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2022, Vol.27, No.1

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    Deep-Learning Based Real-time Fire Detection Using Object Tracking Algorithm

    JongHyuk Park , Dohyun Park , Dong-hwan Hyun and 2 other persons | 2022, 27(1) | pp.1~8 | number of Cited : 0
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    In this paper, we propose a fire detection system based on CCTV images using an object tracking technology with YOLOv4 model capable of real-time object detection and a DeepSORT algorithm. The fire detection model was learned from 10800 pieces of learning data and verified through 1,000 separate test sets. Subsequently, the fire detection rate in a single image and fire detection maintenance performance in the image were increased by tracking the detected fire area through the DeepSORT algorithm. It is verified that a fire detection rate for one frame in video data or single image could be detected in real time within 0.1 second. In this paper, our AI fire detection system is more stable and faster than the existing fire accident detection system.
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    Analysis and simulator implementation of Mighty, an advanced imperfect information game

    Jeongwon Lee , Kim Kwi-Hoon , Kim Seung-Hyeon | 2022, 27(1) | pp.9~21 | number of Cited : 0
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    Mighty is an imperfect information game, similar to the internationally popular four-player card game Bridge, but more complex in terms of game rules and operation. An environment for exploring and analyzing the strategy of the Mighty Game is required, but compared to the development of many simulators for strategy analysis of other card games such as Bridge, there is no analysis tool for the Mighty Game. Even the definition and understanding of the Mighty game at the academic level is lacking. To solve these problems, this paper systematically defined the procedures and rules of the Mighty Game. And based on this definition, we implemented a simulator that can learn Mighty game and analyze various strategies. For the usability and accessibility of the service, the simulator was developed with JavaScript, and various analysis functions are provided in the web environment. Lastly, comparative analysis with other trick-taking games dealt with in the related research domain showed that the Mighty game has its value as an incomplete information game and that there are many characteristics that make it easy to apply AI-based learning methods.
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    Comparative Analysis of Three-Dimensional Real-Time Rendering Methods

    Kim Gum Young , Byong-Kwon Lee | 2022, 27(1) | pp.23~32 | number of Cited : 0
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    Image production using three-dimensional (3D) programs undergoes a process called rendering to visualize 3D data. Because this process is time-consuming and costly, the reduction of rendering cost has emerged as an important problem that requires resolution. This work aims to overcome the limitations of the current 3D image production pipeline and propose a method for reducing the production time by adopting a game engine for real-time rendering. In the experiment conducted in this study, rendering using Maya (a 3D production program) and Unity were compared and analyzed. The analysis results indicate that Unity enables rendering in real time; consequently, the rendering cost is reduced. Moreover, the quality of the rendered image is similar to that produced by Maya. The proposed technique involves reducing the render time and providing guidance through access to a real-time rendering engine.
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    Planar Microstrip Patch Antenna for 5G Wireless Applications

    Kim, Jang Wook , Jeon Joo Seong | 2022, 27(1) | pp.33~41 | number of Cited : 0
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    This paper describes a planar microstrip patch antenna designed on dielectric substrate. Two types of planar microstrip patch antennas are studied for the 5G wireless applications, one type is conventional microstrip structure, the other type is stacked microstrip structure fed by coaxial probe. Using electromagnetically coupling method, stacked microstrip patch antenna employing a multi-layer substrate structure was designed. The results indicate that the proposed stacked microstrip patch antenna performs well at 5G wireless service bandwith a broadband from 3.42GHz to 3.70GHz. The impedance bandwidth(VSWR≤2) is 360MHz(10.28%) from 3.42GHz to 3.78GHz. In this paper, through the designing of a stacked microstrip patch antenna, we have presented the availability for 5G wireless repeater system.
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    Improved real-time power analysis attack using CPA and CNN

    Ki Hawn Kim , HyunHo Kim , Lee, HoonJae | 2022, 27(1) | pp.43~50 | number of Cited : 0
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    Correlation Power Analysis(CPA) is a sub-channel attack method that measures the detailed power consumption of attack target equipment equipped with cryptographic algorithms and guesses the secret key used in cryptographic algorithms with more than 90% probability. Since CPA performs analysis based on statistics, a large amount of data is necessarily required. Therefore, the CPA must measure power consumption for at least about 15 minutes for each attack. In this paper proposes a method of using a Convolutional Neural Network(CNN) capable of accumulating input data and predicting results to solve the data collection problem of CPA. By collecting and learning the power consumption of the target equipment in advance, entering any power consumption can immediately estimate the secret key, improving the computational speed and 96.7% of the secret key estimation accuracy.
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    A study on Software Maintenance of Domestic Weapon System by using the Automatic Test Equipment

    Il-Kwon Chae | 2022, 27(1) | pp.51~59 | number of Cited : 0
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    As the weapon system's dependence on software functions increased, software became a key factor in controlling the weapon system. In addition, as software development becomes more important domestically and internationally, software verification becomes an issue. The recent defense market has recognized this point and is demanding a plan for weapon system software maintenance. In this paper, we propose a weapon system software maintenance plan using Automatic Test Equipment. The specific method is to use a simulator to check the software function and identify failure cases. This is an effective way for developers to reduce the Total Corrective Maintenance Time(TCM) of the weapon system by reducing the time it takes to identify failure cases. It has been proven that the proposed Automatic Test Equipment can achieve software maintenance and excellent Maintainability and Operational Availability compared to the existing ones.
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    Mobile-based Educational PLC Environment Construction Model

    Seong-Hyun Park | 2022, 27(1) | pp.61~67 | number of Cited : 0
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    In this paper, we propose a model that can convert some of the simulation program resources to a mobile environment. Recently, smart factories that use PLCs as controllers in the manufacturing industry are rapidly becoming widespread. However, in the situation where it is difficult to operate due to the shortage of PLC operation personnel, the actual situation is that a platform for PLC operation education is necessary. Currently most PLC-related educational platforms are based on 2D, which makes accurate learning difficult and difficult. When a simulation program is applied to distance learning in a general PC environment, many elements are displayed on the monitor, which makes screen switching inconvenient. Experiments with the proposed model confirmed that there was no frame deterioration under general circumstances. The average response time by the request frame was 102 ms, and it was judged that the learner was not at the level of experiencing the system delay.
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    A method for determining the timing of intervention in a virtual reality environment

    Junghee Jo | 2022, 27(1) | pp.69~75 | number of Cited : 0
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    This paper proposes a method of identifying the moment when a student with developmental disabilities needs assistance intervention in performing barista vocational training using virtual reality-based realistic contents. To this end, 21 students enrolled in a vocational training center for persons with disabilities were selected as study subjects. These students were trained to recognize the barista tools in a virtual reality environment. During the training, if students experienced difficulties and were unable to proceed further, they were asked to raise their hands or verbally request assistance. Using the collected data, two hypotheses were established based on the distance between the hand of the student and each barista tool in the virtual reality space in order to derive a criterion for judging the moment when an intervention is required. As a result of verifying the hypotheses, this study found that the cumulative distance from the hand of a student, who successfully finished the training without requiring an intervention, to the target barista tool as well as adjacent tools was significantly shorter than the cumulative distance to other barista tools.
  • 9.

    Development of Location Image Analysis System design using Deep Learning

    Jang, Jin-wook | 2022, 27(1) | pp.77~82 | number of Cited : 0
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    The research study was conducted for development of the advanced image analysis service system based on deep learning. CNN(Convolutional Neural Network) is built in this system to extract learning data collected from Google and Instagram. The service gets a place image of Jeju as an input and provides relevant location information of it based on its own learning data. Accuracy improvement plans are applied throughout this study. In conclusion, the implemented system shows about 79.2 of prediction accuracy. When the system has plenty of learning data, it is expected to predict various places more accurately.
  • 10.

    Integration of Similarity Values Reflecting Rating Time for Collaborative Filtering

    Soojung Lee | 2022, 27(1) | pp.83~89 | number of Cited : 0
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    As a representative technique of recommender systems, collaborative filtering has been successfully in service through many commercial and academic systems. This technique recommends items highly rated by similar neighbor users, based on similarity of ratings on common items rated by two users. Recently research on time-aware recommender systems has been conducted, which attempts to improve system performance by reflecting user rating time of items. However, the decay rate uniform to past ratings has a risk of lowering the rating prediction performance of the system. This study proposes a rating time-aware similarity measure between users, which is a novel approach different from previous ones. The proposed approach considers changes of similarity value over time, not item rating time. In order to evaluate performance of the proposed method, experiments using various parameter values and types of time change functions are conducted, resulting in improving prediction accuracy of existing traditional similarity measures significantly.
  • 11.

    A Study on the Implementation of Issue Tracking System Based on DevOps

    Seong-Hyun Park , Ji-Hoon Choi | 2022, 27(1) | pp.91~96 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    With the development of the cloud industry, various efforts are being made to improve resource efficiency and environmental continuity in software development and operation methods. However, in constructing a conventional structure of structural scheme, if the functionality is improved and added, it has a problem that the efficiency of full build arrangement is reduced for the changed source. In this paper, if a problem occurs in a solution service company, communication between the development department and the operation department can be facilitated and responded quickly, and the latest source updated during processing of the problem is the management system, provided is a system that can take advantage of CI tools and continuously integrate them. As communication through the proposed system is smooth, it is expected that unnecessary work can be reduced and the speed of development can be improved.
  • 12.

    Effects of Flossing Band Exercise on Range of Motion, Vertical Jump in Taekwondo Demonstration Athletes with Functional Ankle Instability

    Jin-Wook Lee , Yong-Hyun Byun | 2022, 27(1) | pp.97~105 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The purpose of this study was to analyze the effects of flossing band exercise on the range of motion and vertical jump for taekwondo demonstration athletes with ankle functional instability. The subjects of this study were 21 male Taekwondo Demonstration Team athletes enrolled at D University. They were divided into functional ankle instability group(FAIG, n=7), mild ankle instability group(MAIG, n=7), and ankle stability group(ASG, n=7). All groups performed a acute flossing band exercise program. The results of this study are as follows; dorsi flexion(p<.01), inversion(p<.01), eversion(p<.05) and vertical jump(p<.01) were significantly increased in the FAIG. Flossing band exercise of Taekwondo demonstration team with FAI increased joint range of motion and vertical jump. Therefore, it was confirmed that it could be an intervention that can improve performance and reduce the risk of ankle injury.
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    Relationships with expectations, exercise immersion and exercise continuation intention of Home Training participants (Focused on Police Officers)

    Sang-Hwa Kim | 2022, 27(1) | pp.107~113 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we propose the relationship between the expectation of home training, exercise commitment, and exercise continuation intention. The subject of this study is the police officers belonging to the Busan and Gyeongnam Provincial Police Agency as of March 2021. Among them, a survey was conducted targeting 337 people who had experience participating in home training. As a result of the study, first, it was found that the expectations of home training were significantly correlated with exercise immersion and exercise continuation intention factors. Second, it was found that the expectation of home training participants had a significant effect on exercise immersion and exercise continuation intention. Third, exercise immersion of home training participants was found to have a significant effect on exercise continuation intention. Home training will be usefully used to prepare physical conditions for various public safety situations. If you training with a long-term plan rather than short-term training, you will be able to achieve the effect that home training seeks.
  • 14.

    A Pilot Study on the Development of Incontinence Panty for Senior Women

    Cha Su Joung | 2022, 27(1) | pp.115~128 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    This study investigated and analyzed the symptoms of urinary incontinence and the wearing status, purchase status, and preference for urinary incontinence products in women in their 50s and older. When purchasing urinary incontinence pads and panty, waterproof function and absorption speed were recognized as important. In urinary incontinence products, the most common function was to prevent leakage, and the preferred color was skin. When the number of urinary incontinence was high, the absorption function was considered important. Size or fit was important when the amount of urinary incontinence was small, but waterproof function was found to be important when the amount of urinary incontinence increased. It was hoped that a function to prevent leakage would be added when the incidence of urinary incontinence and the amount of urinary incontinence were high, and a panty-type pad was preferred. It was analyzed that the higher the number of births, the higher the amount of urinary incontinence, and the more frequent symptoms of urinary incontinence appeared. t was found that the earlier menopause, the higher the amount of urinary incontinence.
  • 15.

    The Influence of Empathy Ability and Compassion Fatigue in 1-1-9 ambulance crews upon Quality of Life in the COVID-19 Situation

    Mi-Young Choi , Lee hyo ju , Jaegook Lee | 2022, 27(1) | pp.129~139 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    This study was conducted to examine the influence of 1-1-9 ambulance crews’ empathy ability and compassion fatigue on the quality of life in the COVID-19 situation, and to provide basic data on the specific system to improve the quality of life of 1-1-9 ambulance crews. From March 10 to June 15, 2021, a survey was conducted on 250 1-1-9 ambulance crews in K-do and D-si, and frequency analysis, correlation, and multiple regression analysis were conducted using SPSS/WIN 25.0 for the collected data. As a result of multiple regression analysis, it was found that the relationship between psychological variables related to COVID-19 of 1-1-9 ambulance crews on empathy ability, compassion fatigue, and quality of life had a significant influence on each sub-factor. In this paper, we propose that a system be designed to enhance 1-1-9 ambulance crews’ well-being.
  • 16.

    Development of Optimal Bus Dispatch Simulation for Greenhouse Gas Reduction

    Sang Won Jung , Kyu-Cheol Cho | 2022, 27(1) | pp.141~148 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    Global climate change caused by greenhouse gases(GHG) is getting serious. To prevent this, countries around the world are regulating GHG emissions. Korea has decided to reduce GHG emissions by 37% compared to BAU (Business As Usual) by 2030. The transportation sector accounted for 18.58% of the domestic GHG emission, and roads accounted for 93.75% of the total. Public transportation is also included in the target of GHG reduction, and this study was conducted to reduce GHG emissions of bus public transportation, which can reduce GHG emissions while reducing the cost of road transportation. In this study, a simulation was conducted to predict the optimal GHG emission compared to the waiting time of passengers by adjusting the bus dispatch interval by implementing a greenhouse gas simulation model using Any Logic. If a more precise model is implemented in the future, it is expected that it will be used to reduce bus GHG emissions.
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    Effects of consumption Propensity to spend on shopping live broadcast of in Chinese Women on selection attributes of beauty products

    Qiao-Meng Ying , kim kyeong-ran | 2022, 27(1) | pp.149~156 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    This research focuses on women in their 20s and 30s who have experience in consuming beauty products in the live broadcast of beauty products in China to find out the effects of consumers' consumption propensity on beauty product selection attributes. The data analysis is performed from April 29 to May 25, 2021 by using SPSSWIN 21.0 program for frequency analysis, factor analysis, reliability appraisal, technical statistical analysis, correlation analysis and multiple regression analysis. And the results of the study are as follows: According to the survey, the general characteristics are 20∼25 years old, university, and the consumer price is between 500,000 and 1 million won. In terms of consumption propensity that the intrinsic pursuit of consumption, the impulsive consumption, the external pursuit of consumption were on a high average score which was 3.76, 3.63, 3.56 respectively, and in terms of the selection attributes of beauty products that the product intrinsic attributes, and the external attributes of products were on a high average score which was 3.91, 3.69 respectively. The external/internal attributes of beauty product selection attributes are all related to consumption propensity. According to the survey, the external pursuit of consumption, internal pursuit of consumption, and impulsive consumption of the propensity to consume all have a meaningful influence on the external/internal attributes of products. This result proves that the consumption tendency of beauty live broadcast consumers has a huge impact on the selection attributes of beauty products. In this regard, according to the consumption tendencies of Chinese women, the necessity of differentiated live-streaming marketing strategies for beauty products based on the characteristics of beauty product brands, categories, and designs has been proposed.
  • 18.

    Feasibility Study on Introduction of Piggy-back System by Applying Transport Database

    LEE YONG JAE , Lee, Chul Ung , Young-Hoon Kim and 1 other persons | 2022, 27(1) | pp.157~166 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this study, The goal is to analyze the feasibility of introducing a Piggyback system that can reduce the time and cost incurred by transshipment work and improve the transportation speed when transporting complex cargo by rail. To this end, the feasibility analysis methodology is reviewed through domestic and international literature review. In order to quantitatively derive the feasibility analysis values, a transportation database was applied to develop a freight transport simulation model and a freight demand prediction model for major freight transport O-D routes with a transportation distance of 200 km or more. As a result of analyzing economic feasibility by setting the analysis period to 15 years on the premise that the Piggyback System will be introduced on major cargo transport O-D routes in 2025, the NPV value was positive and the B/C value was 1.18, indicating that the Piggyback system was economical. The proposed research method can be meaningful data for establishing transportation policies that can improve the competitiveness of railroad transportation.
  • 19.

    A Study on the System of Private Investigation

    Jong-Ryeol Park , Sang-Ouk Noe | 2022, 27(1) | pp.167~174 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    Since the Promotion Committee was established on March 25, 2021, urging the enactment of the Detective Business Act, many opinions and attention from all walks of life have been gathered. The Detective Business system, which is also one of the presidential pledges of the current 19th President Moon Jae In, is expected to be significant in that it can promote the development of a welfare state as well as efficient parts such as meeting the demand for security reinforcement services, improving the judicial system, and enhancing internationalization. In accordance with the consensus of the nine judges of the Constitutional Court that the lower part of Article 40 of the "Act on the Use and Protection of Credit Information" which prohibits the use of similar names such as investigating the general life of certain people does not violate the Constitution, detective work became possible regardless of the general life investigation. In particular, the detective job officially appeared on August 5, 2020, and it will be able to provide effective work services to the public by competing with prosecutors, police, and lawyers who have occupied exclusive positions in the field of a criminal investigations. However, although the role of detectives is gradually expanding and society is rapidly changing, illegal activities are prevalent throughout society, and more than 1,600 companies are currently operating suspiciously using the only name of “detectives”, but the police are virtually letting go of the situation saying that they are “unauthorized.", and the damage is only going to the people, so at this point, the most worrisome thing is the absence of the law. Meanwhile, amid concerns over institutions overseeing illegal activities caused by the emergence of the detective industry, private security and detectives are similar to each other as in the United States, and it is expected to be able to gain public trust by entrusting the police in charge of managing and supervising private security companies. Therefore, at this time when most OECD countries except Korea legislate the Detective Business Act, prematurely allowing only the detective industry without enacting industry-related laws and systems can further fuel social confusion and hinder the detective industry along with the new fourth industry.
  • 20.

    Anti-inflammatory Effect of Broccoli Leaf Hexane Fraction in LPS-stimulated RAW264.7 Cells

    Kim Mee Kyung | 2022, 27(1) | pp.175~181 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this study, we tested the anti-inflammatory effects of broccoli leaf hexane fraction to confirm the applicability as a functional material in food and cosmetics. This sample was extracted using 70% ethanol from Broccoli leaf and then fractionated with hexane. The production of pro-inflammatory cytokines (TNF-α, IL-4, IL-6, IL-1β), protein expression of iNOS and COX-2, phosphorylation of MAPKs (ERK, JNK, p38) and NF-κB with broccoli leaf hexane fraction were assayed on LPS-stimulated RAW264.7 cells. The broccoli leaf hexane fraction inhibited the secretion of pro-inflammatory cytokines and protein expression of iNOS and COX-2. Also, the broccoli leaf hexane fraction reduced the phosphorylation of MAPKs and NF-κB. Therefore, it is considered that th broccoli leaf hexane fraction has the potential to be used as a natural anti-inflammatory material in food and cosmetics. In the future, it is considered necessary to study the anti-inflammatory mechanism and identification of major bioactive substances.
  • 21.

    The Effect of the National Pension Service’ Activism on Earning Management after Adoption of the Korea Stewardship Code

    KWON YEKYUNG | 2022, 27(1) | pp.183~191 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    The Korea Stewardship Code ‘Principles on the Fiduciary Responsibilities of Institutional Investors’ was introduced in 2016 and the National Pension Service adopted it in 2018. the National Pension Service casted ‘dessent’ vote on the agenda which is able to reduce the ownership interest of shareholder in general meeting. This paper examines whether ‘dissent’ voting affected on the ownership interest of shareholder or not. The ‘dissent’ vote on the agenda are related to revision artical of corperation, appointment or compensation of director and auditor, approval of financial statements ect. The proxies of earnings management is discretionary accruals calculated by modified Jones model. The control variablies are size of assets, liabilities per assets, returns on assets. The results of this study are as followings. First, the ‘dissent’ voting on the agenda are related to revision artical of corperation, M&A, approval of financial statements ect. are not significant because their sample size is too small, Second, the ‘dissent’ voting on appointment of director and auditor affected on reduction of discretionary accruals. So the National Pension Service activism shall affect on increasing the ownership interest of shareholder. Third, the ‘dissent’ voting on compensation of director and auditor is not affected on reduction of discretionary accruals. This results show that ‘unconditional dissent voting’ on the agenda in general meeting is not to reduce the ownership interest of shareholder.
  • 22.

    A Study on the Information Privacy Concerns in Social Log-in Service

    YujinKim , Hyung-Seok Lee | 2022, 27(1) | pp.193~200 | number of Cited : 0
    Abstract PDF
    In this paper, we examined the causes of privacy concerns and related factors in social log-in services. On the basis of the 'principal-agent theory,' we established factors such as perceived information asymmetry and fear of seller opportunism affecting information privacy concern of social log-in services users. In addition, we analyzed the relationship between the information privacy concern and intention to use on the basis of the 'privacy calculus theory'. The results of the study showed that (1) fear of seller opportunism had the significant effect on information privacy concerns, (2) information privacy concerns had the significant effect on perceived risk, (3) in accordance with the privacy calculus theory, perceived risk had the negative effect on intention to use, while perceived benefit had the positive effect on intention to use. The findings of the study are expected to help to improve the social log-in service firms' understanding for customers’ information privacy protection behaviors.