Type, Medical Facility, and the Treatment Field in Physical Therapists

    Kim gyoungmo | Kim In Seob | Jaecheong Choi | 2020, 25(6) | pp.193~197 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to investigate the occupational stress of physical therapists. A total of 302 physical therapists participated in this study. All participants were responded to a Korean Occupational Stress Scale-short form to investigate occupational stress. We compared the occupational stress of physical therapists according to the gender, employee type, medical facility, and the department. Occupational stress showed a significant difference only in gender. Overall, the physical therapist showed low occupational stress in this study. However, among the 7 items on the Korean Occupational Stress Scale-short form, the ‘Job demand’ item score was higher than other items. This study suggests that the hospital administrator needs to provide proper job demand and environment considering the level of the physical therapists in order to effective occupational stress management.
  • 22.

    Development of Measurement Tools for Success and Failure Factors of Education and Training of Korean Bodyguard

    Kim, Sang-Jin | 2020, 25(6) | pp.199~206 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    This study was conducted for the purpose of developing a measurement tool for success and failure factors of education and training of Korean bodyguards. conducted a meeting from the fully open questionnaire at first, and then formed the semi-structured questionnaire, finally carried out the survey from the closed questionnaire and analyzed data from SPSS 21.0, AMOS 21.0 and developed the measurements. It was conducted from May, 2019 to December, 2019. This survey was conducted of 150 security guards after the verification of the content validity though the pilot survey and presented the success attribution factors and standards on the basis of the result form this survey. As a result, the success factors of the training of the bodyguards were accidental education (5 item), vocational mental education (2 item), vocational mental education (2 item), work ability enhancement education (2 item), realistic practical education (2 item) ), Including 4 items, 11 items, The failure factors consisted of 12 item of three factors: formal education and training (5 item), lack of leadership qualities (4 item), and lack of education (3 item).
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    A Study on the Efficiency of Children 's Shelter in Korea using DEA Analysis Method

    JEONG SEONG BAE | Joo Miyeon | 2020, 25(6) | pp.207~217 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to analyze the efficiency of Korean child welfare facilities using the DEA analysis method and to present policies. The input variables for the analysis of this data were the number of employees, the number of facilities, and the number of gardens, and the output variables were the current sources. The results of the study are as follows. As a result of CCR analysis, inefficient facilities were found to be temporary protection facilities and comprehensive facilities. As a result of BCC analysis, inefficient facilities were identified as temporary protection facilities. As a result of SE analysis, inefficient facilities were found to be temporary protection facilities. The suggestion is as follows. First, adjustment of the capacity of temporary protection facilities is required. Second, it is necessary to strengthen the professionalism of workers in child welfare facilities. Third, strengthen the expertise of the child welfare facility manager.
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    Analysis of related words for each private security service through collection of unstructured data

    Su-Hyeon Park | Cheol-kyu Cho | 2020, 25(6) | pp.219~224 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is mainly to provide theoretical basis of private security industry by analyzing the perception and flow of private security from the press-released materials according to periodic classification and duties through 'Big Kinds', a website of analyzing news big data. The research method has been changed to structured data to allow an analysis of various scattered unstructured data, and the keywords trend and related words by duties of private security were analyzed in growth period of private security. The perception of private security based on the results of the study was exposed a lot by the media through various crimes, accidents and incidents, and the issues related permanent position. Also, it tended to be perceived as a simple security guard, not recognized as the area of private security, and judging from the high correlation between private security and police, it was recognized not only as a role to assist the police force, but also as a common agent in charge of the public peace. Therefore, it should objectively judge the perception of private security, and through this, it is believed that it should be a foundation for recognizing private security as a main agent responsible for the safety of the nation and maintaining social orders.
  • 25.

    Relationship between Self-efficacy and Living Satisfaction and Depression according to the level of Information Service Activities of the Elderly

    Kyung-Suk Kim | 2020, 25(6) | pp.225~230 | number of Cited : 2
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study was to present implications for empirical analysis of the structural relationship between the level of activities for senior citizens, self-efficacy, and life satisfaction and depression. In order to the survey was conducted For the elderly students who are enrolled in the Senior Citizens' Welfare Center and participating in the information service education in the G-metropolitan city. The method of data analysis was verified by the Regression and Hierarchical Regression analysis using the spss 22.0 statistical program. As a result, The level of activity for the elderly increases the level of self-efficac, The level of activity and self-efficacy of the elderly increased the level of living satisfaction of the elderly and It has been shown to lower the level of depression. Self-efficacy has been shown to have a mediating effect in the relationship between senior citizens' level of information service activities and living satisfaction and depression. Based on these analysis results, a policy measure was proposed to enhance the level of activities for senior citizens.
  • 26.

    A Study on the Job Stress of Social Welfare Officials and Administrative Officials

    Jung-Seo Lee | Young-Hwan Kim | 2020, 25(6) | pp.231~237 | number of Cited : 1
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study is to present theoretical and policy implications based on the results of the empirical analysis of job stress in consideration of insufficient prior research on the level of job stress by public officials in charge of social welfare and public officials in general administration. For this purpose, social welfare and general administrative positions working at the City Hall of G Metropolitan City and five autonomous districts(including the Dong community service center) were selected as subjects for research. The data analysis used the SPSS statistical program to obtain technical statistics based on the average of the lower variables of the job stress. According to the analysis, there is a difference in the subjective perception level of public officials in charge of social welfare and public officials in general administration in both internal factors of job, such as job demands and job autonomy and external factors of job, such as job insecurity, organizational system, conflict of relations, inadequate compensation, and job culture. Based on this, it presented policy measures that require the granting of self-esteem of public officials in charge of social welfare, improvement of their duties, and adjustment of their workload to an appropriate level.
  • 27.

    Research on the influence of web celebrity live broadcast on consumer's purchase intention - Adjusting effect of web celebrity live broadcast contextualization

    Ji-Kai Zou | HanWen Guo | LIU ZIYANG | 2020, 25(6) | pp.239~250 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this paper is to explore the influence of the "contextualization " effect of web celebrity live broadcast on the e-commerce platform on consumers' perception of product value, risk and purchase intention. Live in this paper, using Taobao shopping consumers as the research object, the survey method, questionnaire survey is adopted, the form through the questionnaire and distributed network, a live in order to further validation of web celebrity effect of contextualized actual influence on consumer purchase intention, questionnaire design the Likert scale, seven and recycling questionnaire analysis using the statistical software SPSS 23.0 and AMOS 22.0 after processing the data. After determining the reliability and validity of the questionnaire, the exploratory factor analysis was used to verify the hypothesis and calculate the actual adjustment degree of the "contextualization" effect of web celebrity live broadcasting on consumers' purchase intention. The research results of this paper are summarized as follows :(1) consumers' perceived value of products can significantly positively affect their purchase intention, while perceived risk has a significantly negative impact on their purchase intention; (2) consumers' trust and purchase intention to products are regulated by the "contextualization" of web celebrity live broadcast. Specifically, for web celebrity live broadcasting with good "contextualization" effect, the perceived value of consumer products has a positive impact on product trust, which is higher than that of web celebrity live broadcasting with poor "contextualization" effect. In terms of resolving consumers' perceived risks to products, web celebrity live broadcast with good "contextualization" effect is also significantly better than web celebrity live broadcast with poor "contextualization" effect. Based on empirical analysis, this paper concludes that web celebrity live broadcasting will become a new breakthrough for the sustainable growth of the e-commerce industry, and puts forward Suggestions on the e-commerce marketing mode and the transformation of web celebrity live broadcasting industry.
  • 28.

    Analysis of Learner Satisfaction by Contents in Basic Software Education of College of Humanities

    Seung-Hun Shin | Joo-young Seo | 2020, 25(6) | pp.251~261 | number of Cited : 4
    Abstract PDF
    Based on the recent consensus on the need for software education, software education has become mandatory in universities in Korea. However, the suitability of class contents and the relationship between class contents and learner satisfaction has not been fully discussed. Therefore, in this paper, we analyzed the suitability of the contents used in the basic software education for the humanities students from the learner's perspective. For this purpose, three types of curriculum, which are 'computer science', 'usage of tools, and humanities in the digital world' and 'computational thinking', were compared using the lecture assessment questionnaire. As a result, we found that the learners evaluated positively over the curriculum that focused on the use of tools, the humanities approach, or the thinking ability rather than the theoretical contents of computer science. We also found that the subjects related to computer science could not give high satisfaction due to their unfamiliarity, relatively low academic value was given to the tool-centered curriculum, and fatigue was expressed in discussion-based thinking ability education.